Riot On Staten Island
Date August 4, 2010
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Associated Press
August 4, 2010

At 8:15pm Eastern time a detachment of New York City's FRONTLINE defense force deployed to the locally-known neighborhood of "The Rookery" was assaulted by a crowd of enraged residents during a routine assistance of Federal and Local law enforcement.

FRONTLINE Unit-01 had been deployed to serve as security along with 20 members of the NYPD's riot control squad to facilitate a joint NYPD and DHS investigation surrounding the murder of Senator Anthony Portman. According to eye-witness reports from NYPD officers on scene, the crowd had been agitated since the investigators arrival and the gathering grew steadily over the hour police and federal investigators were there.

Mixed reports of what started the altercation have emerged, but most reports vary between a gunman in the crowd opening fire on federal agents, and one Evolved agent displaying an electrical ability of some kind. No source is able to say exactly which happened first, though the end result was FRONTLINE being put into action to disperse the crowd with non-lethal force.

The gunman who opened fire on the DHS agent, Jeremy Rameirez (35) was wanted for questioning in connection to 2009 Humanis First attacks on the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is currently being held without bail.

No FRONTLINE officers were seriously injured in the altercation, however one Homeland Security agent sustained non-life threatening injuries from the gunman opening fire.

The NYPD have no further plans to continue patrols or investigations into the northern end of Staten Island until the reclamation process has been completed.

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