Rioting Aftermath
Date November 8th, 2010
Relevant Logs All of November 8th.

Associated Press
November 9th, 2010

It has been nearly 24-hours since the rioting began in New York City, but DHS Operations Director Jason Pierce has stated that with the implementation of Martial Law the majority of the rioting has finally ended. In a press conference earlier this morning, Pierce explained what is believed to have caused the mass-scale violence that has colt untold millions in damage and a still unknown number of deaths,

"We believe at this time, due to intelligence we have gathered, that the attacks perpetrated on November 8th, 2010 were the works of Rupert Carmichael, the mastermind behind the Messiah terrorist organization. We believe that Carmichael utilized an SLC-Expressive ability that allowed his voice to affect the minds of others. Reports from intelligence analysts have indicated that Carmichael may have seeded post-hypnotic suggestions in individuals he may have had contact with at Columbia University while he was teaching. We do not know the full extend of what damage Carmichael had done, but the NSA and SIGINT have placed a watch for any and all copies of the Presidential broadcast in an attempt to prevent further airings."

Pierce went on to say, "We cannot go into further details at this time, but we believe there may have been further reaching goals of Carmichael and his organization with these riots in place. While the city of New York has been contained, Martial Law will remain in effect for the foreseeable future until we are able to further assess the security needs of the city."

Following his press conference, Director Pierce was brought into a closed door meeting with the Secretary of Defense.

It is suspected that the death toll of the riots will be in the thousands but accurate estimates may take weeks, if not months, to collect. The New York Fire Department, supplemented by the work of Good Samaritans during the rioting have managed to get the fires in the neighborhood of Hunter's Point, Queens under control, though the entire neighborhood is considered a loss. National Guard are in the process of erecting concrete barricades around the perimeter of Hunter's Point to keep out prospective looters and to isolate the devastated neighborhood.

Reports from Staten Island indicate that a violent riot that broke out in the Reclaimed Zone by those affected by Carmichael's broadcast were supplemented by pro-evolved and anti-government insurgents in the neighborhood known as the Rookery. Sources within the Department of Homeland Security claim that a plan is being drafted to bring the remainder of Staten Island under strict military control no later than the end of the year. The arrival of a supplemental FRONTLINE squad tasked for this purpose is likely to be the lynch-pin of the operation.

While the fierce rioting may have ended, New York City will take many more months to recover from and truly assess the damage done to it by the actions of Messiah and other terrorist organizations. Sweeping reprisals are expected in the weeks to come.

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