Riots Spark In Roosevelt
Date November 8th, 2010
Relevant Logs The Guns Turned Inwards

At approximately noon, violence in Roosevelt Island forced authorities to take drastic action against New York citizens. Local police and private military allegedly shut down access off and on the island temporarily for safety reasons. This action was met with violent response at the Roosevelt Island Bridge when the barricade line was broken.

Three police officers, five military officers and eleven citizens were killed, and an unreported number injured, during the surge from both gunshots and trampling. An unreported amount of rioters have been arrested. Witnesses reported Evolved ability as evidenced by extensive structural damage to the Roosevelt Island Bridge, which as been closed off until further notice. Though Evolved presence has been confirmed, individuals and specific information is still speculative.

More violence sparked at the Roosevelt Island train station, when local police patrolling the area were attacked. Small businesses and homes have seen damage and looting by individuals and small groups. Chief of the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Andrew McKinley delivered a comment to the Times confirming that the RIPSD is making every effort to make the streets safe again with increased militant presence and assistance from the RIPSD. Access on and off the island has been restricted to Government authorized boating and helicopter transport. The situation as it stands is still in turmoil. Citizens are encouraged to remain in their homes.

Despite a history of riot outbreaks through the last two years, Roosevelt Island has seen funding from the Department of Evolved Affairs to provide a safe and equipped environment for Evolved citizens to exist. The future of the Resettlement Project is unclear at this time.

Officials from the DoEA have been unavailable for comment.

More on this story as it develops.

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