Risking Curfew


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Scene Title Risking Curfew
Synopsis Magnes tries to keep Savannah from risking curfew. She decides to anyways.
Date January 12, 2011

Siann Hall

It's late, already ten past curfew, and Magnes is rushing down the street, his apartment right around the corner. He's in a black zipped up fleece, blue jeans, and black sneakers, turning the corner and almost bumping into Savannah. "What are you doing out here? It's already curfew!" he reaches to grab her wrist, starting to run again.

"What..?" Savannah hadn't noticed. In fact, glancing down at her watch, she realizes it'd stopped. "Shit!" Of course, she's already dragged by the wrist, eyes wide. "W-What are we doing? Are you running from the police? I could just try and get home and if I get caught I can pay the fine or whatever…"

"I'm running before a cop or some crazy military nut sees us. We can't take these sorts of chances during martial law." Magnes pushes his apartment doors open, leading her to the elevator before pressing the button for his floor. "This is my apartment. Don't I know you? Were you on the Advocate?"

"Yes, I'm Savannah Burton—" Oh. OH! He's the crazy one! Savannah blinks, but she lets herself be dragged to the elevator. She leans against the railing, heaving a sigh. "Yes, the Advocate. You were… Varlane, right?" She rubs her neck. "I don't know. Martial law or not, I've broken no laws and I'm registered so if they catch me I'm sure it'll be just some stupid fine…"

"Trust someone who's seen the very worst that the government can do." Magnes leaves it at that, stepping from the elevator once they get to his floor, then opens his door and locks it behind them once they're in. With the geeky things, and computer for a television, his apartment might be about what one expects. "Yeah, I'm Magnes J. Varlane. You can make yourself at home, I need a shower."

Savannah shrugs, moving to take a seat on the couch. She proceeds to just glance around at the apartment's interior, pulling her cell phone out as she quickly types out a text. Got to make sure the boyfriend's not worried sick about the fact that you aren't home, after all!

Magnes is in the shower for about a half hour, walking back out as he dries his hair with one towel, and another wrapped around his waist. He's surprisingly well-built for anyone who doesn't really know him, a sheen of moisture all over him at the moment. "Are you doing alright?"

"Yeah, I was just texting my—" Savannah looks up. An eyebrow is raised as she looks over towards Magnes, and Savannah clears her throat. "Pants. You're missing them. Put them on." She points out, glancing back at her cellphone. She'll pretend that didn't happen.

Magnes heads into his room, slipping a pair of pants on and a plain white t-shirt, then heads out and takes a seat on the couch next to her. "Sorry, my ex moved out a few months ago. I've been trying to get used to staying here alone, but, well…" He shrugs, frowning slightly. "I can sleep on the couch tonight."

"Well, clearly with that whole towel thing, you're used to sleeping here alone." Savannah points out, then shakes her head. "Nope, keep your bedroom. I'm sleeping on the couch, and probably not going to sleep much. Soon as curfew's up, I'm out of here. I can't believe my watch stopped… I knew it needed a new battery. Can't believe it…"

"I can't take the bed knowing that you're out here suffering on my couch." Magnes insists, then lightly taps his thighs with his fingers, seeming a little uneasy. "So, uh… I've never had a famous author in my apartment before, that's different…"

"Trust me, the last thing I need is to invade some guy's bedroom. There's nothing wrong with the couch, I swear it's not suffering." Savannah looks towards the door. "You know, I really should just get back to my apartment. I hardly know you, Mr. Varlane."

"Well, let's see…" Magnes holds up a hand and begins counting things off. "I'm terrible with women, in fact, you being older than me makes me feel incredibly inadequate. I saved the world once, but that's classified government information. I'm an incredible cook, or so I'm told. And some people call me a genius but I don't like egotistical terms like that."

"Great, so we established that we're both terribly uncomfortable being here." Savannah chuckles, leaning back against the couch. "We've got that part out of the way and so we can move on." She looks back towards him. "What is this, two truths and a lie?"

"I fought Evolved-hunting robots, my sexual experience is mind-boggling and is definitely longer than one year, and I punched the leader of Humanis First in the face." Magnes laughs at that, watching her for a reaction.

"I call bullshit on Humanis First," Savannah folds her arms. "As far as I know, it doesn't have a particular leader. I think it's one of those organizations that are, well, cells. They don't necessarily have one big huge leader to punch in the face."

"If there's a leader, Emile Danko would definitely be who many would consider it. Nearly every major Humanis First attack had something to do with him." Magnes explains, crossing his arms with a slight nod. "I, uh, lost 'it' last year, the sex part was the lie."

"Ah, but you just made that two lies and a truth! Just because you punched this Danko in the face doesn't mean you necessarily punched the leader of Humanis First. Besides, there'd be more press if that was official." Savannah points out. "Nothing wrong with being a late bloomer. Though next time, try not to use the words mind-boggling." She glances at her phone, then shifts a little on the couch. "You really don't do well when you're nervous, do you?"

"N-not really, I mean, look at you…" Magnes motions in her direction, eyes averting to his knees. "Famous author, experienced woman, beautiful… I won't deny that in the last year, with two of the girls that I slept with, I worked pretty hard to make up for lost time, but I don't really feel confident with, like, you know, a woman." He motions over at her, clearing his throat slightly.

Savannah makes a face. "I think that'd be degrading to refer to any of these girls you slept with as 'girls' and me as a woman as if they weren't full grown adults. Assuming that you weren't having sex with a minor, of course." She folds her arms, seeming thoughtful. "I fell in love with a man over the phone, I took six years of piano lessons, and I shared a very awkward elevator ride with a naked man a few days ago."

"Well, I don't mean to degrade them, I just mean it in the most literal sense possible. They were eighteen, the only other girl I slept with was a little older than me. When I say girl, I just mean they're younger than me." Magnes tries to explain as she states her truths and lie, tilting his head. "Uh… I'd say the naked one is a lie."

Savannah raises an eyebrow. "Well, I guess that explains a few things." She shakes her head. "Met a guy who travels through electricity or something. He came out of the elevator panel naked. Scared the crap out of one of my neighbors when we were in the elevator. He wasn't there long, but… I guess you can't travel through electricity with clothes."

"Oh, strange… a part of the research I want to do is on Evolved who change the physical states of their bodies." Magnes' eyes shift over to her a few times, trying to be subtle, but he's clearly checking her out a bit. "So, uh. Sorry, my mind kind of gets fuzzy in some situations…"

"If you're tired, you can go to bed. I've got my phone and I'm just fine on the couch, no need to keep me company or anything," Savannah points out, glancing at her watch before remembering that, oh yeah, it's broken.

"It's, uh, not tiredness…" Magnes clears his throat again, looking away a little awkwardly. "Would you like something to drink?" he asks as he quickly and not-so-subtlely tries to change the subject.

"A drink? Oh, no, I'm just fine." Savannah glances towards the door. "Honestly I really should get back home, Kam's probably worrying about me right now." Nevermind the fact that she just texted him.

"It's too dangerous for you to be walking around out there. Breaking the law in any way can get you in serious trouble, fine or not. Martial law is not something to play with." Magnes is quiet again for a few minutes, then finally speaks up, "Ah, uh, from what you know of me so far, if you weren't taken, um…"

"I don't know about you, Mr. Varlane, but having a little bit of notoriety can save your life. People don't rough you up for being out after curfew, and if they did… they wouldn't get away with doing it to me." Savannah clears her throat. "And honestly, I'd rather get back home to the man I love."

"Y-yeah, that's true, uh…" Magnes seems to become increasingly awkward, eyes shifting to some random area away from her. "So, I guess if you wanted to take a chance, you could go…"

"I honestly believe that's for the best. Kam will be missing me. I don't think I'll have much trouble with the police, even if I get caught." Savannah gets to her feet. "No need to get up, Mr. Varlane, I'll show myself out, thank you."

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