Risky Behavior At Rapture


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Scene Title Risky Behavior at Rapture
Synopsis Kimberlynn meets Tobias for the first time.
Date April 6, 2009


Being a weeknight, the club is not all that packed, though the majority of the patrons do not seem to care, enjoying themselves as if tomorrow was the weekend. Or there was no tomorrow. Tobias sits on a stool at the curved bar in back, a rolled up magazine or something on the bartop in front of him, occasionally taking sips from an iced drink. His casual dress stands out sharply against the clothing of those who are at the club to be seen. Unfortunately for Tobias, the plain clothing makes him stand out more than the skimpy, flash, extravagant outfits. In between sips, he people-watches, turning away shyly when he draws the attention of one club-goer or another.

She has gotten in on looks and skimpy clothes, but she's here to make the most of it. It's not often a girl of her nature gets into a club like this. But thanks can go to the weeknight, and her skill with the sewing machine. She's shaking her booty on the dance floor, arms over her head, amidst a group of people who appear to have come to the club together. Some of them were left outside, but Kimberlynn, at least, made it inside. The techno seems to have entranced her, because although she's among friends, she seems …alone, dancing, with the music. One of her girlfriends grabs her for a dirty dancing scene, probably to impress a guy nearby, and it works, as the girlfriend is dragged away shortly, leaving Kimberlynn alone again, with the bass beat. Eventually, she decides she's thirsty, and communicates that to one of her friends, so someone knows where to find her. She lifts her hair off the back of her neck and wends through people to the bar, where she requests water. her purse must have been checked at some point, and she seems to be running a tab. She'll pay at the end of the night. A sealed bottle is handed to her, and she grins to the handsome bartender. First, she holds the cold, sweating bottle to her chest, then her flushed cheeks, and finally opens it to guzzle half in one go.

Tobias gazes awkwardly at the young woman, especially when she presses the bottle to herself. Catching himself gawking, he turns away quickly, looking into his drink. He listens to the thudding music for a while, seemingly staring at his drink. Recovering, he drains his glass and asks for another, sparing another glance to the young dancer, before scanning the dance floor again.

She seems confident in this atmosphere, giving a wide smile to anyone glancing her way, her eyes bright with exertion and pleasure. She turns and leans her essentially bare back against the cool bar, glancing out across the dancing crowd, and raises her water bottle to a friend who waves at her. Something about being in a club…brings out the wild in her. She's not far from the awkward young man, and she has noticed him glancing at her. Feeling a little devilish, she leans over and squeezes his arm, bringing her mouth near his ear. She tells him in a voice only he can hear, though it is raised enough to be heard over the crowd and music, "It doesn't hurt to look!" Then she straightens up and downs the rest of her bottle, looking away, blowing a kiss to someone across the room.

He jumps a little, not so much at her squeezing his arm, but her voice in his ear. "Wha…? No! That is, I wasn't looking…I was. Um," he stammer, pitifully. He rolls his eyes, and gives her a sheepish grin, though she's turned away before she can see it. "I /wasn't/ looking," he mutters loudly to no one in particular. "I was staring. Stupid!"

Kimberlynn is taking this short break, but she's not about to lose a minute of her big night out. So she's low on sleep later. She'll be fine. She twists the cap on the empty bottle, turns, and passes it to the helpful bartender. She flashes a grin in the direction of the man who was watching her, then quickly gets back into the fray of dancing. She rejoins her friends, this time, laughing with them, joining in on their little group. Maybe it was just the last beat that held her enthralled. There's a lot of touching going on in the group, nothing overtly sexual, but in a club like this, everything is sexual in nature. Faux dirty dances between girls is common, and Kimberlynn gets into it…eventually sandwiching in a male friend between herself and another girl. She's really having herself a grand old time.

He returns her smile, then watches her return to the dance floor. As her dancing becomes more touchy-feely, he settles into his stool, leaning against the bar as he watches. Finishing his refill, he pops an ice cube into his mouth, crunching away as he watches. A trio of young women, out for a night of their own fun, passes close to him, a couple of them giggling and looking his way, though he pays them no mind. He calls the bartender over and says something to him that's impossible to hear for the loud music, eventually fishing a bill out of his pocket and handing it to him. Apparently, he orders another drink for himself, which he begins sipping as he continues to watch.

Several songs later, the youthful, chestnut-haired girl returns to the bar, a little pinker in the cheeks than before, but not so overexerted that she's breathing heavily. Well, not /very/ heavily, anyway. This time, a couple of her friends have come with her, and the three of them order drinks, though hers alone is water. The others order beers. They're talking and laughing, but it doesn't seem that Kimberlynn has made a big deal out of telling them about the previous encounter with the guy at the bar. She glances his way, though, and smiles in his direction, and when the bartender tells her that the drink is bought already, she lowers her gaze momentarily. The other two girls laugh and tease her a little bit, glancing that direction. After drinking a few sips of water, as she's apparently not as thirsty as she was last time, she separates herself from her friends and squeezes over next to him. "Hey, thanks!" is all she says, but she leans in close and plants a kiss on his cheek. This is really quite risky behavior, but because she knows she's going home with friends, she's not as worried as she probably ought to be.

His shyness forgotten for a moment, he smiles brightly at her after she kisses him and shake his head. "Hey, don't mention it," he says, his voice only remarkable in that there seems to be no regional inflection or dialect whatsoever. "Looks like you needed it."

There's an accent in her speech, the hint of backwoods Southernness. She laughs, squeezes his arm again. Out of a sudden sense of self-preservation, she moves away and rejoins her friends. Her cheeks are even more flushed than they were, but she doesn't mind the ribbing she's getting. Another of her friends comes to the bar, having seen the exchange, and scolds her. She shrugs it off, and answers, but not loud enough for anyone outside her circle of friends to hear. Nevertheless, she keeps glancing in the direction of her recent benefactor, if buying a bottle of water for her makes him that. The rest of her crew crowds up to the bar, but she's suddenly alone again, catching the sound of bass. The voices of her friends blur and slur and fade into nothingness for her, and she quickly drains the bottle of water in order to get out on the dance floor and groove. That's just what she does, too, and with her movements, her skirtpleats twitch appealingly. She's completely on her own, her lips softly parted as she swishes and shimmies by herself. It won't be long before her friends notice and follow her like a gaggle of geese. It's not like she's their leader…she just has good ideas at the right time.

Seemingly more comfortable, he glances at the dancer's friends and chuckles, before his gaze follows her back out onto the floor, where he watches again, maybe a bit more intently. Again, he calls the bartender over and says something, the bartender replying while shaking his head. Tobias frowns a little, but the expression is gone quickly, and he resumes his observation of the young dancer once more, sipping at his drink.

Her friends join her, but only once her solitary dance is finished and she comes out of her reverie of motion. They seem to be used to this behavior in her. She smiles and greets them with hugs and kisses on cheeks, and the laughing, talking group makes her blush a little again. She just shakes her head at them with a big grin, and pulls in someone for tighter dancing. After another suitable interval, long enough to get thirsty for those who aren't keeping themselves properly hydrated, she heads to the restroom, and a couple of her friends find their way to the bar.

Tobias watches her walk to the restroom, then lifts his left arm to check his watch, an expensive looking, silver-colored, multi-dialed affair with luminescent numbers and dials. He pulls a money clip out of his front pocket, the clip apparently covered in some sort of leather, and slips two bills from it, handing it to the bartender as he settles his tab.

It is only a short while later that Kimberlynn emerges from the restroom corridor, and she skirts the dance floor. It makes her path to the bar for more water longer, but it's easier than having to work her way through throbbing, bouncing bodies. She eventually finds her way back, catches the bartenders attention, and her friends', as she joins them. She doesn't even have to tell him that she wants another bottle of water, he just pulls one out and hands it to her. Even as she twists the cap off, she's looking for the guy who somehow interested her. Catching sight of him again, she smiles to herself, and asks her male friend for something. He fishes it out of his pocket, and she promptly applies glossy shine to her lips with a tube topped with a rollerball. She lids it again and …before handing it back to her friend, she keeps it in her hand and drinks some of her water. She'll need more gloss after she finishes the bottle.

He finds her again as she rejoins her friends. Tobias smiles and lifts his drink to her, before draining the rest in one last gulp. He sets the glass down onto the bar, where it inexplicably breaks, though he didn't seem to set it down particularly hard. His reaction, rather than shock or surprise, is to laugh, wiping away some of the wetness that splattered on him from the ice melt. He shakes his head, still chuckling, as he wipes off the rolled up magazine he had on the bartop.

She smiles as he raises his glass, lifting her chin in acknowledgement. She sips at her water this time, savoring its purity and hydration. Then the glass breaks and she flinches in surprise, though the shattering is not even audible over the usual club sounds. With his laugh, she smiles uncertainly, and shakes her head at her own reaction. Her eyes dart to the magazine, though there's no way she could make out what it could be in the dim light, with people constantly moving about. Not that it matters. One of her friends gives her a hug and moves out onto the dance floor, another heads over to the restroom, and another stays behind with her, the guy with pockets. He speaks to her though she faces away from him, and she turns her head slightly to catch his words, just so that her ear is closer to his mouth. She's slightly distracted by what he has to say, and answers with gestures of her head: nodding, shaking it negatively, another no, then a nod again. She finally speaks to him, an answer, apparently, or a decision of some kind. He seems satisfied, but sticks by her anyway, almost protectively.

Tobias grabs some napkins and helps clean up the mess, laughing with the bartender as he does. He picks up the shards of glass with his fingers, apparently without a care, and tosses them in an offered bin, his palms and fingers unmarred. Once the mess is cleared away, instead of wiping his hands dry or drying them on a napkin, he rubs his open hands together for a moment, then blows on them once. He glances over at the girl and shrugs, smiling sheepishly.

The girl watches the cleanup, marveling that someone actually gave the bartender a hand. She figures it wouldn't have been difficult for the server to just swipe the pieces off the counter and into a waiting bin, but the fact that he helps, just…startles her. She continues to sip at her water bottle, and when the smile is shown her way, she smiles back, more warmly than before, more intimately. Before, her smile was one of fun and games, teasing and playing. This is clearly a different kind of expression. her brows draw together slightly as he just blows on his hands rather than use a napkin or towel. It's odd to her, but …well, she's not necessarily in familiar territory.

He steps away from the bar, and starts to walk away. He pauses a moment, his back to her, then he turns around and starts heading directly for her.

She's a little disappointed that he's leaving so soon, without so much as a goodbye, but then he turns back around and heads her way again. She watches, wondering if it's indecision, forgetfulness, or something else that spurs his actions. Her friend nudges her and she shrugs him off, eyes only for one person. Her friend watches, too, suspicious and protective.

As he approaches her, he nods to her male friend, smiling. "Hey, how's it goin'?" he says, but turns away from him before he has a chance to answer. Looking at the object of his attention for most of the night, he smiles and says, "Hi," brightly. "Hey, I'm still kinda new here. Would you happen to know where I could get something to eat at this time of night? Um…morning?"

Her friend nods in greeting, but his glance roams over the stranger in silent appraisal. Kimberlynn laughs, her voice rich and feminine, and utterly delighted at the question. It wasn't what she expected. She leans in closer so she can be sure she's heard. "Honestly, no! I'm rarely out after curfew, and eating out…well, I'd rather go dancing than go to a restaurant with my free time. Shocker, I'm sure." Her hand hovers up to touch his upper arm, and she brushes it lightly, getting a feel of the muscle there before letting her hand fall again to her side. She's holding both the lip gloss and the bottle in the same hand, apparently. "Sorry," she tells you, and there is honest regret in her voice.

"Damn," he says, though his voice is light. "You'd think I'd remember the stupid curfew. Crap." He bites is upper lip for a moment, smiling at her touch. "Well, there goes my cunning plan to ask you to come with me to grab a bite. Well…I'm a moron," he says with a smile. "Maybe the hotel will still have room service runnin' then…"

Her eyebrows just raise as she watches him, and her cheeks pinken. Her eyes go to that bitten lip, then back to his eyes. She leans in to explain, "I only go home tonight with my friends…it's a pact we made, to keep each other safe. You'll have to find me another night. Somehow…"
"Well, hell…how'm I supposed to do…oh!" he says, opening up the magazine, which turns out to be an industry journal on computer science. He nonchalantly rips off a piece of the cover, then pulls a gold-plated ballpoint pen from his backpocket. He scrawls something on it, 'Tobias Hagen' in almost unreadable script, and a phone number with an out of state area code, the numbers written in crisp, legible handwriting, in stark contrast to his text. "Tobias," he says, by way of greeting, leaning in close to you so he doesn't have to yell too loudly.

She reaches for the pen, taking it from your hand, then takes your hand and opens it, flattens it. She's left-handed, and she writes "Kimberlynn" on there, with her own phone number. It's a local area code, of course. She smiles as she writes, then she leans in, places her sensual mouth close to your ear, and asks, "Are you trustworthy?"

He blushes a little, with your breath in his ear. He shrugs, placing his mouth closer to your ear and answers, "As trustworthy as any other guy. Wait a second…that's not necessarily a good thing, is it?"

"Not necessarily, no," Kimberlynn laughs. "But you'd better show you are, or I'll have to show up with a retinue for our date!" This close, her scent is obvious, her shampoo and hair product, her sweet perfume, and her scent of exertion. She smells vanilla-ish, and clean, with a little spice thrown in for good measure. Her handthe one with the scrap of paper in itwanders up again to touch your arm, but when she's done speaking against your ear, she leans back with a quirked eyebrow, watching and waiting for your proof. Or denial of it. Her friend continues to watch, as well, continually judging you, and obviously disapproving of her choices.

His eyes shut halfway as he gets in a lungful of your scent. Recovering quickly, he nods and smiles. "Well, I'd hate for that to happen," he says playfully. He looks at his hand a moment, and seems to come to a decision as he takes his pen and writes your name and number on the inside cover of the journal. "Well, it was nice meeting you, Kimberlynn," he says, glancing quickly at your friends, aware of the ribbing you'll get when he leaves. "I hope I get to talk to you again soon…without the…ah…entourage," he finishes with a grin.

Kimberlynn grins as she watches you, then blushes as you write the name and number down in your magazine…where she should've written it. She glances at her bottle of water, then drinks from it to cover her flustering. She smiles, and softly agrees, "It's nice to meet you, too, Tobias Hagen." She already knows how she's going to handle her friends with regard to a date with you. She's going to give them /your/ phone number, so that if she goes missing, or something happens to her, you'll never hear the end of it, and could likely be tracked. That's what she thinks, anyway. She smiles warmly, her blue eyes glittering as they meet yours, and she turns again to her water bottle, assuming you're leaving.

He smiles warmly at you once more, and says, "Talk to ya soon," before turning to head out of the club. At the exit, he looks over his shoulder for one last glance, before stepping out onto the street.

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