Road To Recuperation


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Scene Title Road To Recuperation
Synopsis Hidden faces are brought to light, as well as abilities.
Date March 12, 2009

Staten Island - Ferryman Safe House

Evening passes, morning does too in the Ferryman safehouse tucked somewhere on Staten Island. The prisoners of Muldoons fight ring that were liberated are tended to, shuffled off to various places, fed, clean clothes, the whole nine yards. Abigail beauchamp was one who wasn't moved, someone called in to fish the ricochet out of her belly and set her up in a room that is to be hers for the next few days while she recovers enough to do what she needs to do.

The healer is parked in an armchair with a blanket over her lap, watching out the later afternoon window and the water, basking in the sun. Mu-Qian had the right of it. Her body turning on itself to keep up with the healing demands, and one could count her ribs if they could see them. It's nothing that a few weeks of being stuffed with food won't take care of and some sunshine or so says the ferryman house runner who takes care of the place. The woman's stepped out to see to something, a promise to be back. Abigail's not taking well to being alone in the room she's been given since she woke up and the drugs keep her fairly mellow.

Vrrrrrrmble -click- rrrrrrrmmmmmmble -click- rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is how the Triumph goes.

Surprisingly, Fedor really isn't a very fast driver believe it or not. His beloved GT6, or rather -her- beloved GT6 isn't very big inside though. Immediately after dropping the EC-155 off, he'd slipped away into the night to find a new face. Truth be told, she hadn't been in the shape but an hour before calling up Cardinal. Now normally this might present someone in Fedor's position with a very real logistical snafu, but the closets full of woman's clothing weren't just for those one clubs he never talks about.

"You know, I got this really bad deju vu last night. I didn't see her get loaded, but I saw her get unloaded. I cant place it at all, but totally I swear I've seen her somewhere before."She was a tall blonde, with lets say classical Scandinavian features. She could pass for a model probably, but that might be optimistic. "How well do you know her?"As the GT6 sweeps up to the curb out front the safe house, idling a few moments before falling silent."You gonna be a gentleman, and open the door for me?"Grinning all the while.

"Harrison?" Cardinal asks the question rather casually as he steps out've the car's passenger side, making his way along up to the safehouse's door to get the door for him; keys jangling briefly to unlock it, the knob turned and pushed open as he sweeps an arm dramatically towards the hallway, "…that was th'only blonde that I remember, if you mean her."

The thief's wearing sunglasses at the moment, his head mostly low; grimacing now and then at the glare off something, he looks rather tired as well. Someone doesn't do well during the day.

There's someone way ahead of both of them, having snuck in either earlier, or some way yet to be revealed. Huruma can get past most defenses if she tries hard enough, and since a safe house is meant to look normal, this time it was not very hard. There is a sharp rapping of knuckles on the other side of Abigail's door.

Outside, Huruma waits to see if the girl answers or not, heels light and almost soundless in the hall. Her tall figure is wrapped around the torso and shoulders with what seems like a blood red dress, but shorter, and over top a sleek pair of pants diving into the tops of her boots.

"Come in" A lazy quality to the voice as she tears her gaze away from the woman and man coming in to devote her baby blues to the door. Abigail smiles, something closed mouth and wide at seeing the black woman at the door, left open for Abby's comfort as opposed to closed. "Huruma" There's a lassaiz faire wave of her hand, indicating the woman should come forward. "I'm stoned. Sorry. If I don't make sense, i'll try and make sense, cause I'm pretty sure that it'd be better if I make sense" A pause. "I'm not making sense am I?" Happiness simmers where Huruma can sense it. Relief, tempered by chemicals meant to obliterate pain.

Fedor narrows her gaze just a touch in thought, as she follows lazily behind. Hands stuffed in her jacket pockets, as she slips past Cardinal. "I don't know, Abby. Colors are a little wide of the mark when your wearing night vision, so you'll have to forgive me darling."She glances curiously about a moment, before beaten up jungle boots bring her slowly towards the sound of voices. "Hello?" comes an unfamiliar voice, distinctly feminine and of course very -not- similar to the pilot of last night.

"You're weirdin' me out here, I hope you realize that," Cardinal drawls out as the woman walks past him and into the safe house, the door swinging closed behind him as he walks in after her, head shaking slowly from side to side, "I mean, Laudani'd mentioned you were a metamorph, but…" He relaxes a touch once in the dimmer light of the house's indoors, though he doesn't make a move to take off his shades. A paper bag's dangling from one hand, rustling as he walks along. "C'mon, someone's probably visiting Abigail, s'all."

Abby doesn't need her help to be calm, at least. She seems to be doing such a thing fine on her own(almost), so Huruma only keeps her senses open to the more drastic changes. Not that they are expected. Huruma steps forward, lingering enough on her feet to seem tentative in doing so. Any voices outside in the hall go mostly unregarded, as in simply unanswered. "You make perfect sense, Abigail." The woman halts beside the arm of the chair for a moment, slipping aside to find a perch in one opposite, facing its twin. "You've gotten thin." They'll have to fix that.

"Am I? I haven't looked in a mirror. Food wasn't that good. They coulda hired a cook. Think Emeril would have worked for them? I think they coulda kidnapped him and kept him around to cook. Tree lizard soup. I had a lot of that" There's more people, unfamiliar voices which tear the blonde's eyes away from Huruma to the doorway. Fear, struggles to push it's way past everything else but it's aborted again by the drugs given to her. "Friends?" Hopefully.

Fedor sticks out her tongue back at Cardinal "Get used to it bub." Fedor steps into the doorway for a moment, before easing on inside. "Hey Abby, I don't think we met but I was flying the Helicopter last night?"She thumbs over her shoulder back towards where she'd came. "I brought Cardinal with me."She peers at Abby for a moment, before glancing over…and then up at Huruma. "And hello to you as well."

"You're suddenly a chick, Chief," Cardinal points out, his tone rather dry, "Could you at least turn into an ugly chick next time, so I don't have to feel conflicted?" Once 'she' is inside, the thief steps just to the door's edge, leaning his shoulder against it and holding up the paper bag in his hand, clearing his throat and offering a faint smile over to the bed, "Hey, Abs. Burgers?" A slight nod over to Huruma, just a touch wary in his body language.

The small squint that Abigail gets is slightly disapproving, but it fades within a moment and Huruma leans back in the chair, back straight. "If they were not, you woul'no'ave t'worry abou'them." Comes right before they do come inside the room. White eyes settle on both of the new additions, in turn, before hesitantly aiming away. "Hello." Burgers. So that is what that smell is. Could have at least brought Abby something good for her. All these energy drinks and fast food giveaways.

Somehow, Abigail firmly believes that. Huruma wouldn't let anyone who's not friendly in through the open door. "Cardinal" There's that loopy grin and a gimme gimme hand. "You did promise me burgers. Cheeseburger? Huruma says I'm too thin" Cardinal's voice is familiar, but the woman. "I wasn't really paying attention last night, but thank you, for piloting the helicopter. I very much appreciate your help in getting me out of there"

Fedor smiles brightly, praise is always welcome when your as confident as Fedor is. Confirmation of her confidence. "Thanks, it was my pleasure. Liberty is granted to us by god, no man alive has any right to rob us of that."Huruma is offered a hand after a moment or two, her gaze shifting from Abby to Huruma. "I'm Fedor, and you did a really awesome thing last night. You have my admiration."

"I don't make promises that I'm not plannin' to keep, Abigail," Cardinal observes, his crook'd smile curving a little wider at one edge before he pushes himself fully through the door, approaching the bed unhurriedly and offering out the bag, "You need to keep your strength up. Protein's best. You doin' all right?"

Huruma watches Fedor sidelong from the chair, only turning her head when the woman that wasn't yesterday offers a hand. After a second, she does reach out to take it- but only for a moment. Just long enough. "It would've defeated th'purpose o'lettin'them out, if we'ad left them. Besides- I do not like t'lose." Which means she counted it as a win. Against what? Probably Muldoon, Logan, et cetera. Even if she also happened to use them for Pancratium itself.

"I'm doing good. Someones with me all the time. I woke up, they fished a bullet from inside me, so they said. I saw it too, it was "She puts her forefinger and thumb the right amount of space apart. "Thiiiiiiis big" The same size as whatever Zul fired off in her weapon. "I haven't .. gone all crazy yet. Whatever they gave me, it's… it's keeping that from happening. I think, i'd like to.. to keep that from happening" Abigail's hand closes around the bag, looking into it and pulling out a cheeseburger. Fedor gets the strangest look from the young blonde, as if something is just out of reach in her mind. She'll have to think on it, hard, for now she offers the other burger in her bag to Huruma. "Fedor" It niggles somewhere, confuses the healer. "Thank you Cardinal. Strange to see you not a shadow.

She has a notion by now, but he doesn't want to come right out and say it. "I would have brought George with me, but he was a little crabby this morning and things were a little too hectic for me to figure out what his deal is."She doesn't admit to changing faces, doesn't insinuate she's met Abby beyond the simple inclusion of otherwise pointless information. Either it'll unravel or it wont, either way Fedor isn't entirely certain herself. Maybe she babysat an organ, but flying organs and her being a healer could be solely sufficient coincidence for their shared Deju vu.

"Richard," lightly corrects the shadow-man as he leans against the wall beside the bed, arms folding over his chest. A twitch of his lips at the latter, admitting, "S'pose it is. You probably thought I was a hallucination half've the time… a lot of people do. I'm just glad to see you out've there and in good shape, is all." A glance over to Huruma, his lips twitching in a faint smile, "Well, I think we can definitely count that one as a win."

Huruma lifts a hand passively. No thank you. Not a… burger person. And for the next few seconds, Huruma seems to slip into a thought that takes her eyes away to the window and the air outside, blinking back into place when Cardinal answers her statement. "A win an'some. But, frankly, there is… more t'do."

"Richard it is. The first time, and the last time, yes" Abby puts the bag to the side at Huruma's refusal. Meticulously she peels back the thin wrapping on the burger, taking a moment to look at it, look at Fedor while taking a very small bite and chewing her thoughts while she does her food. It'll be a bit before she gets to the point she can eat a whole full meal like she did before, but she'll get there. That and it's likely the first solid stuff she's had since they free'd her. "Your.. George belongs to a pi.." Drugs are messing with her, she's grasping at that memory, right on the edge of that lambs wool that shrouds her mind. "Fedor.. is the name of a pilot who .. my scooter" Shape shifter? She knows of three of them, whats to say there isn't another. She takes another small bite, opting to fall silent and eat, watch the three and slightly overwhelmed at the company present.

Fedor just smiles, wide and bright. "Yes, I believe thats true my dear. I thought I recognized you from somewhere, but for the very life of me I couldn't place your face. You'll have to forgive me of course, I do hate to play games with the ill so please don't think too lowly of me. "She lifts a hand to tap at her temple. "Changing tends to scramble my noodle, especially when there's a sex change involved. It tends to take a day or two for all the blood chemistry to really settle down, its rather depressing I assure you." She pauses for a moment, before glancing back to Huruma. "Now, whilst I am here is there anything that you need Abby? Would you like a change of clothes or, maybe I could get you some tea?" She knew she was the least tied to Abby of those present, so its not like she expected Huruma or Cardinal to volunteer.

"Muldoon'n Logan are still free and breathing," Cardinal says in quiet, dark agreement with Huruma's words, "There's still more t'do. I should stop by John's place for a little visit, soon, come to think of it…" He pushes a hand back over the side of his neck, fingers rubbing against the nape of his neck as he pushes away from the wall, "So. Ah. Anyway, I should let you rest an' get visits from your friends'n all, Abigail."

Listening to Abby try to string things together might be absolutely hilarious if it were not the day after rescuing her from a human trafficker. But, as it stands, it may be funny later, but not right now. Then, something about sex changes and clothes- it breezes past Huruma, as if she were waiting for them to finish huff-puffing around. "We will see about them." Huruma finally says in response, sitting up, pursing her lips and smoothing her palms over the hem of her top and the lap of her pants. Anyone that knows her knows that is a seething thing. The words, likewise. Perhaps even longing to just go do the dirty deeds herself.
From afar, Elisabeth tickles.

Muldoon and Logan. Loathing and fear rise again, trying to break through the mellow at the mention of the names. The burgers suddenly regard with much less interest at the invoking of her captors names. "Okay Richard. Take care. Thank you again" She shakes her head from side to side, the blonde hair clean and brushed back into a braid shifts on her shoulders at Fedors offer. "Ferryman are taking care of everything. I still have to.. go to the police station sometime. Homeland. Let Agent Parkman know I'm out before he keeps scouring the island. I need.. to find a new apartment" A glance to Huruma. "Job"

Fedor reaches across to snap her fingers, and produce a pair of business cards. She sets one down by Abby, and then offers the other to Huruma. Ingrid Lobvoskoya, according to the card. "When your well, why don't you come talk to me. We could really benefit from a healer, considering we perform a lot of hospital transfers. If you need anything, please call. Either of you ladies, my personal number is on the back."

"Oh." Cardinal pauses for a moment, reaching into his jacket to pull out a pen—reaching over to where Fedor's set down 'her' business card near Abby, he scribbles his own number on the back, beside 'Richard'. The pen's slid away, and he straightens, offering her a faint, rueful half-smile, "…in case y'need anything, just give me a call, Abigail. Anyway, I'll get out of y'all's way." Then, he steps 'round the bed, heading for the door.

Huruma has several 'jobs' already- but she takes the card anyway. "If you show them fear, Abigail, they will only keep hunting." The card disappears into the front of the dark woman's top. Well, as long as it is an option- never forget it. For her words, they sound true- as a fellow predator, they are key. "Stand your ground. You have no reason t'run." Her 'R's sound like small growls in the midst of her accented words. What goes unsaid is Abby's sheer amount of protection in the form of her social circle. Now that they know there is a danger, it would be like trying to put a hand into a hornet's nest if either men tried to take her back again.

"Find a new'ome, bu'your job?" Huruma tilts her chin, smirking, words at a knowing purr. "Lucy's is one o'your safest options."

"They took me from in front of my home, and they came into work" The business card is grasped in her free hand, looked at with a frown but nods to Fedor. Right now, healing anyone is the furthest thing from her mind when she's not even in a state to heal herself. And when the last month and change has been nothing but forced healing. "I'll.. think on it" A glance to Cardinal's retreating form. "They'll do it again, maybe" That fear's still trying to force it's way out. "What I do, is worth taking once…."

Fedor nods to the pair, before offering a little wave. "goodbye, be safe Abby." Her gaze of course, shifts to Huruma for a moment longer"Kwaheri." Her accent is way off, and the pronunciation needs help but at least she remembers part of it. With that, Fedor slips out the doorway and heads for the front door. Trusting Cardinal to follow.

"Oh, don't worry about that, Huruma…" Cardinal's voice is quiet, grim, matching the stir of dark intentions in his heart - cold hatred and anger - as he steps through the door after Fedor, "…I'll teach John Logan to be afraid of the dark. I'll stop by Lucy's soon, give Isabelle my best… and I'll stop by again later, Abigail."

"Bu'soon, th'entire city will know they are after you. As do we." Huruma's We sounds especially ominous. "Unregister yourself, Abigail, if you are. Tha'is an accident waiting t'happen." Covering all bases, you see. "Kwa heri." Bye, Fedor-a. Huruma leans into the chair again, fingers curling into a fist and some of her knuckles cracking. Her eyes settle on Cardinal with a grim smile to follow suit, voice mismatching and almost chiming. "Ring m'up when y'do, darling."

"I'm registered. It was how they found me. My home isn't registered, work is. I asked Isabelle if I could do that. I thought it" Abby takes a moment. Takes a breather to watch the woman and man walk away. "I thought I'd be safer" Fat lot of good that did. What had Al said. Someone would follow her home from work. That's all it would take.

Fedor slips outside with a sniffle, glancing back to Cardinal as she hops over the hood of her Triumph. "Wanna go break the speed of sound in a soviet fighter jet, and then maybe get Jake and go to a skin bar?"Yep, now granted she wouldn't go to a skinbar if Jake wasn't there.

"Sounds good," Cardinal admits as he heads down to the car and around to the passenger side, his head shaking, "I do have some shit t'deal with soon, but I should probably lay low for at least a li'l bit anyway…"

Cardinal has left.

"Then if you do leave-" Which is going to be a bummer. No more Nun. "-then make sure t'tell us where y'go, mmm?" Huruma eyes the empty doorway carefully, lifting herself up again and drawing her own chair a bit closer, ankles crossing as she puts herself back down into the seat. Her eyes watch the door to make sure there are no immediate visitors, slowly turning back to Abby. Alone again it looks like.

"You will b'well again, Abigail." Just in case Abby wasn't certain she could be alright.

"I'll make sure everyone knows. I wouldn't go without letting people know where I was going" Not her fault that at the last moment, Logan had altered her traveling arrangements. The burger is completely abandoned, wrapped back up and put with it's mate. She'll get them to put it in the fridge for her, so it can be reheated later. "He took my tongue" She lays it out there, looking up into Huruma's white eyes. "So I couldn't pray. He took it, so that I couldn't ask god for help, made sure I couldn't heal. Because I tried to take his eye. Because he took Deckard's eye because Deckard was looking for me" She looks away, watching the vehicle peel out from the driveway of the ferryman safe house. "Can I get over that? He tried to take god from me. no ones tried to do that before" There's only a handful of people who know what Logan did.

Though their respective sights of 'God' are drastically different on the inside, Huruma may be one of the only people around that takes Abby at face value in terms of her faith. No jokes, no snide remarks, no incidents. Half-moons rest back down on Abby as she looks up, laying out a large part of her ordeal to the table, and Huruma.

"God speaks t'th'deaf, appears t'th'blind- listens t'th'mute." That is his job, is it not? "…Even if you can no'speak, God can hear you. Prayer is in your heart, Abigail, an'not your lips. I know tha'you know this." Her features twist momentarily, winding into a confident sneer at men that are not present. "A worm like John Logan can never'ope t'take God away from'is faithful. God did lead us t'you, his fate done. And a coward, Logan, as is his circle. An'look at what karma brings him- an ailing presence, and soon- his own life at stake f'his crimes." Huruma lets out her breath, sharp and through her nose. She is an arm of god- she may do her own crimes, sometimes worse- but that is only the nature and purpose that 'God' has given to her.

"Many more will try. But, you see, omnipotence is so very hard to stop." Yes, you can get over that.

"I didn't say he did take him. That he tried to take him" You can't take god. He never took the little cross that still lays calmly on her collar bone. The beautiful bible is gone, lost in the basement of a whore house. "I told him that taking me, was the wrong thing to do. He didn't believe me until it was too late, and then he was scared, and hurt and lashing out" Like she might be, later, who knows, it's Abigail. "But I could still heal, after Mu-Qian healed my tongue. So god didn't leave me. John Logan failed. Do you think they'll let me un-register? Just walk in and say "take my name off the list please, I'll take my fine. What if they throw me in jail" Jail, hey at least "least it would be a nice jail. I'd get a change of clothes! No hookers visiting me" Her thoughts made verbal before she even knows it. Stupid drugs.

Huruma finds it easy to take the change of topics in stride, despite her seething still on John Logan. He'll get his, that is for sure. "They had best let you. If they d'not, even afte'explaining th'hell you went through- threaten Homeland wit'a lawsuit." See, even Huruma knows how to scare the bejeebus out of someone without actually physically threatening them. "Lawyers are…particularly…frightening, t'some people." Her words carry the hints of a laugh, and an attempt and being humored. "And, you see- you will'ave found th'deadly flaws in something tha'they wish was not. Even wit'ou'an attorney? Your words, an'what you know? Would be… powerful."

Her words would be power. Not exactly what she wants. "What would I even charge them with? The list was how they found me. He told me that. Muldoon. There was a third, there was a guy who has a boat, and… I never got his name. But he was the peter to Logan's Jesus" Best way to put it, that she can think of right this moment. "I need to go see the police first. I need to get all my ID's again and find a new place to live at least. I can't.. plan ahead too much right now, I forget things, they flit out of my head. Waiting for when I can heal myself enough and not need the wool in my head" She's still watching outside the window. After so many weeks of just an alley and then nothing, the window makes the room less claustrophobic. "I'll make them un-register me. I can't afford a lawyer maybe I'll get Catherine, we'll see. I can't even afford to move" There's a deep sigh that ends in a grimace, hand tightening on the arm of her chair. "I shouldn't have done that it's wearing off"

"Challenge th'Linderman Act's safety. I am sure a lawyer could think of something specific to charge." Huruma waves her hand, and magically, she lets it go. "It will work out, in th'end. Somehow." It always does, right? As Abby grimaces and goes a bit rigid with her hand, the woman nearby does touch on her with a small level of relaxation, but only enough to nudge her towards settling down. "Did you'ave a nurse assigned, Abigail?" Huruma levels her voice now, sounding as calm as she nudges Abby to be.

"There's a woman, She's been staying in the room with me. She's been reading out loud and getting what I need when someones not visiting" Challenge the safety of the Linderman act. All it took was one corrupt cop, and she wasn't the first that it had been done to. How many other healers had disappeared. "I'll be fine. It's nothing like my tongue was" it's not anywhere near the same level. The nudge garners her attention, blonde brows pull in, a glance around the room.

If it is the change that makes her do that, then it is probably warranted. Logan did some of the same things that Huruma can. It is just that not many people period realize Huruma can do something- or even imagine the extent to which she does it. She does not advertise her place on the evolutionary ladder. In response she only nods, watching Abby as the blonde gazes around the room. What's this, now? To test it, she pushes that contented feeling just a bit further.

"Stop it" Huruma's the only one in the room and this wasn't happening when the other two had been in the room or the caretaker of the place which leaves Huruma. "Please don't do that. I don't know how many times you did that before, but please don't do that right now. Not without asking first. He did that. He's not here, and your the only one here, and please, just please don't do that" Content war's with dislike.

Were it anyone else, this would first be met with a laugh. Instead, it simply cuts off, leaving Abby to the uncomfortable wound. "It'as neve'been hard t'make you calm, Abigail. You'ave such a peaceful spirit." Her arms cross over her stomach, voice as soft as down. "But at least this time- you seem t'ave let me know what an enemy is capable of." The corner of her lip lifts just slightly. "Or at least, partly." Which does imply that she'd like to know more- but is not going to push for it all of a sudden.

"Can turn off your ability, can make you go into a panic attack and then calm you down. He doesn't need to touch you to do it, but he likes to. He can.. he can make you feel so good too. Just a touch and your… in heaven. I think there's more. Muldoon, his touch tingled, where he touched my cheek. I don't know what he can do" It's not that uncomfortable so long as she's not breathing far too deep or moving around. "How many times have you used it on me. I need to know"

"Does he need to be very close to you?" Is her only question. Huruma only needs to have visibility. And turning something off- sounds a tad more complex than her own, but she already knows that she can guess the lengths of Logan's ability already. It is eternally helpful. "Only…intermittently. When you'ave been distraught- frightened- confused… only enough t'make you feel tha'little bit better."

"He was only ever close to me, I can't tell you otherwise" So a handful of times. Abby's lips purse together, she nods her head as she tears her gaze away from the woman and back to the window. "Fair enough, I didn't know. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't met Logan. Don't do it again please without telling me. I'll let you know if I want it or not" Her temple rests against the winged side of the chair, too thin blonde parked in the armchair. "Anything else? While it doesn't hurt me to talk about it? It's still too fresh, hard to believe that I'm not there"

Huruma lets out a small sigh, dragging the edge of her boot over the floor below, placing both in front as if to be ready to stand. "Nothing that comes to mind. But if you want to share a thing, dear- at any point." Feel free. "Just so you do know- you are not alone in your ordeal." And then, Huruma does stand again, drawing up to her full height, tilting her head to nod downward at Abigail.

Share. Maybe. Sometime. Maybe come begging when the inevitable suffocating feeling starts clawing it's way up her back and she needs help that god's just not going to give her right then and there "I'll be back at work. Soon. Tell Izzy that. I'll give it a try at least. we'll see" Abigails made of strong stuff. Sometimes it just needs to sit and re-temper before it's strong again. "Can you tell Mary that I could use something for the pain again on your way out please?" The bag of burgers are picked up, held out to Huruma. "And have them put it in the fridge? I'll eat it later"

"Come on a slow night. Too much at once is a bad idea, trust me." Huruma nods once, lifting a hand out to take the bag to her side. "I can." In regards to both. The woman lowers her torso enough to put herself on level with Abby's ear, her hand unseen and lifting to smooth at the blonde hair pulled into a braid. No nudges, no mental touches- just like she asked. "Rest well, Abigail." Boldly, Huruma's lips find the crown of the girl's head, unexpectedly soft; and then, the dark woman slips away and out the door, leaving Abby to silence for a few minutes until the nurse returns.

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