Robin Hood



Scene Title Robin Hood
Synopsis The rich need to learn to share!
Date April 10, 2009

The Internet

A series of tubes.. (Okay, just kidding.)

It's been several days since he was able to escape his prison of the laptop and set free on his own accord throughout the Internet. This is a far more primitive net than he's used to navigating. They are still using IPv4 here for crying out loud. It took him several days to 'dumb himself down' but he managed just fine. Speaking of primitive, security here is such a joke. In 2019, it was quite the challenge to cause the mischief and mayhem that he had, here it's going to be so damn easy.

He finds the easy stuff boring. Web page defacement, photo manipulation. After hitting several sites, he was already bored and looking for something bigger. Something far more.. Oh, hey. Banks. He slips through security and begins to analyze accounts. It shocked him how large some accounts were, compared to others. That's hardly fair, now is it? Those who have should share with those who haven't.

It doesn't take long to shift some numbers around. Throw a little money into this account, from this account. Just enough to make a difference to someone who needs it, and just noticable to those who have it. Well — had it.

He moves from bank to bank, siphoning from the rich and giving to the poor. The number of banks in New York City is already massive. Each transaction is covered up to leave no tracks, so that the money cannot necessarily be easily placed back, making it look like legitimate withdrawls and deposits. When he's finished, he begins to move about message boards, and posting simply, "Robin Hood Was Here."

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