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Scene Title RobinVI6 and J1tt3rBug13
Synopsis Two long-time internet friends finally get in touch after a long absence of messages. Little do they know how connected their lives really are.
Date May 16, 2009



It's late in Japan, which means it's somewhat early in America when Magnes signs on. He's had a long day of training, so now he just wants to relax with the internet for a while after a long hot bath. He sees a familiar name on his list, so he clicks!

RobinVI6: Gillian? Are you there? It's been forever.

On the other side of the planet, Gillian Childs sits in an internet cafe in the Queens area of the city, mulling over a few webpages after she's logged into her account. Searching online newspapers isn't quite as easy as searching from the library, but she's looking specifically for any mention of a fire in the 1980s. When a message window pops up, she's rather surprised. It's been a while since she last spoke to this person, a while since she bothered to connect to the internet at all.

J1tt3rBug13: Hey Mags. Things have been pretty hectic.
J1tt3rBug13: How have you been?

RobinVI6: Things have been crazy here too. Would you believe I'm in Japan learning martial arts and stuff?

RobinVI6 Wants to direct connect.
Direct connection accepted.

A picture loads up of a sign saying 'Hi Gillian!' in front of Tokyo Towers.

RobinVI6: I took that earlier today. It's so awesome to see you on. What's new?

The messages come in rather quick succession, within seconds of each other:

J1tt3rBug13: You're in Japan? That's insane.
J1tt3rBug13: You actually made a sign for me and not that Christian Girl you used to talk about?
J1tt3rBug13: Things have been pretty fucking insane, but I managed to get away to log in.

Magnes' messages take a little longer, likely too busy being awkward over the internet.

RobinVI6: Yeah, I took a plane, visiting a rich friend.
RobinVI6: I don't really um, well, the Christian Girl, I decided to accept that she'll never go out with me, she's busy with work and her busy life. I think I see her point, so I'm probably too busy for that stuff too. These days I'm usually trying to think of what's appropriate to give her, I don't want her to take a sign the wrong way…

J1tt3rBug13: Fair enough. Life always seems to catch up with people and there's rarely a chance for a vacation.
J1tt3rBug13: Only thing cool I have to bring up is the fact I went to Hawaii for a little while since we last talked. I got a tan. Kinda wish I could have stayed longer, or could go back.

RobinVI6: If I were anywhere near you, I could take you to Hawaii.

Quickly adding in another message, as if the last was a total mistake.

RobinVI6: I uh, I didn't mean that in a rich guy way. I mean, you know I wouldn't try to win a girl with money. I mean, not that I'm trying to win you. God, I should just not even press ent
RobinVI6: Oh god I pressed enter, don't read any of that!

Unfortunately there is a good minute pause before Gillian can respond, almost as if she's unsure what to say, or typing something really log.

J1tt3rBug13: We've been talking to each other a while now, but we're just internet friends. I didn't read anything into it. Besides… I got enough problems with men right now. :/

RobinVI6: It's alright, I'm sorry. I can't believe I managed to create an awkward situation through text.
RobinVI6: But um, not that I have much experience with this stuff, what are your problems?

Once again, there's a long moment of hesitation.

J1tt3rBug13: Remember the guy I was living with for a while? The one who… disappeared and came back and— the Bad Boy?

Gillian hesitates as she looks at the world before hitting enter. Gabriel hadn't been a bad guy at first. Originally he'd been a guardian, a protector… and then she found out who he really was. What he was really capable of. It was a better nickname that glasses guy, anyway…

J1tt3rBug13: We're still together, and I still want to be with him. But there's another guy who I've been spending time with that— well nothing's going to come of that. He's taken and so am I.

RobinVI6: I'm still worried about you and that Bad Boy. how does he treat you? And this other guy, well, yeah, you should respect other people's relationships, but it doesn't hurt to have friends.
RobinVI6: I'm sometimes confused about my friends lately, people make me doubt, then I can't stop thinking…

J1tt3rBug13: He's been treating me fine since we got back together. He's going through some pretty fucked up things, same as me. You don't need to be worried.
J1tt3rBug13: I'm just worried that I'll want the friendship to be more than that, you know?

RobinVI6: If there's anything I know, it's definitely that. But I've never had a girlfriend, so I can't relate to wanting to be with someone when I already have someone.
RobinVI6: I've learned a lot here though, how to focus how to approach a situation. I think that things are gonna get better when I get home, and even if they aren't better, I'll know how to face them.

J1tt3rBug13: Yeah, I remember you mentioning that.
J1tt3rBug13: I'm glad you're leaning a lot. I've been getting some lessons too. Not the same kind, but— fuck, I think my time is almost up. :/
J1tt3rBug13: I have a new gmail account. I'll drop you a email so you can let me know how the trip goes and send me more pictures.

RobinVI6: I'm glad you're learning. And alright it's late so I'm getting tired, but it was nice talking to you again. I'll send lots of pictures! Good night, Gillian.

J1tt3rBug13: It's the middle of the morning… Time zones are weird.
J1tt3rBug13: It was good to see you again. Enjoy your stay.

*** "J1tt3rBug13" has signed off.

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