Rock And Roll Band


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Scene Title Rock And Roll Band
Synopsis Magnes, out seeing if anyone needs help in the snow, comes across Quinn as she makes an attempt to get herself back home. Band discussion is had.
Date May 23, 2010

Outside St. Luke's Hospital

After moving some books and DVDs from his place to the Lighthouse, then reading to and feeding the children, Magnes has gone out into the world again. He doesn't have any particular obligation right now, he's just doing what he did at the beginning of the blizzard; look for people to help. He stops at St. Luke's, standing couched on top of the roof as he peers down, wearing all white winter clothing with mirror goggles and a long red scarf covering the rest of his face. He's looking over this little area of the city, observing, and spreading his wings again.

Sometimes, just when things were looking up again, something happens to drag you back down just the littlest bit. In the case of Quinn, this was an almost literal occurrence of the saying she’d heard many times before from her father. It was still incredibly cold, and she wasn’t exactly dressed for it, but damnit the sun was out and for the first time in over a week she was able to venture outside into the snow and maybe a bit closer to home, even if there wasn’t power yet she missed home.

So imagine her luck when not even a bit a away from her hospital prison (or so she saw it as), she managed to take just the wrong step into just the wrong snow drift. It wasn’t fun, being nearly up to her thigh in snow, her hood fallen back and guitar case flat in the snow next to her as she tried to pull herself out without losing her shoe. Figures, right?

That's just the kind of thing Magnes flies around looking for in this weather. He jumps when he notices the tiny figure below having trouble, then calls out, "Close your eyes!" before he lands in front of her and reaches out for both her arm and the guitar, then blows the snow in a wide circle so they're standing on a flat surface of snow.

Quinn furrows her brow as she hears the voice, a curious expression on her face. She doesn’t really hesitate to comply with the request, though, when you’re stuck in snow and someone’s telling you to close your eyes, chances are there’s a good reason, she just had to hope it wasn’t some fire evo about to try and burn her out of the snow or something, cause she had a feeling that might not turn out so well.

As the surface seems to even out and she finds herself standing on a flat surface again, she immediately begins to wonder if that’s, in fact, what had happened. Hands up over her face, protecting it from the cold and covering her eyes, a few beats pass before she finally speaks. “Well, if that it then? Or do I need to stand here with me eyes closed all afty?”

"Don't worry, ma'am, you're safe now. And you can open your eyes." Magnes says in a polite superhero-like tone. He can't help it, between the goggles and the scarf, he's basically wearing a mask. He hands over the guitar, then tilts his head. "You play guitar? You play anything else? Oh, my name, I'm Magnes J… er, Magnes Varlane."

And so Quinn does open her eyes, shivering all the while. Seeing the person who had helped her – and more importantly, hearing his tone, she can’t help but quirk an eyebrow an amused expression on her face. “Ah, then. Thanks a whole bunch, Magnes. Guess th’ nurse was right, I am daft to be tryin’ to go out in this so soon,” she responds with a bemused tone to her voice, eyes moving down to her instrument case, then back up to the snow goggles. “Aye, I play guitar, among a few other things. Not that it matters at the minute, since all m’things are at my flat,” she responds with a somewhat forced music, though only because of the cold. “Makes me wish I’d brough my keyboard with me too.” As she speaks, she makes a sidelong glance at the buildings around her. Her jacket was so not cutting it right now.

"I play piano on my keyboard, but I haven't learned to use all the crazy settings. And I play a bit of bass. I'm in a band, it's just two of us right now, but we've got gigs when this snow ends." Magnes slides his gloved hands into his pockets, trying to conserve as much heat as possible. "We're still trying to fill the gaps we're missing. My bandmate plays the guitar. We both do some vocals."

Quinn’s eyes light up at the mention of both a fellow musician and a band lacking in members, one hand reaching up to scratch the back of her neck as the other wraps itself around her, trying to trap in as much warmth as possible. “Is that so?” she inquires with a smirk. “Well, I fancy myself quite the musician, ya know. If you need another guitarist, violinist, pianist, or syth, I’d be more than happy to help.” Awkward way to get her resume out there, but, you know whatever works, works. “Of course, assumin’ my fingers don’t freeze off in this sodding snow.”

"Violinist? And what exactly does a, uh, syther do? I should probably point out that I'm not exactly the band leader. But a violinist would really compliment some of the classical elements we'll have in our rock." Magnes starts walking toward St. Luke's entrance, mostly to get her out of the cold. Snow continues flattening into an even surface as he walks, so she certainly doesn't have to worry about sinking. "I think we needed a rhythm guitarist too."

The snow flattening doesn’t escape the notice of Quinn, but at the moment she’s much too cold and preoccupied by the talk of music to make much of it. Following after Magnes – whom she notices is going back towards St. Luke’s, goddamnit, she increases her pace as best as she can, attempting to remain be—and wait, syth? “Syther?” she repeats outloud. “Synth! Programmin’. You know, all the electronic stuff that some people get all in a tizzy about,” she remarks with a growing smile on her face. “Sounds like you need a bunch’a stuff. Mayhaps I could work in an audition sometime?” Slick. Maybe getting stuck in the snow wasn’t such bad luck after all.

"Sure, you can audition. Do you know where the Rock Cellar is? I know the owner, we might be able to use that for the audition." Magnes pulls a piece of paper from his pocket, writing his number on it and holding it out to her. "That's my number, in case the phones come back up. I'll meet you here tomorrow and maybe I can fly you to get your equipment after I talk to the owner?"

“The Rock Cellar? Yeah, I know where that is.” At the mention of auditioning tomorrow, though, Quinn is forced to frown for the first time in the conversation, even as she takes the piece of paper. “Um… Well, I dunno about that. I need to check on instruments, DJ equipment in storage, call my mum in Boston… a lot of stuff to do as soon as I can get out of ‘ere. And oh god, my poor scooter much be all rusted to hell and back, I never thought about that.” Quinn shakes her head, sighing. Damnit, that would be just a wonderful thing to have to sink money into, wouldn’t it? “I gotta buncha stuff I gotta spend as soon as I can in order, but…” A thoughtful expression crosses her face, and then lights up. “What about next weekend, assumin’ everything’s all fixed up?”

…and wait, did he say fly?

He did fall from the sky, though that might be the last thing most people suspect happened. Magnes simply nods and stops just outside the hospital doors, beginning to back up now. "Next weekend's fine, just be at the Rock Cellar and I'll see you there?"

Quinn eyes the doors reluctantly, and then looks back at Magnes with a wry grin. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." She turns to the door, and then stops, looking back. "Thanks again f'r the help, by the by. If you any help cause'a the power outage, let me know, and I'll see what I can do." The grin becomes a bit more devious at that, the doors opening and Quinn disappearing inside.

Power outage help? Magnes will definitely have to look into that sometime, but for now he has people to potentially save, so he crouches and leaps into the air, possibly the entire building in a single bound, who knows.

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