Rockwell To Step Down

Associated Press
July 2, 2010

Just hours after the attack on the Pentagon and the death of DHS Secretary Everett Hicks, the Department of Homeland Security's Deputy Secretary Nathanial Rockwell has resigned from his position effective immediately. A public explanation for this move has not yet been stated, but confidence in Rockwell's capabilities within the DHS has been under question since rumors of funding misappropriations and ineffective policy enforcement were raised in 2009.

It is expected for now interim-secretary Matthew Parkman to be officially appointed the seat of Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security as soon as Monday. Parkman's relationship with the Petrelli administration has always been strong and his reputation within the Department since 2007 has been exemplary.

Department of Homeland Security CDC Liaison Howard Lemay is expected to take Rockwell's former position as Deputy Secretary, while Domestic Terror Task Force coordinator Jason Pierce is expected to be appointed parkman's former position as Operations Director.

This upheaval within the structure of the Department of Homeland Security is likely the first of political fallout following the deaths of General Sebastian Curtis Autumn and Everttt Hicks.

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