Rocky Horror Karaoke


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Scene Title Rocky Horror Karaoke
Synopsis Once again Tartarus hosts karaoke night, this time with a theme.
Date October 21, 2010


Tartarus is once again decorated for the season. Or at least for the evening. Fake spiderwebs are draped here and there, some with plastic spiders in them, and there are 'stone' statues on the stage and by the bar, dressed up with pasties or fishnets. And, of course, the staff are all dressed up as their favorite characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show, only adding to the interesting atmosphere in the club tonight.

The karaoke machine is once again on stage, this time with a fog machine that sends misty clouds rolling over the stage and drifting down onto the dance floor. Though there are a few generic Halloween costumes, and a few generic Halloween songs are performed, for the most part Rocky Horror dominates the club.

Melissa is dressed up as well, though luckily, it doesn't seem like she's going to sing. Probably better for business. She's sporting a Magenta costume, as the character is at the beginning of the movie. Maid's outfit, fishnets, dark makeup and crazy red hair. And as she hangs out by the bar, as usual, she's grinning while watching an innocent Brad and slip-clad Janet sing Dammit Janet.

Cradling a redheaded slut and perched on a stool none too far from Melissa, Ygraine has probably come as Columbia - though her figure is much fuller and her own red hair (bound into a waist-length braid) is far longer than that of Frank's would-be lover. She is, however, sporting the floor-show segment's costume of fishnet stockings, corset, high heels, mismatched over-the-elbow gauntlets, and a huge feather boa. On the bare upper portion of her back, the top of an impossibly-detailed tattoo can be seen, the head of a stylised white dragon facing that of a red companion.

Apparently quite comfortable with the display, the Briton is watching the goings-on on the stage with an expression of mildly perplexed curiosity, head cocked as she listens to the music.

There was a little bit of a debate for Harmony to decide who she was going to go as. There were a few characters that she had to choose from. It ultimately came down to hair, and which would be the lest intrusive. Two characters had curly hair, and one was generally more popular than the next. She decided on coming as Janet, and her outfit is simple but pretty accurate. She wears the pink skirt outfit, with the shirt unbuttoned to show the white bra underneath. Her curly blond hair containing a few barrettes to give her the initial sweet girl look that Janet had. She also wears that ungodly white hat on the top of her head, sorta mixing the changes that the character had gone through.

The perfect little blend of naughty and nice, Harmony moves across the floor to the bar, placing in an order for a drink, and leaning forward onto the bar, tossing a grin and a wave to someone she recognizes.

Kendall picked one character to come as, and despite Raquelle's reaction, kept insisting on it and being stubborn. Therefore, he's here as Eddie. Wearing a wig that's styled exactly, including those ridiculous bangs, and wearing the biker outfit that's exact to the last detail, he even has the saxophone slung around his back. As a final touch, he brought in a cardboard cutout of the motorcycle. If anyone wants pictures, he'll pose 'sitting' on the cardboard cutout. Of course, in the dim lighting people might mistake it for a real motorcycle, no doubt influenced by an illusion or two…

Normally its hard for a teenager to get into a place like Tartarus. The ID check, the X-covered bracelet if they are between 18-21, all that scrutiny! Brand breezes past it, waltzing right by the ID check, nabbing an over 21 bracelet on the way. He puts it around his wrist as he steps past all the checkpoints, and into the club proper. Only after he has pasted all the heavy scrutiny and secured his bracelet does he let his Ability reveal his presence. Of course, inside and with a bracelet, who would suspect he doesn't belong?

He steps out toward the bar, to order something, ready to attract attention. The young athlete has come as Rocky, and its a fitting role. After all, he's blond(thanks to a bleach job), bronzed, and buff! The ripped young athlete is dressed in gold-painted canvas shoes and a sparkly gold pair of short shorts, no worse than a wrestling singlet to be honest. His bull-broad shoulders sparkle with a hint of gold body glitter, as does the rest of his sculpted frame as he leans over the bar, peering at all the booze and drinky things available!

Quinn has decided to come tonight not dressed as a Rocky Horror character (not wanting to copy Melissa, and also not being terribly familiar with the source material), but is isnstead dressed rather similarly to Ygraine, though she doesn't at the moment sit beside her companion. INstead, she stands out in the middle of the dance floor, eyes focused on the stage. She had missed the last karaoke due to… well, not even being in the proper year, so she wasn't about to miss tonight!

Of course, with attending karaoke comes with the problem of…. what to sing? Lack of familiarity kept her from doing much with Rocky Horror, but perhaps she could come up with something Halloween-y to sing. And hey, if nothing else, there's plenty of stuff she could sing. She just might have to grab instrumentals herself instead of relying on what they have on file….

Shaking her head at the zoned-out Irishwoman, Ygraine chuckles from afar at her as she takes a sip from her drink. Harmony is spared a lingering glance as the costume is identified, then - with a polite nod to Melissa - the Briton slips off her stool and stalks out onto the dance floor. A minor application of her ability anchors her securely in her otherwise rather precarious high heels, letting her jauntily swing her hips in time to the music.

"Earth calling Robyn, Earth calling Robyn", she directs to Quinn as she nears the woman, before lightly resting one gloved hand upon the off-duty DJ's shoulder. "You look thoroughly lost to the world, love. Is something wrong? Or are you merely composing your next masterpiece of artistic expression?"

"Oh god he brought a cutout motorcycle," Melissa says as she stares at Kendall as he wanders into the club. "At least it isn't a real one." There's a long pause, and she mutters, "Yet." She shakes her head and glances around, hoping for someone to distract her from Kendall's antics. Because she's absolutely sure there will be antics! "Someone go sing the time warp or I'll do it and scare everyone away!" she calls out to no one in particular. Hopefully it'll be taken up and she'll be properly distracted.

You know the suspenders? Yes…he's wearing them. You know the tight leather pants that lace up the sides? Yes, he's wearing them. Suspenders are black and red and glittery, one hanging off his shoulder and the other worn. He wears his silver nipple rings, his tattoos exposed. The pants are black as well, except for red is laced up the sides, leaving peeks of skin. Nice pair of boots. Raquelle at least makes a fashion statement no matter where he goes, a red leather wrist band around one wrist matches the red streak in his emo fringe. He rests a hand on his hip and carefully heads towards the bar, looking at people looking thoughtful and curious as can be before he raises his voice. "IF ANY OF YA'LL ROCKY SLUTTY BITCHES WORK FOR ME AND I CATCH YOU DRINKIN' YOU'RE DOING MRS WEXBURG'S BIKINI WAX! Damn bikini line looks like a rainforest…"

Kendall flinches when Raquelle yells that out, then catches sight of his coworker. "HE MEANS YOU, BRAND." he calls over, one hand cupping around his mouth in a makeshift megaphone. Everyone look at the guy who is younger than Kendall! Yeah, that guy. Then he catches Melissa's look and smiles innocently at her. HI MELS. He's behaving, honest!

"Huh? Oh, no!" Quinn remarks, turning to face Ygarine, fumbling for nonexistant pockets to put her hands into. "Wondeirn' what I'm going t' sing, mostly." A shrug is given as Quinn slips the drink out of Ygraine's hands, taking a gulp of it. "Any ideas? A duet might be absolutely hilarious, an' you know it."

Seems Harmony has gotten over most of her agoraphobic fear of having a panic attack and bathing a large crowd of people with enough gamma rays to make any children they have be born with two heads and extra equipment.. down there.. She is out an about again, without thinking of an accident possibly occurring, and she is even in theme. It's karaoke night, so you know she is going to sing. And what better song than the one her character is best know for? Upon receiving a beer, the blond girl meanders over, passing some of the patrons and returning the look she receives from Ygraine with a smile. She takes a moment to look over the book and then place her song choice in, wetting her lips and smirking to the KJ. After which, Harmony outright removes the little jacket off of her torso, which leaves her in her bra. Perhaps the night will have her in less than THAT soon too.

Ygraine grins and shakes her head at the succession of shouts, only to have her attention jerked back to Quinn. Blinking at her in shock, she lifts her brows. "A duet? Good grief. I'm not at all sure I know anywhere near enough of the words. I suppose that we could fill Mel's request, perhaps?", she suggests, head turning to follow the now-jacketless Harmony for a moment. "If we're singing, perhaps we can get out of having to the dance - demand that the people down on the floor do…."

"Raquelle!" Melissa brightens and pushes away from the bar to head towards the stylist, shooting a look at Kendall. "I catch you drinking…here…and I'll do worse than make you wax a wookie." But then she's grinning and offering a hug to Raquelle. "Hey hon. I was hopin' if you showed you'd come as Frank."

Brand doesn't react well to being singled out and yelled at. He grits his teeth, and tries for once to control his Ability. He succeeds, somehow, with barely a spike. He turns, to glare daggers at Kendall! EVIL DAGGERS! He abandons the bar, circling around to approach his co-worked from the side. Flanking attack, go!

Kendall notices Brand heading his way looking not-happy, and quickly moves away, closer to Melissa, and coincidentally Raquelle as well. No, he's not seeking their protection, of course not. He's a man, after all. He gets distracted, however, by a sight of someone wearing just her bra! He gapes at her a little, then blushes and looks away. Eek. Yeah, he's not playing the character, he's just dressing up as him! No way could he act like the guy.

The yelling comes from someone Harmony doesn't recognize, yet given the nature of it, and the volume, it is enough to catch her attention. She pauses for a second, inspecting Raquelle from where she resides, giving her bear a sip and hanging back for a second. She makes a face and then looks at the bottle funny, as if to say 'Ew. Is this for real?' She apparently isn't happy with her choice of brews. But she'll have to make do with what she has… Or will she? Hmm.. Harmony brings her bright blue eyes up and starts to scan the room in preparation to play Who-Can-I-Flirt-With-to-Get-A-Free-Drink? Phase one involves picking a target. Boy? Girl? The decision also leads her into possibly playing the spin-off game of Where-Will-the-Night-Go?

She flits about for possible prospects, taking in who's hot, who looks the most drunk, and who is sorta standing alone by themselves? She catches Kendall's look and a blush and files him under possibly, but either A) too young or B) too easy. He blushed! There was the girl that was looking at her a second ago, or the other few people too. Oh, she's watching her again! Put her under possibility. Hmm.. Okay.. scanning, scanning.. Oh! That—that person there looks familiar. The boy with the broad shoulders. Sure his hair is a bit different but.. Ah! Yeah she remembers him! The monkey boy! With a smirk, Harmony sets her beer down on the bar and makes her way toward Brand from behind.

Kendall's moving closer rather than running off to cause trouble? It has Melissa arching a brow and glancing around. "What's up?" she asks, searching for any possible threat. "And you need to sing. Sing Hot Patootie or something. And please for the love of god, no motorcycles that look real!"

"I don't really know Time Warp," Quinn laments, looking back at Ygraine. "If you can convince Melissa t' get up there with us, though, I might be game." Quinn grins as she looks at Ygraine, and then down past her, back to the bar. "Melissa!" Quinn yells, slowly beginning to make her way over. “You shouldn't've said anythin' sbout singing~"

Ygraine slips an arm around Quinn's corseted waist, playfully rubbing her bare hip against the slightly shorter woman's as they approach Melissa. "I've not heard you mention her as one of your seemingly-infinite supply of musical acquaintances. Does she sing?"

Brand completes his flanking maneuver, blending in with a gaggle of Rockies. Some of which should not be in gold shorts. He gets all Cryptic for the last few steps up to Kendall, and steps from seemingly nowhere. He's a gold shorts ninja. "Kendall. Why do you have to be like that. We work together. Can't we just get along?" He drops a hand on the other teen's shoulder, to grip and form a physical connection for additional sympathy.

Kendall frowns at Melissa. "Aww." he can't make the motorcycle real? "I don't think I know all the words." he confesses to her. "I brought a sax though!" does he even know how to play a saxophone? Probably not. As Brand grips his shoulder, however, Kendall whirls around, the saxophone aimed right at Brand's face. Oooooops. Totally not on purpose!

"Why not?" Melissa calls back to Quinn before looking at Kendall. "That's the point of karaoke. It has the screen with the words on it. You don't have to know 'em! But fair enough. Tell me you learned how to do the Time Warp though. I will get a big group doing it before the night is over, I swear it."

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my favorite monkey attracting jock boy. I saw your groping monkey friend the other day again. I think she's a little pissy because you didn't call." Harmony raises her brows at Brand as she comes up to him. She is of course teasing him, and she doesn't reach out to lean on his like she initially intended to do. The blond girl chuckles lightly, "How've you been? Niiiice shorts. Gold is defiantly your color. Who's your friend?" she asks, indicating Kendall.

Brand is fast. His other hand comes up, arresting the saxophone in mid-swing. Complete with glittery bicep effect. He pushes the sax out of the way and aside, the hand holding Kendall's shoulder tightening its grip. He turns, to face toward Harmony. "Thanks. Its no worse than my wrestling singlet." He tugs on the other teenager, and gives him an emphatic shake. "This is my co-worker, Kendall. He's also a brat. Watch out."

Eyes narrow as Melissa gets a look at the hand on Kendall's shoulder. "Careful there, boy. That's my brother." She nods to Kendall then. "I meant the dance. C'mon. We need people to dance the dance while I get forced to sing the song." Pause. "I won't be upset if you cover your ears," she tells him with a grin before she starts towards the stage. "Time Warp time!" she calls out, lifting a hand in the air and waving for any interested parties to follow.

Ygraine briefly eyes the trio by Melissa, then attempts to shut out the mutual accusations of brattishness. Offering the owner a grin, she shrugs slightly, one arm still around Quinn. "C'mon. Join us in our embarrassment. It's time to show off your vocal talents", she encourages, then starts to usher Quinn after Melissa towards the stage.

Harmony watches the small scene unfold before her, involving a sax that almost ends up in Brand's grill, if not for some fancy work on his part. That was a close one. And then it is something Kendall says that causes her brows to hike up with a bit of surprise, "Wait, what? You're how old? " She regards Brand with a scrutinizing eye. "You're under age? Like.. how old under age? Like.. statutory rape under age?" she brings two fingers up to press and rub the bridge of her nose while she half smirks in disbelief. "Well. So much for getting you to buy me a drink.." she shakes her head, and looks to Kendall, "How old are you?"

“Oh lord, the dance too?" Quinn says, shaking her head. "I am going t' break these shoes an' then I'm going t' break my arse, I'm just sure of it." Still, Quinn laughs as she follows after Melissa, tugging at Ygraine's hand. "I can't sing too loud. I'll steal the show, an' this? This is going t' be Melissa's show!" Shooting a look back up to Melissa, Quinn waits to see what her boss has to say about that.

Brand frowns at Kendall as he lets him go. "Maturity isn't age, its how you act, jerk." He lets Kendall withdraw, and save face. He smirks, slightly, at the gold glitter left all over the jacket. He hrrffs, and crosses his arms in frustration at the other teen, and Melissa. "Then maybe you oughta make him behave." He blinks at Harmony, a bit goggled at the question.

The youth looks right, then left. Finally up. Then back at Harmony. "Not very under age. Kendall was just being a jerkwad."

"As old as I need to be." Kendall replies to Harmony, and for just a -split- second he does look older, and… quite a bit like Meat Loaf. Just a split second though, which was clearly a trick of the eye and due to the lighting. "The dance? I guess. I mean, even if I don't, I can still watch and fake it. It didn't seem too complicated when I watched it in the tape."

"Yep. Dance too. You can't sing it without dancing it!" Melissa declares as she climbs up on stage. Kendall's comment has her laughing. "It's simple. It's just a jump to the left!" she calls over her shoulder at him as she moves to the karaoke machine to dial up Time Warp, waving for her partners to join her.

Ygraine swallows nervously as she nears the stage, but hangs tightly onto Quinn, helping the off-duty DJ up before following her. "This can't be any more painful or embarassing than crashing on live TV, can it?", she asks, sounding half-way serious in her concern.

"Not very?" Harmony arches a brow, "Is that the same thing as.. I'm not married, I'm in the middle of a divorce? Or is it more, I wasn't cheating, she was kissing me?" Harmony gives analogies, "These.. are things you're familiar with, right?" the girl bounces her finger back and forth in the air towards Brand, "I mean.. You're at least old enough to be familiar with girls? No explanation or instruction needed on my part? You know what these are, right?" Harmony points to 'the girls'. She smirks at her teasing, "I'm just playing with you, Brand. You're cute.. Just.. I'm a little surprised you're a cute kid." the girl gives her shoulders a lift in a shrug.

She arches a brow at her momentary slip of the eye from Kendall. She writes it off as.. 'Hm.. Maybe someone slipped something into that beer.' Upon thinking this, she peeks back over to where she set it, "Damn.. I shouldn't have discarded that.." the girl frowns, and then sighs, "Anyway.. boys. You're coming up on stage with me, right?"

"Depends on if you find a way t' crash off teh stage or not. I think we should stay towards the back, just t' be safe." Quinn grins as she helps Ygraine up, moving back away from the front of the stage. "Besides, it's not like you have a TV crowd watchin'! It'll be fine."

"Okay girls, prepare to sing and do the Time Warp!" Melissa says with a grin at Ygraine and Quinn as the music starts and she begins to…sorta sing. Quietly. She really doesn't want to scare people away with her horrible singing. And, of course, she's all too happy to jump in with the dancing. "It's just a jump, to the left!"

Brand gives that slow, stupid jock smile. The cute one, designed to distract from the fact that he's smarter than that. He looks down at the well-filled bra, and nods a few times. "I know how to handle girls, Harmony. No complaints." He steps forward a little, posturing slightly. Chest out and muscles flexed and all. "Ya, I'm coming up on stage with you."

Kendall rolls his eyes. "It'd definitely be statutory rape if you took him home with you." he informs Harmony. "Don't be fooled, he's barely old enough to get a job." so says Kendall, a full year older. He'll join the dancing too.

Brand grumbles. "Its only a problem if you get *caught*."

Perhaps fortunately, Ygraine is rather more confident with her singing than she is with the Time Warp dance itself. Only having seen the film twice in her life, she's not exactly sure of the steps… and an outfit of corset and stockings wasn't worn even by the film actors for this particular number. Pelvic thrusts and forward leans are not quite what the costume was intended for…. But the song's enthusiastically over-the-top nature provides an opportunity to cut loose in a different way. Between frequent bouts of laughter, her voice is actually quite good - a rich alto rather better than most heard at karaoke nights, though she can't compete too well with the professional quality of the other fake redhead beside her.

Harmony makes a nasal laugh that almost seems like a snort. It's a snark really, finding Brand's peacockish gestures and Kendall's banter with him rather amusing. She brings her hand up to her face, covering in a half facepalm, "I'm not gonna take him home and sleep with him. Besides, don't you know anything? How many housewives actually get arrested for doing the lawnboy? Only girls narc. Boys brag." she smirks to Kendall, "Annnnd.." she turns to Brand, "Just because you have a hot body and a cute face? Doesn't mean you won't squeal for mommy. Which would /totally/ ruin the experience for me, in my opinion. Anyway.." she holds out a hand for the both of them. "Boys?"

Brand shrugs his shoulders. "Maybe you should think about it." Taking him home that is. Either way, he takes her hand to climb up on stage and do the goofy dance. No shame, right?

It's a good thing Ygraine can sing, since Melissa can't. But then, Melissa knows the dance well enough to compensate. She does, however, give Kendall a look. He'd better do the Time Warp or suffer the consequences! So she jumps and steps, and there's just laughter as she does the pelvic thrust.

Kendall snorts and rolls his eyes at Brand again, also accepting Harmony's hand up. He'll watch others carefully, mimicking their movements. Seems simple enough. "Way to sound desperate, dude." he mutters to Brand. As for singing, well, the words he knows best are the ones people who haven't even seen the movie would know. 'Let's do, the Time Warp, AGAIN!'

With Quinn keeping her own contribution rather quiet and Melissa spending increasing time laughing, Ygraine unexpectedly finds herself in the position of trying to carry the vocal part of the performance. Fortunately, that provides her with a sound excuse to restrict her dancing to efforts that are less likely to result in wardrobe malfunctions, as she focuses upon taking the lead in the singing and keeping the 'karaoke' element of the show going. Still, given the grin on her face and the continued occasional pauses to laugh, she seems to be enjoying the antics of her companions.

It's not long before Quinn's singing to match Ygraine, at least in terms of volume - she's used to singing as loud as she can, and doesn't //particularly want to drown anyone out. The dance, however, has her somewhat stumbling - a precarious situation given her already clumsy nature. Hopefully, she would manage not to turn her worries of dancing into a self fulfilling prophecy.

"Maybe we should just stick to hanging out on Saturday. Teach you to play the guitar? You're gonna be my prop for my song, by the way. I need a Rocky." Harmony comments as she leads the boys over to the line of people dancing. She jumps in with the rest easily enough, moving well enough to blend in.

Brand actually know this whole song and dance number. For some reason or another. "A prop?" He says, between belting out lines and jumping to the left. He tucks his knees in tight and then does the pelvic thrust. To drive you all insane. "Saturday is good. After work."

Melissa only laughs harder when more people hop up on stage to go insaaaaaaane. "Not bad Kendall!" she calls to the not-quite-kid as he mirrors the rest of the dancers. She's so proud. Her little boy is growing up and performing dances from movies. "Where's Columbia, we need our tapdancing Columbia!"

"A prop." Harmony tells Brand with a smirk, giving a rather impressive pelvic thrust, it's insaaaaaane. "But it'll require me touching you, so.. You might have to get over your little fear of me doing that. Last time we met, you were a little defensive." she looks over at Kendall, "It was terrible. I made jokes about being friendly with him, and he got all 'Don't do that'." she does her best to mock Brand's deep voice, "And then I went and poked him in the stomach, and he was all 'Don't do that either'. Not the usual response I get."

"We don't really need one." Kendall tells Melissa. Likely because the part of the movie he saw most recently was 'Hot Patootie' and all that went on in it. It's somewhat embarrassing. "Hah. I guess he's a kid after all." yeah, like Kendall would do anything in a more mature manner.

"I say give it a go, Kendall!" Quinn says happily, grinning as she takes a step- and that's when her ankle rolls, sending her stumbling over into him. And while bumping into him is enough to keep her upright, curses flowing from Quinn's mouth the entire time, she can't look to say the same about Kendall.

"Wah!" Kendall gets knocked back a foot or two, and automatically grabs her tightly to keep from falling over. He blinks at her for a second, then hastily lets go. "Ah… sorry." and then he goes off to disappear into the crowd. Or maybe disappear for real.

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