Roddy Has A Deathwish


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Scene Title Roddy Has a Deathwish
Synopsis While looking for Logan, Tess instead finds Roddy, who helps her plan how to best snare the elusive dad.
Date September 30, 2010


It's shortly after the work day is done, many a man is settling into an evening with Burlesque's buxom and limber ladies. Among those men is one Roderick Sweeney, a regular at this place really… at least til he pisses off his fellow associate and gets banned. So far so good on that front.

His shaggy blonde topped head bounces to whatever dance song is playing, an ever present grin on his face as he watches one red headed beauty swing around the pole and get to know it well, like every other woman that will take her place on stage. A Guinness clutches in his hand, which he takes a swig from, every now and then, though his eyes are not leaving that stage.

Even though he dressed up for the ball, he's back to his normal attire, with his fashionable ripped jeans and a white tee with black ringing the collar and arms, though the later is hidden under the gray suit jacket he wears over the top of it. He looks like he's rather enjoying himself tonight, one leg bouncing along with his head, his own vocals to the song not bad, but mostly blocked out by the blaring of the music.

This is where Roddy can be found tonight.

While most people who walk through the doors of Burlesque are looking for a good time, Tess is looking for two things; a job and a distraction. She comes in slightly out of breath and, like Roderick, is in jeans and a tee-shirt, with her ever present backpack in place, along with black fingerless gloves. And she looks more exhausted than bubbly, which has to be a first.

She talks briefly to the guy manning the door and sighs at whatever the conversation entails. She looks around though, looking for someone, but rather than them, she finds a Roddy. She makes a dismissive gesture to the doorman and strides across the room until she can settle herself at Roddy's table without so much as a hello.

"My dad is a Jerky McJerkface."

In the processes of helping this one particular girl with her college fund, Roderick is a bit distracted while he tucks a five in one of the many strings. "If it ain't the wee Zerek. Le'me guess?" A kiss is given towards the dancer, before he glances at Tess, settling back in his chair heavily, shoulder curling forward a bit as he slumps. "Daddy Kain said he doesn' want ta be your daddy?" His mouth tucks up at one corner, a dark brow lifting to ask if he's right.

"Can't tell me you didn't expect that?" A matter of fact look is given to the girl. "I mean… it's Kain, innit? Hell, look at the people he works with." He flashes her a big grin, brows twitching up in a way that most would consider flirtatious. "You see any of us wantin' to be dad or mums? In fact, the idea of Kainy boy rockin' a wee babe and singin' Rock-a-bye is rather laughable. "

"He tried to give me an envelope full of money and shove me out of the city," Tess says, slumping back and folding her arms over her chest. Girl does a really good pouty face. "Then he started talking about my mom and I had to punch him. But I'm not leaving the city. In fact, I came here to see if John would give me a job." She tips her chin up towards the dancer on stage. "I could dance circles around the girls I've seen here."

"Oh… ouch." There is actually sympathy there from the painter, "Low blow there." He admits, before breaking into a grin. "But you really punched the bloke? I'd even say he deserved it." Roderick looks rather impressed before turning his eyes back to the stage.

"Whoa… wait." As one is twirling tassels, Roderick realizes what she means by that last. "You're honestly going to get up on that stage and strut yourself around?" There is a touch of amusement, but the shaggy headed Brit, tilts his head to look her over. His brows flicker up at a thought, before he looks at the stage, another swig of his drink taken. "You'd probably do well up there."

The question about her punching Kain has Tess nodding. "I did. He talked about her like she was a whore. I should've kicked him in the balls instead. He doesn't need 'em since he doesn't even want the one kid he does have. And I don't even come with three am feedings!"

She looks to him and shrugs. "Wouldn't be the first time I got on stage. Besides, it was good enough for my mom, so it's good enough for me. And I love dancing. So why not make money doing it?" She grins. "And I gotta be able to afford a place at the Corinthian anyway. And since he doesn't care what I do or who I do it with, why not?"

"Ya want him to care?" Roderick says, glancing at her out of the corner of his eye. "Get up on that stage when he's around." There is a mischievous tilt of his lips as he speaks. "Let 'im see those blokes droolin' over you." There is a slow nod of his head. "He'll care. I almost guarantee it."

He then suddenly holds up a finger and adds. "Not right away mind ya. Stick around, til he kinda get use to you. Then catch him unaware." Roderick gives a matter of fact nod. Finishing his drink, and giving a quick wave for another, he sits the brown bottle on the table with a click. "I think in this case, lovely, your best friend is time. I mean… obviously he's afraid of likin' you…" He points at her and grins brightly. "Cause he's tryin' to get rid of you."

"Afraid of likin' me? You sure? He was just all don't want a daughter, don't want you, blah, blah, blah. Hell, tried huggin' him and he shoved me away," Tess says, but she looks thoughtful. "Ya think Logan would even hire me though, if he thinks dad would care? I mean, he wouldn't even dance with me at the party 'cause of dad…"

"All talk for the moment, but tha's just my opinion." Roderick gives a shrug of his shoulders, black nailed fingers tap on the table, as he studies her. "I mean… My own dad, doesn't want a thin' to do with me… or tha's what he says. I know he'd take me back in a moment if I wanted to even try." Teeth flash white again, as he says, "But… he is all cop and I'm all thief. Like Oil and water."

Moving to lean on the table, Roderick narrows eyes at his superior's kid. "Honestly, I can't speak for Logan. We might both hail from over the pond, but that don't mean I know in his perfectly primped head of his." Eyes drift down and then he smirk. "You get that audition tho' you let me know. So I can cheer you on" The arrival of a new brown bottle distracts him, taking his time to give the waitress a tip.

That movement of his eyes isn't missed, and Tess grins, nodding. "Sure thing, cutie. Though first I gotta find Logan. Was hopin' he'd be here, but guy at the door said otherwise. Pity. I was lookin' forward to some dancin'. Still, this was good too. I think you might be right. I mean, if he just didn't want me, why'd he offer me cash and not do anything when I decked him?"

"Right." Roderick states firmly. "It's just a waitin' game, Tessy girl." He shakes a finger at her, even though he's watching a new dancers on the stage, Guinness in his other hand. "And I am certain you're tha patient type." Says the painter.

"Just don't take everythin' I says as fact." He points out with a sideways glance to Tess. " I'm not a father, so I can't say I know much about what goes on in their heads, but… I can think of how I'd react." Of course, he can say it with confidence since he hasn't painted anything about kids. His ability would warn him of that —

Okay maybe not.

"All goes well tho' and he'll get be doing tha' daddy thin' and pullin' those guys off his hot li'l daughter." Roderick states that as if it's fact. "And if all else fails… maybe you can make an attempted to get on with the group — as — I dunno… somethin'"

"Not usually," Tess admits with another grin. "I'm all for instant gratification. But in this case? I think I can practice some patience. The hard part will be convincin' Logan to give me a job and then gettin' dad here." She gives him a curious look then. "What group though? God, don't tell me dad's in a boy band. If he is, I'm not sure I want him as a dad!" she states, sounding a bit horrified.

That right there has Roderick laughing, a hand rubbing across his mouth to muffle the sound as he tries to stop. There is a still a few chuckles has he shakes his head. "Now that's a thought, isn't it…" A thumb brushes at the corner of his eye. "Tha's a bloody horrifyin' image I will carry with me for a long time — but no." He grins brightly at the blonde girl. "He's not in a boy band, I don't even know if he can dance all that well. You eva heard of a bloke called Linderman? Your dad works for him… as do I and Nicky."

There another chuckle as Roderick turns eyes to a swinging blonde on the stage. "Just don't go telling your dad I told you that."

"Why would he care if I knew you worked for Linderman? And yeah, I've heard of him. Hell, he's got a bill or law or whatever named after him. Is he evolved? That why his name's on it?" Tess asks, sitting up a little straighter and brightening. "I am. Got my little registration card and everything. Empath. And thank god he's not in a boy band. I kinda liked the idea of him bein' gay until I saw Richard, but I don't like the boy band thing. I mean, eww!"

"He didn' tell you yet?" Seems like a good reason from Roderick, arching a brow her way. "Seems a good reason… and Mr. Linderman is evolved, but it's not my place to say what." Blue eyes narrow suspiciously at Tess. "You read emotions?" He asks curiously, "Really?" He doesn't offer up his own status, not something spread around really. "Interestin'" The word sounds almost thoughtful.

"Know what I am?" He leans over with an impish smirk. "A painter." He sounds rather proud of that fact. "I know I don' look like it, but I " He gives a flourish of his hand, the silver rings glittering in the multicolored stage lights. "am an artist." He pronounces it more 'ar-teest'. "More classical then anything. An' more a hobby, then an actual job, tho'. I work as… more something like security for Mr. Linderman."

"Didn't tell me what, about Linderman? Nope. We haven't really done any actual talking," Tess admits. "And that is so cool, you workin' for someone who's evolved. And famous! I so wanna meet someone famous someday. Oooh, no. I'll be famous! And sorry cutie, but artist isn't an ability. It's cool though. If you're any good." She grins impishly. "Are you any good?"

"Oh, lovely, I am very good at what I do." Roderick says with a somewhat cocky attitude, a knowings grin, tilting up a corner of his mouth. "Helps that I love to do it dearly."

Settling back in his chair, a foot hooks on one of the spare chairs and pulls it close. "Linderman buys some of my stuff and often sends some of his associates that want portraits done." First one foot and then the other is propped up on the chair, crossing them at the ankle. Then like a school boy who knows he's done something rather naughty, he adds, "Some of the ladies here pose for me, now and then as well."

As one of the waitress' pass, Roddy, swats playfully at the girls leg, "Isn't tha' right Ginny?" He only gets a slapped shoulder and a tittering giggle, as the woman continues her rounds, Roderick watching for the briefest moment. "It's what I do… and wish I did professionally, but — I like my lifestyle." His attention shifting back to Tess. "Can't do that with oil paints and canvas."

"You'll have to show me a couple of your paintings sometime. I can't draw or do anything artistic worth a damn myself, unless you could performin' arts. Now those I'm good at. Singin' and dancin'. Took classes even, mostly 'cause they were fun and I got to show up the other chicks in the class," Tess says with an impish grin of her own.

"But job wise? I mostly just pick up whatever seems interestin'. In New Orleans I did a hell of a lot of things. Tour guide, mostly through the cities of the dead, dancin' on the side walk, psychic readings…Stuff like that. Worked in a voodoo shop for a while too. Now that was interestin'. You wouldn't believe some of the things people come in askin' for. And I'm not just talkin' 'bout the voodoo doll crap either."

Brows tick up as she talks, that's right Roderick is listening. "Voodoo shop? Tha's gotta be interestin', yeah." Brows furrow at the thought, amusement painting his features, before he brightens a little. "I'm not much for the performin' arts, I mean… I can act a li'l and I can sing alright, tho.

"As for seein' my paintin's. Anytime, chicky, I live in the same buildin' in your good ol' daddy." The blonde pre-cog gives her a smug little smirk. "I've got plenty of paintin' around my flat." Except for those prophetic one tuck away in his special room, but he won't even mention that. "So don' be afraid to come on by…" Kain might not like hearing that coming from one of his goons.

"What buildin's that? No one's told me that," Tess points out with a grin. "But gimme your address and I'll run over sometime. I like excuses to see more of the city. And to run through it. But then, that's the best way to learn the city. And if you act'n sing you're into the performin' arts, cutie. Oooh! I know, we should go find a karaoke bar!"

Straightening, Roderick reaches into an inner pocket, while his other hand draws one of the little napkins for the businesses close. "Let me do that for you right now." There is a mischievous air about him as he starts to write. The address for Dorchester Towers is written on the napkin along with his apartment number and even his cell number.

With a crooked grin he pushes the napkin across to the other blonde at the table. "Shouldn' be too hard ta find… or where your dad is." That statement is followed by a wink, Roderick has just given her a way to find her father's home.

The napkin is taken, looked at, then shoved into a pocket of Tess's backpack. Before it's closed up she pulls out a camera, grinning at him. "Not afraid he'll get ticked you told me where he lives?" she asks before lifting the camera and snapping a picture of him. "Everyone else seems afraid of what he'll do, anyway."

Grinning like a fiend, Roderick shrugs. "Not my fault his last name is right down there for everyone ta see." There is a little… waggle of his brows. "And I jus' happened to invite ya over ta see my paintin's" He gives a dismissive flick of his hand, "Not worried."

With a huffed chuckle he adds, before taking a deep drink from his bottle, "If he ain't killed me yet, I don't think he will." Kain knows what happens if Roderick suddenly stops living and breathing… or even goes missing. Gives one a slightly immortal feeling.

Tess laughs and takes another couple of shots before stowing the camera. "This gonna be like the old 'wanna see my etchings' thing guys used to pull? 'Cause if so, I'd better make sure I change out of my superman undies and into something pretty and girly. Which is a shame 'cause I liked my superman undies."

Brows lift high on his head. "Wear whatever you want, lovely, I'm sure you'll look good in it either way." Roderick says with a chuckle, giving her another look over, his bottle poised at his lips. It lowers a bit, in thought, but the smirks. "Don't worry tho', I'm seriously talkin' about showin' you my paintin's." He then finally takes a drink form the brown bottle.

"No innuendos… not unless I'm askin' you to pose nekkid for somethin'" Roddy's brows tick up in a 'you know what I mean' sort of way.

Laughing, Tess nods. "I'll keep that in mind. Though for the record, I don't mind a little innuendo every now and then. You do that often though? Askin' someone to pose nude for ya?" she asks, reaching to try to steal his bottle and take a drink of it herself.

Bottle is easily snatched from his reach, when it's set down, her move getting an amused smirk. "Often enough, tho' I do take advantage o' draw." Roddy feels the need to explain, "If it goes from there… it goes from there." He's so nonchalant about it, like it's no big deal.

Those blue eyes study her, like an artist studies a potential subject, black nails scratch against the scruff of his jaw. "That… yeah, that your dad might wring my neck for." But instead of being afraid he breaks into a grin.

Rolling her eyes, Tess takes another drink before offering the bottle back. "No he wouldn't. He told me he doesn't care who I fuck. Which is good for me, since there are a lot of cuties around here. Besides, like I told someone else…who says he has to find out?" She offers him a grin before she shrugs. "Anyway. I should get goin'. Look at some other job possibilities'n stuff before I come back here'n hope Logan's 'round."

Fingers wrap around the bottle and Roderick nods slowly, as he draws it back "This is very true…" Matching her grin with an bemused smirk of his own. " Well, Tessy girl, you have my number and the address to my flat, I'm around if ya need a friendly ear… or…" He lets that trail off, just giving her a knowing little smirk.

"Either way, come on by sometime and see my paintin's at least." Roderick settles back with a swig from his bottle, eyes going back to the stage. "Sure I'll be seein' you around and like I said, you might see if there is any jobs with Linderman Group. Get you closer wit' daddy."

"That I do. And if you get bored or need anything, I'm at the Speakeasy," Tess says, grinning and giving her room number. "I'll definitely drop by sometime though. And might check into the Linderman Group thing. Assumin' I wouldn't have to wear a suit anyway. I don't do suits. Just doesn't work for me."

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