Rogue Jurassic Airport


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Scene Title Rogue Jurassic Airport
Synopsis Carrie and Corbin track Grim to JFK Airport. All they find is an illusion, but also some interesting info.
Date August 31, 2009

JFK International Airport

Despite the increased airline security, courtesy first of the bomb and now of potential local terrorists and the Evolved in general, JFK International still sees a great deal of traffic. A massive number of planes move in and out of its airspace, and even more passengers arrive and depart by them. The buildings are immense structures of steel and glass, although more horizontally stretched than most in New York, which tend to the vertical mode. It is full of shops, restaurants, and people — always the people, from security guards to travelers, thronging the halls in search of food, souvenirs, and whichever place it is they're supposed to be.

One of the largest airports in New York, the JFK Airport has a large number of airline terminals. Accessible from the subway, the paths from the Jamaica and Howard Beach stations inevitably converge by the Federal Circle past Lefferts Boulevard. At the Federal Circle, located just past the parking areas, one can check in to rent cars, or get access to the Airport Hotel and Cargo Area, as well as the shuttles that run the loop from Terminals 1 to 8.

Naturally security is a lot tighter (though not infallible), so it is suggested that patrons of the airlines arrive two to three hours before their flight. In the waiting area, there are multiple rows of uncomfortable interconnected seats and several monitors that are turned onto the news stations.

While sitting round a table grumbling over new articles and psych files of a certain paralytic powder flinging evo, a call came in on Carrie's cell phone. They finally had a hit on Grim's location. Gotta love new technology. They had to hurry, his location was JFK International Airport.

The problem with this was…. It's a very large airport.

"Well, shit." Carrie hisses in frustration, as her head turns the pony tail her raven hair is in whips around. The place is packed with people going on vacation, home, or business. "New technology…. hate it sometimes" She motions to Corbin with her head and heads through the crowds. "Freakin' needle in a god damn haystack. I guess we'll hope we happen to run into him." A badge and credentials flashes to the security as hey pass in to the terminals.

If there's one thing Corbin hates, it's flashing his badge. He'd rather wave his press pass around. Wearing sunglasses helps with this, but doesn't offer too much of a cover, really. It makes him glad most his work with the Times is online, yet there's always the chance of someone flying out and recognizing him easily enough. "That sounds like a bad scenerio— but at least there's a lot of people. Only weakness I could find in what he did was sheer amount of people he might have to deal with. It could be our best shot at catching him." There's a pause, before he actually grins over, "That or we're screwed."

Grim might be a needle in a haystack but at least, unlike so many other needles, this one is not moving. In fact he is not just stationary, he is sitting calmly in front of one of the big bay windows of the airport in one of the many, many, many leather chairs. From time to time he glances to one side and then the other, showing the profile of his face to those about but more noticeably those who care. Otherwise he calmly looks down at a copy of Surf Magazine. To either side of him the seats are completely empty, the gate he is sitting by having yet another hour or so before it might become active and begin boarding a flight.

"Come on.. where are you?" A part of Carrie hopes they never find him, but then.. she's not gonna say that aloud. She hurries down the midway, glancing one side or the others scanning the faces looking for that one familiar one. She glances at Corbin and gives him a smirk. "Chances are.. that yes we are screwed. He's powerful. A really good illusionist. Remind me to tell you about the T-rex sometime… or even when I met him." Her tone is a touch flat even if there is a small smile there. Stopping and turning, Carrie looks frustrated. "So many damn people."

"T-Rex— I think I'll pass on that one," Corbin says quietly as he casts eyes around. Sunglasses don't grant the greatest visual clarity, especially inside, but it's enough when someone's sitting still among milling people. Even if glancing down at their magazine. An elbow comes over, nudging the tall agent in the arm. "Illusionist or not, seems he's wearing his real face today." The one that they had in the paper work at least. "You're technically senior here, but this pretty fishy. Want me to approach and you hang back, or go in together?"

Brushing up the sleeve of his trenchcoat and looking at his watch, Grim stirs a little as though he might be getting ready to go somewhere though all he really does is sit a little straighter, continuing to glance from side to side again and then back down at his magazine.

"He even made sure the breath smelled pretty nasty." Carrie says as if trying to hook him on a good story. When she's nudged, Carrie turns to look in the direction indicated. Her brows lift a bit and then narrow. "No. He'll hurt you, me less so. Just stay behind me some." She seems to consider the figure in the chairs. "I.. I dunno. Your right. It's fishy. Why would an illusionist use his own face…" She trails off as she suddenly heads towards the figure tugging her jacket a bit.

Stepping out of the stream of people, Carrie is finally face to face with her partner after months. "Grim." She greets firmly trying to keep any emotions held tight.

"I'll be right behind you. If there's trouble, don't hesitate just cause it's your old partner," Corbin reminds quietly. That's also why he's here— to make sure any hesitation doesn't cost them too much. But against an illusionist? Moving forward, but staying behind Carrie, the curly haired man in sunglasses may be recognizable from the archives. A desk job, but all agents need to stop into the archives every once and a while. It seems Corbin's moved up, recently, though. Or at least he puts his hand down in the general area his gun could be.

Eyebrows shoot up at the sound of his name and Grim thumbs a page in his magazine and then slowly looks up to look at Carrie, a slow smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "Castillo. Of all the people they could send after me, they sent you. Interesting." he says, his eyes shifting back and forth for a minute before he gives a soft shrug. "Sit. Stay awhile. Your friend too. On either side of me if you like." he offers, leaning his head back a little and to the side to get a better look at Corbin. "Good God, man. Do you know who this madwoman took you hunting for? Are you insane?" he asks incredulously, seeming to show some concern for Corbin.

"I asked for your case. I'm to bring you back." Carrie says firmly, her chin tilting up a bit. Her hands move to her hips, brushing her jacket enough so that she can put hand near hear tranq gun, "And I'll stand thanks." She glances behind her to Corbin and sighs, "Where are you?" She asks of Grim, eyes glancing around. "I don't think you'd be this stupid." She eyes move back to the man in the chair. When he talks about her parnter, Carrie narrows her eyes at him, leaning down a bit. "Are you insane? Going Rogue?" She hisses the words viciously. "I thought you were a loyal Company man."

"I'll stay standing too," the poor sap says with a frown that's visible under the sunglasses. Corbin doesn't move any closer, hanging back at a distance, "I read your files. I'm honestly surprised they only sent two of us after you, but maybe all the people will make you hesitate a little," he says, with a shrug of his shoulders. It's not so much that he's brave, for Carrie knows he really is not, but he's hopeful. He doesn't look away at said people, but he does shift his stance a bit. He's not the type to grab for his gun unless needed. An offer to sit down might settle him, but he shifts eyes to Carrie.

"You and me both, research boy. But you're right. There are several factors holding me back. Now…" Grim turns his gaze back to Carrie, having completely ignored her moving her coat aside and leaning down to scold him. "Both of you sit down next to me and make like we are having a calm, polite conversation." There is no 'or else' issued, but the threat still lingers in the air nonetheless. "I promise you that after we talk a little, we will all walk away from this greatly relieved and…" he glances back to Corbin. "You might get that comfy desk job back, my friend. If you want it that is."

Carrie eyes him for a moment and it doesn't look like she's going to obey, but then finally she issues a curt. "Ayers.. Sit," before she herself moves to sit in a chair next to him. "What do you want to talk about?" She sounds rather unhappy with having to submit to his demands. Her arms cross under her chest, legs crossed as she gives him a glare, her expression says she's waiting. "Start talking."
"Though I have puppy dog eyes, I'm not a dog," Corbin specifies, voice rather lighthearted considering the situation. He does move forward and sit down. Even if he insist he's not a dog, he does obey orders it would seem. "Greatly relieved sounds better than attacked with a smelly T-Rex in the middle of an airport."

Grim blinks at Corbin and then chuckles, reaching over slowly to pat Corbin on the chest before he looks over at Carrie, a smile once against coming to tug at his lips. "You told him about the T-Rex? Did you tell him how I had it roaring spit and saliva all over you?" he says as he folds his magazine up and tucks it under one arm sighing out his brief mirth with a shake of his head, obviously glad to be reliving some happier times. "Damn that was fun." he says a little quietly before he nods. "Alright. Time is getting short. The truth is… I went on that little 'sabbatical' I told you about, Castillo, but I stumbled on to something big. A group of Evolved who are going to be going on a field trip very, very soon. I had to go along with the whole thing, agree to do things and mean every word of it because the group has a telepath…" he says, leaving his reasoning to both of their mind's to mull over. "If you take me in now, which you can't anyway, you'll be screwing up all this work.

Glancing at Corbin she gives him an apologetic look for the command, before looking back at Grim. She studies his face carefully, "How do I know your telling the truth?" Her jaw tightens for a moment and then she adds, "I need something to take something to the higher ups, Grim. This isn't enough. Denton's going to want to know what's going on. And what do I tell him?" It's obvious that she's not completely buying it.

A hand rubs against his chest while the sunglassed former archivist frowns, a more serious look showing up despite his attempts at hopefulness. Corbin can't argue that they lack the manpower to take him in on their own unless one of them gets a lucky shot under the table before he can toss up an illusion— if he isn't doing an illusion right this moment. Eyes glance around under the sunglasses, as if checking for someone standing off to the side reading a newspaper who could be keeping up an illusion of himself. "We're going to need a lot more than your word on that. I'm sure you understand."

Grim sighs and shakes his head a bit. "Ye of so little faith. Book Worm here, I can understand," he says, thumbing over his shoulder to Corbin, he then turns his head and shrugs, "no offense," he mentions and then turns back to Carrie, "but /you/, Castillo. I might be a lot of things but never once have I lied to you when you asked me a question. And I would certainly not do anything to endanger you or get you in trouble." he says as he reaches into his coat pocket and takes out to packs of developed photos and tosses them in either of their laps. "Photos of all the known members. And yes, when you walk out of the airport you will still have them with you. - Well… Castillo's photos are real at least." he looks apologetically towards Corbin and then grins slowly. "Did I mention that the leader of the group I infiltrated is Adam Monroe?"

Picking up the photos, Carrie doesn't flip through them, but stares at the top photo. Her head turns and Carrie looks to Corbin. "Need to talk to Denton." She says softly, tapping the pack of photos on her leg. "Okay.. So.. We say your telling the truth, what do you need for this?" She's taking a big risk asking that. "Can you at least tell us where your going?"

Taking up the photos, Corbin shifts one after the other, looking at them like someone might look at tourism photographs. Despite the apologetic look, he nods, and then— eyes narrow. The name must ring a belle. He did work in Archives for some time, and some mentions of that name are among general knowledge. "And do you know what their goal is? From what you mentioned, I'm doubting this is a trip to the Bahamas for some cocktails and bikini girls."

"What do I need? I'll tell you: hands off. I need the Company to forget I exist for a little while longer. The Company stops hunting me while I am on this trip, does not show up and draw suspicion to me, and when I get back, you have my word I will walk myself down to Level 5 at the base and put myself in a cell to await debriefing." Grim agrees and folds his hands in his lap, closing his eyes. "I have been kept in the dark for the most part. I know where I am going but in a few hours you will know where I am anyway. Whatever the purpose, it can't be good. They're definitely not going on a field trip. But that's why I need to stay a little longer and figure this whole mess out." he turns his head to the side as if he listening to something and then slowly begins to stand. "It's time to go. We're starting to pull away from the gate."

"I can't tell them hands off. Denton is going to want to talk to you.. Grim." Carrie surges to her feet suddenly. What the hell else can she say for now…. Her mouth opens and then closes again, but finally she sighs, "We'll talk to Agent Denton. Just…. be careful." She can't hide the sudden worry.

"I don't particularly like this, but unless we caught you by surprise in the middle of a crowded airport, we knew the changes of bagging you were pretty slim," Corbin says quietly, the more serious expression growing. He makes no move to grab for the pictures again. "We'll see what we can do, this isn't the best circumstances to take you down without making a scene. If they send someone after you wherever you go, though, I assure you it won't be because we didn't try to delay them a bit."

Grim cocks his head to the side as Carrie suddenly stands and looks thoughtful at her for a minute before he takes a step back to her, wrapping his arms around her and practically yanks her off her feet in a very theatrical kiss, dipping her low before standing her back and standing her back up, giving a wink. "Here's lookin' at you, kid." he says with a chuckle and then makes his way over to Corbin, wrapping an arm around the man's shoulders and leads hip away from Carrie a few feet. "Now if a hair is harmed on Castillo's chinny-chin-chin while I am gone, I will hold you personally responsible, my man. And I like you. You make me laugh and this is a rare thing. I would hate to kill you. Hate it almost as much as I hate mayonnaise." he gives a shrug and begins to step away from the pair of agents again, about to step in to the crowd. "Oh! I almost forgot. He got out of an animal carrier outside. Think you could find his owner for me?" he asks. 'He', as it turns out, is a tiny little dinosaur that gives a menacing kreeling sound before latching on to Corbin's pantleg and begins to gnaw on the fabric. And of course by the time anyone looks up from the chihuahua-sized dinosaur, Grim is no longer in sight. Within a minute, holes begin to appear in the dinosaur, growing larger and it finally disappears altogether.

The kiss totally takes her by surprise, so Carrie can only go or the ride. When she's on her feet again she glares at the man, but then gives Corbin an embarrassed look. When the dinosaur shows up and latches to Corbin's leg she frowns, "Gri…." She starts to snap at him, when she notices he's gone. "Damn that man," she growls and looks down again as the illusion falls apart. There is a sigh and she reaches out to clap her current partner on the shoulder. "Congratulations.. You just survived your first encounter with my old partner," her tone a touch grim. "That was him being nice, by the way. It's what I had to deal with everyday."

As the kissing happens, Corbin scoots his chair back to stand up and watch, even managing to wince as there's a threat on his life— and then a compliment following it. "Oi, we're just temporary partners— she might end up with someone…" That's what he started to say, til he looks down. There's a sudden jump backwards, a knocking up against the chair. Habit. He knows it's an illusion. Illusions might still be able to bite, for all he knows. "Hey— hey— my pants are not food," he complains quietly as he tries to move back from the strange little creature. When he looks up again, the illusionist is gone. "I see why you needed a partner on this. You didn't tell me the two of you were that kind of close." He looks back down at his legs, "How long does— oh there it goes." Gone. "Hopefully I'll survive the next one…"

Cheeks darken a bit and Carrie looks anywhere then Corbin. "Yeah well…. " She doesn't say anymore as she scoops up the pictures and tucks them away in her jacket. "Come on. Back to base for us. Still have a Sandman to track down." She pulls out her cellphone and starts typing away as she walks. "That man has always has a weird sense of humor. You get use to it." She hits send on the message:

Denton, found only illusion. Have info. Need to talk ASAP. Trust me. We need to talk.

"I'm hungry. You hungry?" She pulls a pair of sunglasses out of her pocket and slips them on. "How about some Mexican food?"

"I think that's the complaints many of my old partners had about me," Corbin says with a grin, reaching down to straighten his pant leg and look for signs of teethmarks. "Yeah, Sandman is so sexist, though, especially since it's a Sandwoman," he jokes as he seems satisfied with the state of his pants, and nods. "Mexican sounds good. Also a fan of Chinese and Japanese, but I'll eat just about anything. It'll be good to not have to flash my badge around anymore."

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