Rollercoasters And Joy


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Scene Title Rollercoasters and Joy
Synopsis Kurt and Odessa finally come up with a new name to match her new life and learn more about each other at the carnival.
Date October 13, 2009

Roosevelt Island Carnival

Every year, the city of Manhattan holds a carnival on Roosevelt Island. In spite of the hardships that New York City has suffered since the last time a celebration graced the island's shore, this year is no different… with one exception. Fifty percent of the revenue generated by ticket sales will go toward funding medical treatment for cancer patients whose conditions are the result of radiation poisoning received in the wake of the 2006 explosion that decimated Midtown and killed thousands upon thousands of the city's citizens.

Bright lights, colourful attractions and a family-friendly atmosphere are designed to make its visitors forget all that. Even before it comes into view, the sounds of a carnival make its presence well-known. The low drone of the crowd, the sounds of mechanical rides and electric buzzers, and of course, the music — most of which is being provided by local artists.

Admission at the front is five dollars, half price for children twelve and under. A short walk through the turnstiles leads inside the event proper where snaking dirt pathways have been tromped flat by thousands of feet and divide games from rides, rides from games, and games and rides from the numerous other attractions that have drawn the city's public here: free concerts, auctions, fortune tellers and an exhibition hall to name a few.

No carnival is complete without a Ferris wheel, and it's accompanied by bumper cars, the tilt-a-whirl, a small rollercoaster, a carousel with painted white ponies, saddled tigers, ornate Chinese teacups, and more. Some rides have a height requirement, but the majority were chosen by the carnival's organizers with the general populace in mind. There's something here for everyone, and for those who aren't interested in throwing their arms in the air or spinning themselves sick, there are games to compliment the other entertainment. Games of chance and games of skill are interspersed evenly throughout the fairgrounds, though the prizes they offer are all very similar and range from goldfish in plastic baggies to cheaply made stuffed animals, some of which are missing eyes or are already beginning to come apart at the seams depending on the quality of the tent. All take tickets rather than cash, easily purchased at a number of specialized booths.

Food is cheap to accommodate a struggling economy; fried cheese curds, corndogs, kettle corn smothered in salt and sugar, funnel cakes, chicken wings, onion blossoms and chilli cheese fries are all on the menu and can be purchased from a variety of vendors at low cost, each with its own specialty. This is, after all, a charity event.

One of the carnival's most popular attractions is the exotic petting zoo with animals on loan from the Bronx Zoo. Enclosed in its own tent to protect its stars from the inclement October weather, it houses over twenty birds, mammals and reptiles from all corners of the world, including emu, porcupines, a python, mute swans, pygmy goats, wallabies, ringtailed lemurs, a pair of fennec foxes and even a Siberian lynx.

Asking her until she agrees Kurt finally got to bring Odessa to the carnival. The noise as she exit the transit system is bright and cheery. Already getting dark, it's still early evening though, the lights of the event make for glorious sight. Smiling to the blonde Kurt is like a kid in a candy shop the second he starts hearing the local musicians playing and the general, overdone songs from the rides, "Love these things." He chimes.

"I've… never been to a carnival before," Odessa confesses to Kurt. "I'm kind of nervous." Tightly, she reaches out to clutch her companion's hand. The crowds of New York have never seemed more daunting. The dizzying spectrum of lights and sounds is almost overwhelming. "What do we do first?"

Kurt clasps her hand and smiles down at her trying to be reassuring, "Ah it's simple I guess, anything you wanna do. You hungry? We could go grab some food first or um…rides. Yep rides." He stammers getting a touch nervous.

"Rides?" With wide eyes, she looks around. There's so much to choose from! And Odessa has no idea where to begin. "Are they driving little cars?" she asks, pointing toward where the bumper cars are set up. "Don't people ever get hurt when they crash like that?"

Kurt chuckles lightly at her concern for the fair goers, "Well they are padded so it absorbs the impact and such." He says trying to explain making hand gestures with his free hand and squeezes hers lightly, "All the rides are safe really, just meant to make you free daring."

The woman nods slowly as Kurt explains. She squeezes his hand a little tighter. "Okay. You pick it. I'll do whatever you think is fun. Compared to me, you're the expert." A handkerchief is tugged out of the pocket of her jeans so the woman can wipe at her nose. A blissfully minor symptom of withdrawal.

Kurt grins at this and hums as he looks around them, "Merry go Round then. We gotta start small and work up from there. Me I'm a big fan of roller coasters and all those but probolly not a good idea yet." Besides girl's like this kind of stuff, Kurt thinks.

Odessa eyes the ride almost suspiciously at first, but then nods. "Okay. We'll start there!" As she walks toward the Merry-Go-Round with Kurt, she's watching the climbing car of the rollercoaster. "I wonder if Ellie…" She trails of and shakes her head, shooting a quick smile back to Kurt. "I'm so glad you talked me into this."

Kurt smiles back to her and says, "Hey hold up little lady." He says jestingly and gently tries to pull her back from the ride, "I've gotta just run and get us tickets first." He smiles and adds, "Wait here." Holding up one finger and walking backwards towards the both then finally turning around after running into a garbage can.

Odessa giggles as she watches Kurt retreat and bump into the rubbish bin. Once he's turned away, however, the apprehension starts to settle in. She follows the curve of the ferris wheel up, up, up into the sky. "Oh, gosh, that's high," she murmurs to herself.

Kurt comes back after grabbing the tickets and gives her a half smile, "It's alright…" His brow furrows as he catches her apprehension, "Just tell me if you wanna go home anytime, I'll walk through walls to get us there faster." He attempts a joke about their meeting Wendy experience.

"Do you really think you can walk through walls?" The doctor asks innocently. Odessa reclaims her grip of the man's hand and she rests her head against his arm gently. "Hey, Kurt?"

Kurt shrugs at this then smiles down at her when she leans against him, obviously enamoured. "I don't know. Haven't seen it yet." He raises an eyebrow and says, "Hum?"

Odessa pivots on the ball of her foot and then stands up on tiptoe, silently cursing herself for being talked into wearing her new sneakers instead of her standard heels. She closes her eyes and presses her lips to his. The kiss is slow and lingering and it leaves her smiling when she finally drops back to her own height. "I think I love you a little bit," she says nonchalantly.

Kurt blinks at this after kissing her back, "Alright…I love you to a little bit…" He grins a big goofy smile and says, "Merry go Round then?" Trying to not be aukward.

Odessa kisses that smile of Kurt's fondly and then tugs him along toward the ride. "Let's go!" The temptation is there to let go of his hand and run on ahead in her excitement, but she clings tightly to him, enjoying the closeness.

Kurt grins and follows her. They make it to the line up of little kids and parents and he chuckles at the sight, "We might be kicked off for being to old." A raises of an eyebrow at the crowd the merry go round attracts and the dark man shakes his head.

"Do you think so?" Odessa asks curiously, glancing about at the people standing in line with them. "Do you think if I start crying, they'll let us ride? I'm going to be very disappointed if I don't get to have a turn."

Kurt bites his lip to stop the laugher from reaching his face and puts both hands up on her shoulders, "Oh I think you could be very convincing but I'd hate to see ya cry dollface." To many old movies. He winks and says, "Back up plan."

Kurt's affection only puts a brighter smile on Odessa's face. "I like it when you call me that," she admits. "Dollface. It reminds me of Casablanca or something."

Kurt nods his head and whispers now, "Okay I know guys aren't suppose to say this but I love that movie. Humphrey Bogart was one of the best dudes out there." He kisses her cheek lightly and takes her hand back before leading her towards the lineup.

Odessa's only more delighted to hear that he has similar taste in movies. "Gender stereotypes are stupid," she announces. "You should be who you are, or who you want to be." Like her, currently attempting to be this woman she wants to be. So far, Brooke's life has been pretty decent, if you don't count all that nasty addiction.

"Which reminds me of something," He says with a quick smile and a kiss to her nose, "I remember we were discussing something about names a while back, you come up with one?" He asks almost eagerly, it's been a few weeks of Brooke now, Kurt is getting use to her oddities.

Odessa shakes her head. "No. I just can't think of one that feels like it should be me, you know? I think you're going to have to help me out. Did you have any ideas?"

Kurt hums and fakes a ponderous look as he wraps an arm over her shoulders, "Well I like Madeleine or Joy…" He says with a half shrugs throwing out Casablanca actress' names, "But it's really up to you."

"Joy," Odessa repeats, trying it out. "I think I like that." She leans into Kurt a bit more. "I'll just have to work out a suitable surname." The line moves forward, and so does she, growing more excited the closer they get to the front. Should be able to get on the next time. "Joy it is."

Kurt ohs and smiles at this, "It's fitting. Joy Page played a woman who was willing to do anything to get out of the situation she was in. Well it was a war." He shrugs and tries the name out himself, "Joy." A smile forms on his lips.

"Feels like it's a war sometimes," Odessa responds almost bittersweetly. "Joy," she repeats. "I like it a lot. Thank you." She leans up for another kiss - or rather three kisses in quick succession.

Kurt obliges and then the line is moving again, "Okay Joy, pony, tiger or bear?" He points out the different animals after the man lets them through with a smile to the 'couple', "Ladies choice."

"Oh, definitely the pony. I'll cross ride a carousel and ride a pony both off my list of things to do before I die," she kids. "I'm probably too big for a real pony." Though Joy braces herself for a joke about her height.

Kurt chuckles at this and asks, "Wait you have a list?" He hums and offers a hand to help her up to the fake pony.

"Doesn't everyone?" Odessa shrugs. "It's not like it's written down or anything. It's all up here." She taps the side of her head. "It's all goal setting." She takes Kurt's hand and climbs up onto the faux pony.

Kurt hums again before offering her a smile, "So any other goals I should know about?" He asks and stays off the pony beside hers, instead choosing to stand since he probolly is to big while 'Joy' is pretty short.

"Uhm, let's see," the woman ponders while the rest of the ride-goers take their places. She wraps her fingers around the pole that runs from the canopy to the floor. "Decorate a Christmas tree…" She's caught off her guard when the right lurches forward momentarily as it begins to go. She laughs at herself for being startled.

Kurt grins and reaches out instictively to catch her just in case as the ride lurches. when everything seems fine he puts his hand in his pockets trying to cover his actions up, "Well only a few months to Christmas if you're around then." He says with a half smile, half worried look.

If you're around then. The smile fades from the woman's face. "I'd like to be," Odessa says seriously. "I mean, if you'll have me." She looks almost worried, trying to cover it up with another hopeful smile.

Kurt realizes he said something wrong and quickly moves to put a hand on her cheek, "Of course I'll keep you." He says trying to cover up the emotions with a joke then adds seriously, "No really wouldn't trade ya for the world B…Joy." He nervously runs a hand through his hair and says sheepish, "Just worried you'll be up and moved out one morning and no one will be on the couch."

And when I feel like I'm falling apart… he holds me in his arms and he murmurs my name… Odessa covers up the fact that she might like to cry (happily) by quickly shutting her eyes and rubbing at them as though she were clearing an errant eyelash or speck of dust. "Kurt Campbell, if all that was left of you was your smile…" She shakes her head. "I promise you, I will never leave you without an explanation." She can't promise to never leave. She knows better than that. The time may come when she has to leave for his own good. But she won't leave him wondering why.

Kurt grins to her and follows her up and down movements on the horse with his chin, "Wouldn't blame you much anyways. That futon has gotta be killing you're back by now." He kisses her when she comes back down the next time and they get a few dirty looks from parents.

"The thought of kicking you out of the bed so I can sleep in it has crossed my mind," Odessa jokes. The dirty looks from the parents don't bother her. But then again, she doesn't understand them. "It's better than sleeping on the floor." Which is to imply that may have been what she was doing before she came to stay with him.

"Well I may have…never mind." Kurt stops himself and just shakes his head with a little chuckle as the ride stops, "Where do now dollface?" He holds out his hand to help her down.

Odessa hums thoughtfully as she steps off the ride hand-in-hand with Kurt. "I'll ride a rollercoaster with you if you promise to hold my hand the whole time." The smile she gives him is genuine, but it doesn't quite hide the trepidation. "I've never ridden one before. They look scary."

Kurt squeezes her hand and shakes his head, "I don't wanna force you. I mean completely up to you but I promise they're safe." He adds and looks up towards the relatively tame rollercoster they have for this fair.

"I trust you," Odessa says. "Besides, I'll never know if I don't try, right?" She tugs his hand, "C'mon," and leads him toward the ride.

Kurt grins at her trust and lifts her hand to kiss the back of it, "I think you'll like it, really. They're a rush." He back into kiddish mood as they head for the next lineup since he still has more tickets.

When it's their turn to load into the cars, Odessa's grip is white knuckled. She's ghostly pale as the ride begins to climb. Breathing in short, quick breaths, she casts a glance over the side before turning back to Kurt and admitting, "I'm afraid of heights."

Going a touch wide eyed at this Kurt offers, "Want off the ride now?" He asks quickly before the carny at the controls comes by to check if everyone is straped in. He checks himself to make sure that the bar over her shoulders in secure and then tries to pry one white knuckled hand off the seat.

Odessa shakes her head quickly. "No. No. I can do this. I only have to do it once to cross it off my list, right?" She smiles shakily and lets him pull her fingers up, flexing them gingerly. "Oh, gosh."

Kurt takes her now free hand as the man finishes his checkups and the ride lurches forward, "Alright then, feel free to scream." He waggles his eyebrow at her and grins impishly.

"I might punch you when we get off this ride," Odessa warns, clutching tightly at Kurt's hand now. When the ride begins to move, she squeezes her eyes shut. "Oh shit," she mutters under her breath. Wondering if the car is going to climb the track clear into the heavens, Odessa opens her eyes just in time for the first row to tip forward and momentum to tug the proceeding rows of cars along with it down the track.

Oh, yes. There is screaming.

Kurt doesn't scream but instead laughs loudly and it turns into a touch of a girlish scream when the speed picks up, "Sooooo Abuuusive!" He says and the speed bright a grin back to his face. The ride calms down as they climb another spot and he quickly leans over to kiss her cheek before back into his seat completely, safety first.

Odessa would flash Kurt a dirty look for daring to kiss her while she's so terrified… You know, if her expression weren't completely terrified. The second drop brings with it another scream, and she brings her other hand over to clutch at Kurt's arm. She alternates between keeping her eyes shut so tightly that she sees spots dancing behind her eyelids, and watching the world speed past them.

Kurt is feeling the pressure on his arm now, definetly going to need to massage blood back into it once she lets go. He grins still and brings up his other hand to place it on her's. To him this is enjoyable, as long as nothing goes wrong.

The end of the ride finds Odessa gasping and trembling with her eyes shut tight. Her fingers are stiff when she releases her grip on Kurt so the two can climb off the ride. When she steps out, she staggers on legs that feel like jelly. "Oh, my gosh." She gropes about and grabs the man's arm. "That was awful," she tells him. And just when he thinks she might slug him, or maybe even throw up, she looks up at him. "Can we go again?"

Kurt looks down at her with a touch of a dumbfounded look on his face. "Man it's been forever since I've been on one of those." He admits and seems a touch shakey despite his brave face on the ride. then she asks to go again and he leans down to kiss her quickly, lingering for a few second, "You're the best Joy." He get her new name right this time and nods his head.

The second round on the coaster is met with more screams, but coupled with more smiles. When Odessa gets off the ride again, her footing is no more sure than it was before, but she's breathless in a good way this time. "No wonder you like those things. Wow!" She stumbles along, holding tightly to Kurt's hand. "Can we get some lemonade and candy floss-" She squints at the sign on the booth that caught her eye and corrects herself, "Cotton candy?"

Kurt chuckles as then climb out of the ride again, "They're my favourite." He's beaming and then nods at her request, "Totally. Candy floss it is." He winks to her and starts over in that direction, "Okay is it prying if I ask who Ellie is?" He says apprehensively.

The question catches Odessa off guard. She blinks several times before she remembers she mentioned the name Ellie at all. Finally, she nods. "I met Ellie for the first time when we were six. We kind of grew up in similar situations. She wasn't as sheltered as I was, though. But a few years back, I remembered her telling someone that she'd never ridden a rollercoaster."

Kurt ohs and is obviously pleased over gettign an actual answer out of her, "Oh, were there alot of kids like you?" He asks and orders some cotton candy from the booth. Holding the pink fluffy cloud of sugar out to her Kurt smiles brightly at her, "Well you beat her record then Joy."

"Maybe. Ellie got out a lot more than I did." Odessa scratches at the back of her neck. "There were a lot of kids, I guess. I didn't actually hang out with them, really. I had the most contact with Ellie. I guess I always felt I was different from the rest of them. Or maybe they thought I was different and I believed them. I kept to myself at any rate."

Kurt nods his head at this, "You would have hated my high school then. Wasn't the worst neighbourhood but wasn't the best either. Nothing more fun then crowded hallways and metal detectors." He shakes his head and asks, pink or regualar." Pointing to the drink sign.

Plucking a bit of sugary candy from the rest and putting it in her mouth, Odessa considers. With a shrug she says, "You pick it. I'm fine with whichever."

Kurt nods his head and orders two pink lemonades, "To match the candy." He says rather gayly and then rolls his eyes at himself, "Well yeah…so any other rides you want to try?"

Odessa shrugs. "Whatever you want to ride, I'll go on. I'm just having fun being out here with you." She smiles brightly and takes a sip of her lemonade. "Can we come back again tomorrow? And the next day? And— " She stops, seemingly catching herself before saying something else. She falls quiet and contents herself with surveying the crowds of people. Absently, she tucks her drink into her arm, pressing it against her body so it doesn't slip and fishes her phone out of her pocket with her now-free hand, checking for missed calls or messages. When she finds nothing, she puts the phone away again, looking disappointed.

Kurt smiles at this and hums, "How bout we call it a night and I drag you back for another rollar coster run tommorow?" He looks at the phone when it's pulled out and starts, "You expecting…" Then he waves his hand, "I've done enough prying for one day." He gives her a smile.

The smile he earns in return is perfunctory, given because it's expected. "It's nothing," Odessa assures somewhat unconvincingly. When he suggests heading home, she nods. "I am a little tired." She doesn't say anything for a moment or two as they head back the way they came. Unable to look at him as she makes her request, she asks him, "Could I sleep with you tonight?" Only after the words have left her lips does she manage to look up, no longer having fear of losing her nerve.

Blinking down towards her Kurt raises an eyebrow, "Alright." He replies and gives her a touch of a smile. He reaches out for her hand again instinctively and doesn't press the issue.

"Thanks, Kurt." Whether the thanks is for granting Odessa use of half of his double bed, or for not asking more questions is debatable.

Kurt nods his head at this, "Anything you need." Of course 'Joy' in his bed isn't something he is going to argue with even if he's far to much of a gentleman to make any kind of first move.

Fortunately for Kurt, he doesn't have to. Odessa returns all the favours she's been granted in the only way she knows how, giving what most any man would expect from a woman sharing his bed. At the end of the night, she's sleeping soundly with her head on his chest.

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