Rollin' Dice


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Scene Title Rollin' Dice
Synopsis The highs and lows of gambling are extreme at the Flying Fish Casino.
Date September 29, 2018

Flying Fish Casino, Red Hook

The Flying Fish is always a feast for the eyes and a stark change from the world outside its doors. The opulent decor and the poshly dressed gamblers make for a visual show that leaves no moments for a visual rest — nor any other sense, for that matter. There's a constant jingle from the slot machines; the chatter of voices becoming a dull roar. The smell of smoke and alcohol and perfume and cologne from the dozens of gamblers makes a heady mix.

There's a lot to take in and a lot to choose from, for any one looking to win — or lose — their chips. The card tables are of course popular, and busy tonight, with very few spots to slide in. The craps tables are equally busy, the roulette wheel a little less so — but not everyone likes placing their luck in something they can't touch, can't handle, like the tiny bouncing ball dancing across the ring of red and black numbers.

A group at one of the Chinchirorin tables make their goodbyes with the casino worker there, a pretty Chinese girl who looks no older than 20. The rule at these tables is they need at least four to play, so it's a popular one for groups, otherwise people may find themselves waiting for someone to compete with when they could be letting their money ride on one of the card games and winning big.

A tall man steps up to the table, squinting at it. "What's this one about?" he asks the woman, looking for rules — but this isn't Vegas, so she begins to explain the rules of Chinchirorin to him, and the Flying Fish's rules as well.

"Sounds fun. Anything where I don't have to add is good by me," the man says jovially, looking around for potential opponents.

This is not exactly a place that Jim would frequent — not the least because he only has one suit, since everyone should have one black suit. Weddings and funerals, you know. But for whatever reason, he's here tonight, in that one black suit, and looking at least nice enough not to be kicked out of the establishment!

He still has all his chips, because he hasn't actually played anything yet, apparently looking around for something to strike his fancy. He does catch sight of the Chinchirorin tables, getting close enough just as the casino worker is explaining the rules, and when she's through and the other man has decided to try his luck, he doesn't have to look too far for at least one other person. "Sure," Jim says, "why not?" He steps up to one of the spaces, nodding to Finn. Or whoever it is, since there was no name. Rude. But it was probably Finn. Something tells us that it was.

Tania has already lost and gained quite a few chips by the time she and her companions reach the Chinchirorin tables. Whether she's up or down, she's not sure. And it really doesn't matter. With a drink in hand, a gold dress on, and friends with her, it's a good night either way.

She slides onto a tall stool next to the table and smile over at the casino employee, and then to the two men at the table, too. "It looks like you need a few more bodies here," she says, gesturing for the pair of Ryanses to come join her. "Mind if we join you?" She doesn't need to hear the rules herself— she's not a stranger around here— but she's not sure on how well Delia or Lucille know them. But what have any of them got to lose?

The other redhead in the trio is showing off a bit of leg tonight. Being a few inches taller than Tania, the mini skirt seems more like a mini shirt and she's been tugging at the bottom of it since they got here. The rest though, is hers, gifts from Nick through the years.

All night Delia has been taking a mental tally of exactly how many months of living this little adventure will cost her. The worried look on her face can't be mistaken the moment that she sees the small plaquard with the minimum bet. "Are you sure Tania?" she asks, just a bit sheepishly. Though she is up for the night, it's not enough to make her as nonchalant as the Kozlow leading them. But… Tania's already seated so Delia follows along and takes a chair on her right side.

It's not really good to be discrete in a place like this, so she takes her chips out of her little purse and counts them out on the table. Enough for seven bets. Inside… she's dying.

The tall, leggy auburn haired woman that is Lucille Ryans trails behind her sister and "new friend" Tania, sliding into the seat on Tania's left before blue eyes sweep across the rest of the occupants. "We'll be fine." Lucille had enough cash on her to front her sister if she ran out and wanted to play more. They needed a night like this. Sister's night on the town, what with the family doom and gloom going on. Trying to make an effort to loosen up her tightly wound body. The off duty Wolfhound is dressed in a long, dark blue dress with a silt up one side. Heels, so that she could tower over Delia even more.

Her hair loose and down, hanging free. Lucille smiles easily at her companions on this night. "Life is shit but I'm feeling lucky tonight."

It's a lie but Lucille is hoping that she can just repeat it like a mantra and then it will manifest. She's a dreamer.

The casino hostess smiles, a sweet thing, as she gives a little head bob to the guests who join her table. "Just don't forget to keep enough for your ride home," she tells Finn, when he mentions not having to do math.

For his part, Finn turns to smile over at Jim, then smile a little wider when the three ladies slide into place at the table. "Feeling lucky already," he says.

The casino hostess gives each of them a bob of her head. "Welcome to the Flying Fish. This game we call Ceelo," she explains, setting in front of each of them a cup with 3 dice inside, each player's a different color to help differentiate them from one another's in case of any rogue rolls. "100 dollar bets minimum, but you can bet more. Each player rolls. Four-five-six is instant win. One-two-three is instant loss. For trips, triples, highest number wins. For pairs, the highest point — single number — wins, we call this Point. House takes ten percent from winner. Any questions?"

Palm up, she sweeps her arm across the span of the table. "Place bets please, and roll."

After everyone puts down the first bet, all one-hundred-dollar chips, Finn rolls the dice. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Oh, there we go, he rolls a pair of 5s and a 4. "Not bad, but a lot of room for improvement," he says, glancing down the line to see the rest of the field.

Jim snorts at Finn's words, settling into his spot with a nod to the women in question — though there's a slight double take and his eyes linger on Lucille for a moment or two. It's not in a leering way, though, more like someone who vaguely recognizes someone else but can't place them. Well, not more like. That's exactly what it's like. However, after a moment, he seems to come up empty, and just says, "Evening," with a lift of his hand that encompasses all three.

He puts down chips for $100, the minimum bet — apparently anything else is too rich for his blood at the moment — and then reaches for the dice, shaking his hand a couple of times to spin them before he tosses them onto the table. A pair of 3s and a 6.

Looking down the table, Tania gives Finn a sly smile and a quick wink at his words. Her finger presses her chip to the table and slides it forward before she picks up her dice. She glances between Jim and Lucille, which makes her smile widen a smidge. Just for a moment. "Hi," she says in return greeting, but doesn't want to jinx his rolling, so she doesn't jump right into conversation. Maybe at a table with less money on the line.

When she rolls, she ends up with two 4s and a 3, and she spreads her hands. C'est la vie. But she turns to Delia and Lucille, to see how they do instead.

She gulps and closes her eyes as everyone ahead of her sets their chips down and tosses the dice. Win. Win. Win… oh god she's going to lose, she knows she's going to lose. But it's too late now, she sat down and she's committed. The stack of chips at her seat are carefully doled out and one hundred worth clenched tightly in her fist.

As Delia's shaking hand sets the chips down on the table, her skin pales and she suddenly feels hot and cold all at the same time. Turning to one of the waitresses, she fans herself and quietly asks for something strong. She's going to need it. Then she picks up the dice.

One… Oh god… One… Okay six please six please six… One.

She freezes and looks to the dealer for a cue as to whether she won or lost. That drink would come in handy right now.

"We have a winner!" says the hostess brightly, using the chip rake to pull the chips and shoveling them in front of Delia, before sliding two fifty-dollar chips in front of her and pulling one of the 100-dollar chips back to her dealer's bank for her cut. "Well played," she says.

"Beginner's luck," mutters Finn, because clearly the redhead is a beginner, but a look at his face shows he's just teasing, a broad grin in place of any sort of disdain or jealousy.

Nearby a group of teenagers sit down at a slot machine just beyond the Cee-lo table, their colorful hair of turquoise, pink, and green, the last in a mohawk, a sharp contrast to their black tie attire. "The cheapest they have is dollars?" whines the girl, maybe echoing Tania's inner thoughts.

"Place your next bets," the dealer at the Cee-lo table says.

Perhaps it's Delia that feels it strongest, the lack of nervousness and instead a surge of confidence is in its place. She's not the only one.

"I feel lucky," says Finn, placing two of his chips in the bet circle.

If Jim sees Tania's slightly widening smile, he doesn't note it, just watches as the others throw their dice. Delia's roll gets a low whistle, and an approving nod. "Nice," he says, good-natured instead of annoyed that he hasn't won. makes his bet — just $100 again, though his hand does linger a little bit on another chip to put more in, but ultimately he doesn't put any more down, this time. Instead, he reaches for the dice, and throws. Not quite as good as the last time, with only a pair of 4s and a 2, so probably good he didn't bet too high. "This isn't my night," he laments, but again with some amusement.

When Delia wins, Tania laughs and gives her friend a cheer. It's like anyone winning is exciting— like maybe she doesn't understand that the point is to try to win the most herself. But really, she wants a good time to be had by all, and that includes celebrating all the successes.

In the new round, she places down two chips; caution does not seem to be on the menu for this one. She leans over to offer her dice to Lucille to blow on for luck, then rolls until she ends up with two 6s and a 2. She laughs there, too, because really.

"I thought you were going to embarrass me out here." Lucille says with a grin before she slaps her hand on her sister's back. She's not as lucky but maybe next time. She almost puffs her chest out at the thought of going for it, winning the pot. Maybe smoking some pot too, tonight felt.. she felt like she could do it. Not anything but..

Perhaps it is something in the air but as Tania winks at Finn, Lucille's eyes slide over the the man and she takes in his form and follows suit with a wink of her own as that playful smile plays on her lips. "Looks are deceiving she'll rob you blind.." said softly as she tightens her grip on the glass and gives Delia a push with her hip.

Delia whoops for joy when the chips are piled in front of her and quickly shuffles one hundred of them back in front of her. When the waitress comes back with a double whiskey neat, the redhead passes TWO ten dollar chips her way. "It's not looking that way," she replies to Jim, feeling a little too over confident as she grabs the dice and tosses them back onto the table with confidence. "It's going to be my turn to buy Nick something pretty if this keep u—-"

But the numbers just don't come out in her favor this time.

"Oh.. huh…" Maybe Nick will have to make due with another bag of potatoes. He's Polish or something, he can use them to make vodka. "Or not."

The dice have a flair for the dramatic. Quite a few pairs are rolled, and Finn's last die makes a wobble before landing on the side with the single pip upward, and he heaves a dramatic sigh. "You're all cheaters," he says, but he grins. "What do you call a gaggle of redheads?" he asks Jim. Lucille's auburn hair isn't as sanguine as her sister or her friend's, but it counts. "Aside from trouble."

The hostess smiles as she pushes the money this time in front of Tania. "Congratulations," she says, swapping out her change for her commission on the round.

"Place your bets, please!"

This time, that rush of confidence is stronger, edged with something like cockiness.

"Three hundred," Finn says. "One of these times I'll win, right? And then it's time to do like the Kenny Rogers song says… and run."

So close! Jim lets out a little dramatic sigh — well, probably dramatic for him, anyway. It's not actually that dramatic in the grand scheme of things, but he's probably just not that dramatic a guy. "Something something firebrands?" he guesses, pushing another $100 bet forward and reaching for the dice again.

"Maybe I should have someone rub them for luck or something," he says as he shakes his fist. "That's a thing, right?" However, he does not do that, and instead just throws. Basically the same as last time. Well, at least he's consistent, if not a big winner. Life imitating art? Well, no one at this table knows him well enough to know, which is probably a good thing.

"Rub on this little man because I'm still two fiddy up, dawgs!" Delia crows as she tosses another hundred in front of her. She doesn't even care that the skirt is sliding a little too high up her thigh. It's not enough to be indecent or show her Britney, so it's cool. "I'm gonna rob all of you bliiiiiiind." And she picks up the dice shaking, them in both hands before tossing them back onto the table.

"FOURFIVESIX!! FOURFIVESIX!!" She yells as they tumble to a stop. Not on four-five-six but five-three-five. "WOOOOO! WINNAR BITCHES!!!" She cheers, throwing her arms up in the air.

"The dice or the redheads?" Tania asks Jim, grabbing a passing drink in exchange for some chips. She sips as she turns back to the table. Her bet goes down and so do her dice, point 1 is not her best roll of the night, but she still seems in high spirits. She leans an elbow on the table, chin in hand, foot tapping to the overhead music. But Delia gets her attention with her cheers and hoots, and Tania leans over to look at her friend's dice. "Delia," she says, her tone teasing, "no more drinks for you, okay?"

Which is, of course, not at all serious as there are many drinks in their near future.

"I am not the luckiest one tonight." Lucille grumbles as her roll determines that's a big fat NO for her again. Rolling her eyes she takes a deep drink from her glass before she's looking over at Finn, "Your worst nightmare or your craziest dream you choose."

The pale woman grins despite herself as she feels that boost of confidence, the healing of her scar has also brought back her confidence and her eyes shine into the light of the place. "If you could ever win I'd make you buy us drinks," looking over at Delia, shaking her head. "NOT my sister though." A snicker.

Finn's roll seems to hold through the rest of the round, and he holds his breath… exhaling with a heavy sigh when Delia claims to be the winner, then side eyeing her dice and back to his. His point 6 still holds, and he grins again as the hostess pushes the money his way. "Well, that's good, because I was going to cry if I lost. No, for real, big fat tears of bitter loserhood."

Lucille's words draw his attention that way. "Is that a question or a description of yourself? Or both?"

He does gesture for a waitress, offering her one of the chips and making a circle to indicate the entire table and murmuring "top shelf."

The mood begins to shift, though, from cocky celebration and flirty bravado. Suddenly, seeping in like a brutally cold, damp fog is the feeling of sorrow, irrevocable and heart wrenching. It's like a punch in the gut, the kind that leaves one breathless, unsure what's hit them.

Someone in the room is a mood killer. Or maybe a cockblocker.

The table hostess gasps, her dark eyes suddenly filling with tears, and she presses her lips together, before managing to rake Finn's winnings his way and making a sweeping gesture of her arm, to indicate they should bet. But she can't seem to speak.

It's easy to see who's affected — and who's not. The far tables of the casino still laugh or stare at their cards in concentration; those closest to Jim, Finn, Delia, Tania and Lucille react in the various ways people deal with sadness. Tears, grimaces, a few sobs, a few stoic, jaw-clenched expressions from the tougher sorts. But one thing is clear: nearby, everybody hurts.

Jim cuts a look at Delia with raised eyebrows, but far from being offended or annoyed, he just shakes his head, sitting back a little bit on the stool. "Maybe both," he says, glancing to Tania as the corners of his mouth pull upward a little bit. "If I could get some of whatever that is I'd probably be set." He gestures to Delia again at this. All things considered, he's probably not wrong.

He might have said more, too, but just then his smile fades. Or, not so much fades as just drops of his face like a stone down a well. He glances down at his chips, but makes no move to bet. "I might be done losing money," he admits, and he tries to get some of the smile back, but it's nowhere to be found. He starts to collect his remaining chips then, looking like his intention is to depart.

Delia blinks a few times before tears spring from her eyes. "NO! I CAN'T LOSE!!" she bawls, almost throwing herself at the table to claim the chips that aren't hers. "I can't lose, I can't, not tonight! You don't understand!!" She turns and grabs Lucille by the arm and points, "Our dad is dying. We need this money for a funeral!"

Whether the plea works or not, it doesn't really matter.

The shift in the room hits Tania, too. She spends much of her time trying not to feel this exact thing, so finding herself there despite everything has her gripping onto her glass and tensing against the rush of unwelcome emotions. Delia has her outburst, but Tania turns away from the table, looking through the other faces around the room, noting who is affected and who isn't. Where is affected and isn't. With tears threatening in her eyes, it isn't easy, but she is looking for a reason for the sudden shift.

"You'll have to come closer and ask me I can't hear you!" Faking like she can't hear and cupping her ear Lucille feels high but that high descends almost instantly as sorrow cuts through and her sister is driven to near hysteria, Lucille is heading that way tears springing to her eyes and while she doesn't tell Delia to quiet down, she does reach out for her arm and squeezes, "Shit."

Luce's eyes drift to the exit. Unsure.

"Yeah, me, too," murmurs Finn, staring down at the pile of coins that are being raked in his direction. Somehow winning has lost its excitement. His green eyes shimmer before he blinks, scrubbing the back of his hand over them. He huffs a low laugh, before he turns to look at the others, Delia's outburst making him realize he's not just having mood swings. He pushes her chip back toward her, then pushes a twenty to the dealer with a nod of thanks.

When Tania looks around, it's as if everyone is caught up in their own woe, only a few looking around, like she is. Yet others' faces are turned away, which makes them hard to read. The trio of young adults have their backs to the group, but the pink-haired girl turns to punch the turquoise-haired boy in the arm. "I was having fun, you asshole," she mutters, getting up and pulling the green-haired young man with her, leaving the one behind as they make their ways toward the exit.

"Don't or security will come," warns the dealer through her tears, retrieving the dice cups and beginning to pack up. It's apparently time for her to close up shop.

Jim does not look around to see if anyone is actually doing it or not. He doesn't seem to think anything is amiss, really — flying high in April, shot down in May, as we all know. Instead he just gets up from the stool, sticking the rest of the chips into his pocket.

"Night," he says, a little shortly and to no one in particular, though it's possible no one will even notice him being curt when they're in their own feelings! He can hope, anyway. He starts toward the exit himself then, without a second glance at any of the excitingly-haired youngsters. Kids these days.

Finn's gracious offer is quickly rebuffed by a very guilty Delia, "Oh my god, I'm sorry… I didn't mean any of that." Red faced and completely flustered, she shoves the chips back toward Finn and then placed her rightful winnings in her little purse. "Hey Lu, let's get out of here, please?" She turns to Tania with a pleading expression, "I'll buy the coffee?"

Tania looks to Delia, putting her hand on her friend's face, "You two go. I'll catch up." Mostly because those two definitely need to get out of here, but Tania isn't quite ready to. She slides her winnings into her bag, wiping at her face as she moves toward the boy with the blue hair. At least she doesn't seem like she also wants to punch him. Maybe because she's too sad for it at the moment. But not sad enough to completely get rid of her curiosity.

She's not the only one looking. Some of the security guards are also looking around for the cause of the sudden case of the blues and the exodus of a good third of the patrons. They don't look happy, but it's hard for them to pinpoint where the trouble started.

The two young men both get up from their seats to join many of the patrons leaving the casino. Both seem to be as upset as everyone else as they make their way to the exit. The teenager with turquoise hair glances back, eyes catching on Tania's as she follows him, before his slim figure ducks around a few other bodies making their way through the doors.

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