Rooftops And Invitations


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Scene Title Rooftops And Invitations
Synopsis Journying to the rooftop in search of one person, Quinn meets Ygraine instead, and the two converse about a number of things.
Date June 17, 2010

Gun Hill: Rooftop

Situated atop the Gun Hill apartment building, five stories above street level, the rooftop of the tenement building overlooks the Bronx's gritty urban landscape. A single stair access leads out onto the smooth concrete rooftop surrounded by a three foot high red brick wall with a masoned top. Ventillation pipes and a chimney that connects to the singular fireplace down in the basement rises up from the concrete rooftop, though the chimney's old brick is crumbling and weathered.

A pair of old sun-bleached folding lawn chairs are situated out on the roof along with a plastic cooler, while white sacks of loam and soil are set next to large lengths of scrap wood, a box of nails and a few carpentry tools; a project in the works.

A cloudy, hazy sunset washes the world in shades of muted pink and gold, mingling with the gradually mounting glow of the artificial lights coming on across the city. Up here, however, the breeze and the last light of the day combine to provide a brief impression of nature.

Apparently enjoying the view, a feminine figure in second-skin lycra sits cross-legged atop the three-foot-high parapet. A cycling helmet rests on the brickwork beside her, increasing the likelihood that she is the owner of the expensive vehicle securely chained to the stairs below.

And so the trend continues, as Robyn Quinn decides to find people at Gun Hill after sudden visits, but to no avail. She’d arrived to ask Magnes about something, and instead had ended up having a chat with Elaine – not that she’d minded of course. And now, as she searched for Colette, hoping to pick up the last few books she’d left behind the day previous, she looks in the same place she had happened upon the girl previously – the roof.

She arrives up there with a clatter, almost tripping with her final footstep up. She avoids falling, however, her eyes scanning the roof scrutizingly, but to no avail. The younger photokinetic wasn’t up here – but after a moment, she spots someone who is. Apparently, the roof is a hotter hangout than she’d imagined.

“H-Hey!” She shouts out, hoping to get the feminine figure’s attention, no consideration for the possibility of accidentally startling her off the roof. It has to be one of Gun Hill’s occupants, maybe she knows where Colette is.

Perhaps fortunately, that clatter seems to have alerted the perched woman to the arrival of a new person. Swivelling at the waist, she peers back over one shoulder - her wrap-around shades pushed up atop her hair to give her a clear view of the sunset, and now letting her surprised expression be clearly visible.

"Ahh, hello there", she says, accent likely to immediately identify her as both British and educated. "I hope that I'm not intruding…."

A hand moves over Quinn’s eyes, squinting so that she can see better in the afternoon sun. Her head tilts to the side, hands held in front of her. “What? Oh, no, no! If anythin’,” she pauses and looks around, “I figure I’m the one intruding. Quiet sorry about that.” It seemed like every other visit she met someone at Gun Hill, for better or worse.

Reaching up, she scratches the back of her head. “And I’m sorry to keep intruding, but I was wonderin’ if you knew where Colette was. I mean, if you’ve met her, I know I haven’t met all the people who live in my building…” She trails off a bit, continuing to ramble a bit more quietly.

Ygraine's brows go up, then she unfolds her legs and pivots smoothly on one hip, hopping down from her perch. "You know Colette?", she asks, her tone surprised but her smile warm. "No, I'm afraid I don't know where she is. I've not seen her since I got back to this side of the Pond."

“Oh! I’m sorry, I kinda assumed you lived here- but you do know her?” Quinn’s lips quirk into a smile. “Lord, I hope she’s not another one who knows everyone ever.” She begins to walk towards she other woman, a bit of a spring in her step, and as she approaches the sound of music – volume turned down enough not to interfere in conversation – can be heard coming from the headphones around her neck.

“She and I are recent acquaintances, I was hoppin’ to find cause she gave me a few… books, and I think I left some at her place.” A hand extends, and Quinn’s smile widens. “Quinn. Always nice t’ meet someone who knows one of my friends. You’re from… Britain?”

Ygraine again looks surprised, but grins as she reaches out to accept the offered hand - her grip firm, and somewhat scratchy thanks to the reinforced gloves she wears. "Colette's lending out books? Good grief. Whatever next? And yes - I'm a Briton. It's nice to meet someone else from the right side of the Pond."

A chuckle comes from Quinn, followed by a nod. “We’re a regrettably rare breed out here.” A mirthful smirk, and Quinn’s hands fall, held behind her as she rocks back and forth on her heels. “Well, they’re books for somethin’… special, I guess.” It felt kind of weird to be so avoided about her ability, with how open she’d been able to be about it lately. “But they’re quite helpful.” She leans forward a bit before rocking back, looking with an appraising eye. “Colette not much of a reader, I take it?” Eh, if Colette didn’t know she was asking about her, she couldn’t tell her she was being rude.

One brow twitches upwards, then Ygraine chuckles. "She's growing up. I seem to recall her telling me once that she never saw any point in school… but she's had a few reasons to study things since I met her. Thankfully, given her habit of turning down virtually ever offer of help she receives, she seems to be learning how to teach herself…"

Huh. Funny, that. “She’s helpin’ me with a few things, that’s why she lent me the books.” Quinn finally stops rocking back and forth, shaking her head. “Sorry, I don’t mean to quiz you on someone like that. I was just curious.” She kicks a foot at the ground, pivoting and turning away from Ygraine, pacing a bit. “So, what’s someone…” An eye up and down as she looks back over her shoulder, “like you sittin’ on a rooftop for?” If you don’t live here is what Quinn almost adds, but thinks not to on account of matters of hypocrisy.

Ygraine cracks a swift, impish grin, glancing down at herself, arms spreading as if to better take in the sight. Looking back up again, she winks playfully. "Like me, huh? Should I be flattered, worried, or offended, I wonder? And… I'm up here for the view. I didn't want to miss the sunset. I was here for some of the Blizzard, and… well. Sunset's still a rather nice thing to see over the city. And… yeah. Colette's been discovering that there're some things to be said for helping people. I'm still aware of only… three people she's ever let really help her, but… she seems to be turning into quite the Good Samaritan."

Quinn approximates Ygraine’s grin, remembering the evening she’d spent on Melissa’s roof. Or morning, whatever. “I’m used t’ coming out for the stars, I don’t really watch sunsets often,” she muses, turning back around to face Ygraine. “Blah, feckin’ blizzard trapped me in a hospital for a month. I’ve been trying to forget about it since.” Theere’s an obvious look of disgust and annoyance on her face as that comes back to her mind. Oh, and… “Flattered, by the way.” God, that felt awkward. If only Sable could see her now.

Ygraine winces sympathetically at mention of a month spent in hospital, head cocking as she runs her gaze swiftly over the Irishwoman. A slight frown follows, as she attempts to connect the last comment to the conversation - then a quick, delicate blush and a quiet cough.

"Ah. Thanks. I, ummm, I… hope that you're well now?", the Briton responds awkwardly, though she makes no attempt to distance herself from Quinn. "You certainly don't move as if you're in pain, but… I know that injuries aren't necessarily visible…."

Quinn shakes her head, laughing. “Oh! No, I’m fine. I… the snow happened while I was away from home and I ended up having to take shelter at one when it got bad before I could get home.” Hands move to her pockets, and she shrugs. “I’m right as rain, myself. Appreciate the concern, though.”

Ygraine's relief appears genuine. "Oh! I'm glad to hear that. I… spent a while out in the snow, myself. A thousand cc bike gives a few options for getting around that most people don't have. But I admit that I got out of the city before things hit their worst."

Her blush fading a little, the Briton dithers momentarily, then thrusts out her hand again. "I'm Ygraine, by the way", she says. "And don't worry about pretending that Colette's told you a lot about me. I'd be astonished if she mentioned me once."

“A bike! One of the few times I wish I’d had one instead of my completely useless scooter.” A mock frown, and then she reaches out and shakes Ygraine’s. “Quinn.” She wrinkles her nose. “Oh wait, I said that.” A bit of a laugh, just a hint of nervousness. “I’ve only known Colette a little bit, she hasn’t really told me much about anyone she knows outside of her girlfriend or the folks here.” Or… well, much of anything.

Ygraine once again looks startled. "Girlfriend? She finally got together with Tamara? Oh, that's great!", the Briton enthuses happily, clearly entirely unaware that she's on rather the wrong track.

At first, Quinn thinks she said something she should have, but the continued sentence brings a bit of relief. “Tamara?” A name unfamiliar to Quinn, and she shakes her head, hands on her hips. “Tasha, actually.” She tilts her head to the side, a quizzical look aimed at Ygraine.

A blank look, then a guilty one. "Oh", Ygraine says. Then "ah". And lastly "umm. Oh dear. Tasha? I confess that I've never heard of her. I… would appear to be even more out of date with regard to Miss Nichols than I had expected."

Quinn waves a hand dismissively, smiling. “Ah, it’s hard t’ keep up with anyone these days. Things move fast and faster now that the storm’s gone and people are making up for the time the missed.” That was a bit of an understatement considering her own recent history. “She seems like a right nice girl, though. Tasha, that is.” Again, speaking from her limited experience.

Ygraine chuckles sheepishly. "Well, thank you for the warning. You saved me from potentially really putting my foot in it", she says gratefully. "Tasha, huh? I'll have to remember that. And… sorry. You turned up looking for a friend and have instead been pumped for information about her. I didn't even remember to introduce myself until just now…"

"Glad t' help, and fair's fair, I guess." She had grilled her about Colette at first, anyway. "And I don't mind! It's not like I was in a rush, just hanin' around." She's making motions as she talks with her hands, accentuating comments and the like. "Besides, 's nice to just chat for a bit." And a very distinct smile is offered.

Ygraine laughs, ducking her head. "You're very kind." Glancing over one shoulder, she eyes the darkening sky for a moment, then looks back to Quinn. "D'you know anywhere good around here to get a bite to eat, by any chance?"

Quinn beams a bit as she’s complimented, she prides herself on being nice, even if she unintentionally falters more often than she realises. At Ygraine’s question, though, her eyes narrow and hand moves to the side of her head, tapping in beat as she thinks. “I’ve only eaten around here a few times.” And one of those was when Eileen had brought lunch. “But I recall there bein’ a nice Italian place a few blocks back towards Manhattan, and there’s a good lookin’ cafe I pass everytime I come up here I hear is quite good called…” Actually, it escaped her at the moment, causing her to shrug. “I can give directions.”

Ygraine chuckles. "Well, I was thinking of at least offering you a coffee - in gratitude, and to avoid abandoning you up here as night descends and Colette's off being oblivious somewhere else. I'm afraid I'm on the wrong bike, today, to offer to take you along as a pillion rider, however…."

Quinn’s smile doesn’t fade, turning a bit to hide just the slightest bit of colour from her face – she wasn’t sure if that was the intention, but happened anyway. “M’ scooter’s out front, I could follow you. Or we could come back for your bike, but there’s not a ton of room on the poor thing.” She looks back, a smirk on her face and a nod. “But I’d enjoy coffee. Little else t’ do today, as it is.”

Ygraine offers another chuckle. "I really should take my bike with me. And I'll go slow, so that your scooter can keep up." The Briton winks playfully, but not apparently wholly in jest. "So - just a coffee, while you try getting hold of Colette? Or…?"

A shrug is the response Quinn gives. “I’ll see her in a few days anyway, so if I can’t find her now, it’s not a big deal.” She draws something out of her pocket – a slick looking black Apple device, her headphones plugged in – and makes a few taps, the quiet music from her headphones ceasing. “Coffee and whatever.” Always willing to get to know people. “If you weren’t busy or anything, I can always appreciate hanging out with someone new.”

Ygraine cracks another grin. "Sure. I could offer to show you around a few of the more interesting places I know, if you liked - but I've no idea how well you know the city. And I'm not sure I want to be out for too much of the night in a skinsuit. I get enough ripe comments during the day as it is."

A laugh and a nod. “Fair ‘nough, I wouldn’t want to go around all the time like that either.” She points, teasingly, because apparently she thinks she can get away with that. She chooses not to comment on the matter ripe comments though. “Coffee, then. I’m fairly familiar with the city, but in five years I’m sure there’s things I’ve missed, though.” She turns, pacing a bit the other way. “So, sometime I may have t’ take you up on that.”

"Five? Meep." Ygraine shakes her head, and laughs ruefully. "I thought that you were rather more recent an arrival than that. Still, I can hope to know of one or two spots you've not found."

Starting towards the stairs down, she gestures an invitation for Quinn to accompany her. "Shall we?"

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