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Scene Title Roomies!
Synopsis Laina gets her first look at her new place.
Date February 27, 2011

Magnes' Apartment

By the time they've settled after moving things into Magnes' apartment, it's fairly early in the afternoon. He's changed the living room a bit, adding a proper television, a flat screen that hangs on the wall above the entertainment center, with all of his video games and DVDs in the center itself, from classic to current gen. There's a coffee table and a dark blue couch that contrasts slightly with the light blue carpet on the floor, and two book cases against the wall behind the couch that houses his collection of graphic novels and college level textbooks.

On the coffee table is a single vanilla scented candle on a circular tray, with a book on meditation next to it. And in the room she'll be sleeping in? His desktop PC, lots of clothes hanging up on the side of the room near it, all in plastic bags. Though if she looks closely, most of what's in the bags seem quite colorful, possibly resembling costumes. Her bed is a pretty nice size, and the dresser is more modest than most, only having around four drawers, two on the top, and two on the bottom, leaving her with plenty of room to bring more furniture in if she likes. "So, you think this is a good place for you?"

Laina looks around. "Definitely," she says smiling. "Do you mind if I paint the walls?" And probably the bed, dresser, possibly parts of the living room … Laina likes colors. But start small. She dumps her duffels on the bed. She'll have to go out and buy sheets today.

"It's your room, do what you like. Oh and that's my sewing machine." Magnes points to the machine next to the computer, sitting on a small bench. "I'll try and move it and the computer into the living room, so you can have your privacy."

"Cool," Laina says. Then she nods once, firmly. "Awesome. Roomies." She grins at Magnes.

"I warn that being my roommate might mean you eventually turn into a lesbian, that seems to be the trend." Magnes laughs lightly, then heads through the living room, and into the relatively modest kitchen that's not so much a room, but a corridor large enough for a few people to get in and cook. There's a stove, a counter on each side, and of course the fridge and cabinets. There's also a tray of what seem to be chocolate chip cookies with pieces of oreos sticking out.

"Why do people keep saying that to me … ?" Laina idly ponders as she follows Magnes to the kitchen. First Sam and Brian last night, now Magnes. Maybe the world wants her to have sex with women? "So, you have some fun ex-roommate stories?" Laina asks, more loudly.

"With me, it's personal experience. My first roommate was Sable, she's one of my bandmates. She's as lesbian as they come, but since she doesn't like labels I was very confused for a long time. The second person to live here was my ex, Elaine. I let her experiment with girls, and well, I guess thanks to Sable's incredible skills, she's dating a woman now." Magnes opens and looks through his fridge, motioning to it. "Most of what I keep in here are left overs and ingredients. I cook nearly everything from scratch, almost all I keep in the freezer is meat. If you ever need pizza, just ask, I'll whip one up with whatever we have around."

"Maybe, in the future, you shouldn't let your girlfriends fool around. That usually leads to trouble, no matter who it's with." Laina's tone is gentle, not accusatory. At least Charles never cheated. It surprises her how quickly Magnes can go from discussing his, probably painful, romantic history, to discussing pizza toppings.

"Yeah, I learned my lesson there, but we're on good terms now, so it's alright. You'll probably end up meeting her soon, and the rest of the band if you're around." Magnes pulls out a six pack of Guinness bottles, holding them up to see if she wants to drink. "You can use the computer whenever you want, play the games, watch movies, whatever. You can read my comics and such too, just try not to get them dirty."

Laina shakes her head 'no' to the Guinness. It's a little early for her. Grinning mischievously, she says, "Dirty like this?" She reaches over and leaves a bright purple handprint on the door to the freezer.

"I think we just found our first 'You will be evicted if' rule." Magnes smiles, sliding the Guinness back into the fridge, then closes it to walk back into the living room. "No changing my comic book colors. But yeah, you don't need to worry about cooking. When you have a job it'll be nice if you share the grocery expenses, but I'm fine with doing all of the actual cooking."

Laina laughs. "Sure." She's not actually going to destroy his prized possessions. And of course she'll help pay for food. She does, however, leave the handprint on the fridge. At least for now. "I can't wait to try one of these meals I've heard so much about!" Clearly, Magnes is proud of his cooking accomplishments.

"Don't worry, I'll make dinner tonight." Magnes sits back on to the couch, tossing the remote over to her. It seems to float through the air almost weightlessly, easy enough to catch just by reaching out to grab it. "So, what do you have to do today?"

"Job hunt, remember?" Laina says, catching the remote easily. "I want to stop by all those places on your list, if I can." She checks her watch. "Looks like I've got a couple hours before businesses close."

"Guess we'll just have to hang out later then." Magnes reaches for his meditation book, then sinks back to start flipping through pages. "I should go to Roosevelt today, maybe. And I'll get you a key made, but don't worry, I'll be back in before you."

Laina grins. "Just know, if you lock me out and steal my stuff, I'm gonna paint some really mean stuff on your door." It's clear she's joking. More seriously, "Give me your number, so I can reach you if I have a problem."

"Sure." Magnes reaches into his pocket and pulls out a sticky note, scribbling his number and holding it out. "We can watch a movie or something later. This is gonna be fun!"

"Sounds good!" Laina says enthusiastically. "I'll see you tonight!" And with that she grabs her coat and purse from her room and heads out the door, waving behind her to Magnes as the door closes.

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