Roosevelt Opens

After being on a lock down since the rioting that transpired on the 8th of November, government authorities have allowed for civilian access on and off the island. The Roosevelt Island Bridge sustained damage from an unknown source but has since been deemed safe by the Bridge Engineering Association after some minor supportive construction work. The Chief of the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Andrew McKinley stated that the checkpoint building had been completely destroyed, but temporary facilities have been erected and are prepared to allow limited access off and on the island.

Only citizens who have employment or residence on Roosevelt Island are being permitted across the bridge. Those that do not will be turned away. No access will be given between the hours of 9 PM and 5 AM. The train station remains closed until further notice.

OOC: Those that live officially on the island, and work on a known business (the Suresh Center, hospital, small businesses in the area), will be on a list that allows them passage. Anyone who falls outside of that will be turned away at the bridge. Please contact Brooklyn if you are not sure where you fall.

The trains that go to Roosevelt Island no longer stop there, and the station is closed down. There is very light water patrol, which will allow for water-based sneaking as long as the risk is considered. There is still very tight security, as is the case of the rest of the city, but a particularly concentrated effort on Roosevelt Island.

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