Roselyn's Welcome


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Scene Title Roselyn's Welcome
Synopsis Roselyn meets with Rupe and joins the Shedda Dinu.
Date January 25, 2009

Old Lucy's: Back Room

This backroom looks more like a living room than just a plain old back room. There are a few armchairs placed about the room and a black rug is in the middle of the room, on top of the rug is a big table with a few chairs around it as well. In a corner of the room is a flat screen TV on the wall.

Nicolas sits in the back room with Roselyn, sitting on one of the armchairs as he looks to Roselyn. "Don't be nervous. Just answer their questions honestly and you'll be fine." He says to the woman as he offers a smile. "They know about what you can do, but your secret will be safe. I promise."

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Okay. I'll try not to be, and I am always honest about everything I say." she says looking up to Nicolas, "As long as they keep my secret safe and me safe from them bastards finding me, I'm okay with it." she says with a grin to Nicolas.

Rupe enters from the kitchen area, rather than through the bar proper. Isabelle's staff knows him by now, and knows that the boss said to let him go where he likes. It helps that the boss herself is in tow. He pushes open the far door, then steps aside to hold it open for the fiery bar queen. "Hello Nicolas. This must be your friend Roselyn. Welcome. I'm Rupe." The academic's got a folder tucked under one arm and an ill-fitting winter jacket draped over skinny shoulders. This he shucks as soon as he and Isabelle are both fully in the room.

A nod is given to Rupe in thanks as Isabelle walks in with jeans and a tank top on. Her hair is in a tight ponytail and she is studying Nicolas and Roselyn as she goes to lean against the table. Nothing is said from her yet. Just a nod to the Shedda Dinu member and the new recruit.

Nicolas nods in return to Isabelle and looks to Rupe, offering the man a nod in greeting as well. "Yeah. This is Roselyn." He says before he stands up from his seat and looks to Roselyn. "These are the ones that I was telling you about. You'll be fine." He says before he lets Rupe take his seat if he wants and moves over to stand by Isabelle, letting the two talk.

Roselyn looks up to Rupe and Isabelle as they walk into the room and nods, "Okay." she offers Rupe a smile, "Hello." she looks at Nicolas as he stands by Isabelle then looks to Rupe again. "Nice to meet you." she says looking at Rupe.

"I'm…sorry for this, Roselyn. This isn't usually an interview by committee," Rupe grins and glances around the room.

"But you seem to have provoked some interest. Have you met Isabelle?" The academic motions to the silent woman. He moves to have a seat. "This is…mostly a formality. Nicolas tells me you're interested in fighting? Why…what is your reason?" His tone is not accusatory. On the contrary, he seems quite genuinely interested.

Isabelle grins at Roselyn, "She works for me." Iz says simply and looks at Nicolas, after giving him a wink she refocuses on the interview.

Nicolas smiles and nods in agreement with Isabelle about Roselyn. He slides his thumbs into his front pockets, letting the other four fingers hang from his pocket. He offers Isabelle a smile before he looks back to the two as they talk.

Roselyn shakes her head, "No worries. It really doesn't bother me." she looks to Isabelle and nods. "Yeah I know her." she says turning back to Rupe and nods, "Because I'm sick of what the government is doing to us. It pisses me off when they treat us differently. I mean, why can't we be treated just the same, is it not enough that we are already different and have to learn to control our abilities. It's not something we asked for, but it is something we have and something we need to learn to deal with and control it. I hate everything they have done to people like us, Experimenting on us, and doing tests on people that are like us, is completely ridiculous and uneccessary." she says as she looks at Rupe.

"And what…would you like to do about it?" asks Rupe. His tone remains even and thoughtful. He regards Roselyn with an open and honest expression on his face. For all he's supposed to be the boss, he seems to be a rather…warm person. "These aren't trick questions. I…just want to be certain that our goals and methods align."

Nicolas tilts his head as he listens to Rupe and Roselyn talk, leaning back against a wall as he watches. He crosses his arms at the chest and doesn't move much after that, just nodding every now and then.

Roselyn nods, "I would like to do anything and everything it takes to keep them from doing this to us and people like us." she says looking at Rupe, "I understand." she says with a small grin, "I would give my life to keep us and everyone like us safe. I would fight for them, and everyone in this room because it isn't right for them to do this to us. We didn't do anything to deserve this kind of treatment so they really shouldn't do this." she says says as she takes a breath.

"Would you kill?" The question is a simple one, and the way that Rupe asks it doesn't betray which answer he would like. He looks her directly in the eye, the left one squinted ever so slightly.

Isabelle straightens at the question and leans in to hear Roselyn's answer clearly.

Roselyn nods, "Yes. I would do anything it takes to keep us safe." she says looking Rupe in the eyes as well. "I would kill whoever it takes for them to get the message to leave us alone." she says continuing to look Rupe in the eye.

"Killing…is a necessary thing sometimes." Rupe leans back. "I ask because I didn't want you joining us with the conception that we're leading some kind of noble, white knight crusade against injustice. This is a dirty job, Roselyn. Sometimes we will have to do things that make us seem as bad as they are. But you have to trust me, trust all of us, that the decisions are never made lightly and they will always further our cause."

Roselyn nods, "I understand fully." she says looking at Rupe, "Nobody is perfect and I know that you have to go to extremes to do the right thing." she looks to Isabelle, Nicolas, then back to Rupe, "I can trust you all. You have not given me any reason not to. I trust you and will always." she says looking Rupe in the eyes.

"That is…a statement you can't really make, Roselyn. I know you are eager to fight, but we want to earn your trust and continue to work to keep it." Rupe's voice continues along its warm, loping path. "We may not have given you any reason not to trust us, but we haven't earned that trust either. I don't expect it to be blindly given. Just as we don't blindly trust you. It will take time for all of us to come together, to start trusting each other with our lives." He glances to the other two in the room as he speaks, to include them in that statement too.

Nicolas nods his head as he looks to Roselyn. "He's right. Don't give your trust so willingly. You and I, we've hung out a lot and we've gotten to know each other. I trust you. They're still working on earning mine just as I'm sure that I'm working on earning theirs."

Roselyn nods, "Okay, I understand that. But I trust you with my secret." she says looking at Rupe then to Isabelle and Nicolas. "I trust all of you with my secret." she says before nodding to Nicolas, "I trust you as well." she says as she turns to Rupe. "Yeah, it would probably be best if I work to earn your trust." she says with a grin looking at Rupe.

"Keep your trust close. Trust to easy and you get a knife in the back." Izzy nods and looks to Rupe, she then looks to Nicolas and Roselyn. "Oh don't you worry my little Huntress, nobody here will spill about your ability." Isa then folds her arms and tilts her head.

"That's the leap of faith, certainly. We all take a risk even meeting and associating. It means we know where we all stand, and that's in opposition to most of the people out there," Rupe makes a motion in the direction of the street. "But none of us have done anything yet. Soon though, soon the trust will be critical. What we plan to do can't be done without risks." He stops himself and straightens his tie. "I'm…going to step down from the soapbox now," He chuckles at himself and pushes fingers through his hair. "Well. I'm sure Isabelle and Nicolas here can introduce you to the others. One of them will show you the way to my place and give you the code for the door. We congregate there for meeting and training, but you're welcome anytime. I also give a small stipend to help with rent and essentials. If you need any equipment or such, just come to me."

Roselyn nods and smiles, "Thank you for meeting with me." she says looking at Rupe. "I will definitely be by sometime. I'm sure I could use some training." she says with a grin. "It was a pleasure to meet you Rupe." she says as she extends her hand out.

Rupe clasps Roselyn's hand warmly. "You as well, my dear. I leave you in these capable hands. I've some things to attend to. Nicolas, Isabelle. I'll see you both later. I'd like to have everyone over for dinner soon. Isabelle, if you could arrange a time everyone could make it?" And then with grins all around, the academic shrugs his jacket back on and starts for the door.

Nicolas nods his head as he looks to Rupe. "Sure. I'll be there." He says to the man before offering a wave. He looks back to Roselyn and smiles. "Welcome to our little group." He says to her.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Sounds good." she turns to Nicolas and smiles, "Thanks hun." she turns to Isabelle, "If you need anything Isabelle just let me know any way I could help." she says offering her a smile as well.

Isabelle grins at Rupe and nods at Roselyn, "Will do suga." Isabelle stands and begins to leave the back room. "Welcome again."

With a lifted hand to those gathered, Rupe makes his exit. He heads through the kitchen, out the back way so as not to draw the attention of the bar patrons.

Nicolas smiles and walks over to Roselyn. "Told you that you'd do fine." He says as he moves towards the door leading out to the bar. "How about a drink to celebrate?" He asks her as he moves.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Sounds good to me." she says as she turns and follows Nicolas.

"Drinks it is." Isabelle leads the way out of the back room and into the main room. Her boots making a soft thud as she walks.

Nicolas grins and nods, following Isabelle out of the back room and into the main.

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