Rosetta Stone for Evolved


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Scene Title Rosetta Stone for Evolved
Synopsis Tracy stops in to Burt's Falafels for a paper in the morning, and meets Adam Monroe; for real this time.
Date May 26, 2009

Burt's Falafels

Adam is already in Falafel hut or whatever this place happens to be called. He's seated at one of the tables, a half eaten meal next to him. In front of him, is a laptop. Currently Adam appears to be staring intently at the screen and repeating several words in some foreign dialect. If Tracy happens to be at least familiar with foreign languages, it may seem African. He does not appear to notice her walk in.

When she does walk in, which is just to say hi to Burt and grab a paper, she does see him. Still dressed in her usual stye, pearls and one of those little pencil dresses, no less. She can't stand it when it gets warm. "Adam, wasn't it?" She asks, walking up to him with a pointed authority and masking all fears she might have. What are all these people in to? "Taking to falafels now?" She asks, sure he's not here by accident. Sure in her mind, at least.

Adam doesn't notice Tracy at first, but when she walks into his field of vision, he taps something on the screen and takes off his headphone, "Ah, Tracy Strauss. Hello." he puts the headphones down, "Have a seat." he motions across from him, "I'm learning some new languages…have you ever heard of Rosetta Stone? It's amazing!" he exclaims, apparently excited, "It's better than having a teacher. I thought I would need to track people down, but it appears I'll only have to find people to have conversations with. Modern technology is so…so…fascinating."

Oh, she'll settle down. A little stiffly, perhaps but none the less. "I'm sure it's quite lovely." She responds, folding her hands in front of her and pressing an icy stare on the man. Yes, if she were a lawyer, this would be her 'confess to me' face. "Just a lovely coincidence that you're in my area during my daily routine again, I take it?"

Adam tilts his head, "A little from column A…a little from column B. I wanted a falafel, and I had hoped to run into you again. The two events don't have to be mutually exclusive." he smiles, "I mean, it's not like I'm stalking you. But when you make a new friend, why not seek them out from time to time?"

Tracy can't help but offer the man a little wry smile. "If we are to be friends, Adam, I think it's best if we know a bit more about each other. Last names, contact information…." She says, almost tantalizingly. Yes, give her your information so she knows at least who she is dealing with!

Adam chuckles a bit, "Really? That wasn't at all subtle." he leans in, "Planning on running a background check on me?" he shrugs a bit, "My name is Adam Monroe." he pauses, "You want a cell phone number? I suppose that's a little forward, but I can do that. You could have my secretary's number if that makes you feel better. Make me seem more…professional. But, you'd have to give me yours."

Tracy manages to sit back in her seat, looking a bit more calm, even if her insides were not. "Mister Monroe, you are aware of my favorite lunch spot, I think you'll find me more answerable here than on my cell phone." Besides, with his name? That's really all she needs. "So, it is a business then, you have, leaking information about terrorist suspects? Is that what your business card says?"

Adam shakes his head, "No, I don't have a business card. I'm more of a freelance entrepeneur. Currently, I'm looking into buying small businesses. The way New York is coming, I think they'll be the way to go. The atmosphere has caused the city to become very provincial, I think they'll reject large chains and turn to mom and pop places. Trying to keep a…small town feel, even in this bustling metropolis." he considers, "I suppose I could get business cards…but, they're so informal. As for the terror suspect.." he shrugs, "I had knowledge, but no idea who to give it to. I don't trust police, not because I have anything against them but…" he leans forward as if trusting a secret, "Local PD can be a bit bumbling sometimes."

Tracy is able to give him a humoring little smile as she drops her eyes in thought for a moment. "And I thank you for hte information. However, I'm a bit curious as to it, and wonder if there might be more to be offered. Magnes Varlane, as you said, is a protege of Hiro Nakamura, who is in connection with the Midtown terrorist and serial killer Sylar. This is all correct? That's a great deal of information."

Adam considers, "Well.." he pauses, "Truthfully, I don't know that Hiro Nakamura really aided Sylar. It's not really his style…but that's what the media says and I wasn't there so.." he shrugs, "I just know Magnes is Hiro's protege."

This causes a raise of her eyebrows. "Oh? Are you aquainted with Mister Nakamura then, Mister Monroe?" She asks, nodding as Burt, always the gentle soul, brings her some water to drink while they talk. Sure, she has a business meeting soon but she can be fashionably late - she's good at being the belle of the ball like that. "Why do you think he would not aid Sylar?"

Adam nods, "I was, before all of this happened. I can't say we were friends when we last met, but I knew him. He didn't strike me as the…" he considers, he holds up air quotes, "'Evil' type." he shrugs, "But people can change. I don't really know the truth of it, Tracy. If the President says he has evidence, I can't really argue that." he pauses, "Don't take this the wrong way, but you seem a bit dubious yourself."

Tracy shakes her head, sipping her water with a bit more ease now. "Not at all. Quite the contrary." Whatever her reasons are, she keeps them to herself. "And in your connection with these people, may I ask if you have heard anything else reguarding the bombing?" She's justified this, Tracy has. If what Magnes says hits the news it could be a PR nightmare, even if he is a crazy loon. Best nip this in the butt.

Adam shakes his head, "No…like I said, I knew Hiro before this. If he was there, I'm not sure how he survived…but..people have all sorts of wierd powers these days.." he leans in, "You're asking odd questions for a communications director…more like a detective. Level with me, Tracy, do you know something?"

Tracy leans in, smiling a bit more coyly as she mimics his movements. "You came to me, that's all I know." No chuckle or laugh escapes her, but she does seem a bit amused as she sits back and takes another sip of her water. "How much do you know about being Evolved? How would someone go about surviving a thing like that?"

Adam hmms, "Well, I've read that book." he says thoughtfully, "I guess…it depends on how the person…evolved?" he mms, "Superhuman speed maybe? Stopping time? Are there completely invulnerable evolved? Maybe that." he seems to continue thinking about it, "Maybe if there was an evolved who was like…completely made of fire?"
"A burning man?" She asks skeptically, thinking it might just be this man's older, hippie ways sneaking into the conversation for just a brief moment. And then she's quiet, sitting back in thought. There are avenues she could take. If someone's going to start speaking out against the President, she'll have to have a defense. She lets Adam sit there while she's pensive.

However, Adam was unjustly imprisoned during the time Burning Man came to be, so he has no idea that it's some sort of deviant festival. He nods solemnly, "A burning man." as if it was a serious thought. Then he looks back at Tracy, pausing as he considers her. He seems to study her for a few seconds while the wheels in her head turn, as if he can read her mind, "There are ways it could happen…after all, if there wasn't, how could Sylar still be on the loose?"

Tracy glances up, as though he broke her from her thoughts. "Yes, it's quite possible indeed, that I had no doubt of. The Evolved is still quite a new concept for me," she says, taking a glance at the clock as she moves to rise. "I'm sure I'll see you for falafels again sometime, Mister Monroe. Thank you so much."

Adam nods and waves a hand, "Any time, Tracy. I'll think of you any time I want a falafel." he says with a smile and when she walks away, he puts on his head phones again and starts studying his Swahili.

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