Round And Round We Go


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Scene Title Round And Round We Go
Synopsis Conrad and Helena go to meet Ethan, but wind up being greeted by someone else, and he brought a present.
Date January 22, 2009

Coney Island - The B&B Carousell

It's shortly before midnight. Coney Island's amusements have been shut down, including the carousel, but it's not too difficult for Helena - or more to the point, Conrad - to break in and get to it as necessary for their meeting. The horses all cast shadows, the calliope remaining unlit and silent. Hel seems inclined to take Conrad's lead, at least until they get to the actual speaking part, and even then, well - she trusts Conrad to throw his voice in her ear as necessary. Hel doesn't bring a gun. She knows how to use one, but seems somehow averse.

Anyway Conrad doesn't need a gun. He IS a weapon when he wants to be. And has a series of neat little tricks for any locks that bar their path. While he does go first, he's made it clear he doesn't intend to do much of the talking. That is unless things get ugly, then he'll be talking quite a bit.

The shadows distort his face, hiding some of the scarring alon his jawline and throat. His eyes watching through the darkness dully, the man who is very much a part of the darkness as the shadows themselves watches the approaching pair in what seems to be a bored fashion. The man seen by few known by fewer has someway found his way into the place without breaking any locks, without breaking anything to infiltrate Coney Island.

A long green trench coat covers him from neck to toe, a pair of black combat boots sticking out from the trench coat. Black tangled hair rests just above this man's brow, one amongst many very clear indications that this is not the man who had set up the appointment with Helena of Phoenix.

Emerging from behind a grey horse on the carousel, his boots connect nigh soundlessly with the ground below as he hops off. He watches the approaching pair come forth. Whether or not he is equipped with guns, could not be seen easily. A black dufflebag rests on the carouself though. The man reaches into the coat, pulling out a single object. He holds it up above his head before dropping it cleanly.

A small white handkerchief.

Helena's mouth quirks - it would almost be funny if it wasn't so damn serious. She keeps her hands where he can see them, but then, once more, it's not about weaponry. Her salutation is quite blunt, but not entirely unwelcoming. "You're not Ethan. Where is he?"

Con honestly wouldn't know Ethan if he saw the guy or not, so he's glad Helena's here to point out that it's not the guy. Hands in pockets, he just stares at the guy and chews on a stick of gum. Chew chew chew. Say nothing.

Those dull eyes roam sluggishly over to Helena. The orbs seem to just laze there for a moment, they don't scan her up and down. They don't look for weapons, they just fester there. His upper lip pulls back to bare teeth momentarily. Whether it is a smile or a snarl, is mostly up in the air.But then the man visibly twitches. His attention is snagged over to Conrad rather hastily, his somewhat dead eyes boring into the other man now. Finally the quite homeless looking man simply gives a long over exaggerated shake of his head. Presumably to answer the question.

His right hand comes up slowly, lazily. A black glove on his hand, leaving the fingers exposed, the hand gestures for the two to follow him in two swishes of his hand. Spinning neatly on his heel the man turns his back on them momentarily before arriving at the Carousel once again. Abruptly and using more energy than necessary he spins back to face them before jumping up and plopping ungracefully on his rear by the black duffle bag.

Opening his mouth, the man places one thumb into his teeth where he gnaws away at the protruding nail for a moment. Once it is dislodged, he spits the shard of finger nail out into the ground. Waiting for the two to join him.

Helena's wheat colored brow arches at the man's easily misinterpeted, soundless reply. A glance is cast at Conrad, and with a shrug, she approaches the carousel, stepping up on it and curling her hand around one of the poles impaling a snow-white horse with a red and gold saddle.

Conrad rolls his eyes. At this point it takes a little effort to stay silent because he normally would offer some scathing remark at the situation. But he goes ahead and follows along, standing on the carousel next to Helena and using one hand to grab hold of one of those wussy little fake carriages you put the kiddies in.

The duffle bag is unzipped, after of course the man takes his hand away from his mouth. Though have way through the zipping process, the man stops, his head flying up to Conrad, an accusing look being given. After a moment of staring at the standing man, he goes back to unzipping the duffle bag. Laminated files rest on the sides of several Russian assault rifles. Though the man looks to be irritated now.

Letting out what sounds like a growl, the man whips his eyes up at Conrad again. Finally his mouth opens and a deep voice emits, a slight British accent accompanying the words. "Do you happen to have an extra?" He asks with frustration, his hand coming up, palm out as if to receive something. His eyes going to the man's jaw moving up and down.

With his other hand, he grabs the files on top and absently shoves them up to Helena without much ceremony.
Helena is of course, quick to take the files, shoved so unceremoniously into her arms. Fortunately her abilities are not restricted by lack of the use of her hands. She casts a puzzled glance at Conrad, and shifting them carefully in her arms, she takes a moment to have a look at the topmost folder.

"Sure. Stop lookin' at me like that, fuckstick." Conrad says, fishing an entire pack of Extra Sugarfree Gum out of his pocket. Winterfresh flavor. He tosses it at the man he now thinks is Ethan, not caring if it's a good toss or if it's caught or what.

Frowning as the stick of gum lands in his lap, the man relinquishes the folders, grabbing furiously at the Winterfresh. Unwrapping it, the gum is quickly deposited into his mouth as he presses his hands against the floor of the carousel, aiding himself in a leap off the carousel. He makes no response to being called a fuckstick. The dufflebag is left behind, rifles and all.

Adjusting the green trenchcoat the man starts to make his way away from the carousel.

The folders contain a lot of information, black and white photographs of Sylar, Odessa Knutson, Mohinder Suresh identfying who they are and what role they currently have with Kazimir Volken's operations. There is a special note on Sylar's file. 'He is Kazimir. Cannot be killed by traditional methods. Get creative.' Details explaining Kazimir and Sylar's abilities are included. Blueprints on facilities, Eagle Electric, location, directions. Everything. Eagle Electric is the location where the virus is being perfected by Odessa Knutson(abilities included) and Mohinder Suresh(being forced into helping). Facilities in Jersey City, heavy armaments at least two hundred soldiers, and at least one tank with anti aircraft capabilities. Suggested courses of action are provided, as well as exhaustive notes on all of Vanguard's resources.

"Oh my god." Helena says softly as she peruses the data. "We have to take this back for - for the right people to see. This is, this is unbelievable. Mohinder Surresh?" She seems shocked to see his details. But her first stop with this information: Edward. Oh yes indeed.

"Well, let's go." Conrad says wistfully, looking after the drop-guy as he leaves. He doesn't know what all's in the file just yet, but can take a guess it's huge.

And the man simply disappears into the darkness. As quickly and silently as he came, the same does he go. Except for the quiet chewing of a stick of WinterFresh gum.

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