Run, Fools! Run!


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Scene Title Run, Fools! Run!
Synopsis An attempted robbery of Old Lucy's meets a strange and shadowy end. Keene is suspected of being complicit till he and Kaylee have a dueling telepaths contest. Zuzu shows up at the end, sniffing out her gang leader.
Date September 22, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

Bars are closing soon enough, and people are departing, have departed. A night of boozing it up, partying, more boozing, more partying, hooking up. Old Lucy's is no different save that it's cleared out a bit sooner than others and stragglers are straggling out, trying to wring every last drop out of their drinks.

Most of the bartenders are gone, it's literally skeleton, with Abby, Natalie and whomever is left in the bar. Natalie washes the floor, the water wooshing across the floor of it's own seeming accord with no mop to direct it only the movement of Natalie's hand. "350 in tips today" She calls out to Abby who's at the first till and counting out the money. "That's a really good pull for you tonight" The newly made redhead points out as she looks up to see who all is left. Till's closed, no ones getting anymore drinks.

"Think I've had enough anyway." Thalia says and grins as she downs her last shot and slams it on the bar. "Thanks ladies." She calls as she begins to place her leather jacket on, hair is thrown out of the jacket and the woman places a pretty big tip on the bar, for Abby or Natalie, whomever.

Baby blue eyes are scanning the bar as she begins to make her way out.

Curfew doesn't seem to matter much, in Keene's mind at the very least; not tonight. He sits, upon one of those bolted stools at the bar, and slowly bleeding dry a simple gin and tonic. He hasn't been here long, having slipt into the establisment during the last stretch of curfew, and having ordered only the one drink. The same drink that he seems to be toying with, still. There isn't much of it gone from the glass, which may imply he hadn't dropped in for the purpose of catching a buzz, as others might. Though, his sobriety in no way making in superlative to the other customers in the way of high moral ground.

Regularly, Keene makes an effort to turn his gaze either way; toward the entrance, or in ward in regard of the others that remain. His focus trains to some longer than others, but, like clockwork he looks away once more after a maximum of five seconds. An avoidance of staring, and maybe drawing attention. He's been silent since his arrival, aside from the ordering of his current drink. When he did talk though, his voice had been low, and tone just as much; not a local accent of any sort, but not foreign either.

It's been a good night for Kaylee, visiting Old Lucy's again after a few months away. She even felt well enough to get up on the bar with the girls again. So considering how things have been, it's been one of her better night. The distraction was needed, so there is a small grin on the blond telepath's lips. "Thank for letting me just let loose tonight, Abigail." She watches Thalia get up to leave and smirks. She hadn't tried talking to the woman tonight, even though she did recognize her from the park.

Kaylee slides off the stool as well, shrugging into her worn leather jacket and reaching down to snatch up her motorcycle helmet with one hand , she lets it dangle at her side as she starts for the door. "Bye girls!" She calls out happily enough you'd think she'd had been drinking, which she hasn't.. only soda's for this one.

Pushing open the door she catches sight of someone lingering… She frowns a bit at something, and her eyes narrow for a moment, then she lets the door shut again, but Kaylee stays inside. That was interesting.

Abby's a keen observer. Too much stuff has happened and behavior like Keene's sends up warnings. Bouncers had been told to keep an eye on him. "Thalia, you don't have to take off. You'll be owning part of this place soon enough, might as well stick around and start earning your salary" The hundreds are tucked into the bank bag and noted, as is Kaylee's. "Bye Kay! Come arond again soon!" Cause it's been too long. Glad you could dance on the bar. The look on the womans face isn't noticed, too busy counting out the next denomination in bells and keeping an eye on Keene. God please don't be some ass who's keen on causing trouble. Or kidnapping someone. I'd love a month Lord, in which something bad doens't happen to my bar, in my bar or at my bar. Natalie just waves, gathering the water up with her ability and letting the sphere of muddy dirty water flow back into it's bucket.

Outside, there's a van, white - they're always white - with five men in it. Waiting, waiting for the right moment.

What appears to be a swig, though closer in truth to a sip. Keene is, at first, not in any hurry. He looks about as before, and lets his gaze settle on Kaylee (a stranger, to him) for a little longer than usual with the crowd. Unusual, the option to stay - uncommon, but not absurd - and it draws his curiosity (both to her, and what might be the cause). It wasn't the kind of abnormal he came out to find (as far as he knows), but it does the job to temporarily draw his attention. He lets the gin and tonic keep to the bar for now, shying away from the partaking of his chosen beverage as distracted. In all of this, he fails to notice the bouncers watching him. He isn't exactly in the know as to what is outside. He hasn't observed it, himself.

Keene groans softly, in rising from his seat. A motion that allows him to stretch some, as he's been on his ass for awhile now. He forces his focus away from Kaylee, and makes not for the exit, but the washroom instead, the one marked to the proper gender. His pace isn't anything that wound resemble a need to get there quick, and maybe even reminiscent to the speed at which he had been drinking.

The young woman grins at Abby and winks. "I'll come and help tomorrow, this guy. Wants help with his car tonight, don't ask. He must be a vampire." She chuckles and waves to Abby and the other bartenders that are left as she exits the bar.

Moments later a loud motorcycle can be heard roaring through the streets.

The shadow of a bird crosses the facade of the building, just some evening finch or perhaps an owl passing through the city before a streetlight, no doubt. There is no bird to match the shadow, but it's doubtful anyone will notice that. Mingling into the darkness that edges the building near the door, it's soon out of sight.

Kaylee shakes herself out of her thoughts, as Thalia leaves, and backs up a few. She turns around, with a glance over she shoulder and moves to one of the bouncers, whispering. "Lock the door." That doesn't always stop bad people.. if those are bad people. But the thought she caught worries her. Her biker boots thud on the floor as she passes Natalie and the ball of scuzzy water, and sidles up to the bar across from Abigail. Leaning across if she gives her a 'look', "Not sure this is your month to ask the Lord that, might try next month.." She murmurs at the bar owner, glancing over her shoulder again, hoping the bouncer does as she asks. She could have pushed her to do it, but she decided against it. "…cause, not to try and freak you out, I think trouble might be about to knock."

Troubles already knocking, in fact, trouble is heading up to the door. The bouncer strides toward the door with a look to Abby and waiting for instructions from the red head.

Instructions that will frankly likely never come from the religious woman as she stops counting mid bills and regards Kaylee. "Pardon?" It's spoken at the same time that the door is kicked open, spiderweb cracks forming on the glass and five men pile into the bar with weapons in hand. The ball of dirty water hits the floor and bucket with a splash as Natalie holds her hands up. Abigail and the bouncer freeze in their motions weapons pointed at everyone in the bar.

"HANDS UP!" the lights from the bar still move this way and that, music playing a little louder than the near empty bar should have the music turned up with a lack of body's to deflect the sound and scatter it. "HANDS UP!"
Keene pages: They're armed with guns?
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Keene pushes his way into the washroom. His stay within is relatively short, however, as he isn't aiming to take up use of either stall or toiler; no, he makes right for the sink. First, it's a soaping and rinsing of his already clean hands, followed by a splash of water to his face. A late night refresher, as sleep really isn't in the cards all to soon for him. His gaze shifts to the mirror, and looking into it, he pauses. He raises his right hand to assess the abundance of stubble upon his face, by touch. He'd need a shave, or maybe not. Only a temporary distraction, as he fishes a bottle of aspirin from his pants pocket, producing a couple tablets, and popping them into his mouth; washing them down with a handful of tap water. One last look over of himself in the mirror, and a drying of his face with paper towel (discarded as swiftly as it was taken). All set.

He misses Kaylee's activities in doing all of this, not that he'd have heard her if he had stayed with the secretive way that she had gone about things. He opens the door out from the washroom, only a touch, before the shouted voice over the music reaches his ears. He slips back into the washroom fully and pauses as he had with the mirror, only to groan once more and shake his head. He moves to the paper towel dispenser and takes a few sheets. Off from his wrist goes his watch, and from a rear pocket goes his wallet, into the collection of paper towels. He crumples it all together until neither the wallet or watch can be seen, and tosses the collection into the trash.

Considering doing the same with his switchblade, he opts against it and once more makes to the door. He cracks it open, and watches for now. Assessing just what is going down, in order to decide just what he'll be doing next. Likely nothing, if they're merely after bar cash, unless something interesting catches his eye that is. The sort of unusual he was out to find tonight.

Well, well, isn't this an interesting bunch heading into the club. The shadow before the threshold stills, a carpet of darkness that they tread upon, and then flows upwards over the door's framee like the smooth shifting of an object before a street lamp, slipping into the room after the gunmen and trailing after them along the ceiling. Of course, there aren't usually shadows on the ceiling, but who's going to notice that amongst a bunch of people waving weapons around?

"Shit…" murmurs Kaylee, her eyes closing for a moment, before she turns around with a sigh lifting her hands, leaving her helmet on the bar. "Can't say I didn't try." She says softly, her eyes landing on each gun wielding man in turn. Her eyes narrow, a small smile on her lips, the call of temptation. It would be too easy to push the thought into one of their heads. It would be Pinehearst all over again. She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, shoving the thought out of her mind. No no… Not going to happen. Too much temptation. But she watches them, just in case.

Abigail puts her money down back in the till, letting her hands go up as instructed. "Hey now, listen, you don't want to do this. Why don't you just turn around and walk back out. I really don't want anyone hurt and there's been enough disheartening stuff happened here the last little while. Turn aroudn, leave and we won't report you"

The men split up, moving to the various people still in the bar, hand up with gun and plain canvas bags in hand. "Shut the fuck up. Get us the money from the tills and give us your wallets and everyone will be okay. Do you understand me?" The hooded man, the leader it seems in his black jacket - much like his other counterparts. One seems to be a woman from the build. "Now!"

Natalie looks over to Abigail, a questioning look in her eyes. None of the staff carry weapons and the shotgun behind the bar is just out of reach from both women. There's a jut of Abby's chin for Natalie to open the other till and start gathering money. "Kaylee, can you help me with the money? Third till there, just hit 89267, and it'll pop the till open. See sir, we're getting you the money, just please don't shoot anyone" A glance towards the bathroom door is given and a flaring of the defunct healers nostrils. God damnit. Must be with them. Heavens we didn't need this.

From inside the washroom, Keene does not cower, he merely observes. As for how this would play out, he could only assume the usual. He could only assume the mundane. In focusing upon the assortment of gunmen, and those held at their point, he misses the odd fluctuation of shadow into the room. He currently holds no plans on busting out, and merely waits in seeing things through for now. Something about bringing a knife to a gun fight. Though, he could easily call such a blade his favored weapon.

His focus shifts onto the more talkative of the gunmen, and there is stays. It could be deemed staring, when really it would appear that he's looking /through/ the gunman. A thoughtful look, something to show that his mind may just be elsewhere; in truth, within the mind of another. Half a second later, the life returns to his eyes, and his gaze wanders once more; primarily to the other present gunmen. Nothing about him shows worry, though the fact that he has yet to exit the washroom might show caution, or even fuel paranoia in others.

A shadow flits, brief, across the mirror behind the bar. Must have been a bulb flickering.

A moment later, a quiet voice murmurs in the subtle shadows formed by the fall of the proprietor's dyed hair, whispering reassurance, "Just give them what they want, then get everyone under cover, Abigail."

There is a short nod to Abby as she asks for assistance, she refuses to turn her back to the men. So she makes her way behind the bar, hands raised still. She watches them carefully, her eyes on the leader mostly. When she gets the till she punches the numbers, and it opens. Only then does she take the money out and carries it over to the owner leaning over the bar to set the money out. When she straightens she whispers. "They just want the money.." Her hands are raised again. "I don't think they will hurt anyone." She glances out of the corner of her eye at the woman beside her, she doesn't hear the shadow whisper. She she does also glance at the bathroom, her eyes narrow a bit.. Keene might even feel the brush of another telepath, but then Kaylee focuses on the gunmen again.

"Wallets too!" Not that the employee's have their wallets on them. But a couple of the customers are digging out their wallets as Natalie and Abby add to the pile of cash on the bar. It's a bar and while some people run up tabs, generally and usually, money is the preferred payment method of choice. There's a glance around, looking up, left, right Abigail looking for some indication of where Cardinal is but not seeing any she'll trust that he's near. "There's the money. Just please, take it, and leave" acknowledging Kaylee with a glance and a question as to how the woman knows this.

"Jewelry! all of you too, hurry hurry!" Natalie's cash adds to the pile and the blonde steps back. The puddle of dirty floorwater vibrates, ripples sent out as the water controlling woman is nervous with the guns pointed in her face.

One of the lackey starts to gather the money while the bouncer is peeling off her rings and and necklace, abby taking off her cross. Time ticks by and the leader is getting nervous, his hand resettling on the gun over and over. "Behind the bar guys, when you're done giving them your stuff. Please just.." A glance to Kaylee then the bathroom and then back to the gunmen. "Just don't shoot anyone okay? Please"

Despite the aspirin, Keene cringes as he catches Kaylee's attention (if only for that moment), only for the pain to pass once more seconds afterward. The pain is nothing new, but the feeling that comes with it is alien to him; even if he is as of yet unable to guess the source. A cause for concern, maybe even greater to him than the gunmen should be, if only because he doesn't understand it. Nothing to do about such yet, though, as the current situation restricts him from doing anything beyond the sane and in mind of survival.

From where he stands, he would not notice the water, if he'd even have been looking at it. Not one of the many things drawing his attention in the room; though it would have been, had he been in know of just what was maniplulating it and how. He chooses to remain, remain in watching, and remain with the more expensive of his items wrapped in paper towel and hidden away in the trash (aside from his switchblade, which is still kept within its rightful pocket). Silent observation on his part would remain the action of choice.

As the money and the jewelry is connected, shadow spreads across the floor as if someone'd toppled over a container of ink upon its surface; tendrils of inky obtenebration peeling outward like a web under the gunmens' feet, spreading wider and wider to encompass the area they're standing upon. No attempt is made to draw attention to it yet, at least not on the part of the amorphous entity itself, the shadows kept fairly faint and shallow for the moment. Waiting for the girls to be out of the line of fire, perhaps.

Thank God she's not wearing that necklace Adam gave her. It's what Kaylee's thinking as she fishes out her cash and tossing it on the pile. Guess there is something good about the fact she can't seem to get it back from Brian. She stands by Abigail, catching the question in the woman's eye. Kaylee's voice drifts through Abigail's mind, it's tinny and hollow but it's her. «We all have our secrets.» Blue eyes glances at her, before looking at the men on the other side of the bar. «I'm listening to them.» Not her normal practice, but the situation calls for it. Her eyes especially focus on the leader, they narrow ever so slightly.

THey're satisfied, for the most part oblivious to the spreading shadow beneath their feet in part due to how easily everyone is giving up stuff. Money stuffed into the bags, wallets, jewelry, even going so far as to take the tip jar much to the sound of horror coming out of natalie's voice and the obvious ripple that the mopwater gives, rising up for a moment, then splashing back down.

Leader man is happy, easily told by the smug mental smile. Fucking taking candy from a baby, I told them this.

"Thank you kindly, for your lack of resistance. Ladies, have a good day. Hope to see you again" The four start backing away, not showing anyone their backs and the leader gives a salute with his gun. Abigail just scowls, when all is said and done and the moment everything's taken she's tugging folks to get down behind the bar. Richard's here. He's planning something. Talking to Telepaths apparently, doens't phase the woman. "Get down" whispered to everyone as she gets behind the bar.

Beyond the surface thoughts he had stolen, Keene does not peer any deeper into the minds of the gunmen. From what he gathered, he must see no reason to on his own part. No connections to either side keeps him just as he likes to situations such as this, indifferent. Though, there is a matter of curiosity as to how things turn out. Beyond the feeling that he had gotten moments before, he has yet to have reason to believe the assorted folk to be any different than the rest of the mundane majority. Which, in turn, makes it a considerably chunk less interesting to him, than it could be.

From his position, he's a little lax on the whole plan; but maybe that's on purpose given his position as an outsider to the robbed here. He keeps at the door in watching of the leave, showing no reason to be concerned for the allocation of shadow here. He'd wait until all was well before planning to fish his valuables from the trash, and until than would just watch.

"Pardon me, gentlemen… but you might want to look down."

The voice is a hollow, raspy echo of a voice that rises from beneath the gunmen as they start to back away. In the empty bar, the acoustics carry it well, ringing eerily off the corners of the room in the strange intonation of subtle vibrations turned to speech. The shadowy web swirls into a near pitch-blackness as it coils about their feet, darkening their footwear to the ankle and clinging despite their movements, as if the light simply had ceased to be cast there upon the floor.

"I'm giving you to the count of five to drop the ladies' valuables and get the hell out of this bar, and then I'm just going to kill all of you. One. Two…"

Brows furrow at the womans thoughts, Who? A quick dip into the bar owners head and her brows lift. Oh… him… the Computer Illiterate Bad Ass. When she hears the voice her eyes drop down to their feet, blond brow shoot up high. Holy Crap. She looks highly amused, she looks up at the leader. She half chuckles as she says, her ability pushing the thought to comply into his head, "«I'd do what he says. Sounds awfully serious.»" She almost forgets to duck, as she glances back down at the pool of shadow, at least until someone tugs her down. Once she's behind the bar, she grins at Abigail. "That.. is cool." She wants to watch, but she can survive getting shot like Adam.


One gun goes off, bullet embedding itself in the door of the bathroom that Keene is hiding in when one of the more easily spooked guys gets just that - spooked - by Cardinal's antics. The leader looks down with wide eyes at the spreading shadow, taking a few steps back. Only to swivel his gaze up at the sound of Kaylee in his head. "Fucking hell" He stammers as those with him start to panic. It was supposed to be in, then out and instead. Instead he's dropping the bags and bolting for the door, soon the others do the same, running hell bent for the door they came in.

Abigail looks over at Kaylee, brow raised. "Cool? This is cool?"

Now this, is what he came for. An ability, sure enough, and such seems to peek Keene's attention. He doesn't exit the washroom, not with the shadows across the floor, and merely observes the extent of this act put before him. He doesn't have a care as to how the robbers end up, though, would be vastly entertained by an example of this ability in further use, or the source of it; if the source was someone he had seen within the establishment beforehand. Yes, he'd considered closing himself away in the washroom; but that would mean missing this, and he doesn't want that.

He doesn't want that until the first round hits the door, that is. There is a jolt of the door against Keene's arm (with a groan of pain from the male telepath), though since the bullet hadn't gone through there is no splintering or shrapenal on his side. A moment of silence (concerning gunshots) to follow is enough for him to take another peek. The retreating robbers. He makes for the trash, and fishes out the paper towels containing his goods. The watch goes back on his wrist, and wallet back on his pocket before the paper towels go back into the trash. An assessment of the situation. He'd need to exit sooner or later, so he chooses sooner. He opens the door to the washroom, and steps out no less calm that he had been in entrance. His peripheral vision to the shadows of the room, though not his focus, not to be caught searching. He'd make back to his chosen drink, as if nothing had happened.

"//Yes! Run, fools! Run, or I will peel the flesh from your bones and suckle the marrow— //"

As they crash into the door and stumble outwards, the shadow ripples back across the floor like a river of blackness, spilling in a reverse-waterfall up the side of the bar to stretch across its surface in a darkened patch. In a rather more normal and almost conversational voice, Cardinal asks, "You girls all right back there? Sorry for the little show, I figured that getting dramatic on them would probably get them out've here without a fight."

Kaylee gives Abigail an amused look, "The robbery, no.. him, yes." She motions with a jerk of her thumb to where the pool of darkness is on the other side of the bar. Curiosity gets the better of the blonde telepath and she moves to crane her neck to look over the top of the bar, look of satisfaction as they seem to be fleeing.

Once they are out the door, Kaylee is on her feet with a smirk. "Nice job there. Impressive show." She glances over as Keene steps out of the bathroom, she gives him a suspicious look. "Go figure.." She murmurs, disappears when the going gets bad.

Success, Abigail peers over the bar, despite the gunshot that echoed out. Fleeing men and through the door the squeal of van tires. Abject relief on the redheads face. "Oh thank the lord on high Richard" SHe's talking to the waterfall of shadow. THe movement from Keene though and how easily he goes back to his drink. He part of them Kaylee? THe customer not quite evil eye'd but she's wary, cautious. "You okay sir?" Even as Natalie is running to scoop up the fallen bag of money and such.

Keene is still adjusting his watch by the time he reaches his former seat, and settles in once more; taking his drink in hand and sipping from it. This time actually drinking of the beverage. He has no reason to delay the action any further, as he'd seen what he'd been looking for, and such, in the most simplest definition, is: an ability. He looks to the shadow from which the latest voice came, though in seeing no given form returns his focus to his drink. Still silent, and not bothering to explain himself to Kaylee.

Gin and tonic, is of what he partakes, and while he does so slowly, it is at a considerably quickened pace. His focus is taken from his own thoughts and drink when Abby makes her inquiry, though, and as such, his gaze goes to her. He offers neither smile nor frown, and tilts his head before starting. "No holes, no scrapes. And don't worry, I'm not going to sue for therapy fees," he answers in the same soft voice he had ordered the drink with, long before. His gaze keeps to her though, as he awaits whether or not the statement will be accepted as a viable answer.

A midnight-black hand emerges from the shadow, followed by the rest of Richard Cardinal; fading slowly from shadow to full colour as he steps out of the bar, or so it appears, the last of his shadow lingering behind him as if he was any other man. "Good thing I was coming by to see how you were doing," he murmurs, reaching in under his jacket to pull out his pistol; flicking off the safety just in case with a suspicious glance to the door. "You should ask the security guy to set you up with some bulletproof glass for that door."

The unknown man's considered after a moment, and he lifts his chin in an easy nod, "Good thing you didn't see anything, huh. In the bathroom the whole time, were you?"

"I dunno.. could ask." Kaylee says to nothing, though her answer is for Abigail. "Don't think so though." Keene can feel the presence of that telepath again, brush really… grabbing for those surface thoughts. His answer too Abigail gets a grin and a shake of her head. "Your a fun one, ain't you?" She glances at Cardinal and arches a brow.

"That's a relief Sir" He's going to want to put in a snake pit for sure now. I should have had him do down here when I had him doing upstairs" Cardinal peeling from the shadows again doesn't phase Abby as she takes the bag of money from Natalie with a thank you. The blonde bartender is still shaken and it takes a few tries to gather up the water with her ability from off the floor, and direct it back into the bucket with some movements of her hand. She'll count her money later when she's in the back room and the bouncer isn't trying to take it from her hands and unearth everyones wallet and jewelry.

"I was doing good. I guess I have something to thank the lord for this evening, though, yeah, now I'm gonna get him to improve down here" Abigail looks oddly relieved that money and the like weren't made off with.

"I don't know whether to call the cops or not. Lord on High, where'd the bullet hit?"

A new addition to the room, though a familiar voice. Keene doesn't turn to face Cardinal from where he sits, right away. His peripheral vision catches the gun though, and that's reason enough for attention to be payed in that direction for at least a moment. He tilts his head sideways so that he may look over his shoulder, toward Cardinal. His vision goes out of focus for a moment, and returns to the norm without much transition between the two, and in this Kaylee's brush for surface thoughts, she may just pick up Cardinal's instead (…hopefully this guy knows what's good for him. I don't want to bring the cops down on Abigail's head on this. Christ, I don't have time for little shit like this, I have too much business to do and too few people to do it for me right now…). At this moment, it seems he has his answer. "Was there something to see?" he inquires in return, though maybe it's a rhetorical question.

With that having been said, he looks back across the bar once more and to the woman he had answered just before, and at Kaylee in picking up notice of her participation in the conversation. Another question (as to the bullet's location), though not pointed at him, he answers, "Door." With a final swig - an actual swig - he finishes up the drink, before leaning back some. The glass left on the bar. He'd paid when he had gotten the drink, of course, so there's no worries as to that in his rise from the seat once more. Perhaps about ready to get going, at the mention of cops.

"I try," Cardinal quips lightly to the question from Kaylee, although his humor seems to be in thin supply tonight. The one man unknown in the room is given a wry if slightly tired smile, his head bobbing in an agreeable nod to the rhetorical question. Right answer, and didn't miss a beat. The mention of the cops is waved off, the man dropping down to rest on one of the bar stools, "No, no, no need to call the cops. They're gone, no harm done— they won't be back, either. Natalie, beautiful, relax, you're gonna be just fine…"

Then a look back to Keene as he rises, asking casually, "Didn't catch your name, my good man."

The repeat of Richard's thoughts through the other man really grabs Kaylee's attention. "I wouldn't worry about it Abigail.." Kaylee murmurs, sounding a bit distracted as she watches the other telepath. "I'd keep the cops out of it.. Since well.. How do you explain them fleeing from a shadow man." She grins at the red head, before looking back at Keene. An idea crosses her mind and Keene gets to hear Kaylee's curious thoughts, «I hope your not leaving yet… and I hope to hell your not a part of the group that just left?» Even as she says out loud, "I don't get the impression he was involved with them."

Natalie slants a look at Richard but nods. The man seems to be a regular and soon enough the water is cleaned up and she, along with the bucket, are heading into the back to dump it all. Whatever Kaylee says seems to put Abigail at ease mostly and while she believes Kaylee that the guy wasn't involved in that, his general demeanor all night still left much to be desired and she murmurs as such to Cardinal. Something about sipping his drink all night and watching everything.

On his feet, Keene straightens out his suit jacket some. A look to the chair, the typical sort to make sure no change or wallet has fallen out onto it. Not even Cardinal's latest question breaks him from this routine. He does give a answer to said question, though. "I didn't give it," he states, all too calmly. An answer, in itself, not really answering anything at all. As Kaylee's thoughts are projected into Keene's mind, he cringes as he had with the first brushing. An alien feeling, and he doesn't seem to enjoy it.

He pauses to look at her too, maybe as cause of this. His eyes don't go out of focus as they had before though. What he does do, is offer a smile to counter his previous cringe; a show of comfort maybe, or lack of worry. Either way, the smile is gone a second later. Though he had appeared to be on his way out, something seems to provoke his stay. "You going to be closed for a couple days? Clean up?" he inquires, without looking away from Kaylee just yet.

A quiet chuckle stirs itself past Richard Cardinal's lips at the observation, and he tips his head in a slight nod to the other man. "As you like, then. Change your mind about being nameless, well, the good ladies here can always take a message for me," he replies, after leaning back up from listening to the low words of Abigail, his gaze drifting to size the other man up appraisingly.

«Ah ha… Gotcha.» Kaylee looks a touch smug as Keene looks her way. There is no shying away from his look, in fact, her eyes narrow a bit. She leans forward a bit, resting her hands on the bartop, not paying attention to the others. «Who are you?» She doesn't push him in anyway to answer or even stay, she's not using that part of her ability nor does he dig for the answers. No… this is Kaylee being polite.

"We'll be open tomorrow, same time. I'm not gonna let some boys with guns keep us closed. Won't be the first time someone tries to stir up trouble here" Mind you, between now and then there just might be some added security and the shotgun moved a bit closer to the cash register. Abigail glances to Kaylee, and then to Keene, all eyes seeming to focus on the other man. "Need me to call you a taxi?" Kaylee? Whats up with him?

«One gun, another behind the bar. It didn't come out for the robbers. One gun?» It's a thought that keeps while Kaylee is projecting her thoughts, and perhaps reading his own. Keene isn't communicating in return, not in the telepathic way, projecting his own thoughts, no, he's just thinking and speaking his answers. «In the scheme of things? Nobody.» is his thought answer to Kaylee. Followed by more surface thoughts he might not have been inclined to share, «One hostage. Bullet shield. …No. Bullets aren't the worst of it. If they want to kill me, they can try.» With that paranoid preperation out of the way, he settles plainly in place, no longer cringing with the thought intrusions even if they do pain him.

He hadn't really understood Cardinal's statement, sure, but he remains keeping his name squared away somewhere deeper in his mind for now. Back to Abby, his gaze goes. "No need," he states as to the offered taxi. His gaze switches back to Kaylee, and among his thoughts he gives another freely. «Anything else?»

"Won't be the last, either, I'm afraid." A fold of Cardinal's arms rest down against the countertop, his head tilting back and then rolling slowly until two of his vertebrae pop in rapid successioncrack, snapand he winces, relieved despite the pain of some amount of tension. "So, Abigail, anyway… everything going all right?" So casual a shift in subject, perhaps deciding that the other man's not a severe hazard to anyone present.

The mans thoughts, actually make Kaylee gives a short laugh, she ignores any glances that might get from the others. That smug little smile there. «A hostage? Why would you need that?» She tilts her head a bit. «Who would want to kill you? Not us… » Her mind slips from his finally, as her brows arches, she leave the impression she'll be watching for him… she finds him curious indeed. Then she turns to the others, but giving a flick of her hand at Keene, as if saying.. 'You may go.' Back turned to him, her eyes clamp shut agaisnt the dull ache in her head. "Abigail? Can I get a bottle of water? Then I'll get out of your hair." She works on removing the bottle of pain killers in her pocket.

"Same old same old Richard" Abigail mutters, a frown to the door, a wave of her hand to Keene and a glance to said shotgun in question. Guess i should put shells in it too there's a mental sigh. The cross is not just for looks it seems. "Sure Kay" crouching to get the bottle of water as the bouncer comes from the back to presumably see Keene out the door. The redheaded owner takes a deep breath while down, work at calming her heart from it's quick staccato rhythm before up she rises to pass over the bottle. "Why, you bored and looking for something to do?"

«Not yet» is Keene's final thought offered in his own head before he's a closed book. He offers a smile all around to those left within the room. "Have a nice night," he states plainly, in seemingly good nature before adjusting his suit collar. He ignores the presence of the bouncer, and makes for and through the door (in it's current state). Not a single look back as his hands find his pockets once free of the establishment. As for names: Richard, Abigail, and Kay would work for now. Especially with the common location for the whole lot.

Once on the street, he takes a left turn. He'd came from the opposite direction though, before. His peripheral vision overactive for now, watching the shadows, waiting for one to move abnormally. He's not about to go out to flag down a taxi, or slip into the nearest alleyway. He'd be walking for awhile, with a lot of variation to his route, and never in a straight line for long.

"Actually," Cardinal admits with a slight shake of his head, "I know you know a lot of people… I need some— recruits, to help with my work. I was hoping that maybe you could recommend someone, or if not at least keep an eye out. I know a lot've Evos pass through here, after all." One hand lifts, scratching at his cheek before he turns just a bit, watching Keene as he heads out towards the door, gaze hooding in thoughtful consideration. He'll have to check into the man. Just in case he's a threat. Or useful.

"Thanks," Kaylee murmurs, glancing at the door. Tossing the pill in her mouth, she takes the bottle and turns to glance at the door as it closes. She glances at Cardinal for a moment before looking at Abigail. « That guys deal?» She finally answers her after the pain killer is taken. «He seems to be a telepath.» She makes her away out from behind the bar, grabbing her motorcycle helmet. "I'll get out of your hair, Abigail. I'll visit again. Promise." She gives the bartop a pat. "I miss it sometimes. Biddy's gets rather dull in comparison."
"Oh" Abigail furrows her brows then nods. "Hey uhh.. Caliban was in here a few weeks ago. Linderman rep. He asked me a favor too. SAid to pass along that if things got heated between Linderman Group and the Triad, to be careful. You be careful out there okay? Don't.. don't get hurt. I agreed that if i'd help with any innocents that got caught in the crossfire" She's certain there will be some. "But that was all I was going to help. He asked that I pass the warning on though. You do the same?"

Her hand reaches over to settle on Richards. The past few months have brought more active efforts made at physical contact with others. So used to touching others to heal and now that she didn't, she found the need to. Make herself do it. "Oh, that thing with the white stuff? Laudani swears I won't need to wor-" Cut to Abigail looking at Kaylee with wide eyes. "You're shitting me…." A glance towards the door that Keene left through and a purse of lips. "Fabulous. Take care Kaylee, don't be a stranger"

"I'll be careful," Cardinal lies, but it's a gentle lie, and she knows he's lying, he knows he's lying. It's just one of those lies that you tell at times like this. A turn of his hand curls his fingers with her own in a brief squeeze, a reassuring smile flashed before he turns a bit towards Kaylee, both brows raising in bemusement. "Hm? Did I miss something there…?"

"No shitting you there.. Scouts honor. " Kaylee flashes the red head a grin, raising her hand like she's taking an oath. Giving Cardinal a wink. "Nice seeing you again…" A wave to the other girls, Kaylee makes her way out of the bar, pulling her helmet on, before the door shuts behind her.

A very tired sigh, and abigail's leaning against the bar to rub her face with her palms as Kaylee takes off. Only when the door closes behind her does she speak up to Richard, the two of them alone in the bar. "Telepaths. The both of them. Her and the guy. Kaylee was talking to him" Because wouldn't you know it, this is the bar for evolveds to hang out it seems. "What exactly is your little group trying to do Richard, and is there any way that I can help out with it? I mean, I can spare a few hours during the day and weekends"

"Is she, now… Biddy's, that's Monroe's territory…" A loose tap-tap-tap of Cardinal's fingertips on the bar's surface, and then he looks back to the proprietor with a gentle, sympathetic gaze. "Bullshit, you're exhausted to the point of collapse. I'm not dragging you into all of this… insanity, Abigail, not again. You don't deserve that."

'Wait, she's working at Biddy's" and then yet another newsflash. "Adam opened a bar?" Because really, how many monroes in their small social circle can there really be? "I am not exhausted Richard. I'm not asking to jump in up to my neck. I'm asking if there's some small.. part… that I can play"

She looks up. "I don't have a gift anymore Richard and right now, unless I find another one of Francois's journals, i'm likely never to find out how to get it back from Flint and .. I miss.. being exhausted. I miss.. I miss running into the fires of hell to help people"

"I don't know if he owns it or not, I just know that's his group's little…" Those drumming fingers pause, lifting in a vague gesture before falling in a rhythmic beat back down to the bar's counter, "…hangout, or whatever it is." Cardinal lifts his gaze back to her face then, considering her for a long moment before quirking a faint smile.

"You don't want to talk to me for that, Abigail," he says quietly, "Whatever I'm doing… I don't know how much of it's going to be helping people. I don't think you'd approve of a lot of it. I need to take over where Edward left off, and you know what—kinds of decisions that means."

Ah. Her face falls, just a little. "I understand" Not that helping the ferryman wasn't good enough. It kept her busy. "Don't worry. It won't kill me to not be exhausted. As tonight has proven, I only need to come downstairs" She's still a bit shaken up over that. "I'll keep ane ye out, for any evolveds who might fit your merry band Richard"
Kaylee has left.

As her expression falls, Cardinal's own does as well; his head dropping a bit, eyes closing as he murmurs, "I wish I was the hero you seem to think I am, Abigail." A breath's exhaled, and he leans back, fingers raking back through his hair, "I'll let you know if there's anything… you can help with. You could throw in some help with Shard's little 'Save Staten' project? He's doing a lot of feeding the hungry and signing autorgraphs and— something, hell if I know what he hopes to accomplish."

"Everyones a hero in some way Richard. Some just in not so obvious ways and silently. Others, very publicly" But this save Staten thing. There's a grimace of distaste across her face. "I'll leave that to this… shard person. I just go there to hit up the garden and see how it's going and if they need anything" Both of them are likely to ever forget why she doesn't care much for staten. "Speaking of which. His name is Scotch McCoy. Pastor Scotch McCoy. He's at the Lutheran church there, but he's a baptist. He uhh.. he might come in handy if you gotta be off the island right quick. He teleports. Don't know if he can take others with him, but if you need something passed there quick, just.. seek him out"

Hey, it was worth a try. Logan's not there anymore, after all. Sometimes you have to prod the scars to see if they still hurt. Richard tilts his head a little to one side, "A baptist teleporter, hm? I'll keep it in mind…" A faint smile, and he offers his hand over, palm up, "…you could help clean up our new headquarters, too, if you really wanted to. It's a bit of a dump."

"Just ignore the sulphur smell. try and ignore the sulphur smell that he leaves behind when he does it. Heavens it's unnerving" Mind you, she's only heard the pop and smelt the smell once. She glances to the door then over to Richard at his offter. Cleaning. Cleaning she can do and out comes the smile. "Have bucket, will travel!"

The room's mostly empty, so Richard admits, "We're holed up at the old Phoenix base down in the ruins— not sure if you were ever there, it's in the old library. You know, the famous one with the lions? Well— lion, the other got nuked to slag…"

"I know it" Abigail nods. "Sylar tried to take my ability on christmas eve not far from there. Careful though, it's watched, last I knew." She pats his hand again, a glance to her till's and a sigh. "I so need Alec to do something, set something up in case this happens, ever again"

"Gabriel…" Richard's lips purse in a tighter line for a moment, before he turns to look towards the door once more. "Bulletproof glass, better locks, and security cameras, I'd say… he can set up the cameras so they can be wiped instantly if there's an issue. Maybe you could hire Jessica as a bouncer, she could use an outlet right now…"
"Didn't know she was looking for a job…" Camera they have, two of them, main bar and just outside the door, easily seen, But the glass. "send her down, I miss Niki working here frankly. I'll stop by the library and bring some stuff to clean with" She's gotten it habitable before, she can do it again. "There should be an infirmary in there that just needs supplies. I should know, I set it up"

She notices the purse of the lips. "That was a long time ago and I've forgiven him. Forgiven him that." She forgives nearly everyone. "Sooo, unless you wanna help me count the till safely, I suggest you take off. Unless you DO want to stick around and then I can stuff you full of blueberry muffins upstairs?"

"I don't know if she is. I… haven't seen Niki at all," observes Cardinal by way of subtle warning, his head shaking tightly, "If I don't find a way to give her a shot at Linderman soon, I don't know what she'll fucking do." A pause, "Yeah, I saw the infirmary area… you want to help set it up again? I'd appreciate it. Hell, I don't have a medic at all, I have to call Flint if I need a bullet dealt with…"

He hesitates, then pushes himself up to his feet, "I suppose I could stick around for a couple muffins. Not much more I can do tonight anyway."

She could do it. Could be the stopgap till Flint is called in. Not like she doesn't live close enough. But Abigail leaves it unspoken. Cardinal has made his opinion clear and for once - for once - she won't push it. The bag of money is pushed over while Abigail set in to the computerized cash registers. "You start counting, I need to tally and get the total since all the cash registers were emptied into the one bag. After that, we'll lock up, and then muffins."

The last time they'd discussed this, she hadn't wanted any more involvement in this sort of thing— so she couldn't be made to talk about it, she said. Cardinal's just worried that she'l lose the normal life she'd wanted so badly, especially with all the schooling weighing on her! It all goes unsaid, however, as he reaches up to take hold of the bag of money. Wry, his tone, "You realize you're having a career criminal count your daily take."

"There was a time when you took money out of my lock box so that I could pay my rent while a psycho was cutting out my tongue Richard" She points out. "And I wasn't here to stop you if you wan off with it. I'm pretty sure that you won't do it to me to my face here"

"You're ruining my reputation," Cardinal's tongue clicks to the roof of his mouth as he starts spreading out the cash, one bill atop the other. About half way through, he allows, "We really could use the help setting things up, I just… don't want you getting involved with anything you're uncomfortable with. I'm going to be killing people, you know that."

Yeah, there's Cardinal's little apprentice shadow. Zuzu and CinderEdmund are at the door,the girl peeking around the edge like a child playing hide and seek. More playful than really wary, though.

"Same deal I had with Phoenix Richard. Don't tell me what you're doing, call me when folks are hurt and need patching. That way I can remain as ignorant as possible" She couldn't throw a stone, she'd killed someone before and it was pre-meditated. "What do you know about Peter Petrelli of late?" The shadow at the door catches her attention and the red head stiffens after tapping the screen on the first computer.

"I can do that." Cardinal's chin dips in a slight nod, and then he hesitates at the question, "…Petrelli? Why do you ask? I've never formally met him." Just grabbed a syringe out of his hand and left him to die. Sadly, he didn't have the good sense to do so. The redhead's sudden stiffening brings him to turning, looking towards the door and starting to reach for his—

— oh. "Hey, Zu. C'mon in, I'll introduce you."

The teenager beams, and bustles in. She's got a dark gray messenger bag over her shoulder, and from under its flap peers a little gray dog. Some bizarre hybrid of chihuahua and who knows what. It blinks up at Abby, offers a little whimper. "Hey," she says, cheerfully. "How's tricks?"

"Someone you know. Looks like she fell out of a costume shop for goths…" spoken low enough for the girl to not hear before giving her assent for the girl to come in. "Hey" The dog is eye'd and for a brief shining moment, she almost gets it some water in a bowl right away. Almost.

"This is Zuleyka," Cardinal offers with a quiet chuckle, "Zu, this is Abigail, she's a friend of mine. I think the dog's named Cinderella." The man turns back to counting bills, admitting, "She used to stay at the old Lighthouse, but after the little accident— well, she stays with us now."

"CinderEdmund. He's a boy," Zu corrects, amiably. She offers a hand. She may look gothy, but apparently she doesn't do the dark and brooding thing.

Abby's hand comes out to shake Zu's. "Abby, Nun, Abigail" Her cross is on the counter, spilled from the bag and she has yet to put it back on. "Owner of the bar. I've… seen you before…." Abigail frowns, trying to place it. "Heavens.. where have I seen you be.." Abigail eye's widen and she looks over to Richard. "The heck was Fedor doing bringing a kid on the helicopter?"

"She's better with a machine gun than I am," Cardinal replies absently, sliding a stack of bills over to the other side of the bar without looking up, "There's another thousand."

"Nun?" Zu echoes, brows climbing. Her tone is not mocking. Just curious. "And I was what they had," she adds, with a touch of pardonable pride.
"She's the one that shot me" Abigail gives a small laugh. "Nun. My nickname from working here. Richard can tell you some time why" The thousand is swept off, and a new money bag for the bank unsealed so it can go in. TOngihts take will likely be screwed up, "Just missed the attempted robbery. They didn't count on richard lingering around and about"

"I carried you after you got shot, didn't I?" Cardinal rolls his eyes, reaching over for the next pile of cash before noting, "Abigail's going to be helping us set up the infirmary, Zu. She apparently set up the old one, so…"

The girl's gray eyes get huge, and she chokes on her own breath, apparently. "I….wha?" she says, oh so intelligently, and then she dives forward to take Abby's hand in hers. "I'm so sorry. It was my first engagement!" Like she's talking about a debutante ball, instead of bloody combat.

Okay, she wasn't expecting that. Not the grabbing of the hands and the apology. Abby had meant it as a joke, and to bring down her stress level. "Keep her Richard, I like her. She's the best one so far" Abby twists her hands to take Zu's in hers. "It's okay. Really. It was like, the second time i'd been shot. It didn't last long, I healed myself a few days later. You had not.. too much control over the bullets. But you came to save me and for that, for that act alone, I love you very much and you can keep your sorry"

A smile crooks to Cardinal's lips as he finishes up the counting, shuffling the last pile of bills together and sliding it over—turning to regard the pair, he admits, "She's a tough girl. She'll make some poor bastard terribly happy some day. At least he'd better be, or I'll have to shoot him."

Oh, she's forgiven. Because, despite all that thousand yard stare and her crazy adolescence, she's still only seventeen. Zu bounces on her toes. "Oh, good," she says, and sweeps Abby into a hug. Edmund whimpers in protest as he's squoze between them.

Abby concaves her shoulders to make room for the poor dog and she looks over at Richard with raised brows. But she hugs back, gingerly, then releases so she can shovels the money in. They've made far much more than that in credit, but the cash still has to be dealt with.

"All is forgiven, it was a long time ago. Richard, grab Zu, head upstairs, I need to lock up and I'll be with you in a minute. You can introduce her to Pila and Scarlett"

The embrace between the two garners a grin from Cardinal, and he pushes himself up to his feet. "C'mon, let's go upstairs, kiddo," he invites, circling the counter and heading for the entrance to the upstairs floors.

"Nice place you have here," chirups Zu, disposed to be charitable. Even though as a (really) lapsed Muslim, she's got no basis of comparison.

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