Run Isis Run


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Scene Title Run Isis Run
Synopsis Ash decides to get himself and Isis out of the house for a change, taking her on a date that only turns into one large mess of a blast from the past.
Date June 28,2009

Old Lucy's

Ash leads the way into the bar with his hand on Isis' own gloved one, pulling her along gently. "Manged to come by a bit of money so figured I'd bring you out like I promised I wouldn" He looks over his shoulder to wink at her before turning his eyes back in front of him and looking around for an empty table. He spots one and makes his way towards it, barely managing to avoid smacking into a waitress, a deep chuckle escaping him. "Need to watch where I'm going."

Isis chuckles softly, the tone tinted with a slight anxiety. She moves carefully at her lover's side, her tanktop making their outing a precarious little trip. She nearly jumps out of her skin as Ash almost collides with the waitress. "Oh! 'Scuse us." She flashes a hurried smile to the woman before making a bee line for the table. She folds into the seat, turning her dark gaze towards Ash. "It's nice to get out," she remarks with a more easy expression.

Ash pulls Isis into the booth with him rather than letting her sit in the booth opposite, wnating the woman close to him. "Drinks first then?" He smiles, in a good mood tonight from all appearances. He lifts a hand to hail a waitress, grimacing when the one he nearly crashed into holds up a one minute finger. He looks back to the woman sitting next to him and chuckles. "Guess I should look out a bit better, and yeah, it's better than being cooped up inside all the time." He leans in to hug her carefully, very careful to avoid skin contact.

Isis finds herself grinning at the prospect of drinks, and even more so at the irony of the waitress serving them. She manages to tense only slightly at the public display of affection, leaning herself in awkwardly, and yet gently, towards the warmth of her lover's strong build before straightening up in her seat. She does make some effort to breach her own boundaries, though, moving to rest a gloved hand on Ash's thigh as they chat. "Hey, it's not my fault you're all sorts of trouble," she teases.

Ash notices the tenseness in Isis' body and it causes a frown to flicker over his features, but he doesn't comment on it, nor does he make any kind of indication that he noticed it. "Hey now. I do believe you're the one always causing problems missy." He smirks at her before looking up sheepishly to the waitress that steps up to the table. "Ummm, whiskey, six shots?" He looks to Iris then and then back to the woman, making sure it's okay with both females. "And a medium rare burger for me, not sure what she's having…" He murmurs in regards to Isis' order.

Isis lofts a brow at the hefty order of drinks, only to culminate her expression with an agreeable nod. She turns her attention to the waitress. "Chili-cheese fries, please." With that the waitress is off, fishing up their order. Isis turns back to her lover and leaning back at an angle to give Ash a playfully scrutinizing look. "I dare say - are you trying to get me intoxicated, Mister?"

Ash looks down with mock afront, a hand going to his chest. "Why me? Try to get you drunk? Why… I never young miss, how dare you accuse me of such a thing. Yes, yes I am." Me grins cheekily at her, the corners of his mouth curled up, exposing his teeth a touch. The waitress moves off, having taken the orders, and it's at that point that a very very familiar face drops down into the booth across from Ash, and Ash's eyes go very very wide, his face paling a little bit. "Hey… John.." He murmurs to the man. This man simply tilts his head at Ash, a very curious look to his eyes, but no words are spoken yet oddly.

The little redhead flashes a most enticing, devillishly sweet smirk. She begins to tuck her boots up under her, leaning in the booth to impart some delicious whisper at her lover's ear… only to have the mood shattered by the sudden expression clinging to Ash's features. She furrows her brows and looks sharply over to the man across from them. "John?" She looks from the stranger, to her lover, and back again. Her bitterness and sharp tongue are reigned in, seeing as her companion knows the man. Instead of the usual nasty remark she might have voice, she offers instead a tentative, curious, "Hello."

John leans back in his seat slowly, his hands resting on the tabletop in front of him, his thick fingers drumming on the surface of the table. The man is a bit pudgy, a bit out of shape, but it's obvious he was onece in extremely good shape by the sheer build of his frame. His voice is a deep bass when he speaks, tinged with a heavy italian accent. "Ashley… when did you get out of prison?" The man's lower jaw works a little bit, teeth grinding as he waits for a reply.

Ash turns to look at Isis with a slight nod of his head. "Yeah… this is the man that… got me my in in the street fights I told you about baby.." He turns his eyes abck to John and sighs softly, his face still pale. "I got off early on good behavior John, surprised you didn't hear about it…" The waitress comes over, hesitating a moment as she sees another person. She sets down the shots of whiskey and then scampers off seeing the tension at the table. John reaches out and slides two of the shots towards himself, Ash not making any motion to stop him.

Isis watches the exchange with unbroken attention. For once she does not appear anxious, instead her entire presence bristles with a certain annoyance. She narrows her eyes as she watches the man pull away two shots. She inclines her chin so that, despite her short height, she is watching the larger man down the bridge of her tiny, button nose. "Pleasure to meet you, /John/," she remarks with a certain presence, a protective hostility to her tone. She reaches out and pushes two shots towards her lover and claims the last for herself, earnestly picking up one such and tipping it back without hesitation.

John turns his dark brown eyes on Isis when she gets her snarky little tone with him. "Woman's got spirit I see. Might have to see how long that spirit would hold up. What do you think Ash? Will you borrow me your little hooker for a night?" He smirks, a confident, arrogant smirk that makes you just want to smack it off of his face. "Why didn't you tell me you were out Ash. YOu know I had alot riding on you when you get sent to Eastern. You get out, and have obviously been out for a bit and you don't tell me? Why is that? Hiding something Ashley James Williams?" The man's voice is ice cold, this is the kind of man that would kill because someone is annoying him.

Ash growls low in his throat at the hooker comment, leaning forwards across the table. "Don't touch her John. You do and I will break your fucking neck, do you hear me?" His voice is hard, cold, just like John's, an icy edge to it to leave no doubt what will happen if he pushes that particular subject. "I'm trying to turn myself around John, be legitamite yah know? I'm now allowed to have a normal life? I earned you alot of money, and myself alot of money, but that part of my life is over now."

"You couldn't pay me enough," Isis mummbles, her gaze pointedly traveling up and down the sleezeball to embellish her statement. After that, however, and the tone in which Ash deliver's his protective little statement, Isis leans back. She tucks herself in at Ash's side, wrapping an arm smoothly into the crook of his elbow and laying her cheek against the shirt on his bicep. It's amazing how the depths of those warm, chocolate-hued eyes can suddenly bear such unbridgled coldness, as if the flick of a switch had created an entirely untouchable woman of the little redhead. Despite her coldness, though, she seems otherwise unphased. She draws her second shot nearer with her free hand, twisting it idly in her fingers as she listens.

John gives a light and airy little chuckle, seemingly rather amused as he lifts a shot glass up and knocks back the shot, setting the glass down almost daintily with his very thick fingers. His eyes turn towards Ash, and a sick and very evil smile spreads over the mans face. "You'd never have spoken to me lik ethat before Ashley… care for the little whench do you?" He turns his eyes towards Isis slowly, "So, what does my Ashley here have that attracts you so? And how much would it take to get you in my bed for a night?" He turns his amused and cold eyes back towards Ash, watching him for his reaction.

Ash is barely holding his anger in check right now, and it's obvious to Isis with her curled up against him like that. "What do you want John? What is it that you want from me to leave me alone? And if you say Isis I'll knock your teeth down your throat, and you know I'm capable of it." His chest is swelling out rapidly and he lifts his first shot as well, knocking it back, clacking the glass down on the table top. "I want you to leave John, and I want you to leave now."

Isis sighs slowly, expelling her anger in a smooth breath. A curious serinity comes over her. This is what she lived for for some many years. The little redhead straightens slowly, those pale lips turning up at their soft corners. Her eyes trained on John, she carefully takes Ash by the wrist, lifting his arm up over her. In one fluid motion, taking advantage of her slight frame, she slides herself into Ash's lap, her slender legs stretched out along the booth. She lowers her lover's arm back around her shapely hips and cants her head to the side, a few wild curls dancing in front of the woman's suddenly bright and vivaciious, dark gaze. "John, was it?" She grins and licks at her lips. Belittling people. Battle of wits, though this one was too easy. Ash could surely feel her heart racing. "I'm sure you can't compete with one of the many things that keeps me interested in Ash here." She drops her gaze to the table, as if she could see through it to the Johnny boys crotch beneath, only to look back up with a quick wink.

John laughs loudly, a few people nearby perking up and peering over at the booth. He leans back as Isis gives her little show of getting into Ash's lap and his head shakes in a slow manner. He lifts a hand, rubbing it back across his balding head slowly. "You see Isis, I don't care about the size of Ash's package. But I can give you things he's never been able to even dream about." He turns his eyes towards Ash, and it becomes pretty obvious that this is more about driving Ash to fury than about getting the girl, though he'd obviously take the chance if it was given. "Now now little girl, hush yourself so the men can talk."

Ash shakes his head, though he does shift a bit beneeath Isis as she crawls into his lap. "Come on babe, if he's going to stay here we're leaving." he looks to the waitress as he begins to slide out of the booth, taking Isis with him as he settles to his feet, reaching over to knock back his second drink. "Here miss." he hands the woman enough to cover the drinks and the food they ordered. "Just take the food home or something, sorry." He turns and begins shuffling Isis towards the door, whispering to her softly. "Come on. This isn't the kind of guy to tangle with. He's dangerous."

"What?!" Thankfully Ash is already hurrying Isis out by the time people turn around the try and determine the point of her little outburst. Apparently the man had not only found a way to get under Ash's skin, but Isis's as well. She looks up at Ash, blinking in surprise as she is shuffled off, her thoughts nearly boiling at the mere mention that was a woman she was something less than a man. "Ash. Ash. Stop. Stop. This was supposed to be our night out, don't let him ruin it." Her boots slide a bit as she's lead to the door, flashing the waitress an apologetic smile along the way.

Ash shakes his head rapidly as John's very loud laughter follows them both out. "No, not stopping. He ruined it already. We'll find somewhere else to eat." He sighs heavily, very angry right now, but also not at all happy about being forced out of the establishment. "Come on, lets just go. We'll get a pizza somewhere."

As Ash hurries Isis out John slides from his seat, looking to the waitress with a cold gleam in his eyes, a gaze that promises things… things the waitress wants no part of and she scampers away accordingly. John though, is following the pair towards the doors.

The little redhead offers a quiet sigh and nods, stopping the shuffling of her boots by falling into step as she's lead by her lover. She's actually oblivious to the large man following them, turning her attention over the the necessary caution she must given when shifting through the crowd of people, carefully keeping her exposed flesh from innocent passersby.

Ash continues to lead the little woman with him out of the place and onto the street, ducking her away from people to protect both her and the people from her touch. His attention just happens to flicker back towards Old Lucy's and he sees John coming out, and turning along the sidewalk to follow them. "Fuck… fuck fuck fuck…" he swallows hard and looks down at his little redhead. "Come on… we gotta lose him." He turns and cuts into an alley, guiding her along with him to cut through it and try to find a good avenue of escape.

"Ash?" A note of worry tickles at Isis's alto tones, turned uneasy by her lover's words. She wraps her hand tighter in his, the thud of her boots picking up an earnest pace to match Ash's own longer stride and hurried steps. "I'm sorry," she mumbles. She truly hadn't meant to compound the problem.

Ash shakes his head rapidly to Isis's statement, his eyes flickering behind him. "Don't be sorry Isis… just… if I tell you to run then run got it?" He leads her through the alley fast, only to stop when a couple of large obvious -muscle- types step into the light at the end of the alley. He stops, and turns, looking behind him to see John stepping into the alley with two more guys behind him. "You always were predictable Ash. Survival… you're like a wild fucking animal. The first route of escape is what you take. Whether it's violence or running, it's always the first option available." He laughs loudly as he moves into the alley towards Ash and his partner.

Isis's boots hiss as her steps falter along the concrete. She offers no reply to Ash's demands, only hurrying to glance down towards the maw of the alley, now echoing the sound of John's bitter words and blocked off by the boulder of his large form. The little redhead risks a quick glance up to Ash's features, dark gaze shining from beneath the fan of her lashes and a few errant, crimson curls. She seeks the details hidden in his expression as she begins to pry off her gloves behind the small of her back.

Ash shakes his head when he sees Isis prying off her gloves like that. "You're going to run. Isis… please… run." He looks down into her eyes then, his face going stern. "He's not going to kill me, that much I can promise. He wants me to fight for him again, so he won't kill me. You he might not give a shit about. So run when I tell you to run." He turns then and nudges the redhead towards thh two guys at the end of the alley before he takes off running towards them, barreling at olympic speeds. "Run!" He shouts to Isis before he slings his body into the two, crashing both of them to the ground with him, the three ending up in a heap with Ash throwing good solid elbows and knees into the mix, earning grunts of pain from the two guys. He gets up and looks to his lover to make sure she's running.

"But, Ash, I could…" Isis fails to finish her statement as her partner takes off towards the pair of goons at the opposite end of the alley. Her heart forces a fresh dose of adrenaline searing through her veins as she glances back to John a last time, creasing her lower lip beneath her teeth. She takes only a single step toward the head hauncho of this operation before her shoulders slump and she wheels around, running in the instructed direction. She slips throw the fray and continues on a few paces before stopping to turn around and watch from a distance, her eyes trained on Ash. "Come on!"

Ash puts a knee into the neck of one of the goons, hard, hard enough to leave the man choking and gasping for breath. Then a equally hard kick to the side of the head of the other one, putting them both very effectively out of the situation. A look is darted over his shoulder towards John and his other two goons. John though has stopped and is just laughing at the sight of Ash having annihilated two of his rather hefty goons within a matter of seconds. Ash swears loudly as he realizes that was John's intent the entire time. Ash growls, but hops up and takes off running, and running hard. He catches Isis quickly, and then of all things he scoops her up and keeps running, carrying the redhead like she weights next to nothing, his feet hitting the ground wiht a rapid series of thuds.

"Ash!" The man's name is sharp bark as Isis's slender form is tossed up and over her partner's shoulder. She braces her hands to his back, popping up her head to flip back the curtain of her wild curls and fix her dark gaze on the retreating view of John and his other thugs. She lifts a tiny hand, carefully as she's jostled about, and flips off the trio before giving a little groan as she tries to look back and see where they are headed.

Ash takes off like a bat out of hell, and he proves the adage too. He doesn't stop for about four blocks, and only after ducking in to a little corner shop, his chest heaving and his eys wild, adrenaline pounding through his body and through his blood. He lifts his eyes to Isis, strained with the effort of running so far so fast and carrying her right after taking down those two men. But it only takes a few moments before he's calming, his breathing heading back towards normal. "You.. okay?"

Isis gives a little wiggle, seeking to be put back to her own feet. She looks down to meet Ash's gaze though, taking a moment to brush her palms wildly across the mess of her tussled hair. "I'm fine. Confused… But, fine." She grunts, her brows knitting a bit nearer to one another as she looks over Ash. "Are you alright?" She's obviously searching for any signs of harm to her partner, tipping her head this way and that.

Ash breathes in slowly, then lets it out again as he nods his head. "I'm okay. I'll have a few bruises, but for the most part I'm fine." He closes his eyes and steps in close to Isis, arms sliding around her waist to hug you close to him. "I'm… sorry about that." he murmurs, then lets her go, stepping back and offering a soft smile. "Was kind of a rush though."

Isis shakes her head slowly, inclining her chin as her lover steps forward. "Rush?" The corner of her lips tilt up in a slight smirk. "If you're sure you alright… I think I've had enough excitement for one night." She finally takes a deep breath, soothing her frayed nerves as she tugs her satin gloves back on before slipping one small hand into Ash's own.

Ash looks across the street, and a big grin parts his lips as he shakes his head. "Pizza parlor. You stay here, I'll get a supreme to go?" He shifts, moving out of the shop and jogging across the street, heading into the pizza shop to order a pizza. It's a busy one, so they have some ready, still piping hot. He comes out only a few minutes later with a nice big box and hurries back over to the redhead. "Now we can go home. I have to at least feed you on our first actual date."

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