Ryazan Ironworks
Ryazan Ironworks
Owner Grigori Zhukovsky
Employees Unknown
Hours of Operation Unknown
Current Status Open for Business/Closed to the Public

Ryazan Ironworks sits at the end of a long gravel road through a forest of thinning trees several miles outside Ryazan's city limits. The factory overlooks a section of the Oka River, frozen over in the winter, and is fashioned from wrought iron and vibrant red brick that has lost little of its colour over the years in spite of the harsh climate that Russia is known for.

The property itself is surrounded by an electric fence some twenty feet high, though it's impossible to know whether or not a current runs through the mesh without risking a shock; would-be trespassers will just have to trust the sign hanging from the gates, the largest warning written primarily in the Cyrillic alphabet, though several translations in additional languages are provided below for those who do not read Russian.

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