Ryazan Kremlin
Ryazan Kremlin
Hours of Operation Dawn to Dusk
Current Status Normal Operation
People Come Here For… Sightseeing, Government Work

The Ryazan Kremlin is not just one building, or two, but an unwalled complex of several, together showcasing Russian architecture across time — from the 15th century to the 19th, with the castle proper harboring some elements built as long ago as the 12th century. It isn't a castle as Western Europeans would judge — a short, nearly square edifice of red brick accented in white edging, crowned by four gold-speckled, sky-blue onion domes (one to each corner), and a fifth, larger orb of gold. In an ostentatious display of faith's fervor, each dome is surmounted by its own cross — and most of the multitude of buildings surrounding the Kremlin are of religious nature, include the one whose golden spire surpasses the Kremlin's height. The Archangel Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, the Belfry, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the Epiphany Church — they are myriad.

The grounds of the Ryazan Kremlin are also home to the Museum of Local Lore and the State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve; along with the sights of the Kremlin itself, these are certain draws for tourists. However, the Ryazan Kremlin is also the heart of its city, the center of politics, bureaucracy, and everything that keeps civilization running on a day-to-day basis.

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