Ryans, The Sperm Donor


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Scene Title Ryans, The Sperm Donor
Synopsis These Ryans family reunions never seem to go right.. and daddy Ryans needs to stay away from women.
Date December 5, 2010

K Studios- Russo's Office

She didn't get much sleep last night. Nope, she didn't. After meeting the handsome Astor and closing up the store. She took to running around the neighborhood a few times and working out before finally passing out in the wee hours in the morning. Meaning.. she got about three hours of sleep before she woke up and dashed out the door. She had errands to run today before heading into work at Lexi's shop.

Dressed in a pair of dark jeans that are tucked into a pair of dark brown cowboy boots, along with a deep, red long sleeved shirt that peeks out from underneath her black pea coat that has a high collar, buttoned up all the way. Her light grey eyes are covered by a pair of nice looking Ray Bans. Lucille enters K Studios and looks around. She's looking for someone.. that TV guy..

Boots make an audible clicking noise as she walks, she isn't really trying to be stealthy right now. One hand holding a now empty cup of coffee that she throws in the nearest trash can as she walks by and the other toys with the silver locket around her neck before she stops herself and lets it dangle free around her neck. She has to remember Lola's lesson about showing thieves what you have.

Lucille Ryans blinks as she pushes the Ray Bans to perch on top of her dark hair, which is currently let loose to fall to just about her shoulders. She's a woman on a mission, it's time to get some answers.

Coffee. Russo has resorted to coffee. This whole bandwagon thing isn't exactly going well for him, and it's been approximately twenty-four hours since he verbalized it to someone. He desperately needs to get to a meeting, he's more than aware. He leans against one of the many hall walls of K Studio. Shy of his office. Shy of Kristen's office…. secretly hiding from a certain person. Dirk. He hates that guy.

He lingers around the corner a moment longer peeking back to see if the assistant is done riding his scooter (aren't those for ten year olds and teenage girls?) down the hall. Brad brings his coffee to his lips and shakes his head, where's a camera when you need one?

A glance is given the other way, and the host catches Lucille in his vision, drawing a skeptically arched eyebrow. All things considered he appears casual today: jeans, and a green sweater (it had been Lina's favourite), but he's still that enigmatic television host of the Advocate, drinking coffee. Avoiding someone…

Her eyes travel around the hallway and then she blinks. Oh come on, this is too easy. Lu raises an eyebrow at Russo's arched eyebrow and she makes her way over to him. One hand in the pocket of her pea coat as she let's the other swing free. She's not sure how to go about this, but he might know something important. Something that could help Delia. "You're Bradley Russo right?" she tilts her head, a few strands of dark hair fall into her grey eyes. She doesn't really follow his show that much, but she did happen to catch it, that day..

"I.." she pauses for a second. She doesn't want to come off as a complete crazy.. but.. whatever. "You mentioned my sister on your show." She says with a furrow of her eyebrows and she looks around the hallway. Her hand coming back up to toy with her locket. Nervous habit.

"My name is Lucille, Lucille Ryans." She says her name softly, she hasn't said her last name aloud.. since she was on the run in Europe. It's just been Lucille, she's been afraid that someone that works for the government and knows about her will come looking if all of a sudden, the name Ryans started going around.

Lucille's approach draws a haphazard smile to Russo's features, especially when she mentions his name. There are too many crazy-crazies that come by the studio looking for him , it's the nature of what he does—keeping them at bay can sometimes be characterized as a full-time job. The mention of Delia, however, melts that haphazard smile, and tugs on his eyebrows. His forehead creases, his eyes squint, and he actually frowns. His eyes move down the hall, to where Dirk had been, to see it now empty. With a slight nod of his head, he silently directs her to follow him, back towards his office.

Once the pair are both safely within its walls with the door closed behind them, he silently motions she have a seat on one of two comfortable-looking easy chairs in front of a coffee table.

He opens his mouth to speak, and takes a deep breath, only to close it moments later. This happens three times before he finally manages. "You don't look a thing alike," there's a twitch in his smile, a nervous tick of sorts. "Have you heard from Delia? I've been… " worried, if he's honest. Instead he opts for, "…unsettled. I've seen her more than once. She's in trouble, isn't she? Is it Pollepel? Dammit, I should've worked harder for a way to keep contact…"

Though she doesn't know the man, she quietly follows him into his office and then takes a seat. Crossing her feet at her ankles, she lays her hands on her stomach and studies the blonde man. He seems very nervous.. she blinks and chuckles a bit. "I guess I look more like mom, minus the hair. Dad and Del are like twins." Her grey eyes flash for a moment while she thinks back to her father and Delia. She misses them so much, but.. she had to come back to the city.

Leaning forward as she begins to speak, Lucille takes her sunglasses and slips them into her coat pocket. "You've seen her? How is she?" Lu's asks in a firm tone. She hasn't met anyone that's seen her in dreams yet? "Wait.. how do you know about the island..?" she tilts her head at the man before shaking her head.

"Delia is in a coma. She was wandering around in someone's head and somehow got lost. Now.. we're all trying to get her back to her body." She says softly and her eyebrow furrow. It upsets her to talk about it, she wants to blame herself but she knows that there is nothing she could have done.

Ruffling the back of her head, she gives Russo an inquisitive look. "Just.. how do you know my sister?" Were they dating before she got with Jaiden? Is he an old friend? Delia has never mentioned him.. not that they were really having girly gossips sessions as of late before she got lost in other people's dreams.

"She's… she's Delia. She was strong and tried to help me in my own subconscious," Brad clears his throat as if this explains everything. "Look, I don't know her well, but I know she cares about people. She asked for my help. Wants me to find her. SO I mentioned it on the show. I know everyone is in hiding or something," his hands are raised into the air for dramatic emphasis, thereby acknowledging the weight of the situation. "But I was worried. I didn't know what was going on. And when I saw her? Delia wasn't either, she thought wherever we were was real… like she was lost in the dream…."

His lips press together as he blinks hard around the news the redhead is in a coma. FInally, he sinks into an easy chair, his hands press firmly to a forehead, eliciting one thought: he needs a drink. There's a tremor in his hands as he shoves them back into his pockets and he leans back in the chair and closes his eyes. This wasn't the family reunion he'd had in mind. Not by a long stretch.

Finally he sits up to make eye contact with Lucille. "Look. I care about Delia; she needs to be okay. We… we rocked out karaoke. THen we met again in Vietnam. She's one of those people who sticks with you and I'm trying…" he shakes his head, it's too much info for a first meeting.

He forces himself to a standing position and paces the room. His sobriety is new. It's tenuous. Some information needs to be held closely. "I… I know Delia and I care because…" he holds up his hand, "Pleeeease don't tell your father, but I'm his son. I'm Delia's half-brother. And… your half-brother… I guess…"

Lost in the dream..? Is Delia going crazy?

"Karaoke? And you can still hear after her singing?" Luci chuckles at her sister's singing. Ahh, the days. "You time traveled too?" Lu blinks and rubs her forehead. This is going deeper than what she originally thought. "Well.. you can help us look for her then. I'm not sure how but.. you can help us look. I appreciate you wanting to help my sister, it means a lot."

He's a nice guy, she thinks as he continues to talk. Delia was nice to him, why wouldn't he want to help Delia? Then as his mouth continues to move and the word brother is uttered. It's like all the gravity in the room has left and Lucille is spinning, helpless to make herself stop. "..What?" she blinks and holds the arm of the chair before she leans over.

How could this happen? What does he mean? "Our half brother." She states in a hushed tone and she takes a few deep breaths. Her eyes beginning to water. This is a little too much for the sleep deprived woman. "But.. what do you mean? Are you sure? There's a girl named Keira, she thought our dad was her dad too but she ended up being our uncle really.." she trails off, shaking her head. Dad has a son?

"Wait.. why wouldn't you want him to know?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Delia is one of the best singers I'v ever heard," Brad counters with a flicker of a smile. "We seriously rocked that room. She has a bea-u-ti-ful voice," he's as tone-deaf as she is, so his entire framework doesn't really make sense. "Yeah… I time traveled. To help save my… my father." He cringes. "Look, I'm not used to this whole family thing. My mom wrote a letter to him… one she never sent… and I saw your dadour dadwhen he was just a young soldier in Vietnam. We looked… we looked the same. Look, you don't have to believe me. You can pretend I'm your cousin if it makes things easier, and I'm not looking for anything I just…" He frowns as he paces the room again. This is exactly the kind of conversation he was hoping to avoid when he'd told Delia the truth.

"This may seem odd, but my mom didn't want Benjamin to know I existed and she didn't want me to know he was my father. She purposely kept us apart. September Russo was an incredible judge of character, an amazing woman, and she genuinely went out of her way to do her best by me. I can't believe she wouldn't have done that for no reason. She didn't want me to get hurt like she was… She was the best, and I actually trust her judgment…" He shrugs, "I'm curious, but I… I'm not ready."

That's it, the two of them must most definitely be tone-deaf then. Lucille cracks a soft smile as she looks at Russo and then she's shaking her head. "Now, when did I say that it would be better to think of you as a cousin?" Lucille shakes her head again and stands, going to look out the window. "You're not looking for anything..? You don't want to know your family?" she says softly, a tear runs down her face before she quickly wipes it away. "I don't see why I wouldn't believe you, you'd have to be a sick fuck to make this up." She wills herself not to cry, even if this man is her brother.

A look is passed over her shoulder at Russo as he explains his mother's actions. "There could be a number of reasons why she didn't send the letter or tell you.." Parents do things that they think are protecting their children, but other times.. it winds up hurting them later. "Were.. were they having an affair?"

"Look.." she turns around and leans against the window. "I won't tell him. I promise." There she is, toying with that locket again. "But you have to understand. We all just got over this huge hump in our family that had to do with secrets, keeping things from one another." She blinks as she thinks back on her severe resentment she use to hold towards her father for lying to her all those years. But she had to let it go and she doesn't want to become a hypocrite. "So.. I won't pressure you. But.. if you could.." she trails off and tries to think of the right way to say this. "Just don't make me lie to my- our dad for too long, okay?" she tilts her head and walks up to Bradley, her eyes searching wide as she looks into his blue ones.

A hand comes up to touch Bradley on the cheek as she stares at him. "I guess.. I guess you do look a like. I didn't see it.. but then again.. I never would have thought you could exist. A child her father had without her mother. She hopes.. that this wasn't the result of an affair. But maybe her dad got someone pregnant before he met her mother. Maybe. "Do you want to take a DNA test, to be sure?" she says awkwardly, she's not sure how to proceed with this and plus.. her hand is still on his cheek. She's not sure what to do with it, so she then quickly retracts it and closes her eyes. "Sorry.

"No. No affair. They were engaged." Brad shrugs as his face contorts into a small scowl. Whether Lucille believes it or not, Brad feels moderately insulted on behalf of his own mother— God rest her soul. He cringes at the notion of telling Ben at all. "Look, I don't know you well but I need time on this one. My life is something of an instability. Everything in flux and if I'm honest, I'm a mess in the flux. I'm not doing well with the flux, and I've never done well with the flux."

He frowns again as he rolls his eyes, "No. I don't need a DNA test. I'm not interested. Mom mentioned PrimaTech in her letter and said that Ben— " yup, that's what he calls Ryans, the sperm donor, "— that Ben didn't have time for her. She got hurt. She left him. That was the end of it. Also… when I met Ben… he vaguely mentioned my mother. Once upon a time he meant something to her at the very least…"

"I told you, I'm not going to pressure you okay? Calm down." She cracks a soft smile and then adds, "Russy." It's that or Ley, she's not sure which nickname she's gonna give him.. yet. He better hope it's just not Belinda or something. Lu looks up towards Russo and nods her head. "I didn't mean to offend.. but.."

"It's not like we know every bit of the story. And you probably won't know until you talk to dad." She notes the use of her father's first name. Would she expect any different? It's not like her dad raised Russo or anything, this man doesn't even know them really. "My dad didn't have time for a lot of people, sadly. It's a mistake he's gonna have to leave with for a while. A long while." Perhaps until he dies.

Shrugging her shoulders, Lucille places a hand on Russo's shoulder. "Hey.. this might sound stupid. But I kind of always wanted a brother."

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