Safe And Sound, If A Little Bruised


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Scene Title Safe and Sound, If A Little Bruised
Synopsis Abby and Nadira wake up from their quick evacuation from a party gone wrong.
Date December 24, 2010

Basement Apartment

It's difficult to say how long it's been since the events that took place at the Tavern on the Green, at least for those who experienced it. A few times awareness almost came, the sound of a moving vehicle, a soft voice. Between the sudden desire to curl up and sleep and any alcohol they may have drank, sleep may have lasted a handful of minutes, or much longer. It certainly seemed longer than it actually was.

It's warmth and the scent of plants that finally help pull them out of their slumber. The cushions under them are soft against bruised parts of their body. The handling may not have been rough, but stone can only succeed so much in being gentle. The table cloths have been abandoned on the floor, where their belongings have been set down, purses and other such things. A heavy quilt lays on top of them, trying to return some warmth they lost in those minutes of travel.

The room looks spacious, with one window high up on the wall, giving a feeling of a basement of some kind. Overhead lights are bright with added warmth, because they're lights specially designed for a small garden shelf near the wall. Flowers bloom as if it's not winter outside, confused as to the actual date, a tall figure stands in front of them, back to the cushioned couch the women find themselves on.

Dressed like a man, in slacks and a long dress jacket, dark in color, it's easy to make that assumption, but when the figure turns, blue eyes look toward the shifting, and the face with full lips and delicate features is female enough. Or an extremely pretty male. But Abigail recognizes her, from a chance encounter. That involved flowers and a carefully woven wreath.

"You are awake," she says, voice soft and calm, though definitely not the voice they'd heard earlier before unawareness took them.

She could sleep a little longer. Under the quilt, curled up on her side, shifting as if there is a way to get more comfortable than she already is. It's teh self awareness, eye's fluttering open to see unfamiliar walls and lights that have nothing to do with Pollepel or Redbird. It's why she freezes beneath the blanket, clamps her eyes shut once more then opens them a sliver, peering.

The voice though, the face. It's the woman from Queens, who had commented about sainthood. With an amount of wariness that's probably allowable given the situation, Abigail's carefully unfolding herself from under the covers, keeping her eye on Cash. 'Where am I?" It's asked of the woman quietly, looking for the other person that she knows she was taken with.

Nadira's a little more alarmed when she wakes up. As soon as she stirs into consciousness, she sits up straight, eyes scanning the room for a moment. She doesn't ask questions, she just looks… jumpy. She takes in the room, then Abby for a moment, and finally the other woman in the room.

"You are free to leave anytime that you wish. It is not past curfew yet, so you have plenty of time to get somewhere else," Cash explains calmly, without any sense of worry that they may do anything, but also looking as if she's attempting to soothe them. It's in the gestures that she makes with her hands, allowing them to see them, and that they are empty— not even a gardening tool. And also in the softness of her voice.

"I do apologize for bringing you here. This is my apartment, and the door is up there," she gestures to a set of stairs leading up. "It leads straight to the road, and you can call for a cab or a ride if you need one. I made sure that your belongings were secured as well."

"That was you?" Abigail has vague recollection of a person made of stone grabbing her, hoisting her before whatever made her fall asleep, knocked her out into lala land. 'Thank you" For many things, for her belongings, for getting her out of what had quickly turned into a real clusterfuck. "I think, I think I need to just sit for a few moments, if that's all the same to you. Get my bearings, wits back about me and all that" Plant her feet on the floor and look for her shoes. 'beautiful flowers"

"I need to check my phone," Nadira murmurs, crawling over towards the belongings and fishing for her phone. She scans the text message she finds there, blinking for a moment. "Griffin's safe…" She murmurs, then looks over towards their savior. "Thank you. It is very much appreciated. That could have been a lot worse than it was."

"Just as you can leave whenever you want, you may stay as long as you need," Cash says in quiet tones, finally moving from her original position to sit on one of the chairs against the wall. Most of the lamps to supply the flowers with artifical sunlight do not reach the rest of the room, but it certainly does a part in keeping it warm. Warmer than with the furnaces alone.

"My name is Deanna Cash," she adds, for Nadira's benifit more than the woman that recognizes her. "You are welcome." For once something finally breaks through the calm expressions. A small amount of relief. It doesn't last long.

"What happened back there? Do you know at all? Did Griffin make it away?" The last is answered by Nadia and that's a relief that he did. She'll have to check her own phone. She's beyond grateful that her personal things were collected too. "You knew this was going to happen?" She swivels a look to Deanna. "You knew federal agents were going to be there. You came for us?"

Nadira glances at the phone. "He says to stick with you, but I think that's just because he's worried." The Egyptian woman glances towards Cash and offers her a smile. "Nadira Karim. And I do thank you again."

"Not completely accurate. I did not know what was going to happen, but I saw you, and saw the same thing you saw happening, and knew what I needed to do," Cash explains in that same calm voice, folding her arms into her nicely dressed lap a bit. Most women at the party wore dresses, but she seems to perfer her slacks. "I work at the Corinthian Hotel and Casino," she explains, as if, perhaps, that explains everything.

"I knew you needed to get taken out— I am afraid I only took you along, Miss Karim, because you seemed to be with Mrs. Caliban." But perhaps the relief was in the fact the woman wasn't just a random bystander who got pulled down by the dark haired young woman.

"You know who I am" She had introduced herself as Martha to Cash. When Cash explains where she works she's puzzled. "I apologize, I never saw you before the other day in Queens, do you work for Robert?" She'd never heard of a woman with that name working in the offices. "She was with Griffin, I was getting her away from Griffin because the agents were coming for him." Nadira would have been fine probably, if she had remained behind. Abigail stretchs a fraction, looking around the room a bit more, taking in the plants, taking in the other woman. "Why? It's not like they knew I was there. I was hoping Robert might show up" But obviously he didn't. "They were coming for Griffin and not me, they think I'm still blonde and blue eyes"

Nadira looks back towards Abby. "They want you too?" She looks uncomfortable. "Griffin and I are dating. We were there on… business." She raises an eyebrow. "I just don't know how they knew we were going to be there."

"No, I do not work directly for your husband. I offically work in the Rose Garden," Cash explains, gesturing toward her own small garden of scented flowers as if to explain her profession with her displayed hobby as well. Oddly enough, the quilt they're curled up under seems to have been hand made as well, patchwork. Though it may have been purchased from a thrift store.

"Perhaps you would have avoided detection, but it was impossible to be sure once, if you would have been unconscious they may have found you. Your face is not as different as the rest of you. And in these days, suspicions can be enough to jepordize you." Calm is retained again, and she even seems to be smiling, gently. Just the smallest hint of one. "I do not know either, but they did. Maybe he was spotted by one of those working with security. Your boyfriend needs to be more careful in the future, as well as you, if you associate with him…" And then those gray-blue eyes settle on Abby specifically. "And you especially need to be careful. People would be… upset… if you disappeared."

"That the end goal" Abigail points out. "Disappear, but not by means of the institute or the government" Abigails looks to Nadira. "Long story short, somewhat. I think. I was told to run and I'm doing what they told me to. I've just had some delays" Abigail chafes her arms, not because she's cold but more to self comfort. "You're right though, brown hair won't protect me forever. But it'll do the job till I have what I need so that I can disappear on my own"

"Deanna why? Why did you do it? What motivation could you possibly have to help a stranger. You were willing to do it once and now this. How did you know me if you work in the rose garden and not actually near him?" Her hand spreads across the quilt, enjoying the feel of it if even unconsciously. Somewhere in an expensive condo is one of purple and green, made by her own mother. Spread across her bed.

"Well, I would ask what you had to do with Griffin, but…" Nadira says, glancing at Cash. "I'll let you chat." She murmurs, glancing at her phone as she attempts to text back a message.

This blanket is not purple and green, but more earthy. Browns, with touches of green and gray here and there. Planty designs. In fact much of the room seems to be earthy or gray in color. A very autumn-style feel.

"I do not think running is necessarily the best answer. Sometimes hiding in plain sight works, and you should do what makes you happiest. Running away may become as bad a prison for you as any dark hole they may decide to stick you in," Cash says calmly, before she straightens and walks over, offering a hand down to Abby, an offer of a hand up, "Even if I do not directly work for him, I do know who you are, and who you were. You were a good person, and I believe you still are. I can show you a place to clean up, some clothes to change into, if you wish." And at the same time it seems designed to take their conversation elsewhere. The texting is watched for a moment from the closer vantage point. "Perhaps you should go and see your boyfriend. I understand being worried about someone you love being in danger."

"Something other than a bright red dress that is very unpractical for the weather would be appreciated. SHe doens't know quite what prompts her to take the womans hand but she does, settling her own in Deanna's and using it to get help up from the couch. A little head rushy, shaking off the vestiges of Marie's ability. She too looks to Nadira and the cellphone. "Maybe you should go to Griffin, if you can find him. Make sure he's okay." God alone knows how many evenings she's spent cold in an alley, watching Robert arrive home. "He's probably worried about you nadira."

Nadira frowns. "It would do me little good. I don't know where he's at and he has likely ditched his phone at this point." She glances back towards the two. "He said he'd see me he can. Which means I get to wait by the phone, so to speak. He did suggest I stick with you, but… I think since we're out of danger that's not necessary."

"Very well. I was not expecting to have two house guests, but I think I have clothing for the both of you, at least," Cash says, squeezing Abby's hand in an attempt to offer some comfort, before she moves off with her toward a door, which she opens. "The bathroom is in there, a shower tub. You can clean up, I will find some clothing in your size." She looks over the younger woman with a keen eye. Pajamas and then something for wear home. "After she finishes, you can take a shower or bath," she adds to Nadira. "I'm afraid I only have one bed, but I can sleep on the couch tonight, if you both have no where else to go."

"That's alright, just a few minutes to clear my head and I will be out of your hair," Nadira comments. "I should be able to get home alright and Griffin knows where I live, should he be able to get back…"

"I can take the couch, don't worry. I've slept on worse the last while and I won't be cold, you take the bed since Nadira's gonna head on off home" Or somewhere. "I'll keep it quick, the shower, so I don't rightly take up all the hot water. Thank you Deanna, for your hospitality. It's greatly appreciated. Thank you again for getting us out of D'Sarthe's" Better alternative than having fallen asleep under the table. She lets go of Deanna's hand, heading to the indicated bathroom with a dip of her head to Nadira before closing the door behind her. Privacy.

There's a hesitation across Cash's face, as if the idea of letting Abby sleep on the couch doesn't exactly sit well with her. "Very well," is all she says outloud, as the woman in disguise disappears to get clean. Moving over to a small desk with a single chair, she scrawls something down, and the offers it to Nadira.

"The address, in case you need to call a cab or someone to pick you up." Or just to help figure out how to get home! Upper West Side, closer to Central Park, and not too far from the Corinthian, either. "It was nice to meet you, and Merry Christmas." Whether she celibrates it or not, it's polite to say it. "I'll go find some clothes, or at least a heavier coat," she adds, before disappearing into the bedroom, and the closet. To retrieve more weather sensable clothes. Parties don't make people dress for freezing temperatures often.

Nadira offers a small smile. "Merry Christmas." The hesitation is caught, however, and she glances to Cash as Abby disappears into the bathroom. "If you're more comfortable, I have a guest bedroom… one of you is welcome to use it."

"I'm good Nadira" Abigail calls through the door. 'Thank you though" She'll take Cash up on the couch by virtue of maybe, maybe, she might be able to get Abby into the corinthian safely, and help her meet up with her husband, or at least pass a note to him ina more personal manner and without needing to be vague. Or just a poem.

"No, I think we will manage, though, thank you," Cash says, as she returns with a good sized dark brown coat that the woman can wear, or and a stack of workable winter clothes in the other hand. One or the other. Or both. "I was glad to be able to help you, and I hope others will help you if this happens again, as well."

Cause the woman who can turn into a statue can't always be there to help.

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