Sage Advice


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Scene Title Sage Advice
Synopsis Magnes decides to talk to Colette about a potential problem, and Colette inadvertently reminds Magnes of something his father once said.
Date May 18, 2010

The Lighthouse

Insanity! That's clearly what's happening here, has to be. The children are occupied with their afternoon snack, rather, occupied with making it. Magnes taught them all about smores.

But that's not the insanity, he's been sitting in the living room, wondering what to do about Aaron, his vintage long-sleeved Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends shirt hanging over the waist of his blue jeans.

Aaron's insane and having hallucinations, Elaine is… well she's either having PMS or something's seriously strange going on, a hypothesis he's kept to himself to ensure his future of getting laid. "Alright, have to tell Colette!" he decides with a firm closing of his fist and an affirmative nod of his head.

"Have to tell me what?" Comes from halfway down the stairs as the aforementioned Colette starts making her way from the second floor, a hamper full of dirty laundry cradled in both arms and piled high. Sure, she's done eveyrone else's laundry over the last couple of weeks, but her and Tasha's room has looked like a textile landmine went off.

It's still strange, getting accustomed to her renewed lack of depth perception. With her right eye once again blinded, she's been taking time getting used to having to concentrate more than normal when doing something as simple as reaching for a glass. The last few days have proven to be difficult but familiar territory. "Did Lance do something again? I swear if he took all the lint out of the dryer trap and put it in my shoes again I will bury him." All that sharpness said with a mildly teasing tone as Colette makes her way over to where Magnes is seated on the sofa, bending over to set the hamper down at her feet, then tucks her hands into the back pockets of her jeans as she watches Magnes, one brow raised.

"I remember when I had one eye, but I had my ability to fall back on." Magnes isn't entirely sure how Colette's works, so just assumes she's having a hard time. When she mentions Lance, he just shakes his head and hits play on the remote to turn the Futurama DVD on again. Super King! "Aaron's, uh, hallucinating. He thinks Peyton is here, he was seeing her in the kitchen, and she wasn't there, not invisible or anything, she just was not there, then he freaked out and left the kitchen."


The name draws a look from Colette that implies both recognition and surprise. More so than Peyton's appearance though is the fact that Aaron thought she was there. Grimacing slightly, Colette's brows furrow and she moves to settle down on the arm of the sofa, one foot still on the ground, hands folded in her lap. There's a look up and down Magnes, silent as it is, then just a nod of her head.

"Well… two things, I guess," Colette's lips purse, brows furrow and she looks up to the ceiling. "Is Aaron lookin' sick at all? 'Cause hallucinations are like, numero-dos sign of having the Five-Ten, which would suck but I think everyone else here is innoculated for it…" though Colette isn't, and that tiny little knot of worry at the back of her mind hangs there.

"Um," mismatched eyes flick back to Magnes, "secondly, do we know if he's like me'n you? I mean I know he didn't do much against the dogs, but does… he have like some kind've vision power or… see the past or something?" One brow lifts up slowly at that.

"I don't really know anything about him other than that he knows Peyton. And he didn't really seem sick… he was making pancakes, or at least tried to before he left." Magnes sighs, sitting the remote down as he focuses on the screen. "So what are we supposed to do? I think Elaine got a bit crazy too, but that was just emotional stuff, and I calmed her down after a while. But still, it was… weird. Like she was almost confused about how bad she was feeling."

There's a furrow of Colette's brows, shoulders rising and falling as she sighs. "Not a lot we can do right now, really. I can try to talk to Aaron, maybe see if he's got an ability or anything." Colette's eyes angle down to the tile floor at her feet, "then we can maybe see if that's all it is. And— Elaine…" there's something of a grimace as Colette looks over her shoulder to the laundry basket, "sometimes us girls, you know, don't always control our emotions like we should. With everything that's been happening, I'm amazed it hasn't gotten worse here."

Looking back over to Magnes, there's a small smile across Colette's lips. "Pretty soon, you know, the weather's gotta' give… then we'll be able to figure something out if anything is wrong." Wringing her hands together, Colette looks down to her lap, "You should tell Gillian and Brian too, just to make sure they know. This is their place and we're just guests, but…" Colette looks up to Magnes, reaching out to lay a hand on his shoulder and squeeze gently. "I appreciate you wanting to tell me, Magnes. It means a lot to know you trust me, and that you didn't just try and fix things yourself."

"I trust you, you ran the place while Gillian was in Vegas and things didn't explode. I'll tell Brian, I don't think I should see Gillian right now. I turn purple just walking into the kitchen, I don't think I should be in her room." Magnes looks down at her hand, cheeks going red a bit while he turns his head to look back at the screen, trying to play it off and failing. "I'm afraid of what happens when the weather gives. Cat is afraid of a flood, and the sad thing is that she's right. And even if there wasn't a flood… well… I'm just worried I guess. What will we do if the state turns into Staten?"

There's a nervous sound in the back of Colette's that as she looks up to the ceiling, thoughts on Gillian's condition. "I heard Brian saying something about somebody coming here tonight to help fix her…" she trails off for a moment, vacantly staring up before looking back down to Magnes. "She'll get better, and so will the city," there's a pat to Magnes's shoulder at that from the hand still there, only then withdrawing it back to her lap.

"Things're always gonna'g et better before they get worse, s'what my sister used to say. Flooding's probably gonna happen, yeah, I mean like— all this snow's gotta go somewhere. There's nothing we can do about that, I mean, on the whole. We've got problems of our own to worry about. We'll take care of the Ferry, take care of the Lighthouse, and if we can help out other people on our own we'll do it. It's what the Ferry does."

Folding her hands in her lap, Colette bobs her head into a nod, then looks up and over to Magnes again. "If the city gets like Staten Island, we'll figure it out when it happens. Most of us don't know what the future's gonna' be like, we just work with what comes and trust everybody who's got a little better perspective on stuff. We've survived Staten Island, we'll survive everything else too."

Magnes sighs, still looking rather defeated, possibly stressed by the whole situation. "Don't you mean things get worse before they get better?" he asks, not sure if that's his own perspective or if he's heard it somewhere before. "I"m glad Gillian's getting help, she doesn't deserve more pain than she's already gone through. I wish I could be up there with her, but… I don't wanna accidentally destroy the house or something."

There's a purse of Colette's lips, brows furrowed and mis-matched eyes settled squarely on Magnes. "Worse before— oh!" There's a bubbly laughter that slips from the teenager as she reaches up to scratch at the back of her neck. "Ahha— y— yeah. That's what I meant, wow that was a dismal slip of the tongue, wasn't it?" With a grimace shifting to an embarrassed smile, Colette slides off the arm of the sofa and leans down to pick up the hamber of laundry, hefting it up with the help of one knee, leaning back and bracing it against herself.

"Yeah, I don't think anybody'd want that, y'know? It'd be like that phone commcerial!" Colette shifts her weight to one foot. "Gillian, I accidentally— " she gives a long pause, "the whole Lighthouse!" There's a snicker, one brow lifting up as she rolls her eyes. "Accidentally what!?" Colette turns her back to Magnes, sauntering towards the hall where the laundry room is.

"The whooole Lighthouse!"

She doesn't realize the good mood isn't natural.

Magnes scratches his head as Colette walks to the laundry room, then stands to start heading into the kitchen. He suddenly remembers the only time he ever asked his father for advice.

Nine years earlier.

A thirteen year old Magnes with a large curly afro and wearing a neat blue suit stands in front of the taller imposing figure of his father, in his study. "Father, what do you know about women?"

His father sits back for a moment, in his large brown chair, then leans down and says, "All women are insane, that's all you need to know."

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