Sailors Take Warning


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Scene Title Sailors Take Warning
Synopsis Three women meet in the hopes of passing a warning to another dimension.
Date December 23, 2018

Cat's Cradle

Each time Des Desjardins ventures into the Safe Zone is a risk. She doesn’t make her way without purpose. There are no meandering walks through the park like before she’d been made. She misses being able to take her time and enjoy the little things about the city. As much as people complain that it’s a shithole - herself included at times - it’s a lot better than some of the places she’s seen since the war. Or many of the places she travelled during it.

Making her way through the crowd gathered at the Cat’s Cradle, dressed down in a dark purple hoodie that’s fraying at the cuffs and black jeans that have the beginnings of a hole in the knee, Des stops at the door to the Oracle Room. She knocks swiftly and waits for a reply.

The door to the Oracle Room opens quickly and Eve's face on the other side, she grins widely as Des can be seen. "Ooh look at you, here to visit. Here for tea. I'm expecting three." Leaning forward to hug Des tightly, she smells the other woman and looks up to the ceiling, "Missed you! Mmmmm." There's a way about Eve right now. Her gaze here but not, there's a flutter of her eyelids and her gaze slides over the rest of the hazy Oracle Room, just hookah smoke so far though several joints of cannabis sit on the middle of the table.

Light music plays in the background, the raspy voice of Eve's favorite "White Witch" linger over the space.

Something in my heart died last night

Just one more chip off an already broken heart

I think the heart broke long ago

That's when I needed you

When I needed you most

That's when I needed you

When I needed you most

Humming along softly to the tune, the pale woman gestures to the three cups and hot pot of tea sitting on the table as well. Eve knew to expect three but not who or what they were coming for. Just glimmers of echoes, never the full picture. "How are you?"

Lynette is a little behind getting to the door, mostly because she passed by the bar, bought a drink, guilted herself into not drinking it, and tipped the bartender extra for the trouble. At least Eve’s employees know enough not to be insulted at her decision not to actually have their drinks.

But she appears in the door behind Des, letting out a sigh. For making it there and also for seeing Odessa here and safe. “Seems like we’re ready for Girls’ Night,” she says teasingly. It isn’t what she came by for, but she’s alright with adjusting her plans. Of course, talking about their cross-dimensional visions is probably still on the docket, considering just who has shown up at Eve’s door.

“Expecting?” Des is startled for a moment, afraid she’s intruding on something pre-planned and that she might run into someone she may not wish to run into. But this is Eve Mas, and while this may be pre-planned, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t planned with Des in mind.

The hug is returned with genuine enthusiasm. “I’m well enough. It’s good to see you too.” Staten Island gets lonely, even if she has Mara and Margaux for company. It isn’t quite the same. (Nothing’s quite like the company of Eve, anyway.)

Lynette’s arrival brightens the look on the exile’s face even more. She pulls her into a hug next and lets her hands linger on her shoulders a moment before she withdraws, hustling herself into the relative safety of the seer’s lair. “I wish I could say this is purely a social call, but…” Des’ shoulders come up in a shrug. They know she can’t afford social calls. It’s always business with her these days.

"Girls Night commences!" Clapping her hands together in excitement as Lynette enters the room, "I'm always expecting silly." A little wink before she's pointing to a new painting that stands in the corner. A field with weeds as tall as knee length takes up much of the canvas with four shapes standing in a line together facing out.

Four Eves.

One stands with a hip cocked to the side, leather and flaming red hair and a smirk on her lips, the cleanest Eve that either of her friends has ever seen stands next to the Leather one, a cheery smile and microphone clasped in her hands. The Eve they know and love hangs one arm each over the Shiny Eve and another… wearing black robes and a fisherman's hat. Old wrinkled skin peeks from beneath the folds of the cloth, a yellowed grin crosses the Old Eve's lips. "Convergence." The oracle whispers, her gaze sliding over the painting slowly.

"Convergence of the Egg and it's Chickens. We've been speaking, ear to ear." Tapping both ears with a light wiggle, "The Other Otter and his family and friends are almost here." Oh joy! But they weren't prepared! It feels as if they're about to throw the biggest dinner party and the meat went bad. Crisis.

Lynette returns the hug warmly, not seeming to mind that it lingers. "Des, it's good to see you," she says leaning back to look her over. For the more obvious signs of distress. She only moves to shut the door behind her when Eve speaks about her painting.

She steps closer, coming to touch her fingertips to the painting. She's seen some of these Eves herself. When her mind and another collide. The odd part for her, is that she often sees them from Mateo's perspective, and herself as well.

Convergence is a good word for it.

"They're almost here," she agrees, straightening to look back at the others. "They switched powers, now she can talk to Mateo here. They're trying to coordinate their portals, to make sure the travelers end up in the right place." It's good news, really, but Lynette still looks nervous. She knows what else is lingering there, waiting. She doesn't bring it up, though, because they all know.

Des looks well enough to Lynette’s eye. Her frame is slightly leaner from a little weight loss, but she’s always been rather slight. She wanders further into the space and examines the new painting with an air of fascination. “It’s hard for me to tell what’s what and when,” she admits almost distractedly of her own experience with her other selves.

Turning back to Eve and Lynette, her lips press into a thin line, grim in her determination. “I suppose I should find a place to hole up in the Safe Zone so I can stay nearby.” Even she can’t simply appear at a moment’s notice all the way from Staten Island. “I imagine the more tethers we can use, the better.” And she’s more aware of hers than most. Perhaps save for present company.

Reaching a hand out to pat Des' shoulder gently, "There there Dorothy." Eve knows that feeling, "Sometimes, when I'm real scared and can't tell if it's my brainpan overheating or real.." the pale older woman looks over to the blonde electrokinetic, "Lady Zeus, her people are so kind. I close my eyes and think of the place I'm the most happy," She never had unveiled what it was that grounded her when she was spinning. "Count to three and open my eyes," sometimes she was still in the nightmare when she opened her eyes but saying that that would defeat the purpose of trying to comfort her Time fairy friend.

Lynette's announcement of the coordinating of portals as Eve leaning forward excitedly, "Swapping gifts like secret santa, like Angel Face…" And also like Gillian a look shared with Lynette, they had been trusted to keep that secret. The red lightning. "How do they seem? My eye can only see my Sisters, not their world."

The prospect of Des staying in the Safe Zone again brings an eyebrow up a tick and Eve nods her head. "There's a part you can hide. Deep in the jungles," "Jungles" Eve looks as if it's the best idea she's had in awhile. "Park Slope. Overgrown, easy to hide. They will not find you there," as long as she stayed out of sight which Eve knew was something that Odessa knew how to do well. "We should all be together, I do agree. The things I've been seeing…" a firm shake of her head in an effort to keep the hallucinations at bay.

"Not well." Lynette doesn't hide that, the traveling Ruizes would have a hard time being well at the moment. "But, determined. We have their son, she seems reassured by that. But there's someone else's child with Eileen, too. Her price was steep for one, I didn't try for the other. But when they arrive, we'll know where to send them." To retrieve Elaine's daughter. The price, whatever it was, remains unmentioned. Probably because Lynette has no intention of actually paying it.

"Mateo's power, we've always thought of it as being… more than just an ability. Now I'm sure of it. It doesn't like her being connected to it, she says that it knows she doesn't belong there. In the garden." She looks over at Des. They've both experienced the garden that protects Mateo's mind, that locks off his memories from him.

Des nods along with Eve’s suggestion, and Lynette’s assessment of the other Ruizes. Talk of the ability that’s more than an ability has her standing up a little straighter. She wants to say that they can fix it. That she can fix it. That there’s some way to set things right again and put everyone back to the way they were. But it would be lying. That ability, to the best of her knowledge, died with Richard Cardinal’s double.

“I’m sure there’s an answer,” sounds a bit shaky, but even if it isn’t a permanent solution or the one that everyone wants, there must be some way to mitigate the stress that comes with Mateo’s ability.

“Eve, I need to send a warning to my other self. Do you know a way we can do that?”

"It doesn't like that she's connected.." Eve's brow furrows and she takes a second to think on this while also thinking on Odessa's request. "How can you soothe something that knows only hunger? Mmm? It's a break.. for Otter Eyes. I bet he is grateful, though he's much too polite to voice that." The constant noise in his head, Eve always sympathized with the Otter because of the whispers and echoes in her head.

As she speaks, just over her shoulder a redhead wearing leather.. Leather Eve peers over the top of her Sisters shoulder. "Ahhhh ha! There you are! Boo!!!"


Prime Eve shrieks and leaps into the air, while the redhead snickers and claps her hands together. "Got yaaa. What up yooo?"

"I'll get you next time you sneaky— oh oh girls! Meet my leather wearing Sister!" Pointing to the spot that the redhead is standing in now. Which the two obviously can't see, "She's not the me that's with the Travelers but… yo chicken!"

"I'm literally right here!" Waving her arms at her counterpart with an amused expression on her face. "Can you get a message to our eldest Sister if you see her before me, Mad Eve?" Leaning forward the seer taps her black painted fingernails against the round table in the center of the room.

"It is a break for him. If I know her at all, she'd carry it forever if it meant he didn't have to have that burden." Lynette doesn't have to ask that to be certain of it. "Fixing that is a low priority. Making sure she lasts to get everyone home is more important."

It's not easy on her double, holding that power. Even using it is hard on her. Even not using it.

But whatever else she might say is cut off as Eve starts speaking to no one. And introducing them to no one. Of course, things are weird right now and things are always weird for Eve. "Alright. Hi," she says to… no one? She turns to look at Odessa though, head tilting. "What's the warning?"

Des exchanges a look with Lynette at the introductions being made. “H- Hello,” she greets hesitantly. It’s not that she doubts what Eve sees and what she says, it’s just that it’s… awkward not being able to follow along.

As to the warning, she explains, “My… Ah, Sera? Not the one at Raytech now, but the one who used to be there…” Jesus, her mother is complicated to explain. “She overlaid with one of her other selves from the flooded world, but from the future. We have only a couple of days to send a warning that they can’t trust Doctor Ford.”

Being as out of touch with everyone as she is, Des had no idea that others could reach their other selves the way she could. Or maybe she believed she was special that way. She silently curses herself for the time lost already, and it shows in a wince. “I need to find a way to tell them that.”

"Mayday mayday! Weeeeewooooooo weeeeewooooo! Do not trust Doctor Ford! Do not trust Doctor Ford!" Eve sounds off as she rises from her seat and claps her hands above her hands before pointing her index finger towards the red headed Eve, "That's my sister, from the river where we lost the war—"

"Hey hey hey now, we beat those suckers eventually." Rather proud of that Leather Eve was. "WEEEEEWOOOOOOO DO NOT TRUST DOCTOR FORD!" Leather Eve sounds off and clicks her heels together. "Is that all? What if you see her first Chicke Boo?"

"Then I'll tell her duh!" The two Eves snort in unison and Prime looks to counterpart, "Leather Me will tell Old Me that is with our friends to Not Trust Ford. Not sure if she'll blink in before doom day but if I blink in with her before this one. We're golden!" Ha.. ha..

"Or we can find some Amp, Miss Min— Kaylee and hope for the best at pinging one of ourselves. Time… is of the essence."

"In living colorrrrrr."

Honestly, Lynette is a little distracted by watching Eve interact with things only she can see. Her head tilts the other direction and she tries to suss out where this other Eve is standing. Does the one in leather see them? Is she standing in her own home with a vision of their Eve popping into her space? There's so much about this phenomenon that they don't understand. Maybe never will.

"Eve, is there anything Dominatrix-You thinks we should know?"

It's clear that when she said her double was in leather that Lynette did not get the appropriate mental picture.

“What if the other version of me doesn’t run into the other version of you?” Des looks concerned, glancing between Eve and the empty space where the other Eve purportedly is. The wrong other Eve, apparently. “Do you know how you do,” she points back and forth along the path her eyes were just following, “that?

Does she just need to get really high and then the universe will fall into place? Des will try anything twice.

"Gooood point." Letting a hand dangle in the air Eve looks over at Leather Eve. "Is there anything you think we should know Miss Dominatrix?" The Eve in the here and now looks over at Lynette and Odessa and gives a shaky thumbs up, here's hoping. Eve doesn't really know what to make of this whole.. seeing the other hers. It's been months of it but still doesn't feel like there's enough time to know. "I'm not sure how we.. do it. One second we're alone.. the next one of us pops into view. We only see each other but that's enough," Beaming over to her counterpart. "This is all I got now though but have faith! The path is for us, all sticks will fall in a line." At least for now, a regretful but hopeful look thrown Odessa's way.

Leather Eve looks over her shoulder as if checking to see if anyone is there before she leans in to whisper, "Well I've been keeping a secret." Uh oh. Eve's eyes widen and there's a manic gleam to them, "Mmmm I love secrets, come on. Out with it." Snapping her fingers gleefully. "We won the war because duh I'm talking to you! But.. well…" The tall woman in leather turns to her profile and looks down at her belly which is.. swollen. "Eli said he never misses." A wild grin on the woman's face.

This is not the news Lynette and Odessa or Eve even was expecting. Eve backs up and raises her arms into the air, "Ooooooooooohhhh myyyyyyyyyy," running out of breath. "Goddddddd." Pale hands close over her mouth, "We're gonna be a mommy." She squeaks out with wide eyes. "It's a little girl egg just waiting to pop on out. I think I'm gonna name her Bia. She's gonna be a goddess. Heeeeeee."

"Timberrrrrrrrrrr." Eve tumbles over into her side and lays there as the Leather Eve leans over and snickers while rubbing her belly.

"I think the best we can do is all try to get the message through and hopefully one of us manages it," Lynette says, since Eve can't teach them how to do what she does with her other selves. "It'll have to do."

She falls silent in favor of trying to work out whatever conversation is going on between the Eve they can see and the one they can't. But when the word mommy makes it in, Lynette can't help but chuckle. "A tiny Eve. That timeline won't know what hit it."

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