Saint Clare's
Owner John Logan
Employees Kasha "Cash" Beauchamp, various NPCs
Hours of Operation Erratic
Current Status Open For Business
People Come Here For… Sex, smuggling, and in some instances, rent

Dominating a corner in this relatively suburban section of Eltingville, Saint Clare's Church and Convent has been converted into somethng else entirely. Now simply called Saint Clare's, the white church with its grey brick foundation dating back into the early century, along with the blockish U-shape of a three level, red brick convent, now houses a brothel and the women that work there. It sits almost directly on the boundaries of the Eltingville Blocks, well in view of the checkpoint and the razor wire fences, and this kind of territory means it attracts a variety of clientele, but mostly the soldiers that guard Eltingville Blocks themselves.

The church is simple and Catholic in purpose, with confession booths and a large, barnhouse-type space that is now devoted towards entertaining patrons with simple music, a bar, and company. The brothel's operation is reasonably traditional, with a sedate social space for clientele to mingle with the women, and pick and choose from there, but also offers privacy for business meetings and shadier deals than the simple purchase of flesh. With a kind of rustic, mismatched sensibility, this place is designed for comfort, with setees of leather, elaborate curtains and hangings to colour up the plain walls.

Accessible from the church is the convent itself. Take the naked wooden stairs up to the choir loft, duck in through a narrow door (which is generally guarded by plain clothes security) and head into the claustrophobic corridors of the third floor of the convent. Each room is decadent and different, all rich furnishings and gauzy curtains, throw rugs and dim lamps. There is a very basic security system installed, cameras watching the doors as well as discreet panic buttons within the rooms, if not always within reach and a dodgy response time. But one makes do.

The second and ground level of the convent are private living areas for the women that work there, as well as, in some cases, their families. There are empty spaces for rent as well for whatever reasons it might be desired. There's a communal eating area, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a few social spaces for comfort, all a lot duller and stripped down than the third level. There is an accessible exit out which is off-limits to patrons.

Major IC Events


  • Now hiring and looking for security
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