Salt And Gold Dust


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Scene Title Salt And Gold Dust
Synopsis A vision for a vision. Kaylee and Eve share them. Luther is just along for the ride.
Date June, 26, 2018

The Benchmark Center

“Thank you, Bob.” Kaylee offers with a pleasant smile as she steps out of the SUV; getting one very crooked one in return from her bodyguard, who holds the vehicle door for her. “Stick with the car and keep an eye out, hmm? Luther has people in here, too.”

“Bodyguard to personal driver.” Bob gripes, lightly. Though he knows what she is asking. “Don’ worry, Boss, no-fuckin’-body is gettin’ passed me.”

Today, the telepath wasn’t here in any capacity other than someone seeking answers, from someone who might understand. Someone who might have a few more pieces of the puzzle. Maybe. Because of this, Kaylee is dressed in her preferred way. Jeans and a tank top, though she does have a light airy shirt over that against the heat of the day.

Standing there, outside of the Benchmark Recovery Center, she felt herself starting to rethink this idea, the notebook she is holding is pulled tight against her. Kaylee it was ridiculous that she still felt that way, but lingering trauma would do that. Part of this trip, was to work on that… repair some of the distance caused by the events of the Ark.

Kaylee was trying.

Taking a deep breath, she offers her Security Chief a nervous smile as he joins her. “I have no idea, if Eve will be able to help; but, I’m hoping that maybe she has more pieces to this puzzle.” The door is held open for the burdened Luther. “You drop that and I might just have to end you,” Kaylee jokes, even as she admits, ”My anxiety is through the roof and that is looking really good.”

Having followed in a separate car, Luther extracts a large box, paper bag, and a drink holder with four different cups set into it from the passenger side of his car. The security chief, also dressed in simple dark-tee-and-jeans for discretion’s sake, first rounds to the second car with Kaylee and Bob. The latter gains one cup of coffee, a wrapped sandwich and his choice of donut from the box for his troubles. “Anything comes up, use the radio and get me alright?” he tells Bob, confidence placed in the basically assistant head of security.

Giving Kaylee a short smile, Luther thanks her for holding the door open and replies, “Please, I would never drop donuts unless it were a true emergency. Got to fulfill a stereotype about security guards, you know?” He steps past but doesn’t go too far, turning to wait for the anxious telepath. “Ducky’s always got something in pieces up her mental sleeve. It’ll just be a matter of seeing if they fit in the puzzle or not.” The man nods, expressing confidence in the prophet too.

“Though that does remind me to check the biometrics scanner to the armory back on campus.” He shakes his head once, then turns to look for Eve through some of the windows to see if they might spot her there already waiting.

The pair are eventually drawn in by the sound of guitar strings being plucked, the arpeggiated style leaning towards Latin with a mix of Middle Eastern influences. If there were a sitar available it would be being played instead but alas, the old beat up guitar will do.

The rhythm being played switches up after a few measures, never quite staying in one place. There's a door ajar that when Kaylee and Luther come upon it there Eve sits on the bed in her room, black cotton pants along with a loose flowing red top cover most of her pale skin but her feet are bare and she sits cross legged on the bed, now slapping the fret of the guitar while she manipulates the strings the result a deep melodic sound that rings around the room.

Eve looks like she's concentrating and she doesn't look up immediately instead she's lost in the music playing with a fever that was quickly coming to a climax. The sounds abruptly stop and Eve’s head lifts slowly with a smile to match. “Oh I'm sorry Kaylee, Luther. I thought I had a couple more minutes.” Eve had been expecting them. She's off by a couple minutes is all.

The seer looks.. different. As if she's been resting, as if she hasn't been running around blowing things up. Or shooting them. Racked onto the walls are sketches. Golden eyes.. Eve with them.. Adam Monroe.. multiple of him. Of the triangle Looking Glass. Of an otter and his otter family. A few fresh canvases covered by a sheet.

A gentle push opens the door to the seer, though Kaylee doesn’t enter yet; but stands aside for Luther to proceed her with the goodies. It’s a little shocking to hear the woman address the telepath by her actual name and not called her Miss Mind. “You look well, Eve.” Sane or Not like herself, she doesn’t say out loud. She really doesn’t know how to feel about that. A nod of her head goes to Luther, an amused smile on her lips, “We come bearing gifts of food…. Lord knows I’m famished and I while I know Lynette’s food is excellent, sometimes you need to indulge a little.”

Glancing down the hall and then up, Kaylee smiles a touch affectionately towards the ceiling. She knows Joseph is working and she’ll be sure to visit and deliver a sandwich before she leaves. Shutting the door behind her, the telepath’s attention falls to the pictures, especially those with Adam; her stomach give a sudden and very painful twist. As fast as she can her eyes drop to the notebook in her hands and then back to Eve, “I am hoping you can help… maybe have a few more pieces of the puzzle that Joseph laid out for me,” Oh yeah, by the way… he’s giving visions again…. That goes unsaid, too. “I also might have news and I don’t know how much you already know.”

The questions already start turning in Luther’s mind as they walk through the Benchmark to get to Eve’s room. Worry, over the condition of the woman they’re about to meet. But he had confidence in her regardless, at least since last he’d seen her and they had talked about many worrying things. Once announced, he steps in and casts a glance towards the drawings too, but focuses on Eve herself. The drinks, donuts box and sandwiches are set in a spread as if in offering before the oracle.

“How you doin’, Ducky?” The man still uses the nickname out of habit and familiarity than anything else. “This place treats you well, right?” Because of course the Benchmark does. He too has had firsthand experience by this point. “Nothing like a donut and coffee and sandwich though, to get a meal going.” He looks back to Kaylee at that, just catching sight of her pain, and glances in the direction of where she’d looked. Luther frowns faintly, then schools his expression.

While Kaylee relays what they’re here to do and relay, he busies himself by grabbing a couple of visitor’s chairs over from the corners of the room.

“Lynette’s staff here have been very, very helpful. Screwed some bolts back on,” there she's still in there somewhere. “Therapy is a mother.” Eve sits up straight with her gaze directed on Kaylee and then the snacks. “Mmmmmm donut. You really know how to get a lady talking.” Her enthusiasm still there but she seems.. to be adjusting. “Aw Joseph is sweet.” She had planned on saying hi. Leaning forward at Kaylee’s words, “Yes yes, I can't have all the answers. None of us can. Together though,” she sounds excited. “Together the puzzle makes sense.”

Her gaze flicks to the sketches on the wall, “Pieces, some soggy. Some fit just right.” A light grin flickers on the woman’s features as she reaches for a donut and holds it before her lips as she pauses, “There are many things on the way. Hurtling towards us in the safe zone.” Brown eyes go to look out the windows of the room. It's already been a trying six months, for a while the seer felt backed into the wall.

“It's not possible. To do it all myself,” a look over to Luther before she smiles back over to Kaylee, “I'm happy to exchange.” Taking a big bite out of the donut she smiles cheerfully and hums a little tune before she’s swallowing and pointing at Adam, “He’s lurking. I wanted to talk to you, I've already talked to Huruma.” A look given over to Luthie, she's not sure just how much he knows of her past. Kaylee being his boss and such, a boss lady might have secrets! But she gathers that the two at least trust one another that she can speak freely. “I’m,” a look to Luther and she amends, “We are tracking him. Well, I'm getting well right now but.” She waves a hand, you know what I mean. She thinks aloud with a secret smile towards the telepath.

“You’re not wrong,” Kaylee sighs out, her stomach unhappy with the talk of Adam. “There is a lot happening. A lot like the old days, except this time we aren't really hiding.” May not be on the up and up, but they were not huddled in old drafty castles either.

Luther is given a smile and a soft, “Thank you,” when he pulls the chairs over, though the food is strangely not touched, her stomach not letting her. “I don’t even know where to start really. Gillian come to see you about the video tape yet? Tell you what happened to the kids?” A flicker of a glance is sent to Luther, before she looks up at the pictures of the golden eyes and admits to Eve. “I’ve heard the voice before…” Her head slowly nods to the picture with the golden eyes, “It told me I never fought for myself, only for the needs of others.” Teeth catch at her bottom lip before she adds, “It told me to find my own desires.. To find my true self. Whatever that means, I don’t believe it. I fought for my own desires when I fought for the life I have now.” Pulling her eyes away from the picture, to the woman across from her, she adds. “Unless I’m just lying to myself.” A stirring at the back of her mind, is the only reason she doubts her reasoning.

Resting the notebook on her lap, Kaylee adds. “Still, beyond that, there was another voice. This one told me that Richard’s father was alive.” She motions to Luther, “It was right. We found him.” Her hand grips the notebook again, knowing Luther wasn’t going to like this part, even though she told him about it… somewhat before. “I was in Des’ mindscape when I heard it. I know she heard them speaking to her, too. I think she might be a key to whatever it is… when we went into her mind, something took my ability over. Used it.” This was something new, something she hadn’t told Luther or hardly anyone. “I could feel it. I knew it was there being used…. But I had no control. We saw into the world that was on the tape, though we didn’t know it at the time. We saw— I am pretty sure — the Looking Glass. It looked like that painting. The one Richard won at the auction. Pretty sure it’s there in another world, too.”

Realizing she’s rambling to this woman, Kaylee presses lips tight together to stop herself. Taking a deep breath, she can’t get herself to look at Luther. “The gold eyes are in my vision, too.” She holds up the notebook a little.

"Good," is the security chief's response to Eve's report that of the Benchmark's treatment. But it sounds more neutral than anything, keeping judgment away from the uniquely individualized therapies. Instead, he quirks a half-smile and nods to the seer, happy for her even in the adjustment period. He has yet to even try; the man is a stubborn one.

But, there's no question in the way Luther reacts to the topics of the women's conversation that the man is out of his element. He takes one of the wrapped sandwiches and a coffee, sitting in the second chair appearing calm as he focuses on unwrapping the paper. He's listening, but the nuance is out of his wheelhouse, the puzzle is a frustratingly enigmatic image. "She's told me a lot," he says with that glance from Eve, "enough that we need to do something about Voldemort." Enough of a significant emphasis applied and implied in the statement and the look from the man tells much of his desire to try and kill an immortal. The reason, held in his gaze when he turns grey eyes to Kaylee.

It's a gaze that narrows slightly as the telepath goes on. Briefly, then his eyes widen at Kaylee's admission that her ability was taken over. "You're saying that," he glances up to a pair of those golden eyes, then back down to the two women, "can possess people and take over their ability? And it's from another dimension… or timeline… world…" Luther brings his fingers up to rub at the spot between his eyes like he's trying to push the wrinkled brow back. "Hard enough trying to keep one timeline straight," mutters the man.

Eve nibbles on the donut as Kaylee and Luther speak, nodding her head. “It told me,” her expression growing fearful. “I can see it.. if I look hard enough. It can see me.. eye to eye.” A shiver runs through her body but Eve is still coherent she is still here. “I think it's here.. but it's in a prison. One made by our friends.”

“When I went back to Japan.. it was there with Adam inside of a woman in a kimono. She put my head back on when Adam chopped it off.” She's serious and there's no hint of a joke in that statement. “Power.. is nothing for it.” Eve leans forward and flicks her gaze from Kaylee to Luther. “I met with a woman, she told me of it. It's ancient, it's an idea. The more we talk of it, the more the knowledge spreads.. the stronger it gets.” She's adamant about this. “To stop it we need to discuss, so it can't be helped. For now.”

She doesn't tell them not to speak of the golden eyes to anyone, it's implied to keep the knowledge from spreading to all of the Safe Zone though. “I met it later in a vision amplified by Gillian. It showed me war. The Entity. Did not want me peeking,” But peek she did. “It took me from my body, rearranged me. Slammed me back into my body. I lost my sight, my gift.” Now they are obviously back or at least her sight. Her gift.. is there. It's weird.

Richard’s father? “An orphan no more, good for Richard.” Her eyes narrow at the sound of Odessa’s name and Eve all but hisses, “I didn't know about Humanis First.” Though both Luther and Kaylee have had experience with Pro SLC-E groups, Eve the notable member of PARIAH shivers, “A blood traitor in our midst.” The seer hadn't spoken to the Time fairy in awhile, she didn't know what to think. “Fate’s irony if she's to save us from this.” Something to muse on for the oracle before she raises a finger, “My visions though, they show me Otter Eyes.” Her expression bright at the mention of Mateo Ruiz before growing dark.

“He's tied to the thing, like a rope wrapped around his neck. It's looking for him. It wants. Out. I think his doors.. are at play.”

There is the barest of nods at Luther’s question. “Yeah, I believe it can and… I think it is going to or going to again —” Kaylee takes a moment to steel herself before she utters, “possess Adam Monroe. Which, if that happens, can’t be good for any of us.”

There is a hard swallow before she continues. “He was in my vision, Adam. Standing over Richard with golden eyes.” She looks at the seer, as she continues, “Wrapped around his arm was a black snake… I know that snake, it represents my ability.. In my dreams and in peoples heads.” Looking at the woman, she taps at her own skull as an emphasis. “It too had golden eyes — usually they are red — and seemed to have control over Adam. I don’t like what that could mean…” She knows she sounds as crazy as the seer, but she doesn’t shy away from it.

Hands brush over the surface of the notebook, not saying anything either about Odessa since she has been going through her own struggles with the truth. Her hand pats the books surface. “It’s all in there; the whole thing, as well as some dreams I had, that stuck out. No otters though. No Mateo,” No Odessa either, which possibly means she path is taking a different direction, “though I know you are right. I think Mateo has a big part, we have to keep him from it. In the video what they were doing was hurting him. Lynette pointed it out.” Fingers curl around the notebook and she sighs.

“Everything in Joseph’s vision is tied together with a come place. Staten Island.” She offers the notebook to the seer finally. “Tamara, the Horsemen… Luther,” There is a touch of embarrassed hesitation at the man’s name, a slight shifting of her eyes his way. Her head tips down a little as she continues. “There is a blond woman I don’t know… and of course Adam and Richard. But there are symbols throughout.”

Her head shakes slowly, “I’m hoping maybe you’ll see something I don’t…Or have seen something that relates.”

Luther scrubs a hand down his jaw, then finds it in him to tuck in to the sandwich he had snagged. Ham. He's looking around, the women relaying info as he chews, grey eyes stopping upon one of the artist's depictions of Adam. Studying the face. Then the golden eyes on a separate drawing beside the portrait. But his gaze returns to Eve and brows knit as she mentions going to Japan. There's a skeptical glance from the man, looking to the seer's leg, then back to her face. To the very not-decapitated head on her shoulders.

"You said 'Power is nothing for it', what's that supposed to mean? And, it's a woman? That whole golden eyes… thing." Luther turns to Kaylee and shakes his head. He's never been one for symbolism, much preferring the point-and-blast technique. He nods slowly when Kaylee mentions keeping Mateo safe as well as the videotape footage. "Lynette's probably got him covered," he notes as far as safety goes. The Benchmark remains a safe haven, for now, as nobody appears thus far to challenge Lady Zeus upon her Mt. Olympus.

The mention of Staten Island , and a short touch upon that embarrassed hesitation, has the man also clearing his throat. "Maybe we ought to stop calling them the Horsemen. All these apocalyptic names, builds 'em up to more than they are, maybe. Could call ‘em the Beatles. There’s four of them, right?"

“Oh Hot Hands be serious. Ringo would never be a Horsemen.” Eve is earnest but she snorts, Silly Luthie. Eyes go to the notebook in Kaylee’s hand and she holds out a hand to take the book, “A look? Though I think we know the best way to see what we’ve seen. To exchange.” The whispers and echoes that swirl around as a maelstrom in Eve’s head not as bright a invitation as one would want.

“The snake, hmmmm,” eyes flash as Eve leans forward to inspect Kaylee closely. “Your temptation..” the snake with gold eyes wrapped around Adam makes the woman twitch. “He’ll seek you out.” If he hadn't already but Eve did not think so. “His protege.” A shake of her head as she reaches for a sandwich to take a big bite, sitting on her thoughts as she chews mulling them over.

“I thought it was a mosaic,” directed to both but her gaze finds Luther. “Like Peter or Gabriel. But I think it just has access to many abilities. Russian roulette,” she doesn’t wanna be on the receiving end of that roulette again but the likelihood of that if Kam’s words were to be truth, loomed slowly behind Eve. “My Sister Seer,” a fond smile for Tamara. “Ask the question, she can know.” Another smile for the pair, she senses something in the air as they speak of the vision.

“I sketched the Looking Glass absently one day, from there I focused on it. It led me to Odessa. To the Refrain and then to our time traveling adventure.” The encounter with Kravid rings in Eve’s mind, flickers of the memory at the edges. “It has spoken to me on a few occasions now. I think there is only one. One entity. Not Other entities. Like the Other Otter Eyes,” something funny happens then because it's like there's a shift in Eve’s mind and the sounds leaking from it nananananananananananananananananananananana. She's not ready for anyone but Lynette to know she's trying to save him, to bring him to his new home.

There were loopholes, so Eve was going to find them.

The Beatles comment gets a short laugh, “Let’s not get me killed sooner, rather than later. Besides, the actual band might think it an insult.” As amusing as that is…

Hot Hands?

Brows lift upwards, followed almost immediately by the corners of her mouth. There is a slow turn of her head towards, Luther so he can see that obvious amusement and the Really? on her face. However, she moves on without really saying a word — though that is filed way for later thought. Poor Luther.

The mention of the other way to share information, gets a slightly nervous look. A hard swallow. “The mind of a precog is a dangerous place for a telepath… You and I both know that, though I am willing to try.” Maybe she takes some heart in the fact that the last time they shared something, Kaylee didn’t get trapped in the memory of the vision and experience it first hand.

When it comes to Adam seeking her out, there is only a slow nod of her head. No surprise there. “His heir… or was,” Kaylee is quick to correct. “I’m — expecting it. I don’t know what he plans to do when he finds me.” And he will, she isn’t exactly hiding anymore. “Problem is, right now he could kill me without laying a finger on me. I need to fix that if I am ever going to be able to face him.” The more the man is a subject of discussion the paler the telepath looks.

As talk turns to the entity again, Kaylee finds herself shaking her head. “There were two voices in Odessa’s head. It wasn’t the golden eyes voice that told me that David Cardinal was alive,” she feels she needs to point out. “Either this entity has two sides, like a yin and a yang; or, it is two different ones.”

When that annoying sound is practically shouted mentally, Kaylee winces and holds up her hands, palms outward in a plea to stop. “Eve! Please, I’m not listening into your thoughts. No need to shout at me. Just think about what you need to show me and I’ll add mine to your memories. I just — promise me you’ll keep me informed no matter what if more pieces fall into place?” There is a bit of a worried, look. “Please. I’ve had people lock me out in an attempt to protect me, but I’d rather face whatever is coming, not hide behind others.” Not anymore.

That said, Kaylee leans forward and lifts a hand asking for permission to do as Eve suggested.

Hot Hands, despite the years that have separated him and said nickname, still manages to get a reaction out of Luther much like he's been poked abruptly in the small of his back. He straightens where he sits, shooting the seer an indulging look that accompanies his swallowing down the bite of sandwich and hiding the rest of his oh god response with a lift of his coffee. And a drink of it. A sidelong glance goes to Kaylee, hoping that she - nope she heard it alright. Trying to cover the slight flush of embarrassment, he merely replies after the sip, "I was serious. Calling them the Horsemen gives them a scary moniker. It'll psych people out, lower morale."

But as Eve looks towards him, he tilts a nod in her direction. "So, maybe this golden eyed 'entity' is looking around for a key to the cage… Sauron looking for the ring. And Adam is Saruman." The man shrugs slightly, should there be more nuance? He's just trying to make it make sense. He looks quickly back to Kaylee, concern writing over his thoughts and features. "He's not going to get to you, Kaylee," Luther states firmly. Determination flashes over the security chief's eyes.

The mention of Odessa gets another sore rankling from the man, but Luther schools his disgruntled look back. It's not the time or place for it. Instead he glances back and forth between the telepath and seer, especially when Kaylee's pleading at Eve to stop 'shouting'. Brows furrow and he levels a 'hey, behave' look at Eve. However, he also turns back to Kaylee, renewed concern and cautious curiosity coloring his question, "What are you doing?"

“He plans to use.” Eve raises a hand with a crack of her neck from side to side, “You, me, everyone he can. To further his…fantasy of purebloods.” The woman looks troubled by this and her eyes take in Kaylee as they continue to speak of him. “I didn't know why he brought be back from death. Maybe he felt bad because he killed me in the 1600s. Maybe he just wants to use my gift to serve his own ends.” She digs into another donut now, quiet for a few moments.

Two sides. Two sides. The words echo in Eve’s head as she shudders. “It is the Gemini, dual. Split into two.” Thanks to Chess’ information on the symbol. That symbol itself pinned to the wall next to a sketch of Adam, the edges curl eloquently. Pointing with a pale finger she tilts her head studying the symbol on the wall. Before balking at Kaylee’s reaction, “Oh oh my b my b. Got a little nananana nanananana hey hey goodbye on ya,” a snort and Eve is grinning sheepishly.

“Ah well how about we name them the Bimbos, that’ll liven up the crowd.” She says to Luther before her brow furrows, “It wants the key. The more it spreads, the more powerful it becomes.” If only that had a One Ring.

Eyelids flutter as she closes her eyes and opens her mind for Kaylee, the candle lit hallway is empty save two doors on opposite sides of the hall. One padlocked curiously much like the white locked door in Cat’s Cradle smoke seeps out the sides, the other is the one Kaylee seeks.. the one with the whispers and echoes curling out from underneath the door and while it's ajar, the door widens more to spill out the images of her vision with the Horsemen spilling out. The golden eyes, Adam.. war. Head knocking back with a gasp, Eve’s eyes open and she continues to stare up at the ceiling.

When fingers connect with Eve’s temple, Luther gets a brief answer, her tone already distracted, “Exchanging information,” before she falls into the woman’s head. Landing into the hallway, her chest rises and falls a little quickly with each breath. Being there made her nervous.

The life of a telepath is a treacherous one. Anytime she steps into someone’s mind, it is a potential minefield. You never know what you are going to walk into.

Still, she allows herself to be guided. The locked door pulls her attention, the hiss of scales whispers in her ear and she tilts her head towards it a little, catching a . Her stomach clenches and she shakes her head. In a moment of nerves…. She does something stupid.

Luther feels something, a slightly pressure in his mind. He blinks and in that moment, he finds himself in that Hallway. A wide-eyed Kaylee staring at him with a shiny black scarf… or at least until is turns one red eye his way, tongue flickering.

«I’m sorry… I got nervous..» Sssshe needed a friend. «Ssh.» Kaylee hisses at the snake, who only flickers that tongue at her. «Eve’s mind… the mind of any precognitive can be potentially dangerous.» Almossst got usss killed onccce. By birdssss. The snake… is that snake talking?

Swallowing hard, fingers flexing, Kaylee turns towards the unlocked door. As it opens, the strength of Eve’s mind and the vision… it sucks them in and they both get to relive it. Every moment. Every detail. Until the end when Kaylee yanks them out of it…. Brought back to their own minds with some force. The first thing anyone will hear is a strangled sound from the telepath.

Her body was already rebelling at the discussion about Adam, but being face to face, the trigger kicks in hard. A hand clamped over her mouth, her stomach is trying to rebel. The notebook falls to the floor as she jumps to her feet and rushes for the bathroom. Barely making it, before she is emptying her stomach of anything she had eaten before.

As stated before, the life of a telepath is a treacherous one.

“Bimbos… not bad,” remarks Luther to the refresher of a nickname. Most likely though, nobody’s going to use that name for the Horsemen. While misgivings about Eve being “killed” in the 1600s by Adam linger in his mind and gut, he’s taken another bite of his sandwich and washed it down with coffee as he watches the information exchange take place with a narrowing, assessing gaze.

Until, that is, he’s pulled into the mindscape of both women.

Luther had set his meal aside and started to lift a hand to rub at his own temples. Once he finds himself standing at the blank walled hallway, Kaylee there with a scarf - a snake - wrapped around her, the immediate reaction is at first, confusion. “What?” the man utters haltingly. Then his eyes widen in alarm, and he starts forward to try and pull the serpent off of her, but pauses once he realizes the origin of the second, hissing voice. He pulls his hand back, fingers curling away into the shell of a fist.

“Do you always do this when you’re nervous,” Luther notes quietly to Kaylee as he glances to the two doors, “or just to people you like?” His mouth twists in a light, teasing, wry half-smile to the telepath.

That smile drops away as they’re yanked into the vision. It’s maybe a miracle that, once Luther is booted back out into present reality, that he doesn’t fall out of his chair and drop everything that was set in his lap, half-eaten sandwich and hot coffee both. But the man is stock still, staring blankly with paled, confounded expression, when his brain returns to itself and he remembers to breathe. Which he does, in a great, deep inhale. What. The. Fuck.

The clatter of the notebook dumped to the floor and Kaylee’s rush for the restroom snap him out of it, further jolting him out of frozen shock. That’s when he turns his gaze to the restroom and half begins to stand. He barely remembers, by some reflex, to catch the sandwich and coffee cup before they spill off. Quickly, he sets both aside onto the seat of the chair and steps to the bathroom door, worry squeezing at his words. “Kaylee, are you alright?” Well, obviously not. But he had to ask.

Gingerly, he reaches over to pull back what hair is dangling down, holding it off to a side and behind while the telepath gets sick. He looks away, back to Eve, sharing a brow-furrowed look of concern to the seer. Is this what happens, normally, to her? He has to wonder. And to worry. Luther Bellamy is not a man by any means of great knowledge regarding mental abilities.

Reliving her dreams is something Eve experienced often but in shattered fragments and jittery memories, “Jangled and mangled. Whoa Mary.” Eve whispers as the full force of her dream hits them all and her head tilts, she doesn't have as adverse reaction when they all come back to the waking world as the other two but her gaze is a haunted one as she watched with concern while Kaylee rushes to the bathroom. Brown eyes bore into the telepath’s form before Luther is rushing over and Eve taps her index finger on the bed idly, her breathing a little labored.

“Welcome to my brainpan Hot Hands it's a wild ride.” A small smile at the corner of her lips before she's frowning and looking out the window, “I see metaphors and literal things, this might be a mix of both.” Those golden rings burned into her memory still she doesn't need to relive the dream to see those, feel them on her.

“Connected, all of it. Just as usual.” Her tone isn't bitter what? The seer bites her lip and grips the edges of the bed tightly though she's stock still otherwise, a wisp of hair plastered on her lips, “He doesn't believe this world was made for them,” in a past life Eve might have agreed before she had started working with people like Teo and all of the other Non Expressives. Her gut twists at what Adam wants to do, “Total annihilation.” It's unfortunate, Adam has the chance to really be connected with the SLC- Expressives and he had a wealth of knowledge to implore to them all, he was one of the ancient ones after all.

“He's one of the oldest of us, he thinks that means he knows best.” The oracle can't argue that without the Giftless that she and her fellow Gifted would live an easier life. That line go thinking is stamped out though and Eve renews her brown eyed gaze on the duo in front of her, leaving the window to be a window. “Or maybe he's been alive so long that he's gone batty.” Like her.

“The one good thing I know is that he's in Asia or he was a few months ago. I can't say for now.” Eve hasn't dared to look after what happened to her the last time she shopped around in the echoes of the future for Adam and his golden eyed friend.

Horrified about them seeing this and thankful all at once, when Luther moves to hold her hair, Kaylee can’t really express any of that as she is too busy with the rebellion of her body. Running the back of her hand across her lips, she feels a stab of panic at the faint pink tinge of the spittle left on her lips. Shit. Despite this, she hoarsely offers an embarrassed “thank you” to her security chief.

The hissing is loud at the back of her head, that other part of her reacting to everything. It sends a little shutter through her and she has to lean over the toilet bowl a moment longer.

“Oh god, it’s never been that bad. It… felt like I was right there and… it just hit me.” Flushing the toilet and shakily standing. “I have to find a way to cure this. I have to.” Fingers grip Luther’s arm to steady herself, before moving back to her chair. Settling into with a sigh, she adds, “And for the record Luther. The answer is both.” When she pull people in when she nervous and with people she likes. He gets a weak apologetic smile.

“He—” There is a hiss through Kaylee teeth and she shakes her head. “I met him in 1890. He wasn’t insane then… In fact, we had a wonderful conversation about the price of Mangos.” While she hadn’t had this much of a reaction then, it had been worth it for a moment from home. “He really wasn’t when I knew him when I was younger.” A wave of nausea hits her, but she fights to carry on. Her voice strained. “All he cared about was money.” She holds up a hand to forestall anyone, the telepath was desperate to say her peace before the pain got too bad. The pallor of her skin isn’t good at all. “What if he’s controlled… in this instance, not all… just in this case? Like in the vision Joseph gave me?” Which she still owes to the seer, but she needed a moment to gain her wits and stomach.

Let’s face it, they’ve all seen way worse. Done way worse. Luther doesn’t appear to judge or mind that he’s having to hold his boss’ hair back while she is emptying the contents of her stomach in offering to porcelain gods. What he does seem concerned about, other than that he wants her to be immediately cured as well of this “curse”, is Eve’s tone about the subject of Adam. About Adam’s plans for the world on the whole. About… Total annihilation. The vision lingers in his mind, disturbing mental afterimages stirring discomfort in Luther’s physical gut as well.

He’s watching Kaylee as the telepath sits down again, and continues to speak on the literally painful subject of Adam. Her hand held up stops him from interrupting with commentary, stalls the urge he has tell her to stop. He then looks to Eve too, but with a plea behind his grey-eyed gaze. “World’s been through enough shit, hasn’t it? And now he wants to drag it through more, but for what?” he growls, low and simmering, jaw tight upon speaking. “If he’s being controlled, then we find the remote. If he’s acting on his own, well he’s making a big fuckin’ mistake.”

He hasn’t sat down again, but Luther goes to grab his half-drunken coffee. His eyes land on one drawing and another, as if trying but failing to really puzzle out a plot. “Don’t suppose he’d be proud enough to use his name on things, this whole time?” he muses aloud. “Maybe he’s just sore he’s not invited to any parties.” And by parties, Luther might mean the war they’d all just fought about the rights of the Evolved, to exist at least in this country.

“Maybe he wasn't and I must admit I have not been chasing him all these years to kill him. I needed to know of my resurrection,” of which she was still confused why Adam helped her. They weren't unfriendly but.. the oracle was puzzled and it showed on the expression on her face. Drawing a hand through her hair before regarding Kaylee and Luther with a soft look, “If he's being controlled by it then…” she waves her hand, they would spare his life. There was something telling her that Adam was good at lying, amazing at it. Even when he has first met Kaylee probably.

An eyebrow raises at the curse’s mention and Eve leans back, “Huruma said to practice discretion.” Eyeing the blonde Eve leans forward trying not to look over her shoulder, ignoring that nagging feeling in her mind.

“If you don't get healed you.. will not be able to do much to stop him Kaylee.” There's a frown on Eve’s face and she looks away, “I..” she trails off and looks up at the ceiling with raised eyebrows and a open mouth. “Maybe Jazzhands will know.” A thought, suggestion. “Gabriel knows all about how things tick tock and why if he took a look at you—” stopping short the woman looks over her shoulder now at the corner of the room. “Hm.. I was supposed to keep that a secret.” Giving the pair a hard look, “He wants to stay dead but I'm on a mission to make him happy again. It was supposed to be a secret.” One she had just blown but it doesn't seem like the seer is keen on giving up. “I'm not sure she's going to make it that much easier, Bird.” As a true stoner the easy way of having Eileen magically reappear in their lives is attractive but if she had those powers of life decay.. her friend probably wouldn't like that.

“I still own you Joseph’s vision, Eve… don’t let me forget,” Kaylee starts as the conversation suddenly veers.

Jazzhands? Kaylee looks a little confused by all that… but luckily she doesn’t have to think too hard about that. “Gabriel? You really think he could figure it out? I don’t think anyone who was at the fall of the island believed he was dead, really. He rescued a hell of a lot of people that night.” There is a heavy sigh brows furrowing a little in thought. “You know where to find him?” She looks hopeful. “I really need to talk to him about Eileen. Both Eileens.”

Though she is still pale and the smell of the food makes her stomach turn, Kaylee scoots forward on her seat some to lean closer to Eve. “His Eileen, our Eileen is still alive…. Well,” Kaylee sighs. “Not alive, but her conscious is stuck in the mind of a young girl names Sibyl. I’ve been in the girls head and seen the memories.” Her thoughts cast back to the moth, she sits up a little straighter with that realization. “I need to get her out of there, Sibyl’s ability is eating away at what is left of Eileen. It’s confusing the girl, too.”

Eyes close as she thinks back, to that moment in time. “I have an idea of how to do it, but I need to save what’s left of her first and assess the damage. I need Gabriel for it. To help.” To her, this was going to be a new trick and an extra set of hands would help. “And Gillian if she’ll help us.”

"I agree with Huruma. Discretion is paramount," Luther rumbles from the side as he has, for the time being, resumed eating that half-eaten sandwich; the man's capability to take in food at just about any time is practically legend. Bu he doesn't have to contend with a physically nauseating curse either. Sorry Kaylee.

He looks confused, too, when the ladies talk about "Jazzhands" and how the man wants to stay dead. But it's Kaylee's talk about Eileen - His Eileen? - and Sibyl, that Luther listens intently even if he still doesn't understand it all. Kaylee had explained the basics, so his expression isn't entirely one that is lost. But he still looks puzzled as he peers between the pair.

"But, Kaylee…" Luther starts to say, "The last time we went looking for a guy who wanted to pretend he was dead…" They found David Cardinal, who didn't turn out to be who they thought. Or perhaps turned out exactly to be who they thought. Luther shakes his head, definitely feeling like he's holding the soggier puzzle pieces. The man sits.

"This is a lot of information to go through. But it seems like you got two things you want to do first," he considers quietly, holding up a finger for the first item. "Finding this Gabriel, and Sibyl, and saving the girl's, uh, mind-neighbor." A second finger joins the first. "Figuring out how to get that killswitch out of your head." There, he looks back to Eve, a brow arching at the seer. "Did I miss anything?"

Leaning forward, Eve’s eyes stay centered on Kaylee as she mentions Sibyl in greater detail. Face screwing up into a mix of emotions before settling on a open mouth grin, “No wonder we’ve been fighting!” She slaps her hand on the bed and cracks up, “Bird has been there the whole time! Dummy didn't see I was with her other piece. Oh Jazzhands!!!” Eve hops to her feet and looks to the window, “I might. He knows how to find me though. When I'm in danger.” An eyebrow raises as an idea blossoms in Eve’s head before she's returning her gaze to the pair seated in the room.

“Sibyl, the Old Crone. We’ve met..a bunch, I thought she was a sister seer. She is not. She sees by the.. hm. Her birds. That's how..” The seer trails off at the thought, “She helped Samson Gray throw me down the well! Maybe she thought he would find Gabriel. Oh Gabriel, he's going to be…” The Oracle looks sad at the thought, he was devastated by it, “He is not the same man we knew before.” Her thoughts spiral to worry, for her friend for Eileen. For Sibyl’s mind. “But he might know how to help.” It's her best guess besides another telepath. Or.. “If Delia was able to do something..” she smiles at Luther and Kaylee.

“This other Eileen, have you met her?” The question is innocent enough but the light behind Eve’s eyes darken. “Where do you want to put our Eileen..” The question hangs in the air and the answer is right there in front of them. “Lynette has met the other one.. did battle.” She says it with pride for the electrokinetic. “Does she have friends?” Another innocent question with absolutely no bad thoughts attached to it.

“Luthie you’ve hit the nail on the head! Are you ready for reunions, death and a whole lot of tears?”

There is a slow nod of Kaylee’s head at Luther’s list, “Exactly, but saving Eileen is priority. This,” she motions at her head, “Is secondary. And trust me, Luther. Gabriel will want to know about this and want to help, if all the rumors among the Ferrymen were ever to be believed.”

There is concern when Eve mentions putting herself in danger. “I really don’t think that is necessary. You— uh— ever think about using a big sign?” Just a thought. Her brows lift a bit, with a concerned glance going to Luther. “I plan to check my sources, as well.” She has a few she can check with. Mainly, getting Etienne and Deckard to keep eyes and ears out for rumors.

“And I have to say, I’m a little concerned that you have been fighting with a kid…. But, yes, you’re right,” starts Kaylee again, turning her attention back to Eve, “Sibyl is not like you. Her ability is like a giant black hole in her head. Dangerous to mental abilities. If she had not guided me, I would have been lost, too.” There is a small smile at the questions.

“No I have not met the Eileen that has Kazimir’s ability and is from another world. And yes she has friends. According to Richard and Nick, anyhow.” Kaylee shrugs a little, a slightly overwhelmed look on her features. Really, Luther is right. There is a lot.

Fingertips rub at her temples where pressure has already formed from the trip into Eve’s mind. “My first plan was to attempt to merge them, but…” There is a heavy sigh from the telepath. “The whole black conduit thing worries me and could be a snag. So I may find a way to retrieve our Eileen for now and then go from there.”

"No." Luther's very monosyllabic answer to Eve's enthusiastic question is flat with concerns and trepidation. Reunions and death and a whole lot of tears are not things he's looking forward to, let alone ready for. But he qualifies the answer with a resigned sigh and notes, "You all realize this right here, is grounds for planning a kidnapping?" And he realizes he's just about complicit in the whole shebang.

"No matter how you slice it. If you ladies… if you're going to go through with this. This has to be done, willingly." He blinks, grey eyes shifting between the women. Recognizing what squidgey moral grounds he's standing on, what with the discussion starting off with the plot to take care of Adam somehow, he nevertheless tries to draw a line in the sand. Women and children, maybe. No need to revisit his past wartime actions.

“I've kidnapped more people than I can count Luthie but good point. The girl wants the help, she has to.” Or she’ll die imprisoned by her other self. The seer looks out the window again and her brow furrows. Pale skin illuminated by the sun, she leans back on her elbows before her head drops to stare at the wall behind her at the head of the bed. “Maybe not jumping out a window.” She agrees thoughtfully and strokes the bedspread in absent thought.

The dark haired, wild woman doesn't want to hurt women and children but she's pretty determined for Gabriel to have a happy life. That motivates her above all else. “Put Bird.. in a Bird. For now. Pick a strong one.”

There's a beat as she closes her eyelids and lolls her head to the side. “I am getting away with the day. My naps have been helpful.” Tone mournful for the lost sleep time. “Share your vision, I think.. I have to sleep.” She holds her hand out to Kaylee, making room for her on the bed. “We will solve this.”

“Sibyl asked for me to help her and I know that she is the captive of the other Eileen.” Kaylee tips her chin up a little at Luther. “Being kept in a cargo container the last I heard, but I’m determined to find her,” The telepath sighs out softly, “but we have to tread carefully, since my family is still in the crosshairs.” In her mind they were first above all else.
Taking Eve’s hand, Kaylee moves to sit next to the woman. Eyes study her up close and thoughtfully. It’s been many years since a single moment really put a wedge between them. A smile ticks up at the corner of her mouth. “Thank you, Eve,” she says softly to the woman. Meaning it, fingers squeezing gently, before letting go so that she can press fingers to the woman’s temple.

There is a pause and her head turns slightly towards Luther, though she doesn’t look at him. A hand is offered out to him, slender fingers spreading a little. “You want to see it?” She asks. He know what she means. If he takes the hand, he’ll find himself standing in that hallway again with both women, all the doors shut and locked. Kaylee doesn’t want a repeat of before.

It is odd to see the projector standing in the center of the hallway, Kaylee tinkering with it, the lense pointed towards a blank spot on the wall. «Here we go.» She says softly, flicking on the projector, the film flickers and then settles, the picture clearing. The vision Joseph gave her plays out on wall. She can’t help but look down and away at the kiss, but looks at both when the mysterious woman appears; curious to see if there is any recognition.

When it ends, Kaylee waits….

Luther crumples the sandwich paper in his hands, having finally polished off the meal, and swallows the last bite as he eyes Eve without judgment. They've all done some terrible things in the past, but he's making the efforts to be a little more lawful in actions. A security chief's version of lawful. Whether the other side will play by such rules when they confront them, is another debate and dilemma for later.

So when Kaylee reveals she knows Sibyl's been taken captive, Luther sits up straighter, alarmed. "So we gotta go find and get her back," he rumbles in thought. But, like Kaylee, he agrees to needing to tread carefully. The man nods slowly.

He watches when Eve bids Kaylee to sit beside her on the bed, to share another vision. At first he's content to watch. And then he's not, really, at the telepath's offer to show him the actual vision. He averts his gaze to a side in a moment of short inward debate of curiosity versus caution about treading into a new mental landscape. But then he shakes his head to clear away the worries, steps over and takes her hand into a trusting, steady grip.

Finding himself standing at the hallway, he blinks several times and looks around to all the locked doors. There's no real temptation to try and open one; Luther is good about keeping hands off. As the projected vision plays out, he watches with interest. The man swallows roughly when he sees himself shot, the kiss that follows making his brow furrow with some confusion, and gaze slide in furtive glance to the telepath for a long beat. But then it's back to paying attention to the rest of the vision, and the man asks at the sight of Adam though his eyes don't leave the projections, "You okay, Kaylee?"

There's no recognition for the mystery blonde, however. Luther's expression remains slightly disturbed, mostly thoughtful. He concludes aloud, a simple thought. "I'm never going to get used to this."

“No no we can't endanger the little ones.” Eve shakes her head in agreement, “Maybe they should go on vacation for awhile.” No prophetic power behind those words. “Eileen is ruthless.. Even to herself.” A chuckle and Eve is leaning forward to study the eyes that are studying her, “Anytime.” A small smile follows afterward. When the two clasps hands and they enter the hallway, Eve ignores the other things she shouldn't look at. She's not known for her self control and last time she was in someone's mind she leaped into another's and started a whole crazy adventure that had led her here to these guys.

The vision plays for the seer and and her body shakes with the weight of it all. As they come back to the waking world the pale woman leans forward, eyes racing back and forth at the sensory overload. “Snakes.. Adam.. Eve.. Gardens..” a grin crosses her lips. “Someone's getting biblical.”

The kiss.

Well Eve just looks between the two with a knowing smile and her index finger twitches. “It's complicated.” Going to answer an unasked question but Eve holds no judgment. Things happened. And if this were going to happen.. happiness would round itself around anyone hurt. “Kaylee.. these things..” the flickers of the vision playing in her mind. Adam’s face with the golden eyes. “You must be careful. Please.”

“We’ll find Gabriel.”

«I’m good, Luther,» Kaylee gives him glance out of the corner of her eye, mildly amused and appreciative at the obvious care about her health. «This isn’t like Eve’s… Only some pain, but you won’t have to hold me hair again.»

She looks at the images that play on their own now, her expression a little sad. «I don’t think any of us will ever get use to it. We just learn to endure the responsibility of it.»

With that thought hanging there, everyone finds themselves in their bodies again. They can feel a slight tremble in Kaylee’s hands, even though she doesn’t show it, dealing with all this discussion about Adam was taxing. Luther’s hand gets a brief squeeze in thanks, before she lets go, as her attention is fully turned to Eve.

There is a small smile at the mention of a vacation for her family. “I already tried that, Joseph believes in the protections here in the Safe Zone… and he won’t go without me, but I can’t leave. I can’t hide again.” Kaylee sighs heavily. The choices weighing her down were immense. “So… I will be careful, unless I have no choice.” Eve understand that type of choice.

Eve’s hands gets clasped in her much cooler ones, “Thank you, Eve. Please, keep me informed if you find out anything. And please call on me if you need me. Okay?” That said she lets the woman go and gets to her feet, a bit unsteady still. “We’ll leave you to rest.”

Luther doesn’t look happy still with Kaylee’s dismissal of the pain that comes from encounters with Adam even by vision proxy. “Well that’s comforting,” the man notes wryly in the mental space as he casts a look around in visual exploration. Until he’s kicked out and back into his actual body. That’s a lurching feeling he’s not used to, with the bit of out of mind experience. He blinks several times and reorients himself a second time, narrowed eyes squinting at some of the drawings on the walls.

His brows lift at the seer’s warnings, and he nods at Eve as well, a silent promise made. They’ll be careful as much as possible It’s his job too, to keep them safe. He stands when Kaylee does, but doesn’t move to embrace Eve in any good bye hugs. Rather, he gives the seer a quick wink and says, “Don’t eat all the donuts at once.” Once they’re ready to go, he grabs one last package of an extra sandwich for Bob, and turns to head out after Kaylee.

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