Sam Eye Am


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Scene Title Sam Eye Am
Synopsis Not everyone believes in ghosts, and Brian's out to prove they don't exist by calling on Cat.
Date November 8, 2010

Across the Street From The Verb

Usually walking these streets, all one has to worry about is the excuse they're going to use for the homeless that ask for change.

Tonight there's a whole different set of problems: The air is thick with smoke, making the evening look darker than it should be. Distant sounds of popping gunfire infrequently, screams, and even explosions invading the hearing of the young man who has been desperately trying to make his way to the village. Fires and debris are more common than anything else in the city this time of night. Smouldering flames, contributing to the mass of smoke that has infested New York City.

Looters and rioters have passed through this way, making a large mess of things. Now the streets here are seemingly empty. Every now and then a group sprints through an alley, or two groups meet and collide briefly. But mostly it seems like the majority of battles have taken place elsewhere. Leaving this area ripe for scavengers.

One such scavenger picks his way through a torn up drug store. Bending, the young man picks up another bottle of baby formula and places it into his backpack. On one knee, Brian scans over his shoulder, then looks back to the task at hand. No need to be paranoid, he has a system in place. Zipping the backpack close, he glances to his wrist. Instead of a watch, a mirror has been strapped to his forearm, the easiest way for Sami to communicate with him in this chaotic journey.

They had been camping out safely in his apartment for a long time, until Brian came to the conclusion that if Cat was dead, she wouldn't be able to help Sam. And so they should probably go make sure that Cat wasn't dead. So, making a copy, one stayed with baby Kasha and the other went on a trip with Sam-eye, for Cat, baby food, and glory!

Standing fully the backpack is flipped over his shoulder as he stalks through the rubble of the drug store. His gun is tucked into the front of his pants, easily visible for anyone to see. This isn't the time for concealed weapons.

"Anyone out there?"

The question goes to his invisible companion, glancing to the mirror on his wrist. "Only a few more blocks and we should be there. We should probably run."

Gunfire, regular fire, explosions. Pretty damn scary when you're just a seventeen year old, like Mina. She's on the back of her scooter, headed out of town. She had hoped there'd be less of that stuff out here.
5r No such luck.

She stops just outside the drug store, and when she hears a voice inside, she locks her scooter and removes her helmet.

It's not like most people could easily use her scooter anyway, it's been adapted to her metal appendage.

As Mina enters the drugstore, she is trying to remain calm. The guy's voice didn't sound threatening.

"Hey!" She calls out, even if her prosthetic had likely already pre-announced her.

For once being invisible is a strength rather than an annoyance. Samara peers one way and then the other in the pharmacy, there's nobody in easy sight for her. Her teeth graze her bottom lip as she shuffles back to the other end of the store, eyes scanning it for potential traps, dangers, and bandits — who, in her own mind, she's labelled pirates, although they're more like looters, anyways. Finally, after deciding she needs a better scan of the store, she disappears from the mirror.

The occasional glass surface mirrors her reflection as she boldly pads through the pharmacy — there's no need for care or caution in this particular regard, an unusual image considering the chaos transpiring.

Quickly, in a half-jog half-skip, Sami returns to the mirror and points to the door with wide eyes. A random girl, possibly a kid. Her lips purse in that reflection towards Brian, distrust easier than trust, especially amidst such chronic chaos. She slides away from the mirror to approach the teen. She encircles the teen like a lioness would her prey, not that anything about the petite ghost is threatening.

Seeing nothing out of place she slinks back to the mirror and shrugs her shoulders; nothing seems amiss.

Amid all this chaos, taking care to avoid detection lest agents choose to raid the Verb in search of her and keeping watch for the presence of parties watching for her to appear so they can execute or arrest her, Cat observes the carnage afoot with somber eyes and stricken features. She's failed on multiple fronts. The riots are happening, as far as she knows Carmichael wasn't caught at all, no one managed to interrogate him and use posthuman tools to figure out what the whole plan was. Her hopes for the Village being renewed as a place for music and the arts have been set back, who knows how badly, but the thing that eats at her most is the overall failure. Not once since her arrival two years and change before have she and people she knows not risen to such challenges with much greater success.

Binoculars are used to scan the streets below from her vantage point atop a parking garage where she lies flat, keeping low to avoid being spotted, and a single tear courses down a cheek.

She whispers. "Rhys Bluthner, where the hell are you?" This could all have been prevented, if she'd only been able to find him.

The gun comes out faster than anything.

This isn't New York City, this is the Wild West. The gun remains trained on the girl hopping into the pharmacy, mirror arm coming up and remaining slightly in front of his face. "Don't move!" He calls out authoritatively. "If you're not armed and not crazy I won't hurt you, but for now, hands up, behind your head!" Normally he wouldn't be so paranoid, it's not like the girl could kill him. Well she could, but it's not like it would matter. But this time it does, they need to find Cat, and if she's in trouble they need to help her.

Glancing to his mirror, "Armed?" He whispers, seemingly to himself. "She looks like just a kid.. Maybe if we're nice she'll give us a ride." His eyes flick to outside the store where her scooter rests. And all of the sudden Brian starts to be a little nicer. "What the fuck are you doing out here all alone? You shouldn't be out here like this. You could get hurt." Or kind of nicer, at least.

Immediately, the girl's hands are behind her head, elbows wide. Mina isn't stupid… far from it. She knows that the best way to respond to such a command is to bloody follow it up.

"I was hoping it'd be saver here." Mina answers the question, quivering. "The City's a mess, just like here."

"Please don't hurt me…" She pleads, "I'm just an ordinary girl… I just want to be safe…" Well, about then she starts to cry, tears flowing down her cheek.

Samara shakes her head, no — not armed. Her lips press together warily while her shoulders shrug high towards her ears. The situation merits extreme caution, but then, just yesterday random strangers could be at least moderately trusted. Now? With terror taking the streets one can't be too careful. She slides back towards the other girl, searching for any sign of a weapon, even the smallest thing that could be used against them… well, Brian.

As she nears the door, however, there's a distinct tickle in her throat, the smell of smoke in the air lingers around the entrance, the smell of death and dying.

The tears, however, spark empathy; she remembers that day four years ago when she'd felt that level of fear. With a heavy sigh, she reaches out to put a hand on Mina's shoulders only to reach through the teen, drawing a small gasp inaudible from the ghost girl's lips.

Sami floats back to the mirror; she's frowning now — an expression distinctly saying one thing: Brian, you made her cry.

Frowning at the mirror, his arm goes down. His only way of saying shutup Sami. The gun returns to the front of his pants as he slowly moves forward, his own hands coming up in the international sign of 'I'm not going to hurt you'. "My name is Brian. It's okay. What's your name?" Without waiting for the answer he continues to talk. "Listen, I was just getting some milk for my baby. But I need to get somewhere quick. Just a few blocks down. If you let me ride on the back of your scooter I'll promise to keep you safe, okay? I'm going some place safe." Kind of a lie, but lies don't count if you're trying to assure someone, right?

Gesturing out to the scooter, he walks slowly now with his back to the girl. His arm comes up so that he can again look in the mirror, Sami is allowed to talk again now that his back is to the stranger and he is potentially vulnerable. "Just a few blocks and I'll keep you safe. Promise."

While the tears start to slow down, it's obvious Mina is still rather afraid. "Call me Mina." She answers the question, and with her increased fear, her German accent is increasingly obvious.

"O..okay." She eventually answers his request, turning around to head to her scooter and unlock the thing.

She pats the spot behind her for Brian to take it.

"Where to?"

Sami's nose wrinkles at the gesture, it's a silent complaint that no one will see. Even with the complaint, she remains hypervigilant, her eyes scan the store and just outside for potential assailants, after what happened in the hallway of Brian's apartment, the dead red-head isn't taking her chances. Further, her gaze remains sharply on Mina as Brian turns his back.

Within the mirror image, Samara crosses her arms over her chest and then shrugs as Mina mounts the scooter. Quickly she signs in her disjointed (and rather inaccurate) sign language letters S-E-E-N-S S-A-F-E E-M-O-U-G-H Her lips curl into a small smile as she twists around to join the other girl on the scooter — it's good she's incorporeal for space reasons lest the trio be too crowded.

"Okay Mina. Nice to meet you." Glancing to his mirror to watch Samara's sign language he grins lightly, though quickly suppresses it so that their new friend doesn't think he's crazy. Lowering his mirror arm, he walks up to the scooter. Glancing in the mirror he furrows his brow at the mirror. This part is weird.

Taking his seat behind Mina, he places one hand on her shoulder. "Just a few blocks down. That way." His hand outstretches to point them in the right direction. "I'm going to have my gun out, just so no one tries to knock us off or conffront us or anything. Alright? I promise I won't use it without telling you. It's just so people know not to mess with us. His hand leaves her shoulder to take the gun out once again. Mirror arm going to rest on Wilhelmina's shoulder, the mirror positioned slightly to see himself… and Samara. He tilts his head to the left then to the right as their two images blend together. He mouths 'oo' lightly, then leans back. He arches his brows at the mirror.
[OOC] Brian says, "Yeah I messed it up on accident"

The scooter's engine fires up, and Mina starts to drive the thing in the indicated direction. "Okay." Is all she has to say to his explanation regarding the gun.

Right now, Mina isn't talking a lot. She has to focus on the road while being bloody scared.

She's as scared of Brian as she is of the rioters, but she doesn't mention that, just following Brian's directions.

Samara just rolls her eyes at the ooo, leaning away so Brian can see — such is her afterlife though. She recognizes the weirdness of the situation but what choice does she have? Her other option is walking. With a heavy sigh, she uses those invisible eyes to watch for scum.

As the scooter vrooms down the desolate street, Brian's eyes are on the alert as well. Every now and then they pass something that looks like a bundle of clothes, or a large heap of trash. Knowing that on further inspection these would most likely turn out to be bodies, Brian takes a moment to point forward to insure that Mina keeps her eyes forward and not on the distractions that would be most disturbing.

They forge ahead, nearing the Village Renaissance Building. Brian brings up his hand to signal Wilhelmina to stop. "About right here should do it." He calls out, going to tuck the gun away into the front of his pants. "You should hide the bike here, we need to go inside." And when she does stop, he dismounts.

Mina is really careful not to pay attention to that kind of detail. She has enough on her mind already.

When they arrive at the location, the girl does her best to lock down her scooter somewhere out of sight.

"What's going on, why are we here?" She asks.

Samara dismounts before the bike stops, lurching forward on the pavement and slipping as she tries to catch her balance; it doesn't hurt, but it's far from graceful, even for a dancer. It's okay though, her clumsiness goes mostly unseen. In typical clumsy-girl fashion, she tugs on the bottom of her shirt and nonchalantly stares at the skyline; observers can almost hear her humming while she shoves her hands into her jean pockets — all she'd need is a sign reading 'Nothing to See Here'.

She glances at Brian before turning back to the building a few more delicate floaty steps take her towards, and even through the door (literally). She doesn't know which apartment it is, so she waits on the other side, clearly expecting some measure of direction in the action.

The Verb is as one would expect it to be, not showing much signs of damage from riots or looting. There are security staff on duty in the lobby, and given the situation the glass doors are locked. They will only let people in if they're recognized as residents, next to the doors are voice transmitters which can be used to communicate with the staffers visible at the lobby desk. The Rock Cellar under the building seems closed too.

Watching the street with those binoculars, Cat spots a Brian. She spends some moments watching, then scans the area again. It seems clear enough to make a move of some sort, and she anticipates there'd only be one reason for him to approach the Verb. Seconds more tick by as she extracts a flashlight and aims the beam toward him. It doesn't last long, her goal is to draw his attention and only his attention.

Then she moves back from the edge of that roof, hoping he'll come investigate.

"I need to find someone here." Brian murmurs to Mina as he makes his way towards the door. "You can wait here or come in with us."

"With me." He corrects, grimacing at the mirror on his arm. And in that moment he catches the light, eyes flick up. Though he doesn't make much of a sign that he notices. Company training coming into play. He pauses at his approach of the verb, "Sam-eye." Winters calls out loudly, turning. "Over here." He looks to Wilhelmina after blatantly talking to his invisible companion. "We have to go over here." He points to the opposite building. "Feel free to join us." And with that Brian is jogging into the building and up the stairs.

".. us?" Mina starts, not foooled by the correction.

And of course, then he starts to get blatant about it.

Great, a nutcase… she thinks. But she jogs along, trusting her instincts that she'll be saver with the nutcase than alone.

"Wait for me!" She isn't the fastest runner, considering she only has one real leg.

Sami's attention is very quickly redirected at her non-name. She floats back to him in her disembodied form before reappearing in his mirror. She glances at Mina before traipsing after Brian in a jog all her own with raspy breath catching in her dried out throat, a feeling that gives her slight pause — the combination of the smoke and the air is irritating her ghostly sensibilities. Coughing once, she continues in her own jog up the stairs, silently wishing she was a runner.

She follows Brian to the roof, but actually walks through him when they reach the top, investigating on her own fearlessly.

In the time it takes Brian and group to reach the top of that parking structure, Cat too has moved. She's taken up a position by the closest stairwell to where they were when the flashlight beam was used, waiting with her back pressed flat against the wall so she can see anyone who emerges before they see her and react if needed.

The 1.73 meter brunette, unable to hide from Samara where she waits, doesn't appear to be armed. But appearances can be deceiving. She looks somewhat fierce, there can be no doubt she'll act in defense of self if needed and be fairly effective at it.

Gun out and forward, Brian creeps towards the top of the parking garage. But before emerging out on the top he pauses, bringing up one hand for Mina to stop Brian crouches low. Usually he would scope out the area for himself very carefully. But who needs that when you have a ghost spy on your side. He simply remains in a crouch, his mirror tilted slightly so that he can get Samara's reaction.

When he does he gives a nod. "Cat?" He calls out gently. "Brian coming up. One in tow. I'm armed she isn't." The Ex-agent informs before leaving his crouched position, holding his firearm up to show the woman he is not pointing it at her. It then is quickly tucked back into his pants.

Silent steps guide Samara to Cat at whom she stares for a long while, leaving the former mildly perplexed. If anything, death has increased Sami's ability to read others because she can actually see what they do behind closed doors and observe when they're bluffing. Her features knit together tightly as she watches the dark haired woman before drifting back towards Brian and Mina.

She shrugs into the mirror but the frown remains. Reactively she signs, B-E C-A-S-E-F-U-L when she means be careful — her signing needs work. But then she only just started learning.

"It has indeed, Brian," comes the reply as Cat steps a pace away from her spot on the wall. Her features remain fierce, a comment dryly spoken. "We continue to live through interesting times, yes?" Brown eyes regard the man, she seems to relax slightly a moment later. "I almost expected to see you not come through the door, but to make a naked you appear a few feet away."

She's seen that before, it's no big thing to Cat. Unless, of course, it is.

Motioning for Mina to stay down in the stairwell, Brian glances in his mirror just to get the rest of caseful. He glances back to Cat, knitting his brow at her comment. "Just so you know.. I don't know who this girl is with me. Picked her up for a ride. She's scared so I said I would watch after her. I don't know what her position is on… us." He says pointedly. Bringing up his mirror arm he motions to it, "Perhaps you'll notice that I tied a mirror to my arm with a buncy of twisty ties. Perhaps you are thinking I've grown increasingly vain."

"You would be thinking wrong." Brian goes to unsling his backpack and drop it by the stairwell. "I've brought a friend… Not this girl in the stairwell. We came to make sure you were okay. And for your help." He holds up his mirror in front of Cat. "Say hello, to Sam-Eye."

The acknowledgment and recognition between the pair ease Samara's nerves. She glances over the edge of the building dizzily while her eyes scan the streets below, but only momentarily, it would be rude to miss her introduction. Her steps bring her to light in the mirror, refracted and wholly present in its image.

She strains her lips into a very awkward and mildly sheepish smile. She forgets herself momentarily, lost in the oddness of meeting another person after spending so much time relatively unnoticed by anyone. Almost surprised she raises a hand in an affable twitch of fingers and a single mouthed inaudible word, "Hi." Everything about the introduction is tentative, but oddly normal like this is just the way she is.

Silence is held as she listens to Brian, then eyes lower to the mirror. Straight on, at first, seeing nothing, but then at other angles just in time to catch the greeting offered by a disembodied teen's image. One of Cat's brows lifts, a thing which might cause the ghost to label her Vulcan. Like the issue of naked Brians, that's also happened before.

"Intriguing," she offers some moments later. "Hello, Sam-Eye." Facial features shift, she's clearly thinking. "What sort of help are you after, Brian?"

Brian almost starts laughing when Cat calls her Sam-Eye. The nicname is going to stick, and he's going to be so happy. He looks at the woman in the mirror then back to Cat. "She thinks she's dead. She was 'killed' in the bomb. The big one.. in fact. Today is her deathday, right? We should be celebrating." He shakes his head. "I don't believe in ghosts, and I reckon you don't either. I think she's evolved, but I haven't seen a power like this before. Invisible and phases." He gives a shrug.

"And she's been like this for four years. Basically.. I've brought her to you because she doesn't believe me when I say she's not dead." He looks at Cat, as if feeling like he needs to further establish his reasons for helping Sami. "And I mean. A phaser who is invisible. She could be a lot of help if she knew how to use her power." He gives a somewhat apologetic glance to Samara in the mirror.

The phrase 'thinks she's dead' earn Brian a scowl although the nickname warranted it too. Her arms defiantly cross over her chest as she peers between them. While no one can see it she kicks at a random piece of gravel on the rooftop, it doesn't budge. Nice. With pursed lips, her head shakes; it doesn't make sense. She signs, rather poorly, B-E-R-T F-S-I-E-N-D C-A-M S-E-E N-E. Rue can see her; she's the special one. Sami is just the one with unfinished business that needs tending. Her lips press together tightly while her head shakes again, signing yet another message, U-M-F-I-M-I-S-H-E-D B-U-R-I-M-E-R-R, she means unfinished business, but in this she gives a rather large margin of error.

Eyes move back and forth between Brian and the mirrored teen, Cat splitting focus to not entirely look away from the reflective surface lest she miss something Samara tries to communicate. "I see," she states slowly after his explanation, as the brain turns toward working out what might be afoot here. And to a point her mnemonic prowess works against her in this endeavor: she could write out the letters signed in the mirror and rearrange them into a more coherent message and make leaps so things fit, but Cat doesn't have a pen and paper. In most cases she simply doesn't need to write anything down. So she'll have to do it all mentally.

"Bert F Siend Cam see ne. Umfimished burimerr." Silence for a few beats. "Best friend can see you? Nod if yes. And… unfinished what? Ghost… legends say they hang around until things are put right. Unfinished business?"

While watching for nods in response to the questions, Cat is forming theories. "Invisible phaser. It's possible going intangible could also mess with how light acts, not reflect from her body. As for ghosts, well, it's possible. The thing that was in Kazimir could hop from body to body, the healing ability that Abby and Deckard had, same thing. Some technopaths have survived their bodies too. But…" she muses…

"In each of those cases, they were able to possess other bodies. Can you do that, Sam-Eye?"

Watching the mirror, he sounds out each letter. Glancing to Cat. Of course Cat knows sign language, she knows everything. The letters are tracked, but he's not as quick on the draw as Cat. Though he does repeat the correct answers a split second after Cat, like the slower student in the class is want to do. To make himself feel bettah. "I thought I was your best friend." Brian offers with a little smile. "Yeah.. But. I mean. That's just legends. A power wouldn't make you a ghost because you have unfinished business."

Watching Cat, he glances down at the street for a moment when the sound of screaming rises up. "Yeah. I remember that technopath thing. That's what I thought maybe. But.. If only one person can see her." He knits his brows. "Super vision, maybe? Something like that?"

Sami nods at the the first statement and then again at the second, realizing she really needs to work on learning her sign language if this communication with the living is going to continue. She presses her lips together and shakes her head, she can't possess anyone else's body, not that she's really tried; the notion actually creeps her out a little. With a small shudder she shrugs; sometimes she feels like she's making progress to change her unfinished business.

She arches an eyebrow at Brian's thought about Rue. Shaking her head, she shows six fingers. The sixth sense, that's what Rue has, Samara knows it.

Silence for a time in listening to Brian and observing what Sami shows in the mirror, followed by her own mental processes, broken with voicing some of them. "You can't possess another body, if you're a ghost you probably could. How do you move around? If you're a ghost, you should be able to go wherever you want in the blink of an eye. Can you do that? It's possible your friend has a sixth sense, some sort of enhanced vision that lets her see you. It's possible, also, that Brian's right and you're a phaser. But…" She trails off, creating a pause to let the teen think it over.

"You were caught in the bomb, that's how you died. You could be right. But ghostness isn't the only answer, Sam-Eye. It's possible you didn't die in the blast, but were only injured. Your body could be somewhere in a coma all this time, and you're an astral projection. That'd also explain your friend seeing you, right?" Another pause, allowing the self-professed apparition to agree or disagree by nodding. Simplified communication, that.

"But consider this: it's a common story that when a person's mojo kicks in, it's exactly what she needs at the time. Me, I was at Yale. Father demanded I go pre-law or he'd cut me off. I wanted to study music. So I tried to do both, and was going down the tubes fast, but my mojo hit. I've got this memory that just won't quit. Think it over: you were caught in the blast, and in that moment you needed a power to survive, and here you are. Make sense?"

"Does your friend see other dead people or are you the only one?"

Brian asks, holding up the mirror a little straighter so Cat and he can see. "I was in Africa, a truck overturned with some people trapped under. I was trying to pick it up, and I was joined by two people and I was able to get the people out. I thought I was helped by angels, Sam. But it wasn't angels, it was my ability manifesting. I just didn't know about abilities. I was convinced for a long time that God sent angels to help me that day. It wasn't until I learned about and understood my ability that I really figured out what happened. Just don't rule out in your mind that you have a power. And all you have to do is.. Turn it off." Brian gives a sympathetic look to the woman in the mirror.

"Maybe if you just.. try ?"

Samara's head tilts from one side to the other like a scale weighing the options. Cat isn't wrong, and Sami can't deny it, but maybe there's just so few people that die with unfinished business; that's what she'd always convinced herself. Her dark eyebrows knit together as she looks between Cat and Brian, the confusion shaking her thoughts of it all. She opens her mouth to speak, before closing it — they can't hear anyways.

It's not impossible, but why is it Rue could see her right away? Or nearly right away. F-S-I-E-N-D T-A-L-K-R T-O N-E. It can't just be extreme vision or something, Lanny has more than that, she can interact with Sami, talk to her, see her. Ghost whisperers can do it all, can't they?

The notion of just turning off whatever it is that's made her this way for so long earns another nose wrinkle, but she is curious. With a slight nod, her lips twitch with some indiscernible emotion. She takes a deep breath and tightly closes her eyes, focusing her energy to 'turn it off,' attempting that small touch that she manages when interacting with the tangible world — only this time with her whole body. Seconds later, dizzy and paled, her eyes open, she's still invisible apart from the mirror.

Watching, listening, studying. That's Cat as Brian speaks and Sami responds, makes that attempt, and seems paled in the reflective surface. "You may have to try, and try again, before you can become solid. The mind is a powerful thing, believing you're a ghost may be hampering you. If you're an astral projection or a ghost, then you can move at light speed, be wherever you want just by wishing, right? Can you do that?"

Pausing again to reflect and let things settle in for Sami, an idea springs into Cat's head as the image of this teen with her arms folded when Brian claimed she thinks she's dead, the scowl shown, and the way Brian looked when she addressed the mirror's image as Sam-Eye. It brings a slowly spreading grin to her features.

"Sam-Eye. Do you like that name, Sam-Eye? Or do you really, really want to speak with your own voice and tell us your real name, Sam-Eye. Sam-Eye. Sam-Eye. Sam-Eye you am, you don't like green eggs and ham."

Brian frowns sadly when her attempt doesn't work. Having held his breath a moment when she tried it's exhaled when she stands only in front off the mirror again. His mouth starts to open up until Cat starts… badgering her. He remains quiet, she's the one with the library brain, not him. So.. he'll just let her do… this. He looks a little confused but watches the mirror regardless.

Samara shakes her head, she can't just disappear and reappear at will, although she does wake up in the weirdest places — wherever the wind blows and whisks her away — and then she always has to find her way back. She's blown way further than intended before, it's good invisi-women don't have to pay for the bus.

She tries to speak to correct her name, grasping for some syllables — words spoken but not heard. Her name, 'Samara,' spoken first. But the badgering raises her frustration, and subsequently strains her disembodied self further, where she'd paled before, her entire body becomes undeniably weary. Her entire body slumps with fatigue, even underneath the corrections she attempts to make. Impossibly, she hovers an inch or so above ground, any corporeality she had has dissipated altogether, including her efforts to resemble some kind of gravity.

Her eyelids become heavy as her head nods forward, overall, she's exhausted.

As the frustration shows on the teen's mirrored face, Cat watches dispassionately. Her grin fades away, vanishing with the mounting fatigue she observes. "It took an extreme event to trigger her ability, to become as she is. I'd wondered if something along that line would help her get back. The rush of anger, of desire to respond, to become solid and speak in her own voice and tell her name. That it could become a switch and take her beyond simple thought. If, that is, she's not an astral projection whose body is somewhere comatose."

Silence extends across several beats as she observes the hovering. "My apologies for the taunting." She can only hope both understand the logic to her attempt.

As the frustration shows on the teen's mirrored face, Cat watches dispassionately. Her grin fades away, vanishing with the mounting fatigue she observes. "It took an extreme event to trigger her ability, to become as she is. I'd wondered if something along that line would help her get back. The rush of anger, of desire to respond, to become solid and speak in her own voice and tell her name. That it could become a switch and take her beyond simple thought. If, that is, she's not an astral projection whose body is somewhere comatose."

Silence extends across several beats as she observes the hovering. "My apologies for the taunting." She can only hope both understand the logic to her attempt.

Brian frowns deeply at the mirror. "Part of her reservation is this friend. Maybe we need to find this friend and prove that she has an ability, not a sixth sense?" He frowns lightly, looking out at the carnage of the city. "You want to give me her address, Sami? I can go check on her." He purses his lips for a moment. "Ghosts don't get tired." He notes quietly. "They don't feel like they're going to pass out after exertion. That's a human life thing." Says the guy who doesn't believe in ghosts.

Samara nods sympathetically at Cat about the taunting, she's not terribly maimed, even if Sam-Eye isn't her name. With another heavy sigh she uses her finger to trace along the mirror, except it doesn't work; she doesn't have the energy to interact with the solid object, she'd depleted it all with her attempts to become solid. She purses her lips together as her finger merely goes through the mirror again, just like her early death days, there's nothing she can do to make it write.

Again she frowns into the mirror. She holds out her fingers and begins signing Rue's address, letting them know where to find this friend of hers, and it's fortunate she finishes when she does. A gust of wind, sweeps across the rooftop, blowing in smoke and a chilly breeze while simultaneously blowing one ghost away.

Eyes watch the signing of an address, and the vanishing which suggests she simply blew away. Cat is solemn for some moments afterward, before remarking "That could've gone better. You may be right, her friend's assistance may be needed. I don't think she's a ghost. Ghosts wouldn't get tired, wouldn't lose purchase on the ground. After all I've seen I won't say ghosts don't exist, Brian. They very well might."

Eyes focus into the distance. She has things to do and people to see, can't watch the Verb for trouble forever, and there are Ferry concerns brewing. Parting comment, given to Brian, is thus:

"But I saw nothing to convince me I just met one."

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