Sam, where's my car?


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Scene Title Sam, where's my car?
Synopsis Laina helps Samara get a very drunk Brian out of the Gotham Comedy Club and to their car.
Date February 26, 2011

Gotham Comedy Club

Sam's hazel eyes flicker to Laina and then back to Brian. And then to Laina again. The smile remains, even with Brian's misunderstanding as she shakes her head. "Nonononono— that's not…" her cheeks flush a pale pink. "The list, Brian. The list." Yes. There's a list. It exists. She peeks over at Laina as she sidles closer to her fiancee to prop him up, "Sam. Or Sami. Good to meet you."

Laina's smile widens at Brian's drunk misunderstanding. "I think all boys are like that," she chuckles. "How'd you like the show?"

"She's on the list now?" Brian asks happily. He smiles brightly, leaning over to plant a kiss on Samara's cheek. "You're so beautiful." And with that his weight is sagging against Samara some. Weight starting to press against her, legs bending some under him. "Her name iis sameye. I loooove her."

"I'm not so suuuuu- ack!" Sam actually finds herself losing her center of gravity as Brian's weight becomes heavier upon her. Her own knees buckling with the force, "Brian, baby, can you- " the arm reaches out to support him a little more. "— I just— " she grins a little bit. Awww. Cheek kiss. Sweet. Even if he smells like a distillery. "Only Brian calls me Sameye, that's not really my name— "

Laina does her part to support Brian, taking some of the weight off Sam. "So, Sam, what list is this?" She raises an eyebrow, looking amused.

Straightening up some as he is vaguely realizing that he is putting too much weight on Samara, he shoves one hand into his pocket. Dragging his keys out they are shoved over to Samara. He smiles broadly. He is then looking over to Laina then back to Samara. What? "I don't know where the car is."

"Uh— " the list. Oh dear. Unfortunately topics like these with strangers tend to result in chattering. And chattering tends to result in TMI— too much information. Sam takes a deep breath, very deep, prepping herself to ramble, "— well I'm completely hetero well like ninety-nine percent but I have a theory that everyone has someone in the world they'd go gay for I have three Scarlett Johanssen Ellen Page and there's one more I think but I cannot remember so anyways only people on the list will ever qualify for— " her cheeks redden a little as she takes another gasp of breath, "girl-on-girl threesome sexy times." Yeah. TMI.

The keys are accepted and rolled over Sam's hands as she frowns lightly at Brian, "I.." was there and wasn't paying attention. "I think we're this way— "

Laina can't help but laugh heartily at this description. "How very … prepared you are. I never thought of having a list … " She chuckles some more, as she helps Sam move Brian toward where they think the car is. "I'll have to ponder this." Her violet eyes twinkle.

"She is number three! You said!" Brian whines, pointing an accusatory finger at Laina. She's the one! "She is number three." A random thought occurs to him. "I am number four." He licks his lips. "It's a movie, I'm not the fourth woman you would makeout with." Winters explains gently as he tails behind his wife-to-be. "Oh caaaaar~"

"It was just a conversation we had once because Brian would turn gay for.. Brad Pitt, I think?" Sami's eyebrows knit together as she ponders this. "I'm not interested in him, he's not pretty enough for me. Just Brian." She winks as she shrugs again only to cant her head at Brian, "Yeah. He's not a woman. I swear— "

"I believe you," Laina assures her new friend. "What'd you think of the show?" she asks Sami again, the previous question seeming to have gotten lost in the talk of threesomes. But now seems like a good time for a change of topic.

"No threesomes with Brad Pitt." Brian assures Laina. "I wouldn't share him." Holding to Samara's hand tightly as they arrive at the car, Winters looks over his shoulder at Laina then back to their car. "Sammmiii~" He sounds a little whiny. "Get me to another me. I feel sick." Brian whines, trying to open the door desperately. But it's locked. waaah.

"It was.. " the very sober Sam considers a tactful way of putting it, "it was okay." Her head nods towards her fiancee, "Brian liked it, so it had some good things." She shrugs lightly before she quickly reaches forward with the keys to unlock the door. Carefully she opens the door for him and she slides backwards. "Don't worry, babe, I'll get you" to another him "home." She points towards him with a quick smile towards Laina as she treads around to driver's side, "Nice meeting you Laina— "

"Maybe I'll see you around." Laina smiles and waves as she walks away from the car. She needs to find a taxi to take her back to the motel. She'll never find her way there by curfew if she tries to walk it. But it was a fun evening.

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