Saturday Is Tomorrow


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Scene Title Saturday is Tomorrow
Synopsis Kimberlynn calls Wade to set up a time to have dinner on Saturday.
Date May 22, 2009

Via Phone

Kimberlynn mostly doesn't get to do anything until after she's done tending kids, so at about 7pm, she finally gets a chance to make the phone call she promised. She's a couple of days late, so she hopes Wade's not mad at her. *RING*

Taking a taxi from the office — they made him stay late again — his phone spazzes out. He picks it up, but the number listed doesn't match any currently in his contacts, so he considers befor answering. He does have several folks trying to track him down, though it's been relatively quiet the last few days. Putting the phone to his ear, he hits the answer key.

"Wade Quinn."

"Oh, I'm so glad I caught you! I'm not interrupting anything am I? Oh, this is Kimberlynn, by the way," Comes the breathless voice. Breathless because she's a little anxious about calling, and has just gotten darted home from the neighbor's, watching kids. It was a very busy day, helping kids with homework and doing crafts with them, and playing at the park now that the weather's so nice and warm.

"Hello, Kimberlynn. It's nice to hear your voice. I was thinking perhaps you weren't going to call after all." he grins as he watches the building go by through the window of the taxi. "How was your day, if I may ask?" Wade as Reed as never had a regular job before — especially not one where they work all hours of the day and night. If this didn't pay so well, he might consider a career change.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you think I wasn't gonna call. I just have had so much stuff…tendin' the kids later than usual, so I couldn't call until late, and I didn't know if ya wanted a call late. I thought you might be sleeping." She pauses to take a few breaths, and smile a bit. "Oh, today was busy, as usual. We went to the park, and did math homework, and practiced spelling words…I know there are childcare givers who think it's not their job to help with homework, but I know it helps the parents when I get the chance to do that. How was your day, Wade? I hope it was good?" Kimberlynn is settling down now, curled up in her convertible bed, in its non-bed form. There's a smile in her voice, because she's doing something for herself, even if it is arranging dinner for Wade.

"Kimberlynn, it's only seven. I've actually just finished up with work and am heading back to my place. But otherwise, it was a fairly productive day. Sounds like you've had yourself a busy day." The taxi turns the corner, and continues onward. "And you are mostly definitely a very saintly person, for being able to deal with so many children at once."

Kimberlynn laughs musically. "Not saintly. Just…the oldest of six. I have five younger siblings. I'm used t' kids. There's only ten I take care of. It's not that many. But they keep me busy! But I didn't call to talk about the kids. When would you like dinner? And…what can you eat? Or really, what /can't/ you eat?" Her voice is happy and sweet.

"Dinner sounds amazing. I'm available most nights. If you pick a night, I'll be sure to be off work at a decent hour." The second part of that question stumps him for a moment. It was one thing that he never considered. He wonders if Wade is allergic to anything. "Nothing that I can think of, but if something comes to mind I'll be sure to let you know." He'll have to see if he has anything in his records about being allergic. "Did you have a particular night in mind?"

"Saturday is easiest, because that will give me time to do the shopping for the meal, as most of the kids' parents are home. Is Saturday okay? …Oh, that's tomorrow! Today's Friday, isn't it! Well, is tomorrow okay?" She's talking a little fast, which is out of the ordinary for her. She normally drawls.

"Satuday will be perfect. Tomorrow would be even better." Wade teases her. "What time would you like to come over? I'll send a taxi over to pick you and your groceries up. Unless you'd rather send me a shopping list and I can make sure I have everything you need. It's completely up to you." The taxi pulls up next to an apartment building.

Kimberlynn laughs again. "Yeah, I'm a dork, I know. I forgot what day it was. Tomorrow it'll be, then! No, it's ok, I can take a cab to the grocery store, and then come straight to your place. But, um, your home address isn't on your card. Can you give it to me now?" she asks, actually prepared to write down the address. She made sure she had something handy just for that before she dialed your number from her cell phone.

Wade grins, though she wouldn't see it behind the phone, she could probably hear it in his voice as he recites his address to her. "I look forward to it Kimberlynn. What time should I expect you over?" Wade reaches into his pocket and pulls out some money and passes it to the driver.

"Well, if I come over at five, that'll give me plenty of time to prepare everything, for a dinner at seven. I'm no Rachael Ray, that's for sure," Kimberlynn laughs. "So..five. This'll be fun. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Sleep well, Kimberlynn and I'll see you tomorrow." Wade says as he clicks the phone off and sets it into his lap. He imagines he'll have to tell her the truth someday — but until then, he's going to enjoy every moment he can with her. He gets out of the cab and walks into his apartment and looks around the room. He has some cleaning to do.

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