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Scene Title Saucy
Synopsis Adam finally takes Lola out for that meal in exchange for that kiss from Leapin Lovers and he gets his claws just a little deeper into her.
Date September 12, 2009


Sweet ride!

Lola had to pick the dress up at Biddy's and was only given the employee's washroom to change in. But the dress itself, came from a fancy boutique with a french name that no one ever knows what they really mean, there are also a pair of shoes from a similar named designer. In the end, Lola was told Adam would be around in an hour to pick her up so that she had to get herself ready. But eventually, there's a knock on the door and one of Adam's goons is telling her the car is ready. And outside of the bar is a limo. It's not a huge limo, but it is a limo nonetheless. It's starting to get dark, which is the perfect time for dinner.

Lola looks fantastic, even as she feels a little bit uncomfortable. Sure, she wears dresses, but this one makes her feel stuffy. It's a deep, midnight purple, a shimmery material, and has a black belt around the middle. It falls to about her knees - a nice little cocktail dress. Her hair is still up in a messy ponytail - Adam will probably have to do some primming with her in the car.

But, of course, she'd never believe there's a limo here for her. "Oi, love!" She calls to the goon. "Where's the car?" Because this is not a car, it's a limo! Women like Lola don't ride in limos.

But, the goon nonetheless opens the back door to the limosine and inside is Adam reading a newspaper while he waits. Whatever he's reading is apparently very interesting because it takes him a minute to look over. He smiles wanely and says, "Well, you certainly look good in that…but.." he frowns, "That hair doesn't really go with that dress." he pauses, "Come here…"

Lola blinks at the Limo, but she's not so surprised that Adam's inside of it. She walks over, at least comfortable in the shoes from her days as a casino worker, and slips inside, perhaps flashing a bit of panty as she does so. So she's still getting used to some things.

"I feel like I oughta be drivin, instead a ridin." She points out, reaching over to try and tilt the newspaper toward her. "Watcha readin?" She asks, curiously.

Adam shakes his head as if what he's reading was of no consequence, "Just the news." he says, "It's such a dangerous world we live in." and with that, the limo takes off. Adam pushes on an intercom buzzer and says, "Take us to a hair salon." he says, "The lady would like to adjust her hair." then he turns back to Lola, "So, how are you?"

"Ahm bored," she confesses, reaching up to fidgit with her hair uncomfortably. "Ain' had nothin' to do since I got back from Illinois. Bah the way? I hate airplanes, it's definatly official," she murmers, turning to look out the window - or rather, into it. Trying to fix her hair a bit, but she does not succeed. She looks back ot Adam. "Was wrong with my hair then, sugar?"

Adam tilts his head and shrugs. "Your hair is fine. In fact, with a different outfit, it would be exceptionally beautiful." he even reaches up and brushes a bang back, "However, certain hairstyles go with certain looks. And a ponytail is a relaxed casual look. This is not a relaxed casual dress." he says, "And so, the hair style doesn't fit." the limo pulls up to a hair salon and the door opens, "Just go in, the driver will explain it to them. I'll be waiting here."

Any hand that might accidently brush her skin while moving her hair will find her slightly warm, but other than that just as she ought to be. Even clean - imagine that. As they stop, Lola pushes open the door before the driver cna get there and swings her legs out, pausing to pull her dress down a bit before she walks in.

She comes back a little while later, her hair done up in an elegant French twist. She doesn't look happy, and even slams the door as she gets back in - again, before the driver can do it properly for her. "Bitch pulled my hair," she complains. "An I smell like chemical sewage oughta smell." She grumbles, scooting next to Adam in the limo and crossing her legs in a rather unladylike fashion.

Adam chuckles a bit in response before the driver starts to make his way towards the restaurant, "Well.." he says, "I suppose we all must suffer for our art. And a nice look is a thing of art." he intones. He turns towards her for a moment, considering, "Does it help any to know you look beautiful and all eyes on the restaurant will be upon you jealously?"

Except Lola keeps fidgiting with it. "I think my scalp is numb," she grumbles, making sure all her complaints are aired before the topic moves on. But then her own eyes get distracted by the decatur of liquor and the glasses in the back of the limo. "Hooch!" She cries, happily, leaning forward to pour herself a glass. "So…now I gotta go pretend to be all fancy with everybody starin' at me? Ya know they're gonna kick me out the second I walk in, right?"

Adam doesn't reach for any alcohol himself. He only watches her pour herself a glass. He replies, "No, they won't." he says with confidence. "What you'll learn, Lola, should you stick with me, is that there are more important thing than decorum and manners to most people." he says as he glances out the window.

Lola smirks as she swallows the hot liquid quickly, setting the glass back where she found it. "What, are ya gonna pay everyone there ta pretend like I ain' their maid or somethin?" She asks him, nudging him playfully. "I don' know that even you got that much cash, English."

Adam replies simply, "No." he responds, "Actually, I do. But, I won't have to. All I'll have to do is pay the people I would ordinarily pay. Just pay them more and they'll pretend everything you say came out of the mouth of cinderalla herself." he pauses and turns towards her for a moment, "You really do look beautiful."

And she blushes. Adam might not believe it with his own two eyes, but her tanned, dark skin suddenly turns a shade pinker around the cheeks - it's a deep pink, to be sure. Uncomfortably and a little meek about being called 'beautiful', not just 'hot piece o' tail' causes Lola to glance down, tugging at her skirt and shuffling her feet. "Aw…well..I don' look nothin' like me, ya know."

Adam watches her blush a bit and smiles a bit before he looks out the window. "I'd think of all people, Lola, you'd know there's more to people than how you look. Just because you're in a different dress and your hair is all made up, it doesn't make you someone else. You know you're more than a pair of daisy dukes and a tank top, don't you?" he even reaches for her hand as he says this.

Lola glances down at her hand, but she's gotten tired of fighting off gropy men. It's just easier to let them go with it, and slap them if they go too far. She still holds her blush as she looks up at Adam and grins mischeviously. "Said by the fellah that said I weren' even datin' material, as I recall." She sticks out her tongue at him, sure she's won this round!

Adam simply holds the hand, though he does pull it onto his leg, but near the knee, nowhere nontowards, it appears he just wants to hold hands. He doesn't say anything about the dating material business. He pauses for a moment and asks, "How do you feel about soul food?" he questions as they seem to keep driving north.

His nonanswer says plenty. "Soul food?" She asks, giggling girlishly. "What, ya got me all fancied up an now yer gonna take me some place - in a limo - where I kin smear my face with BBQ pork ribs? They do sound great, actually…but still," Another chuckle as she sits back in the limo, pumping her updo against the back of the seat and grumbling.

Eventually the limo pulls into Harlem. Now, it's not a horrible part of Harlem, but a limo seems a bit out of place anyway. Outside is a restaurant with a rock ediface outside which proudly proclaims on a purple awning 'Sylvia's, Queen of Soul Food.'. The door is opened and Adam gets out first, then pulls gently on her hand. "It's true, it's not a fancy french restaurant, but it is a very nice place and I thought you'd like the food better."

She steps out, no more ladylike than she was earlier. "Hey, if ya don' mind if I slather yer dress an car in sauce, then lets go for it," she answers, grinning as she starts to walk in. Um, free pork ribs? Lotsa beer? What girl wouldn't be excited about this. Now all they need is a decent safe and she could be having a really, really good day. "All this work fer one little kiss," she notes, grinning.

Adam leads her into the restaurant, "Well…one doesn't need to slather sauce all over themselves to eat ribs, but if that's what you want, then that's what you want. I prefer catfish, myself." he says off handedly. He opens the door for her and it's clear they're a tad overdressed. But, there are people in very nice clothing in there as well, it's almost as if he wanted Lola to stand out. Adam is immediately recognized and they're led to a table towards the back.

Lola follows along, as Adam still has hold of her hand. She's looking hungrily at the plates of food as they go by - leering, almost. But then again, Adam knew the state of her manners when he met her. He shouldn't have expected much less. "Ya know, I coulda dressed like I always do an woulda gotten away with it," she points out to Adam as they're led back. At one point someone - a man - tries to move past them in the somewhat narrow spacing between tables. Lola may or may not have bumped him.

If Adam noticed, he doesn't seem to care. They're led to an intimate table and sit down quietly. He smiles over towards her a moment, as if oblivious to the pick pocketing that was going on and then opens a menu and starts to consider what to eat. "So, what looks good to you?" he questions.

"Ribs," she doesn't even bother to look. The wallet is set on her lap until the waiter is gone, at which point she lifts it up and thumbs through it. Nothing interesting. "Scuze me, sugar," she says to a passing waitress. "Found this on the floor." And she returns teh wallet, just like that. Anyway, now to more important things. "As many ribs as they got. They got beer here too?" She's easy to please, that's for certain. "Like, bud or somethin?" Poor girl has probobly never experienced a micro or an imported.

Adam considers this for a moment and replies, "I'm sure they do." he says, "It's not as if budweiser is particularly hard to get." he pauses, "They make quite a lot of ribs, I'm not entirely sure that you could finish them all." he glances up, "They'll probably ask if you want a bib."

Lola smirks mischeviously across the table at Adam. "Nah, no bib fer me, sugar. Besides, if I did get one then ya couldn' spend the night tryin' ta eye down mah dress, an this whole little experiment would be a waste fer you, wouldn' it?" She's not entirely ignorant as to the pretext of this occasion. "What 'bout you then, darlin? Lemme guess," she pauses, putting on a faux english accent. That accent, on top of her southern one, just sounds like word-rape. "A nice filet an a white wine?"

Adam arches a brow, "I'm not actually sure what experiment you mean. You said you wanted a fancy dinner and a nice dress in exchange for the kiss. And here we are." he says, as for what she thinks he wants to order, "You realize that what you said doesn't actually make any sense." he pauses, "Besides, I told you, I want catfish. I developed a taste for it in the confederacy." he leans in, "The dress is yours, Lola. If you want to ruin it, that's your business."

Lola lifts her arms, looking down at herself. "Nah, I think I'll keep it, but it don' mean I want a bib or nothin'. Sides, I kin use it ta bust into some higher-class joints if I like, ya know?" She chuckles, lowering her arms. "The confederacy? Like that whole war thing, Northern Aggression an' all that? What, you a history buff or somethin?" Yes, they really call it the war of Northern Agression down there.

Adam considers the question of being a history buff. "Something like that." he says, "Let's just say I have a pretty good knowledge of history." and, of course, he loves it.

Eventually the food is ordered and he says, "And what about you? What are you interested in besides all this stealing and trouble making of yours?"

Lola gets her beer, taking a few deep draughts. She's going to roll through these things like nobody's business. "Cards, I kin beat anyone at a game a poker. Texas Hold 'em mostly, though it didn' hurt that I spent my first couple a years outta prison stackin' decks for Mistah Daniel." She shakes her head, sighing and finishing her beer. She taps the glass to a passing waiter to signal she wants another. "Which was alright, but he pulled me off that ta come up here fer…I don' even know what." Uneasy grumblings of an employee.

Adam hmms a bit, "So you're saying.." he says, "That you can beat anyone in a game of cards, as long as you can cool the deck. That's a bit different than saying you can beat anyone at a game of cards." he watches Lola quietly, "After all…anyone can beat anyone if they can stack the odds in their favor.

Lola shrugs lightly, reaching for her new beer as it's brought. "Speakin' a which, sugar, I been meanin' ta talk to ya about somethin'. Yer gun." She says it openly, as though the room weren't crowded. "Kin ya show me how ta work it? AFter the whole thing in Illinois, well, I ain' real sure how to use a gun but I kin shoot better'n any of 'em. Even got my own fancy new rifle I need ta learn ta play with. Since good ol' Mistah Daniel ain' givin me nothin' to do yet, I got loads a free time. Kin ya show me how they work an all?"

Adam considers this request a bit and then shrugs one shoulder, "Sure…I suppose I can." he pauses though for a moment, his mind working a bit. He recalled another disciple he had who had the very same problem. "You're saying.." he says, "You're a great shot with no knowledge of guns?"

Lola shrugs a little, glancing up at him. The food comes, however, and then she only has eyes for Wilber as he's spread out on a hot porcelain plate in front of her, slathered in BBQ sauce. She digs in, and yes, she does get it on her hands, and on her face.

Adam has the fortunate pelasure to watch her clean the meat off the bones, lick her fingers, lick her lips, etc. "Some guns, I spoze. The one I got's all fancy an custom made cept the fellah don' know how to use it so it's mine now…"

Adam nods a bit, his thoughts drifing back to Simon who has fallen off the face of the earth with his sister. He pauses a moment and says, "I knew a boy like that." he says conversationally over dinner. "Inexplicably could hit any target I put in front of him, but damned if he wasn't even sure how to load a gun. Isn't that odd?" he glances at Lola for a moment, "Sort of like your hands can find any pocket they go for, yeah?"

Lola leans forward a bit over the table, and sure, maybe he gets a glance at cleavage - a reward for being such a good boy tonight. Or maybe she's a few too many beers in. Who can tell, really? "The differance, sugar, is that I been trained all my life ta find them pockets, ya know? Same as I kin pick a lock an crack a safe an whatever else it is I do that you ain' familiar with yet." She leans back, licking a bit of sauce from her index finger.

Adam nods a bit, "You're right." he says. He goes back to his catfish. "It's got some wonderful flavor. You know what I've sometimes done, put a very…very light sugar rub on it." he glances at her as he picks up a sugar packet and says, "Like this." but instead of opening it and putting it on the fish, his fingers flicker and in a deceptively fast way, the sugar packet goes flying at her face.

Catch! Was there really any doubt that she would. "Hey, English, this is a fancy place." No, it's not. But to Lola it is, and her tone is slightly mocking, slightly playful. "Don' be throwin' things. Ain' no call t'be childish." She hands the sugar packet back over to him, wrinkling her nose. "An sugar on fish? Really? Seems kinda nasty t'me, it does." She waves a hand, dismissively. "By the way, kin we stop by yer place on the way home? Iffen ya got any more vials over there?" She needs to stock up.

Adam seems to be satisfied as Lola catches the packet. He's put her in his own little box and put a check mark by her name. "No, I suppose not." playing off the little test. He pauses for some moments, "You're right…sugar on fish just doesn't work with the other spices." giving up on the idea altogether. He pauses for some moments before he says,
"Well, I don't know that I have a stock." he says, "But I might be able to give you one or two." after all, he needs to make sure she keeps coming to him, doesn't he?

Lola goes back to mawing down on her ribs, unaware that anything in Adam's mind has changed in the past few moments. She ends up sucking the delicate sauce from her fingers again, wiping her mouth several times before she speaks once more. "Alright, so…since yer all employed n' shit, an I ain…when kin I meet ya ta help me figure out this here super rifle?"

Adam considers the question thoughtfully before he says, "Well, I suppose I can do it sometime this weekend." he says, "We'll find a nice, secluded spot and we can practice with it." he takes a drink of wine and says, "Where did you come across this super rifle."

"I won it in a game a darts," she says offhandedly, not really wanting to go into it much further than that. "It's funny what folks're willin' ta bet when they think you'll sleep with 'em if they win." But they never win. That's kind of the point. Finished with her ribs, Lola pushes them away, lifting her napkin. She's wiping her mouth when she burps so the sound is muffled, but there none the less. "Ya know I'm real surprised ya ain' asked me 'bout Illinois more," she says, actually offering up information for a change. "Ya were so interested afore I left."

Adam shrugs his shoulders, "I just wanted to know what you were up to. In case I needed to be worried, I suppose." he says in response, "You made it clear you wanted it to be your thing. I figured if you wanted to tell me, you would. Does that mean you want to tell me?" he asks.

Lola giggles girlishly, sitting back and crossing her legs, hands folded comfortably on her lap. "Aww, sugar, are ya sayin' ya'd actually be worried about me? Lil old me?" Now she's just teasing him. And she's loving it. With her cutely-clad food she nudges his leg. "C'mon, eat up, sugar. Ya done good, ya earned yer kiss proper."

Adam is actually mostly finished with his plate and doesn't appear to be looking to eat anymore. "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." he says. He tilts his head for a moment and just watches her quietly. Eventually the check is paid for and people are tipped generously and everyone waves and smiles to the couple since, well, so much money was involved. Adam offers his arm to whichever part of Lola seems less covered in barbeque.

Lola hands over her left arm. Her right hand is still saucy, and she's licking it from her fingers as they walk out. But look! She didn't actually offend people! He ought to be proud. "I did enjoy mahself, I spoze," she confesses as they make their way outside. "Though I reckon I gotta let ya throw me off building's ta get this treament more often, hmm?"

Adam hmms, "Or, you can just ask for it." eventually, they're back in the limo, "You flew off a building because you wanted to do something fun. And so, we did. Besides, you didn't want to go out to dinner to justify flying off a building, you wanted to go out to dinner to justify my kissing you."

Lola swings herself into the limo, crossing her legs again and 'kicking back'. "So all I gotta do is ask an I get treated like a princess?" She asks, eyeing him suspiciously. It seems way too easy. Lola curls her arms up behind her head, scowling once more. "Kin I let my hair down yet?"

Adam arches a brow, "If you really want a new apartment, I'll find you one. It doesn't even have to be fancy to ruin your image. Just nice and somewhere where you don't have to worry about being mugged everytime you walk somewhere. Plus, I could put you on this island, where I can keep an eye on you." And perhaps visit more often? Unsaid but implied. His hand reaches over and touches her arm lightly, "You know, though, it feels I went a tad above and beyond for one kiss. Perhaps you owe me another."

Lola shrugs. "I dunno, like I said I like where I live. There's talk it'll be a warzone soon but…I really don' know where else I'd go. It seems ta fit me alright," she says, but her voice is rather noncommital about the whole thing. He may be able to move her after all, as he wants.

She raises her brow, a mischevious, dimpled grin flashing over her features at his words. "Well…see today ya ain' been nothin' but sweet, so I spoze yer right. I spoze I do owe ya another."

Adam lets the talk about moving her slide away and instead slides closer to her. "Yeah, it only seems fair." and then slides an arm around her shoulder to pull her closer and leans in to kiss her. She might not be able to remember the last kiss, what with all the anger and rage and adrenaline from thinking she's going to die, but he's quite a practiced kisser and his lips do seem rather nice. He has, after all, had centuries to practice.

Lola remembers the splat at the bottom. That's what she remembers about that kiss. As for this one? It's warm and nice and tastes slightly of catfish, but her BBQ overwealms that rather easily. Not being too forward, she sets her hands on his chest, very above the belt, very innocent. But she does return the kiss. She does enjoy it. And besides, kissing in the back of a limo? For a girl like Lola it's kind of hot. Making out in a cab is hotter, but this is a good stepping stone.

Adam continues the kiss for a while until they're at the bar. He continues with this, letting his hands roam, but chastely, along her side and along her back, letting his fingertips dance there, but eventually he says, "So…" he pauses, "I honestly have to say, I feel bad about letting you go find your way back to Staten now." at which point he uses the opportunity to say, "Which is another reason you should move off of Staten."

Lola doesn't mind. It's a good way to pass the ride, really, and she's having fun. Once they reach the bar, she remains resting against him, giggling as she listens. "Well I refer ya to our previous conversation. If not Staten, then where? The apartment's small, cheap, got lotsa nooks and cranies, an ain' no cops never gonna be able to find me there." She runs her hand up and down the man's arm as they talk.

Adam considers a bit, "Well.." he says, "There's still places close to the docks." he says, "It's not Staten Island's wild west, but it's certainly got a similar environment. Harder to find people there. There's also places on the outskirts of the city where it's hard to track someone down. I'm sure we can find something for you." he pauses for a few moments,
"And, while it's true, there's actually police in the borroughs, they've kind of got their hands full." his hand continues to slide up and down her back, "but it's late now. Why don't we find somewhere for you to rest. instead of having to find your way back."

Lola bobs her head. "Sure, sounds fine with me," she admits, grinning as she reaches up to flick a bit of Adam's hair back into place. She's gentle about it, at least, she doesn't bounce her finger off his skull or anything. "There a cheap lil crash pad or anythin' round here? I usually only keep my eyes open for Hiltons an the like. Expensive enough fer tourists ta stay there, but not so upscale that it'll be full a businessmen with nothin' but two suites an a computer ta show fer their trip, ya know?" She tilts her head a bit, letting that hand that flicked slide down to rest on Adam's shoulder, where the curve of his neck meets.

Adam nods a bit, "Well.." he says, "I suppose we could always driving around for a motel somewhere. I'm sure we'd find one eventually. Of course, you could always come stay at my place for the night. Seems rather convienant, and you're already rather familiar with it," he notes sourly.

Lola sticks her tongue out at him playfully. "Get a better lock," she teases, letting out a little yawn. "Alright, I spoze that works fine, since I gotta go up there ta pick up my vials anyway." Her vials. Not his. Hers. "I kin stay up all night an eat all yer ice cream an watch movies on that big ol' t.v. a yers." And so she shall.

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