Saul Solomon
Look, it's Saul!
Portrayed By Seth Rogen
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Toxin Manipulation
Age 25
Date of Birth June 3rd, 1984
Date of Death Bummer, man
Occupation Lawyer? Pfft.
Family None local.
Significant Other(s) Still looking for Miss Right.
First Appearance
Last Appearance

A seemingly jobless stoner with little to no ambition in life but to get high and stay high. He also likes walking around town, meeting new people and getting waffles with his dog, Bud.

Character History:

Saul was born 25 years ago to Israel and Judy Solomon, two liberal academics with more expectations of their only child than most people have of their insurance company. There were times in his teenage years where Saul would end up wondering if his parents weren't disappointed that he hadn't been born a girl or gay or First Nations Canadian, just so he be even more of a case study.

When he was three, he'd already been enrolled in a Boston-based multinational school. While his parents railed against the notion of sending their child to a private school, they were a little too elite to let him go public. So they split the difference with a school that would be a 'cultural experience'. By the time he was twelve, Saul was already beginning to chafe under their expectations of who he would be.

Saul first tried drugs when he was fifteen and found that they were the best possible escape from a world where his parents were already insisting he start thinking about which college he'd be going to and what his field of study would be. He'd hang out and smoke up with his friends and go home still half high, explaining to his parents that the school had been volunteering down at a homeless shelter or Habitat for Humanity or something. The first time his parents caught him, they were very understanding. After all, Judy felt that it was wrong that marijuana was illegal and Israel felt that every young man should experience these things. The second time it happened, he was in genuine trouble and ended up in public school. That didn't help at all, but Saul realized how important his education was to his parents, so he buckled down and managed to get through his senior year with a 2.9 GPA and a 1550 on his SATs. A very smart very underachiever.

There were lots of options for college, despite his poor grades. And Saul went the easiest path and went to Harvard, just across the river from where his parents lived. He smoked his way through a pre-law education, narrowly received his degree from Harvard Law School and scraped past the bar exam. But he had no interest in actually practicing law. He was just making his parents happy.

It was toward the end of his long summer of jobless joy that marijuana stopped working. One day he was enjoying a good burn, the next day there was an eclipse and suddenly that was it. His favorite hobby no longer worked! Completely sober and unable to do anything about it, Saul decided that he might as well fill his days with something, so he used his dad's connections and went to a job interview with Hamel & Dohr, a prestigious Boston law office. Halfway through the interview he couldn't get over how boring it all ways and, boom, he was stoned as hell. Stoned and drunk. It came on so suddenly the interviewer assumed he was having a stroke and called the hospital. By the time he got to the ER, he was straight again. As he passed through the waiting room he brushed passed a woman in a walker who was suffering from arthritis who suddenly felt very happy and content.

While Saul didn't know about her sudden enjoyment of life, Saul slowly began to realize that he could control when he got high, even without having a joint anywhere near him. He could control when it stopped as well. He could do it with a good beer buzz, too. While he was never one to buy into the idea of gateway drugs, Saul decided to give a snort of coke a try. No effect. After waiting a day he concentrated and could feel his heart start to race and his nerves get all jittery. He didn't know how, but he was a human drug lab.

It took Saul a year of waking up stoned and going to bed stoned for him to realize that he could transmit a dose of any drug to which he'd been exposed through touch. That his unique talent wasn't the immunity, but the ability to synthesize and dose himself and others with the drugs. And it worked with a lot of stuff. He raided a neurotic friend's medicine cabinet and tried some Ambien, Zoloft and Xanax, all to no result. Oh, and Viagra. He's a big ol' manchild, after all. When, in the middle of an experimental haze, he chowed down on some drain cleaning tablets he was worried. But the result was the same as with the drugs. He could process poison much the same. Which scared him a little. It seemed like the ability to generate poison verged far out of the realm of funny druggy stuff and more into the realm of terrifying spy movie stuff. So he stayed stoned even more.

After the incident in New York, Saul decided to pack up and move away from Boston. He'd been toying with an idea for a money maker for a while and decided to get off his ass, stay straight for a few days and get it done. So he set himself up a website where people could pay him to prepare minor legal documents such as easy wills, name change papers, LLCs, partnership agreements and NPO setups. Before long he was making genuinely easy money from people too lazy to go to a real lawyer. Then he moved to where all these super types seem to be. People like him. Maybe people with some answers.

Evolved Human Ability:

Toxin Immunity - Saul is immune to all external chemicals that are ingested, inhaled or injected. This includes all drugs and toxins. When poison or a drug are applied to his system, it is immediately nullified and absorbed, its compound stored away somewhere in his makeup to be pulled out when he uses the second half of his ability. He can override his immunity any time he wants to get a buzz-on, but he has to do so consciously.

Toxin Generation - Any toxin or drug that Saul has sampled, he can create in his own system. This is mostly used by him to sample his own personal stash or to keep himself in a constantly unstable state, but he can also excrete his toxins and apply them to others. Usually this is done through touch, as he excretes the toxins through sweat glands in his hands. Even toxins that generally do not have a vector through the skin can be applied this way due to the unique nature of his ability. What he doesn't realize is that with appropriate drugs, he can synthesize doses of medication or poison out of his own blood or exhale a thin cloud of a drug that might have a primary vector of inhalation.


4.54 billion BCE - Earth is formed out of cosmic dust
534 BCE - Gautama Buddha achieves enlightenment sitting under a pipal tree.
1836 CE - The Alamo. Bad times, man.
1984 CE - Saul Solomon is born.
3219 CE - The rise of the Future Roman Empire.
0 UCE - The fall of the Future Roman Empire.

Memorable Quotes:

"This is the worst cheese danish I've ever eaten."
"That's a pineapple danish."
"Oh. Well. Then this is the best pineapple danish I've ever eaten."

Trivia and Notes:

  • Seth Rogen gained back all of his weight for the role of Saul, 'cuz Saul be fat.
  • Bud is played by beloved television actor, David Schwimmer.
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