Saving the Future


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Scene Title Saving the Future
Synopsis A trip to the pub reveals some important information about Andrew's boss.
Date October 4, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

It is a good couple of hours before curfew, and Andrew is in need of a quiet drink, so in he walks through the door. He is dressed much as usual, including the leather jacket, and heads over to the bar. "A Budweiser please," he requests of the lass working there, his voice carrying a faint Northern Irish brogue.

Quiet is the last thing that this place would be described as if it wasn't after hours. Of which, it isn't, but it's in between hours which means there's no women dancing on the bar yet. Abigail's behind the bar, putting some hours in, serving drinks. "Budweiser it is" Echoed back to Andrew. The redhead with the cross dangling about her neck turns to grab a glass and gives it a twirl in her hand before it's tipped under the appropriate tap and the lever pulled.

Someones learning something else besides her EMT stuff it seems. "Welcome to Old Lucy's, call me the nun, Last call is 10:30, out the door by eleven" A coaster and some pretzels are pushed to in front of him. "Hows the day?"

Buck does his usual swagger right on over to the bar with his usual grin. Adjusting his hat on his head, Buck puts his hands on the edge of the bar. "'Scuse me, Miss Abby, I want a Jack an' Coke," he drawls when she seems available to help him. But Buck is soon distracted by his duty to slap Andrew in the middle of the back and ask, "Well, how th' hell are ya, Irish?"

It's only a matter of time, no matter which night. It always happens. Delilah's never done it herself, but she happens to be walking a fine line between liable to jump up there at times or not. She is already wringing herself out of her jacket as she shuffles inside, leaving her scarf dangling from a hoop around her neck. There is something on the hem of her knee-length brown skirt- pink dragonflies, if one looks close enough. When she pops up a seat over from Andrew's one side, it is not with the air that she gets when she thinks someone will lend her a drink- she's tried that a few times with Abby, and so it seems to be a lost cause for a few years at least.

If not the Nun, Dee will wag down one of the other girls. "May I get a Shirley Temple?" See? She's behaving! Yes, yes.

"Thanks, sister," Andrew replies to Abby. He then winces as the hand hits his back, though the act of slapping probably stung a fair bit too. "Not so bad," he answers both people who've just asked him. "I just got off work. Yourselves?"

"Shirly temple and a jack, ann coke, coming up. Evening buck, delly" Abigail flashes bright smiles to the other two. She's gonna busy herself making the drinks for the moment.

Buck lets his hand drop, smiling at Andrew. "I catch you by surprise?" he wonders in reference to the wince. "I know you're tougher'n that. That's a nice jacket, by the way." He smiles at Abigail. "How ya doin'?"

Delilah hops one seat closer when she decides to actually sit herself down, landing there beside Andrew and giving him the usual cursory look-over in the process. She knows it is obvious, it's not meant to be surreptitious. "Evening, Abby. I just got off too- it's funny, I work at a bar, so then when I finish I come to one to have a good sit down."

"Aye, well, like I said I just finished work. Thought I might as well take the chance to relax," Andrew replies drily. One who knows what to look for might notice a bulge over Andrew's left breast; most people probably wouldn't think anything of it. "Even funnier than you think; I work at a bar too. After eight hours on their feet, anyone would need a drink."

"I got to church" But then again, that's Abigail. Though, now that the church she attended has burned to the ground, courtesy of Humanis First, well, what's a girl to do. "Shirly temple Delilah, and A Jack and coke for you, my favourite cowboy" She offers a tender smile for buck. "You're always welcome, Mr. Irish, to come on down. Sit and put your feet up"

Buck picks up the drink that Abigail gives him and lifts it toward her with a wink. Then he smiles at Andrew, narrowing his eyes a little. "Somethin' got you worried?" he wonders in friendly tones.

Delilah's surprised laugh is sort of bark-like. "Hah! I wonder why bartenders go to other bars. Is it the work and play location thing?" Dee accepts the grenadine drink with a thanks and a smile. "I can't stand it if I'm there alone after work- it just seems like overtime."

"Nah, I'm fine," Andrew replies to Buck. "I'm Andrew," he introduces himself to Abigail and Delilah. "I work at Biddy's; an Irish pub, in case the accent didn't give it away," he adds with a dry tone. "I know the feeling," he then agrees with Delilah.

"Abigail, but I already said that. I'm the owner of this place. One of them." Biddy's. That bring's a frown, she's heard of it, it's not a bad place. "Delly, I gotta pop in the back for a bit. Brenda will serve you need anything. Keep an eye out for Flint would you?"

Buck nods at Andrew's denial and then looks over at Delilah, leaning to see around Andrew. "Looks like y'all got somethin' in common, doesn't it?"

"Why, do you want me to pop him in the nose?" Dee peers innocently over her drink, glancing off to Andrew. "I'm Delilah. Nice to meet you, Andrew. Good to know I'm not alone" She smiles again as she moves the drink away from her mouth.

"Aye, it's a nice enough place, but I wouldn't want to drink there and work there," Andrew says drily. As Abbigail leaves, Andrew frowns. "Something I said?" he asks to those that remain.

Buck shrugs at Andrew and starts working on his Jack and Coke at a brisk pace. "Sorry, would've introduced y'all properly, but wasn't sure you'd never met."

"No idea." Delilah responds rather quickly. She is used to Abby coming and going and doing what it is that Abby does. "But she didn't answer me, so maybe there's a chance I'm actually supposed to pop someone in the nose…" A small chance, but hey!

Andrew smiles slightly and shrugs. "Maybe," he replies, looking around the bar to see who else is here. "Don't worry about it," he then says to Buck.

"Well, all right," Buck says, shrugging before draining that drink and ordering another.

After Abby leaves, the bar is left to the devices of its various employees and the people perched on the stools; Dee with a half-gone Shirley Temple, and Andrew beside her nursing his beer among the pre-night crowd already having found a place inside. Delilah hasn't said much after Buck wandered off and the conversation about avoiding drinks at work crawled to a stop. Eventually, she does pipe up again. "So do Irish pubs over here have the nightly brawls too, or is that only for the ones in Ireland?"

"Depends on who's at the bar in both cases," Andrew replies drily. "There've been a few close calls while I was there, but I managed to quiet things down with the promise of impartial treatment - everyone involved leaves via the smallest window I can fit them through."

A brief greeting's offered to the bouncer on duty, perhaps a few words askin how things had been that night - or maybe just flirting - as Cardinal enters the bar. The pleasantries taken care of, he strolls across the floor towards the bar, sliding himself onto a stool. "Delilah," he greets in casual tones, "Andrew, good to see you again…"

"Hellooo." Delilah turns herself to see who greets her, not quite able to discern the voice past background noise. "Ah- hey. You see how Magnet's doing? Good as new." She smiles as she remembers Flint being so very frigid and then Magnes giving him concrete shoes. "I just hope he doesn't try to catch a fighter jet next."

"I'm sorry, I know I recognise you, but I've slept since we last met. Who are you again?" Andrew asks as he takes a sip of his now half-full pint of Bud.

"Is he?" Cardinal's brows lift just a bit at Delilah's words, showing over the edge of his shades, "Good, good. I figured that he'd look up the old man sooner or later, unless it was someone else who patched him up…?" A smile flashes roguish to his lips then as he looks to Andrew, "Cardinal. We met at the Rock Cellar? You were looking for a reason to wake up in the morning, as I recall— you get that job you were interviewing for?"

"Ah, I remember you now. Yeah, I got the job," Andrew replies. "Not like I really need the money, but it gives me something to do with my time that doesn't involve spending the money I've already got…"

"Hah, sort of. He came around to see him and I was around- I guess a few people mentioned it. He didn't seem like he really wanted to, but he did." Lilah's hands wrap around the glass, fingers linking on the opposite side. "He doesn't like Magnes much, and doesn't like me …at all- because we've picked fights with each other…" She doesn't elaborate right away, thankfully. "Said I took what I said back, but I think it went in one ear and out the other…"

"You find that reason to wake up in the morning yet? Hope you haven't had any trouble with the… regulars, there," Cardinal offers over to Andrew, resting folded arms on the bar's surface as he leans there easily. A snort of breath, then, to Delilah's words, "He doesn't like much of anyone. And he's been— odd— lately. There's a reason for it, but it's his to tell, if he wants to."

"Nah, they're usually all right. Not had to throw anyone out yet," Andrew replies with a shrug. "But yeah, it gives me a reason to get out of bed and leave the house. Besides, it's extra money, and that never hurt anyone."

"He needs a hug or something, seriously. I'd do it but he already hates me because the last time I touched him he almost ended up in a river…" Delilah smiles somewhat widely now, glancing off towards Andrew too. "He's an odd duck though, yes. You think he'd run if I tried to give him some fudge?" She leans to look at Cardinal better, her face Completely Serious.

"I think," Cardinal replies in dry tones, "That he would be very confused. Then he would probably eat it. Or fall asleep face first in it, or something, since he's walking around like the living dead more often'n not the last few times I saw him. So how's shit going here at the bar, anyway?" One hand comes up, rubbing against the bridge of his nose before he comments, "Just be careful, man. The guy whose turf that bar is… well. I'm sure you can take care've yourself."

Andrew frowns. "Adam? What about him?" he asks, sounding as though he's not entirely sure what Cadinal is talking about.

"As long as he wouldn't toss it, I can live with it." Delilah goes back to sipping at her drink, apparently having decided that wherever she knew Deckard to be last- is going to be getting some fudge. "Maybe I'll make the chocolate and peanut butter kind… either of you fellas want sommat?" The redhead looks back and forth from Andrew to Cardinal. "It's about time for holiday food, right?" Oh, maybe maple nut fudge. She goes back to her own little world after a bit, blissfully and momentarily ignorant of what the men are on about.

"Ah." Cardinal's hand reaches out as his 'usual' is set down by the bartendress on duty, a smile flashed to her gratefully before he brings the glass of bourbon and coke up to his lips, "You've met, then." A sup is taken, and then he glances over the shades to Delilah amusedly, "I'd love some. Leave it with Abigail, she can bring it to my place and I can share it around."

"I've worked there for a month, so it'd be odd if I hadn't met him," Andrew replies with a shrug. "But what exactly should I be careful of?" Then Delilah's offer registers. "Aye, if you're offering. I can always pick it up at the Rock Cellar some time."

Delilah nods once, making mental notes with her finger trailing her jaw as she talks mostly to herself now. "I should just make a kitchenful sometime, hm…" It seems like she is already planning it- everyone she knows will probably end up with various fudges before long.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Cardinal observes, setting down the glass in his hand and drawing the pad of his thumb along the rim, "Monroe's a dangerous man. I'd suggest being— careful when dealing with him, if you value your freedom and your life."

"You'd be amazed at what I'd believe, but if you don't want to say any more, that's fine," Andrew says with a shrug. "Still, thanks for the warning," he adds, taking a drink of his beer.

"That cuts it, I'll just do it tonight instead of sitting in here- and god, I want chocolate-" Dee says this right before swigging down what's left of her mocktail. "Don't have to worry about any Church bake sales anymore, I suppose…" Morbidly correct. Delilah slips off of her stool, leaning on the bar for a moment. "I'll see you guys around, huh? I'll make some this week." Where does she get the energy? Does she actually sleep? Only one person has seen that and she's not around to say so.

A chuckle stirs upon Cardinal's breath, and he slants a look down the bar towards the other man, lips tugging up a bit at one corner in a faint smile. "Well, there was the time that he tried to release a virus that would've killed most of humanity… but I understand that he's mellowed a bit since those days. These days, he's just a murderous, thieving thug that acts like he has a cause." He shrugs, bourbon brought up in his hand, "I suppose it takes all kinds." The glass is raised up in an easy toast, "G'night, Delilah. Give my best to the others." Which others? Presumably she'll know.

"All right; I'll see you another time," Andrew says to Delilah with a nod. "Have a safe trip home." When she's gone, Andrew turns back to Cardinal. "Normally, I wouldn't believe that. These are hardly normal times though, and I have a - an acquaintance currently doped up on morphine after getting shot who begged me not to tell Adam where she was."

Cardinal's head cants a bit to one side, both brows leaping upwards. "…is that so? Who's your friend? I'd be interested in talking with her…" The glass is rotated slowly around in his hand, ice clicking against the sides as it stirs in his drink, "Maybe she could let me know what Monroe's been up to, recently."

"She doesn't know any more than that he's been killing people," Andrew replies with a shrug. "One of the benefits of having her doped up on morphine to kill the pain was that it gave me a chance to ask her some questions. Apparently he took a trip recently and killed someone then, but beyond that she didn't know much."

"I knew that one," Cardinal shrugs one shoulder, bringing the glass up to his lips, "Well, I can probably arrange for protection, if she's worried that Monroe'll be coming after her. Here…" He sets down the glass after a swallow, liquor burning down his throat as he pats down his jacket and finally finds a business card. Blank. So he produces a pen as well, scribbling the number down and sliding it down the bar, "…have her give me a call, if she's interested."

Andrew picks up the card. "Thanks. I'll let her know. In the mean time, I've got one of the people there to give me a call if anyone shows up to visit. Jesus Christ; my first boss is a bigot; my second one is a bloody murderer. At this rate I'll end up working for them Humanis First wankers and not even realise it…"

Cardinal quirks a smile up at one corner of his lips, allowing dryly, "Sounds like you've got poor luck with employers, there. I've got to empathize. My last boss was an unstable lunatic, and my current one… well… shit, I'd need to write a book on it, seriously."

Andrew chuckles. "Sounds about right. Why can't we just get the usual shitty employers; the tight bastards who pay as little as they can legally get away with? By the way, when you say you can arrange protection, who'd be doing the protecting? I wouldn't feel comfortable handing her over to just anyone, even assuming she's interested."

Cardinal tilts the glass slightly towards Andrew. "I would." A twitch of his lips in a faint smile, "Of course, I may have a couple people who work for and with me laying around in case things get problematic, but I doubt they would." He pauses before taking a drink, brows lifting, "I'm a professional troubleshooter, I guess you'd call me. It's just that sometimes the problems get really big."

Andrew nods. "Fair enough. In that case, I'll let her know just as soon as she's well enough to be off the morphine," he says, the last bit with a dry tone. "Oh, fair warning in advance, she's liable to try and steal stuff from you. She probably won't keep it; she seems to either do it for the fun of it or because she's a kleptomaniac or something."

Cardinal exhales an amused snort of breath. "I'll keep that in mind," he drawls, finishing off his drink then and setting the glass down, rising easily from the seat, "Let me know if you ever get tired of having your employer being crazy be a surprise, by the way, man. I can always use some reasonable people around."

Andrew nods. "I'll consider it. What kind of work would we be talking?" he asks in a reasonable tone, finishing his drink. Within not too long, there is another drink in front of him.

Cardinal pushes the shades up further upon the bridge of his nose, turning away from the bar and heading off into the crowd. "I'm in the business of saving the future," he calls back easily, "Someone has to, before it's too late. I'll see you around, Andrew."

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