Saying What Needs To Be Said


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Scene Title Saying What Needs To Be Said
Synopsis Title says it all.
Date September 12, 2009

Homeland Holding Facility

It's not long after Len leaves that the guards come in to take Grimalkin back to his cell. However the door Len just left opens slowly and a familiar figure stands there. "Leave him boys. He's mine." The guards glance at the smaller female agents and then one of them shrugs and they step out.

Carrie, wearing a long sleeved grey t-shirt and jeans, approaches him slowly. She doesn't say a word as she slips around behind him and he can hear the soft jingle of keys. Allowing the cuffs to fall to the ground, she crouches down to get the ones around his ankles.

Only once that is done, Carrie comes around holding up the mask he asked for. "I'm sorry." Is all she says softly at first, her eyes glancing up at him.

Rubbing at his wrists once they are released, waiting for his ankles unhitched, Grim, steps and turns. He takes the ski mask from her and puts it on quickly enough and looks down at her. Looking at her for a long moment, he shakes his head slowly. "No you aren't. Not one bit. You actually believed at that airport that I'd gone off the reservation and I saw that look when I backed away out front of the building. You looked hurt that I wasn't willing to just let you rip a part of me away. You may as well have cut my arm off."

Dark brows drop and her eyes narrow at him,"It was standard procedure." Carrie says each word slowly and with emphasis. She turns away, walking away letting her fingers trail on the cold metal of the table. "I was hurt that you didn't trust me. I've been putting my credibility on the line for you. I haven't back down from any argument about your loyalty." She turns back to him, crossing her arms and resting her hip against the table. "Would you have still come in if I told you about the neutralizer?" Her brows lift a bit as if waiting for his answer.

He is angry and not afraid to show it now, especially to her and especially concerning this. "Hell no! I would have let you arrest a damned illusion and I wouldn't feel like crap right now!" Grim slams his fist on the table, growling at her. "So what? You betrayed me for my own good? To parade me around like the animal you really think I am? Going to take it all out on me because I'm the only one of /them/ that won't fight back?"

There is barely a flinch at his display. Placing her hands on the table, she leans over it towards him. "Now you know why I didn't tell you." Carrie glares at him, her chin lifting a bit in defiance. "I was making sure you actually came in." Each word rises in volume as she continues, "Your a good man, Grim, but your fucking stubborn. I saved you from being tossed into a dark hole. Which is what was going to happen if you didn't come in like you promised."

"Dark hole my ass. If I didn't want to be found there would be no way to find me, isotope or no isotope. So don't go thinking you are some Messiah, saving me from my self. You took a piece of me away knowing that I wouldn't lash out with you standing in front of those guys, knowing that I wouldn't jeopardize that many lives just to save my own skin." He says, slumping back down in to the chair he has previously been occupying and squares his jaw, folding his hands in his lap. "Now I don't know what you want to call it by I'd have to label that betrayal. Then you added insult to injury."

Hands slam painfully on the table, leaving her palms numb from the shock, as she yells at him. "What would you have had me do Grim? You are a dangerous man… good or not." She glares at the man across from her, but she's calmer when she continues. "I had to have you come in. You had to clear your name." A hand thrusts out behind at the door Len left in. "And look, your off the hook. Your back on your way into the company's good graces." She shoves at the table, straightening. "I don't know why I bother trying." she hisses, turning away from him, of course, she's faced with herself in the mirror.

He sighs, leaning forward and brings a hand to his face as if to cover it but the job it already done by the mask. Slowly he gets up from the chair and walks around the table, reaching out in an attempt to rest a hand on her shoulder. For a minute he is silent, looking over at her reflection in the mirror before turning his head to look at her, "We said what we needed to say to each other. We got it out. Now we're going to forgive each other and make sure none of this jeopardizes a partnership amongst other things." he says, dropping his hand away from her shoulder and turns, walking towards the open door. "C'mon… I need to lay down and get an IV stuck in my arm."

"I've missed you, Grim…" Brown eyes move from her own reflection to his, "I've been fucking up all over the place without you around. I'm a joke. A crappy agent." Carrie turns to look at the man, her eyes searching his face, then she sighs. "Yeah. Lets get you back into shape so you can get back out there."

"You're not a crappy agent…" He says as he holds the door for her to exit out in to the hallway and allows her to exit before him. "You think too much. I think too little. That's why this whole thing works with us and that's the reason we're both fucked up right now." Walking along beside her, he reaches in to her back pocket and withdraws his badge and flips it open, placing the blank side in his breast pocket so that his badge is right there for all to see as he turns in to the medical wing. "I missed you too." he adds quietly.

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