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Scene Title Scamp
Synopsis Breaking into the zoo to get a peek at the penguins proves fruitful
Date December 18, 2010

Central Park — Zoo

The five acres of the Central Park Zoo are divided into three major exhibit themes: the Polar Circle, the Rain Forest, and the Temperate Territory. It features everything from leaf-cutter ants to the ever-popular polar bears; California sea lions to colobus monkeys; the two-toed sloth to the Japanese macaque. The exhibits are always a major draw for tourists, but the zoo offers a variety of classes and programs intended to educate the public in wildlife and wildlife conservation. The associated Tisch Children's Zoo includes a petting zoo and the Wildlife Theater, as well as a variety of exhibits targeted to the younger audience.

He has done this before.

Clandestine date in the middle of the night. Though a few things are different this time. One the city is under martial law: Getting caught this time might be a little more serious than last time. Two: the whole city froze over for a little while, but it got better… And three, this time he's with someone he actually lo-LIIIIKES.

The headlamp is adjusted over his brow as he shoves his shoulder into the wall. Brian has been dodging curfew for some time now. Knowing when to move, knowing what to avoid, where to run. It's all in the timing, and with his network of selves he has been able to deftly evade security patrols thus far. But tonight he's decided to endanger Samara's life too. Which is great because she doesn't know how to use her power, and if she dies again this time she'll be really dead. Unlike Brian.

Glancing over his shoulder, Brian smiles gently. Same place as before, same wall, same technique, different girl. With her foot in his hand he slowly lifts, pushing and pushing. "Grab the ledge." He whispers. As soon as she grabs on, he lowers his hands and takes a step away. Leaning in on his tippie toes and peering upward, his hands go up and hover around his chest just in case she falls. Finally deciding that she's not going to, he puts out one hand.

Dressed in all black, Winters looks like he's more apt to rob a bank than break in to a zoo. But break in to a zoo, he shall. Black beanie pulled low to his brow, the young man is equipped with crucial equipment for their caper. Flashlights, a gun, ammunition, turkey jerkey. He's mapped it out well. As his hand reaches out to the side…

Sliding out of his bare hand, an identical but naked Brian stands there. And out of him comes another. "Don't look down." He whispers harshly. Which will probably make her look, but oh well. Just two gorgeous nekkid Brian's. The two naked copies crouch, putting their hands out. Placing a hand on each shoulder, Brian puts a foot into each of the copies palms. And just like that— Ally oop~

Being flung into the air, Brian twists and throws his arms out to grapple onto the wall. Pushing up, he slides over to straddle the wall. Glancing up, his hands come out to feel the cold rain sprinkling down. Then he's pressing his chest against the wall, stretching his hand downward—-

Jumping up, the two nakeds are able to brush fingertips and they instantly disappear. Meanwhile, the more clothed Brian grins over at Samara. "Need help?"

Like her counterpart, Sami is dressed in all black, complete with a black pair of gloves. Well… an almost all black pair of gloves. Deciding that the fabric was just a little to slipper, she created gripping along the palm part of the glove by painting it with puff paints. Pink puff paints. Regardless, she's shockingly athletic for someone who only recently came back to life. She pulls herself up on the ledge easily enough, beaming the whole time.

Her eyes glaze over the other side haphazardly before emitting a quiet whistle. "I'm not sure.. how…" But before she can finish her thought she's being instructed not to look down, which, as expected, inspires her to look very momentarily before diverting her eyes amid that cherry tomato-embarrassed face.

She shuffles along the ledge, peeking down the opposite side of the wall now, saving her embarrassment for not-Brian that is on the other side.

The question, however, draws her attention away from her 'stuck' issues, "Yes please?"

Brian grins broadly at her pink face. "You know…" He starts with a conspiring tone, but for some reason decides to stop. Chewing on his lip, he glances down at the zoo wondering what the etiquette is on trying to get into a ex-dead girl's pants. He'll have to ask Cardinal. That guy's screwed everything. Smiling lightly, he pats the slippery ledge beside him as if they were sitting on a bench.

Then he pats his own leg. "Sit in my lap, and I'll lower you down. You'll have to drop a few feet. Then get out of the way because I'm gonna parkour this shit up." He gives her a confident smile. A smile that says 'THERES NO WAY THIS BAD IDEA CAN BE BAD'

"I know?" Sami quirks an eyebrow curiously, particularly at the tone. The pink fades from her cheeks under the rise in her suspicion, but the smile remains ever present— if you're going to take a leap off a wall, you may as well enjoy it. Her eyes narrow suspiciously as she takes a slow deep breath and slides over to sit on his lap. "This seems— " with another quirk of her eyebrow, she's silenced, however, cutting her own thought off before uttered.

She drops to the ground fairly well, allowing the ground to absorb the fall as she enters a low crouch, thereby taking some of the shock. Moments later she's sliding out of the way, motioning to the spot she'd just stood, "The stage is all yours~"

Springing off the wall, his feet hit first and soon he is rolling on his back.. In what he thinks Parkour should look like. But he kinda screwed it up and he does a funny little roll at the end that probably hurts real bad. BUT. He springs up like he pulled it off perfectly. He might limp later when Sam's not looking. "This seems what?" He whispers, eyebrows knitting together in insta-concern. Even his tone of voice sounds… insecure.

"Listen I took that Kaylee girl here once. When I was trying to be covert and shit.. I thought it was a beautiful romantic thing. But I wanted to do it with someone I actually care about… Like really care about." He takes a step forward, his eyes going all big and puppy-like. "We don't have to. But… penguins." His arm flailing out in a very expressive gesture.

The tone and the concern are met with two arms tugging him closely. Her eyes alight with some unspoken, but quite obvious delight when in close proximity. She plants a fervent kiss on his lips before raising her chin to seek his gaze. With a broad grin she shakes her head, "You're gonna think I'm a total nerd… Buuuut it seems so badass! I like breaking rules, but I've never broke into the zoo before! Although I woke up in the zoo once. Which I don't think counts on account of being invisible… I swear a monkey saw me…"

Her hand extends to his cheek, fingertips grazing it gently, "This is perfect. It is an absolutely beautiful and romantic thing." Her gaze drops down towards the ground, even as her fingers remain on his cheek. Her voice turns to a whispr, "And I… I care a lot about you too." The smile fades a little and her mouth opens to say something else, but when words come out they are almost clearly not the ones intended, "So… penguins?"

His brows unravel as she brings him in quickly, the tension that was building up in his arms slowly releasing. His arms melting into her embrace. His lips curling into a large smile as she begins to gush on the awesomeness of the zoo break-in. At that point, his arms excitedly rewrap around her. A little bit taken off guard by the kiss, he pauses under it before returning it just a little too late.

His face leans into her fingertips, his chin turning so that he can brush his lips against her fingers. "I know you do." He smiles brightly. Part turning and linking his hand with hers. Taking a step, he pauses. "I didn't mean that in a vain way. I mean.. I can tell by how you act like.. You know."

"Mooore than woooords~ Is all you have to do to make it reaaal~" He begins to sing, quietly. "Then you woooouldn't have to saaa-aaay" He pauses in the song, one hand swinging over to her to indicate that she should take the next part.

The song brings about a broadened grin, "That you love meeeeee 'cause I'd alreaaaaadyy knooow~" There's a rueful raise of her chin as her smile softens and she meets Brian's gaze. Her cheeks redden again at the lyric she's just sputtered. "You are amazing. And I will believe nothing to the contrary." Sometimes a girl just digs in her heels. In this case, to Sami, there is no other truth, no matter protests otherwise.

She gives his hand a small squeeze. "I know the world is all dangerous and stuff, but I can't explain to you how happy and carefree I am when I'm with you. I feel… so alive." She turns her head to look at him now, her own confidence draining, "I don't… I don't want— I don't need… but I do…" There's a temporary frown at her lack of eloquence before she manages a tight not quite happy smile. Finally she just shakes her head.

Brian joins back in on the song at the already knooow part. Cause that's his favorite part. He grins down at her as he leads her through the dark zoo. After all he's done this before. His eyes are ever-alert, constantly darting this way and that for any sign of a flashlight or a disturbance of the force that isn't a tiger or a monkey. "You're pretty cool too." Her squeeze is returned with one of his own.

He pauses as she begins to confess her inner-heart, slowly turning his eyes down to watch her. He tilts his head before nodding. "No, please." His other hand motioning for her to continue.

There's a flicker of a smile at the urge to continue while Sami's cheeks resume their slightly crimson tone. She may embarrass easily, but there's no denying the auburn-haired woman wears her heart on her sleeve. "You told me… the Tramp doesn't leave because he's like…" her gaze flits up to the night sky, bringing little droplets of moisture into her eyes thanks to the faint rain. "…madly in love with Lady." Absently she bites her lip as her eyes drift close. "I'm not going anywhere." It's an odd way to phrase what she's trying to but beating around the bush is certainly easier than saying what she's actually thinking or in this case, feeling.

"Look, I know I'm young and naive and silly. And everyone says I talk too much and wear my heart on my sleeve, but…" Her eyes finally open now, "I love you, Brian." While some people might linger in this moment and others might fish for a response back, Sam doesn't hold her breath for either. In fact, seconds after those three simple words are out, she's tugging him towards the penguins.

For a long time, Brian will be consumed in silence. And his reaction is definitely hard to read. He watches her with slightly raised brows, his lips twitching somewhat at the actual delivery of the word. Most likely an indication of the explosion of fireworks in his heart people get when hearing those words for the first time.

But as for a response back, Brian is lacking. Allowing himself to be tugged into the Polar exhibits, his eyes blurrily take in the sleeping Polar bears until finally they're watching the penguins. Moving around and being adorable. Looking down at the girl attached to his hand, Brian is still in that state of silence. Like when a grenade goes off and all the hero in the movie hears is that really high pitched EEEEE. That's all he hears. EEEEE. But finally when the metaphorical smoke clears and he regains control of his limbs, Brian weakly pulls Samara in front of him. Releasing her hand, his arms go to wrap around her collar bone, his lips going to settle against the back of her head as he watches the penguins silently. Against her hair a content sigh rushes over the top of her head, his own moving slightly to rest against the top of hers.

The silence doesn't even unsettle her. And when he hugs her collarbone, Sami reaches up to squeeze one of the arms around her. The content sigh is matched with one of her own, comfortably relaxing within this posture and allowing herself to feel secure in his grasp. A soft smile tugs at the edges of her lips as she watches the penguins.

Her eyes gently shut for a moment as she consciously makes a memory. But they reopen seconds later. The smile grows as she points to one particular penguin, pronouncing matter-of-factly, "That one." There's an obvious secret delight in her tone like she has some vague secret, "He's my favourite. Because he's got that extra spot on his feathers."

"Scamp." He murmurs, instantly making the name for the spot-feather penguin. His chin goes to rest itself on the top of her head. "But he's all alooone~" Brian whines, very sad for Scamp all of a sudden. "I watched a thing on these guys. They try to make bigger nests.. And when one's busy, Scamp might go into his like dad's little cave and steal those leaf thingies for his nest. The bigger the nest the bigger the.." He grins a little bit, leaning in to give her a little look "Sex appeal." Grinning he goes back to perching his chin on her head.

"I wish we could go in there and help him get a bigger nest. He needs help." Brian says sadly, sounding very upset for their new favorite penguin.

"That's a good name for him. Scamp~" Sam doesn't move much as her eyes fix on her absolute favourite. "Bigger nests, hmmm? I guess every species has their… attractors. Big nests… body building… flashes of bright feathers… nude copies of themselves…" The last in her list is accompanied by a large toothy grin, something that, ironically, Brian can only catch in her reflection off the cgass of the penguin exhibit.

Sam quietly hmmms as she takes a step forward to the glass. It wasn't long ago she was focusing to touch it and now, more than anything, she would love to not touch it. She closes her eyes tight and reaches forward, pressing her hand to the glass. Unfortunately when it comes back, all she's left behind is a very smudgy fingerprint. She wrinkles her nose dramatically. Total fail.

Grinning broadly. "It works right?" He gives a little shrug, releasing her as she goes to walk forward. He folds his arms, grinning at her reflection in the glass. He's used to looking for her reflection in glass. He's known her longer in reflections than he's known her tangibly. Which is a little sad when he thinks about it.

When she reaches forward and pokes the glass, his lips twist to the side somewhat. Stepping after her, his hands go to her shoulders. Pushing her around so she's facing him. One hand goes to rest on her waist. The other goes to wrap itself around her wrist closer to the mirror.

Dipping his chin he goes to kiss her firmly and.. passionately. Which means lots of tongue in this context. And while pressing against her lips, his hand goes to pull up her wrist slowly. And then he extends it.. going to have her hand reach for the glass again.

As Brian's chin dips, Sam's eyes close. She inhales a deep breath and essentially melts against the touch of his lips, his passion easily reciprocated. She doesn't think about her wrist, the glass, or the movement. And in this lack of thinking, thanks to a rapid peak in her adrenaline, the hand actually moves through it. While it's not invisible or nearly as separated as her former ability, the dispersion of the molecules in her hand, enables it to travel through the glass to the other side.

Brian's hand thuds against the glass but.. her hand isn't there. Her hand is gone. Against her lips, his own form a smile mid-kiss. Just as his other hand had started to dip down past her waist too. Pulling his lips a mere inch away from her, he lets out a breath against her face. "As excited I am that we were about to start making out ferociously in front of penguins…" His hand reluctantly returns to her waist. "Your hand just went through glass, babe." His eyes slide over to her arm to indicate that she should be looking.

The abrupt end to the kiss is punctuated by something akin to an "Mmmmmm" from her, but the words draw her out of her reverie. In fact, the comment causes her eyes to flutter open and her head to twist around. Sure enough, her hand is on the other side of the glass. "Dude!" She stares inexplicably at her hand and the small miracle of her phasing ability that evidently doesn't make her necessarily disappear. Her smile extends as she wiggles her not quite solid fingers on the other side of the pane. Finally, she draws it back, examining the wholeness of her hand.

When it returns the hand regains its tangibility. Instinctively, her second hand, which had found it's way around Brian's waist pokes at the one that had disappeared. It takes a few moments and furrowed eyebrows as she notes, "Wasn't I wearing a ring…?" Her head turns back to the exhibit, and sure enough, on the ground of the exhibit is a small loop of silver. Her eyes narrow a little, "Well that's not good…"

Brian looks practically delighted as her fingers wiggle in with the penguins. "That's beautiful." He meeps out, eyes wide with joy. When her hand comes back, he smiles brightly. His brows furrow though at her question. "Uh oh." Stepping up to the glass, his hands go to press against it, his eyes tilting down to see the ring. Chewing down on his lip, he glances back to Samara. "Hmm." Scratching at his chin briefly, he presses his face against the glass for a moment. "Does this mean when you phase you're gonna be naked?" He asks, more to himself than to her. "We'll be ability twins.."

But as for the ring. "I know exactly what to do." It's a very confident statement. Grabbing Samara's wrist, he pulls her and presses her back against the glass. Giving a momentary grin, his hands dive down to grab around her legs. And with that he's lifting her up. Picking her up and pressing her in between himself and the glass he goes to finish the kiss that was to be continued.

The question that isn't really directed to her causes Samara's nose to wrinkle, "That's a little perplexing…" And completely embarrassing. And then as a counter to the thought she shakes her head, "I was in the same clothes for four years, this has to be a fluke, right?" Like because she wasn't paying attention or something, right? But then she hadn't been paying attention the first time either—

The logic and reason in her own mind is interrupted by the new kiss, her legs wrapping around him and her hand become intangible through the glass again.

Pressing her against the glass, his lips break from hers momentarily only to go to her neck. But in that brief moment. "Get it." He mutters, kissing her neck he breaks away every moment to throw in an instruction quickly. "Can you pick it up?" Mmn. "Make sure you don't go through. We can't afford to leave your.." Ggggh "Clothes in there." Nngh. Apparently her being naked isn't the primary concern. "Don't hurt…" blggh "Scamp."

Finally he brings his face back, still holding her there. His head cranes over so that he can peek down to see her progress. "We've got to work on this thing Sam."

Sam cranes her neck, extending it as far as her place against the class will allow. Her free hand, or in this case, her tangible hand, warps around Brian's neck holding him closely to her. "I… mmm.. can't…" Her eyebrows knit together again. "I'm… not… solid…" even if she's not the one doing the kissing, she's more than a little distracted by it.

The last comment brings a grin to Sami's lips that Brian can't see. She turns her head and plants a single kiss on his neck. "At least I didn't disappear," she whispers softly.

Warm breath splashes against her neck as he lets out his own little mmm. Pulling his face back, he kisses her lips gently. "Well.. They'll just think one of the trainers dropped their ring. Not like they will think that someone broke in to put a ring in Scamp's display." Taking a step back, he goes to lower Samara to the ground. His breath a little accelerated, trying to ease himself down to a more… clear thinking state.

Taking a step back, his hand goes to her hand. "We need to get out of here, baby." He whispers back to her, giving a soft smile back at her. "Come on~"

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