Scarf Whipped And Puppet Slapped


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Scene Title Scarf Whipped And Puppet Slapped
Synopsis That's what happens to Kaylee when her friends demand to know about the nightmares she's been having. Lesson learned… Don't keep things from your friends!
Date December 31, 2009

McRae's Safe House

Stumbling into McRae's safe house after her dunking in the waters off Staten Island, Kaylee had been greeted by some of the worried residents that woke to the door being open. There was a stunned silence at her condition. She was drenched head to toe, shivering with arms wrapped around her as if trying to hold what little heat there is left in her body, wearing only her thin PJs and with barefeet which were bright red from her cold cold walk. Of course, once the shock rubs off there was a flutter of activity to get the telepath warmed up again.

During everything, Kaylee barely remembers the distinctive chime of her iPhone on the nightstand near her where she was sitting to get out of the . Trying to get cold numbed fingers around it so she could answer it, only to have it taken from her hand by someone else who answered it and explained what was up.

Now she was in a set of sweats a size or two too big for her, a pair of thick socks and curled in a corner of one of the couches, huddled under a comforter. Lower half of her face is buried in the comforter and she's pulling a Doyle, trying to ignore everyone. Stubbornly she hasn't really talked about what happened, she's too embarrassed really.

How do you explain something like what happened to her?

"Hey, blondie…" Doyle leans out of the kitchen, eyebrows lifting in a high, concerned arch, "…you want some, uh, some hot chocolate? I'm mixing up some for the kids, I figured it'd help you warm up a little." His thick fingers slide over the edge of the doorway a bit, the only movement betraying his concern as he looks to her.

The way the back door slams open, it sounds like it might have beena police raid. "Where is she!?" But the panicked voice of a familiar teen who sounds like she may have ran across the Hudson river to get here indicates that it's an invation of a different sort. Quieter and more collected voices in garage direct the hustling footfalls of Colette Nichols through back hall and into the kitchen, boots clomping on the yellowed linoleum floor, squeaking wet with trodden snow.

"Kaylee?" She checks in the wrong room, closing the door to Doyle's bedroom rather hastily. There's no need to discuss what she saw in there, it best goes left unsaid. "Kaylee?" When she turns around, spotting Doyle's girth in the adjacent hall, Colette makes a quick rush down the corridor, the sound of her plodding footfalls on the hardwood floor there announcing her arrival as clearly as her sharp voice did.

Stepping behind Eric, Colette rises up on her toes to look over his shoulder, but that doesn't really cut it at all. Falling back down onto her heels, Colette's voice is far smaller sounding, far more meek as she reaches up to tug on the back of Doyle's shirt. "E— Eric? Is she alright? Is she here?" Obviously Colette doesn't know hot cocoa is on the menu.

Blue eyes lift to the kitchen door way from over the top of the comforter, blonde brows twitch up a bit and then she gives a little nod. After a second, she tucks the cover under her chin and starts to say yes, but the words catch in her throat. She has to clear her throat so she can offer a soft, "Sure.. thanks Eric."

And the comforter is put back where is was and she goes back her her thoughts whatever they are. Of course, she isn't left to her thoughts long as she hears the herd of elephants and the sound of a familiar voice.

"I'm in here, Colette." Her tone amused even if her voice is a bit scratchy.

"Okay." Eric pulls back a little, then he feels that insistent tugging on his shirt and the meek questioning from the young photokinetic behind him; turning around, he lets a bit more concern paint itself across his face. "I'm not sure," he admits, his tone quiet and a bit rushed, "She sort of.. came home all wet and nearly freezing to death. Won't talk about it. Maybe she'll talk to you."

A quick smile, and then he turns to step around her like an elephant moving around a gazelle, lumbering back towards the stove, "I'll make you some cocoa too."

Swallowing noisily, Colette sidesteps around Doyle with that skittish toe-heel movement of a gazelle in tall grass, wide eyes darting to the living room before she fills — relatively — the space he evacuated, moving past the threshhold into the living room. Wary green eyes are shadowed by furrowed brows and Colette's raised red hood from the sweatshirt worn beneath her black peacoat. A coal-black scarf is unwound from around her neck as she makes her way around the sofa, and then immediately starts slapping Kaylee with the scarf repeatedly.

"You had me so worried!" She squeaks out, harmlessly buffering Kaylee with the folded up scarf as a makeshift weapon, "Do you have any idea how scared I was?! You're — " slap " — going — " fwap " — to — " smack " — tell — " buffet " — me — " slap " — what — " smack " — happened!"

Shoulders rise and fall in sharp breaths, and the teen clenches her hands tightly at her side in small shaky fists, arms straight and lips pressed together tightly, frowning as hard as her little face can.

Eyes widen and Kaylee has to duck her head behind the comforter with a squeak as she's assaulted with the scarf. "Stop, Colette.. STOP" Her voice cracks a bit and she ends up giving a short cough, not a good sound. She reaches over and snatches the scarf away from her and shakes it at her.. "This is mine now till you leave." The blonde states glaring back and then it's tucked under her comforter.

Eyeing the teenager, Kaylee sighs and glances at the kitchen where she can hear Doyle. "Look… it's hard to explain… but believe it or not… it was an accident." Yeah an accident that she walked into the icy water and tried to drown.

The whistling of a teakettle boiling comes from the kitchen, suggesting the conversion of water to steam. The clack of mugs and shuffling of feet is followed by the clink of metal against ceramic. Doyle, presumably, making the cocoa.

Standing with her hands balled at her side, Colette instead tugs off one of her gloves and gives a last slap to the top of Kaylee's head. The girl huffs out an exasperated breath and throws her glove on the coffee table, shaky hands coming up before she starts to tug off her other glove and adds it atop the other on the table. "How do you accidentally wind up in the river!?" Dark brows furrow and her head dips down, lips parted in a loss of words.

"Why were you out in the water? Do— do you know how bad you were when you came in!?" Colette swallows tightly, her voice cracking at the end there. "Mc— " she wrenches her brows down into a scowling expression. "McRae said you were hypothermic! He— he said they barely got your body temperature back up! If— if it weren't for him you'd probably be dead!" Her voice cracks again, green eyes glassy and rimmed in red.

"What the hell is going on!?" She shrieks out in a fit that only a teenager's high-strung emotions can manage. "What the hell is all this Nightmare crap that Matilda was talking about!? I'm not— I'm not a dumb kid you don't have to hide things from me!"

"It's hard to explain," Kaylee says softly and insistently, glancing around at the various residents looking in at the shrieking Colette. "But I didn't know I was in the river….." There is a long pause as Kaylee is rather hesitant to admit this, but… ".. until I woke up underwater." That last muffled a bit behind the comforter, eyes screwing shut as she waits for another smack on the head and a shriek mentally and verbally about being insane.

"And I don't think of you as a dumb kid, Colette." Kaylee makes sure she hears the chiding in her voice. "You damn well know that too." The last work catches in her throat and she gives another cough, and she huffs softly. Last thing she needed was to get sick.

"And I wasn't hiding anything… I didn't know this could happen." The telepath sounds completely exasperated by what occurred. "I mean seriously.. it was only nightmares."

A trio of cups clatter against the tray in Doyle's hands as he carries it out from the kitchen - it wasn't really for the kids, after all, it was just an excuse so Kaylee didn't think he was especially concerned or anything - and sets it down on the table beside the thrown gloves. There's a small bowl of marshmallows at the middle of the cups, and steam gently wafts off the chocolate-scented beverages. The shriek is just about right in his ear, and he winces, lifting one hand up as he straightens from setting the tray down.

His hand snaps closed, his power asserting itself over Colette's jaw muscles to snap her mouth shut, stilling her tongue and vocal chords. "Look," he says, giving her a look, "Just calm down and stop screaming, there's kids in this house, you know. They're already worried enough without you making it worse. Okay?" A quick smile, and then he turns back to Kaylee at her words, his brow furrowing, "Nightmares?"

Maybe he should've remembered to let Colette go. Well, he'll remember in a second.

From the look on her face Colette is either constipated or trying to talk. Her neck muscles tense but her mouth can't open. Her brows scrunch up, and a snorted breath is shout out of her nostrils. She snatches her mug of cocoa and settles down on the arm of the couch, cradling the hot mug in cold fingers, until she raises a hand to write something hastily in the air with her fingertip.

J e R K

It's neon pink and traced out in the air behind one extended finger, hanging in the air like luminous paint, complete with fingerprint streaks. Then, after a moment of consideration and a look of humble consideration on her face she writes smaller, below that.


She's damn near impossible to shut up.

"Yes.. Nightmares." Kaylee murmurs trying not to look at either of them at the moment, cheeks flushed but hard to know if it's from her embarrassment. She sighs and motions him to sit, tucking her feet even closer to give him room on the couch. Her voice while scratchy, manages to keep it low. "Started a few weeks back.. I had a.. nightmare.. it's been repeating over and over. Same thing.. me trying not to use my ability on someone, but wanting too, and them drowning me." She leans over to takes a cup in her hands.

"Last night I tried… to get out of the nightmare by…. " Kaylee's eyes shut with a pained expression, "… walking into the a river to drown myself awake…. Well… I woke up.. but I was actually in water." The cup of hot chocolate is cradled in both hands. "Okay? I sleep walked out the door and into the water."

The impossibility of not using one's power is something that Doyle knows only too well, his gaze softening a touch at the explanation of her nightmares. "That's a pretty long walk," he murmurs worriedly, his brow furrowing a little bit and teeth catching his lower lip in a slow chewing, "I could probably keep you from sleepwalking again, though…"

That sounds ominous.

The puppeteer finally notices the glowing neon letters in the air, and looks over with a lopsided grin, "Oh, oops. Sorry." A vague gesture of his hand, fingers opening to free Colette.

Breathing out an exasperated breath, Colette scrunches up her nose and narrows her eyes at Doyle, tracing one last thing into the air with her fingers. It's very rude, and need not be repeated around small children. Wiping her hand across the writing she erases it in a glowing series of sparks from the air, then slides down off the arm of the sofa and forcibly squeezes herself between Kaylee and the armrest. "Why didn't you tell me about this? We— talk all the time," having gotten that freak-out out of her system, Colette seems a bit more whiny now, wrapping an arm around Kaylee's shoulder and ducking her head down.

There's a look up towards Doyle, regarded through the fringe of her dark bangs. Then, not quite seeing that conspiratorial look on his face, settles her green-eyed stare on Kaylee again. "Does this have anything to do with what happened to Joseph?" Her hand rests at the center of Kaylee's back between her shoulder-blades, just moving in a comforting circle. "I— I didn't think psychics had bad dreams, y'know? You're all…brain power n'stuff."

After that, Colette swallows noisily again. "I… I used'ta have bad dreams a lot too…" she offers in a hushed voice, looking up with an earnest smile. It's not really helpful, but she's trying.

"Thanks for the offer, buddy, but I think I learned my lesson." Kaylee comments blandly, though she gives him a small smile. "Don't try to kill yourself or die in your nightmares.. it might actually happen." The smile falls away, "At least till this creepy dream guy is taken care of." Yes there is someone behind it all.

"I didn't say anything Colette cause it was just nightmares at the time. They arn't suppose to make you walk yourself into attempted…." She glances around and says in an even more hushed tone, "…attempted suicide."

Her head moves to one side then the other to look at them both, as she leans against her female friend. Of course, she feels overly warm to the touch, "There is a bad guy out there getting into peoples nightmares. Pushing them to do things.. I learned this from this one guy over at a bookstore I work for now…" She trails off and nods to Doyle. "That reporter guy that kinda freaked around you that one day."

"Anyhow… I didn't really take the threat seriously, I guess. Cause he had told me this bad guy was making people commit suicide or something." She gives Colette a matter of fact look, "And I maybe able to read minds.. but I'm still human."And with that she takes a sip of her hot chocolate, totally ignoring that Joseph question.

"Wait, wait, wait…" A half-disbelieving smile curves itself across Doyle's features as he leans forward slightly over the table, brow lifting high, "So, you were warned there was some sort of crazy dream guy going into people's nightmars and making them commit suicide… so… you start having horrible nightmares and just think it's nothing?"

He lifts a hand, and sweeps it through the air, his power reaching out to make Kaylee lightly bap herself in the side of her head with her palm. The hand that's not holding cocoa, of course. "What were you thinking?"

Now that, right there, the self-inflicted puppetslap elicits a giggle from Colette, despite herself. Leaning against Kaylee's shoulder, the teen shakes her head and breathes in deeply, exhaling a heavy sigh. "Okay, Tamara hasn't mentioned anything about a dream guy to me, which… probably means I either know everything I need to stop him— " There's a furrow of her brows, "or she doesn't want me getting involved." Wrinkling her nose up, Colette shifts her weight to one side, biting down on her lower lip as she squirms in her seat, then angles a side-long look towards Eric.

Boy what she wouldn't give for his power sometimes.

"So this is like— this is no shit a Boogeyman?" Looking up towards Kaylee, something starts to dawn on Colette, and her brows begin twitching, lips parting. "H— Hey… wait, he— you were— " Colette looks from Kaylee to Doyle and then back again. "Wait— if this guy is like, Freddy Kruegering people— do you think he had anythignt o do with those kids? Remember like— months ago? There was like, a whole bunch of kids who tried to commit suicide at once? That was so fucked up, you— you don't think— "

She's about to go off on a paranoid tangent.
\%r%t Kaylee gives him a flat look when he makes her bap herself, though a smile threatens to tug into a smile. "Yeah well… I never said I was smart.. okay. These.. nightmares are hard to think in for one…" She sticks a tongue out at him like a little kid before taking another sip adding mentally. Thank you for the hot chocolate. "I guess I just didn't think it would be something like that… I mean.. I am a telepath like she said.. but I dunno." By the end of she sounds flustered and a bit upset. %r%r%t "I…. doubt this person did that… Sounds like he's shown up more recently." Kaylee reassures the girl with a bit of a smirk, she elbows Colette lightly. "So don't go freakin' out on me and I'm going to put my money on her not wanting you to get involved. I wouldn't want you too either. This isn't exactly anything I want anyone to have to get involved with." She scoots down further in the blanket and rest her head against the back of the couch, eyes drooping a bit, "Not that it's something you can get involved with.. it's in my head nightly."

Kaylee gives him a flat look when he makes her bap herself, though a smile threatens to tug into a smile. "Yeah well… I never said I was smart.. okay. These.. nightmares are hard to think in for one…" She sticks a tongue out at him like a little kid before taking another sip adding mentally. Thank you for the hot chocolate. "I guess I just didn't think it would be something like that… I mean.. I am a telepath like she said.. but I dunno." By the end of she sounds flustered and a bit upset.

"I…. doubt this person did that… Sounds like he's shown up more recently." Kaylee reassures the girl with a bit of a smirk, she elbows Colette lightly. "So don't go freakin' out on me and I'm going to put my money on her not wanting you to get involved. I wouldn't want you too either. This isn't exactly anything I want anyone to have to get involved with." She scoots down further in the blanket and rest her head against the back of the couch, eyes drooping a bit, "Not that it's something you can get involved with.. it's in my head nightly."

Just for good measure, Doyle makes her puppetslap herself again before finally sitting down in a chair heavily, both hands coming up to rub over his face for a moment. "Okay." Both hands fall, and he regards her seriously, "I can make sure you don't… sleepwalk, just let me know when you're going to bed." Yes, because spending all night in thrall to the puppet master is better. Surely nothing bad could happen!

"Uhh…" Colette furrows her brows and purses her lips, "what about muscle relaxants?" One dark brow kicks up slightly. "I mean like, I was on those for a while after I got out of the hospital a few years ago, and I couldn't walk for shit on the dose they had me on." Yes, Colette, get Kaylee addicted to painkillers that's a beautiful idea. Squinting one eye, she purses her lips and leans forward, resting her chin on her palms as her shoulders hunch forward. "Ons econd thought that's not really such a good idea is it?" One brow quirks up again as she looks over to Doyle, then down to the floor.

"If Gabriel were here he could totally fix this. I bet he's got an ability that could do it, he's got a whole buncha' them." There's a firm smile on her lips, and Colette threads her fingers together, bouncing her knees up and down with a rock of her heels. "I don' really know anyone who can help. Maybe… maybe Gillian could amp up your brain?" She squints one eye shut, "like, give you super psychic powers and totally explode the dude out of your head? Or maybe we can get Mati— "

There you go Colette.

"Matilda!" She bolts up out of her seat. "Oh— Oh my god she said that guy was looking for her! She— she's gotta be in danger! We— we gotta— " she's funbling for her cell phone in her back pocket, flipping it open and then staring blankly at it. "I don't know who to call." Colette breathes out the words, a little panicky again. "What's a Hokuto? Who's a Hokuto?" She looks back and forth between Kaylee and Doyle. "S"who Matilda needed to find. If she's in danger we— we gotta— "


After getting slapped again, Kaylee reaches over to pluck a marshmellow out of the little bow and toss it at him, "Will you stop that… I got the point." The edge to her words is not there, a smirk on her lips. Her head starts to slowly shake, "And I'm not going to have you stay up all night. I'm sure there is an easier way to keep me from walking out the door… not that I plan to walk into water in a nightmare again."

Her cheeks are still flush and Kaylee starts pushing the comforter off of her, as she's suddenly hot. "Hokuto.. is the woman that runs the bookstore I got a job at the other day… Corbin is a friend of hers and he told me she's… sleeping.. like in a coma or something. I told him I'd try to go into her head and see if I can get her out of it or at least find out what is going on. I did it once behind." Doyle has probably remembers the Angela stuff at least, in fact, Kaylee looks his way for a moment before peering at the photokenetic next to her.

"And a drug like that might put me in a coma myself."

Oh, Eric remembers. He's still not thrilled about it, given that Peter isn't someone he trusts at all. A slight frown purses his lips at the refusal of his offer, looking back at her even as the marshmallow bounces off his nose and tumbles over the table. "You didn't plan to the first time," he points out, one hand lifting to snap closed again and muffle Colette's ability to speak a second time.

He looks at her wryly, "Relax."

Puffing out her cheeks when Doyle shuts her up again, Colette raises both of her brows and then lowers them together in a furrow of frustration. A breath is huffed out, silently, and Colete drops down onto the sofa, folding her hands in her lap and hunching her shoulders up again. With a scrunch of her nose, she angles her eyes to one side, peering at Doyle side-long, and then arches a brow and looks at him with a bit of a squint, like she's puzzling something out.

Rolling her tongue over the inside of her cheek, the girl crossed one darkly clad leg over the other, waggling her raised foot up and down in thought. With a cast of green eyes to her lap, Colette's teeth toy at her lower lip, one finger tracing a finger in the air to make clear what she is expressing.


Seems she's got a question.

"No.. when I was able to break his hold for a moment.. I walked into the water.. I just didn't know I was really doing." Kaylee tries to explain again with a small sigh. "Either way… I don't want you having to stay up for me like that." The comforter is pushed off her lap to the floor and she puts the mug on the tray.

The telepath doesn't see the bight pink question mark in the air, her eyes have drifted shut, but she does say her tone sounding tired, but then it's been a rather exciting day, "Colette wants to know how far away you can control someone from."

Eric rolls his eyes at the question mark traced through the air, releasing his hold on the girl even as he leans back in his seat; arms folding over his chest, he tilts a look back to Colette, then pauses. "Well… huh. Really couldn't tell you," he chuckles, "I mean, I've always been right here, you know? I can set them to something and leave for awhile and it's usually still there, though."

"I wonder if you could control somebody you saw on tv?" Colette arches a brow, not realizing that — no, no Eric can't. The Moab Federal Penetentiary already tried to do that. "Or like, if you had a reeeeally good telescope or something." There seems to be absolutely no practical consideration for this. "I wonder if you could make an astronaut on a space-walk pick his nose…" Then, her lips purse to the side, "guess that'd be hard with the helmet."

Shaking her head, Colette rubs at hand at her throat, fingers massaging at her neck from that awkward sesnation of too-taut muscles. "Alright so… we've got this Metal-Bendy guy who slashed up everyone at the riot," Colette narrows one eye, "Joseph's been kidnapped, and— we need to figure out what the place he's being held at is," one of the teen's hands come up to rub at her chin, "and now this Nightmare guy…."

Huffing out a breath, Colette leans back on the sofa and covers her face with her hands, breathing out a tired breath before sweeping her palms down to slap on her lap. "Man it's times like this i totally wish I had Brian's power." She squints, looking over at Doyle and wiggles her fingers. "He's a dude who can split into a bunch of other dudes."

Eyes open wide suddenly, and Kaylee scoots forward on the couch and despite orders to stay off her feet, the young woman stands. There is a bit of a limp to her movement, since the soles are very tender from walking through icy conditions. She moves around the room, trying to wake herself up. As calm as she is about it all, she isn't ready to fall asleep again. She doesn't want to go back to that place.

Moving behind Doyle's chair, she rests a hand on his shoulder, her weight shifting to it and off her feet a bit. The touch of her hand should hot, "No shit…" Comes Kaylee's agreement to Colette's comment about Brian's ability. "Would make things way easier…. But Joseph is priority. I think we need to scout the location… at a safe distance of course and see at least what the outside it like.."

"Damn what I wouldn't give for a technopath or something.. might be able to get in there and looks through the security or something. Like Richard.. and his shadowiness… not that I would even know where to start looking for him." There is a frustrated sound from the telepath. "Too much to do.. "

"I haven't tried the telescope, but the television's a no-go," Doyle says quietly, remembering those experiments to see what he could do with his power… the memories stirred with them bringing an oddly bittersweet twist to his voice. He falls silent for the moment, leaning forward to reach out and finally claim his own mug of cocoa.

"I could look around," Colette admits with a raise of her brows, "I can bend light around me and turn invisible, it uh— makes it kinda' hard to see, but I figured out this little trick to feel colors rather than see them when I was blind." Oh, of course, when she was blind. "I could head on over there and poke around outside, at least get an idea of what it looks like outside of like, a Google map or something." She squints, bridging her hands at her mouth, extended fingers tapping at her upper lip.

"I can't hide sounds though, but I can get by motion sensors and stuff, and thermal thingies or— uh— one of my teachers thought I could anyway. Light's heat and all that." Waggling one see-saw motion of her hand in the air, Colette breathes in deeply and considers her possibilities.

"Nobody I can rely on is around here… all the people I'd ask for help are gone. Cat's missing, Gabriel's gone, Eileen's missing, Deckard— " she just shakes her head, Deckard wouldn't help, "All Jo's got is the three of us."

Doyle has just been volunteered for Team Colette.

"Flint is down in Mexico anyhow.." Kaylee offers up, "Or that's according to Teo when I ran into him… Well, more like he called in for some help and I was one of the closest to his location." Fingers comb through her hair and tug a bit as they catch a tangle. "He by the way has offered his help.. Delilah too." That's five people. Maybe not the best force… but it's slim pickings. "And I don't want you going in there… not an acceptable risk right now."

When Doyle leans forward, Kaylee lets her hand slide off his shoulder and she limps about a bit more, a lame attempt at pacing. "I have some faith we'll get the resources we need." Faith is not a word that Kaylee utters often.

A slow sip of cocoa warms Doyle's throat, and then he pauses, his head lifting a little to regard Kaylee as she limps about. Then he sighs, sets the mug down, and brings one hand up as he exerts his ability a little more… forcibly than before. The next cycle of pacing leads her back towards the couch, his fingers moving like they were walking, and then lowering as he sits her back down firmly on the couch. He reaches out, as she does, to take hold of the comforter and pulling it over her again.

"Kaylee," he says, lightly, "You are sick. Colette, can you hit the medicine box for some meds?"

Wrinkling her nose, Colette gets up again and pats her hand gently atop Kaylee's head patronizingly. "I'll go get her something," she admits with a crooked smile. Taking a step to the side, she arches her brows and breathes in a deep breath. "If Teo's around, I'll give him a call and see if he can help us out. But you!" Colette wags a finger towards Kaylee, trying to lighten the mood that seems to have a bit of an oppressive edge to it with all of the impending danger.

"You're sick," Colette says with a wry smile, "so listen to Santa, and be a good girl."

was told to keep off her injured feet. "They are only a little tender." She doesn't mentioned how she was told she was lucky not to have gotten frost bite. When he releases her, she pouts a little as she forces herself to bury under the hot blanket. "It's hot… and I don't want to fall asleep." She murmurs it sounding a bit like a stubborn kid herself in that moment.

"Don't waste the medication on me, I'll be fine in a day or two. Just get a cold or something." Kaylee knows they mentioned a worry over something like pneumonia. "And you can't just expect me… She starts, but trails off her eyes focusing on Eric… Okay maybe they could expect her and make her stay down.

"I don't want to be stuck sitting around while you all run around… I'll go crazy having to sit here and hold my breath." Kaylee isn't happy about being stuck on bed rest, so to speak.

"You will rest," Eric states firmly, leaning forward over clasped hands, both brows raising, "And you'll take your meds like a good girl, or I'll take away your ability to get out of bed. You're not going to let that fever kill you, blondie."

"You better watch out," Colette exclaims in an unfortunately sing-song tone of voice as she makes her way around the sofa, "you better not fight," oh dear God she's singing the— "you better not whine!" She's bouncing with each step out of sight and thorugh the doorway into the kitchen, an enormous grin spread across her face, "Santa Doyle's controlin' your mind."

She keeps humming it even in the kitchen, and it's rather clear from the way she's following Doyle's instructions, she plays on staying here the entire time until Kaylee's better again.

Or until Doyle kills her.

One or the other.

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