School Sucks


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Scene Title School Sucks
Synopsis Elisabeth and Mallory have a brief conversation at Washington Irving
Date November 12, 2008

Washington Irving High School

The final bell rang about ten minutes ago, and Elisabeth — Miss Harrison to the kids in this school — is cleaning off the blackboards in the classroom she's subbing in for the week. Mr. Albright took the week off for reasons unknown. Although she's been studying the lessons before coming in to teach them, it's pretty clear in this particular last-period class (Calculus… ugh!) that Miss Harrison is no real math teacher. She does far better in Albright's algebra and geometry classes. At least those she understands! Halfway through cleaning the board off, Liz pauses to stare at one of the problems the kids were putting up from their homework, a faint frown furrowing her brows together. "Jesus… I *went* to college and still can't make heads or tails of this crap!" she swears under her breath.

Mallory just left, but remembered she forgot her hoodie draped on the back of her chair, so now she's in. Just in time to hear Elisabeth's comment, which makes her snicker. Audibly. There have been more pleasant girls, really.

Elisabeth glances behind her and grins slightly. "Oh… sorry, didn't see you there." She doesn't seem in the least concerned that Mallory overheard her. She turns to fully face the girl, noting the jacket that was forgotten. "Ah, I'd wondered who that belonged to. Glad you came back for it."

Mallory shuffles swiftly through the aisles of chairs and desks. People can shuffle swiftly. Mallory just proved it. "So you're just kind of teaching from the answer key?"

Elisabeth puts the eraser down, and smiles faintly. "For calculus? Yes. Mostly. They're supposed to be getting you one of the graduate students from the college to come in starting next week until Mr. Albright comes back — someone who'll actually be able to teach you the subject instead of marking time." She studies the girl a moment.

Mallory busies herself with gathering her hoodie, setting her backpack back down on her chair so she can tug the zippered sweatshirt on again and flip the hood over her hair. She could stand to run a comb through that hair, really, but that's nothing new. Every day, the same deal. Sometimes it's just pulled back into a ponytail that also looks like it hasn't been combed. "Yay," she says flatly.

Elisabeth tilts her head. "Is it teachers, or everyone in general that you have issues with, Mallory?"

Mallory picks up her bag again, shouldering it and giving Elisabeth a vaguely surprised look. That involves some blinking in the usual helping of sullen. "…People in general, I guess," she tells the substitute with a little shrug. "I have a poor attitude."

Elisabeth chuckles softly. "Well…. yeah," she admits mildly. "I sort of noticed. I guess the main question on that one would be 'why?'"

"Because this sucks and it's boring and people are idiots," Mallory informs Elisabeth, folding her arms across her chest.

Elisabeth looks thoughtful. "Yeah…. high school pretty much does suck. Especially these days," she admits mildly. "So what is it that you want to do?"

"…Not have a meaningful and bonding discussion?" Mallory ventures hopefully.

Elisabeth shrugs. "All right, then. Sorry I bothered you." She moves to turn back toward the board, picking up the eraser to go back to removing the chalk marks on it. "If you want someone to talk to about what comes after, feel free to ask," she offers mildly.

Mallory exhales. Dodged that one! It must be hard to be so troubled a teen. "Uh huh. Thanks, I guess." She makes a vague attempt at a smile and turns about to head back out the door.

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