Scion Of The Sun


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Scene Title Scion of the Sun
Synopsis Kam Nisatta is given dire news.
Date June 10, 2018

Yamagato Building

"…and that's where we're at."

It is uncomfortably late in the day for bad news. Yet, Kam Nisatta is seated in the chair of the interim-president, slouching back against the leather upholstery that should have Kin Egami in it, not her. Bringing her hands to her brow, Kam exhales a sigh and keeps her eyes closed. Across the desk from her, Eizen Erazawa stands with his hands folded behind his back, looking past Nisatta's chair and out the floor-to-ceiling windows to the neon skyline of Yamagato Park beyond. It's too late at night to be delivering bad news.

"I want her security clearance immediately revoked," Kam notes with a touch of her fingertips to her temples. "If she's still in the building… do not make any attempt to detain her. Inform security not to confront her under any circumstances. I want…" her eyes open, dark and halfway lidded with fatigue. "I want someone keeping an eye on her if she's in Yamagato Park until she leaves. Inform border security that she is not to be allowed back in but to not escalate to violence under any circumstances without my expressed authorization."

Eizen nods, once. "I understand." He looks away from the skyline, down to Nisatta's slouched shoulders and the dark circles under her eyes. "Is there anything else?" Kam's eyes meet his, and Eizen lingers in the silence shared between them until she subtly shakes her head in the negative and motions to the door with the hand that isn't cradling her head. Eizen nods again, and turns for the exit. There are no further instructions, no last minute appendixes to their conversation. Eizen shows himself out, and Nisatta takes the opportunity of isolation to slouch forward and rest her head in both hands, elbows propped up on her desk. She sighs, deep and exhausted, and stares down, vacantly.

Kam allows herself a few minutes of silence and reflection, before she lifts her head and carefully wipes tears of stress from her tired eyes. After clearing her throat and dryly swallowing a few times, she reaches out to touch the surface of the desk again, and double-taps a phone icon. "Call Kimiko," Kam says softly, and there is an audible sound of a phone ringing that emanates from all around the desk. A few minutes later, a man's voice picks up on the other end.


Kam's expression screws up between a frown and a grimace when someone other than Kimiko answers the call. "Nisatta desu ka," she wearily says to the air, "Nakamura-sama wa irasshaimasu ka?" There's a moment of silence from the other end of the line, and Kam is mouthing the words please in English several times.

«Shooshoo omachi kudasai.»

Kam nods, and there's a click of the phone going on mute. For several long moments she's left to linger in the silence of an untended call, and once more during that time she reaches up to scrub away tears of stress and anger from her eyes. She starts to make a sound of strangled emotion, but the click of the phone coming off of mute has her remembering that she's on a call.

«Omatase itashimashita,» the man on the other end says. «Nakamura wa ima kaigi-chuu desu.» Kam nods repeatedly with a simmering frustration and anger at the response. She curls up one hand tightly and rests her eye on the heel of her palm, nails biting into her hand. She swallows, then exasperatedly manages a mostly professional response.

"Mata ato de o-denwa, shimasu." And Kam rapidly clicks the end call button on the desk the moment she's choked out those words. There's a few ragged sobs that come from her as she slouches back into the chair, a moment that only seems to frustrate Kam further. Finally, she wipes her eyes with the heels of her palm and sits forward, wetting her lips and looking around the room with a desperate uncertainty. Staring at the desk, she isn't sure what to do anymore. Finally, she looks at the desk with a nervous anxiety and reaches down to double-tap the phone icon again. But this time she's quiet, waiting in that anticipation of a call that needs to be placed. "Call Private-1."

A red icon appears on the desk that reads [PRIVATE MODE].

Then, Kam keys in a phone number from memory. After a few long moments, a voice picks up on the other end of the line.


"Rì chū," Kam says into the air, and then immediate hangs up. The release of tension after doing so is considerable, and she practically falls back into her chair and covers her mouth with one hand. There's a look of disbelief on Kam's face, and also remorse. Exhaling a ragged sob into the air, she wrenches her eyes shut and takes advantage of the isolation of her office to let all that stress out. It will be another sleepless night.

Xiaoyushan Harbor

Laochangji, China

11:09 am

Set within the dark water of Xiaoyushan Harbor, a small yacht rests nearby to Daiyushan Island. Resting on the railing of the boat on the port side, a woman dressed in a sarong of royal blue with golden cloud patterns pulls a phone from her ear. She threads one hand behind that ear, keeping her long hair from whipping in her face from the strong wind. Checking the phone screen again, she sees that the call is marked as Unknown. Dark eyes alight from the phone to a man standing a half dozen feet away with a mimosa in one hand and one brow raised.

"She found it." Joy exhales breathlessly to Adam, and the blonde man tips back his mimosa and cracks a fond, though surprised, smile. Adam leans off of the railing, pacing across the floor of the ship as he cradles the mimosa carefully in one hand.

"I guess we need to check in on Doctor Cong, then." Adam looks over to Joy, expectantly. "Have Siobhan get my affairs in order, too…" his blue eyes track out to the horizon, a smirk gradually turning into a smile.

"We're going to America."

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