Scotch And Sidearms


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Scene Title Scotch and Sidearms
Synopsis Isis visits Trask after a rough day, and ends up only more confused than when she arrived.
Date July 3, 2009

Trask's Apartment

It's late when Trask hears the knock on his door, he heads to see who it is, looking through the eye hole, it's either Isis, or someone in her body. He checks that the saftey on his gun is off, as he slowly opens the door, "Morning?"

The little redhead leans in, resting her shoulder on the far edge of the doorframe when the door opens. "Hey, stranger," she offers with a titled smile. "How're doin'?" She does not seem to think on the worry that troubles her friend. She knew she was herself, that's all that really mattered.

Trask lets his hand reach out to touch her cheek, watching her closely on how she responds to it. "What are you here for this late, gorgeous?"

Isis tips back, instinct drawing her away from the reaches of human contact. She looks to the outstretched fingertips, and then to Trask's features. Slowly a smile drifts across her countenance as she tips forward and invites her cheek into the warmth of his palm. "Rough day," she mumbles, tucking the story of this morning's agreement beneath the guise of a carefully practiced mask. "Needed to get out and I figured you could use the company. Mind if I come in?"

Trask puts the saftey back on the gun that is hidden behind the door, putting the gun down on a small table next to the door, he opens the door fully, he is in jeans and no shirt, given he was lieing down when she knocked, "come on in…can I get you something?"

Isis grins as she steps inside, pivoting to face her friend as she rolls her shoulders out of her leather coat. In the company of friends she withdraws her own firearm, the piece having been tucked into the back of her jeans, and lays it aside with her jacket as she gives Norton a quick wink. "Oh, Gods, yes. What do you have for liquor?" She asks with a grin as she combs her fingers through her hair.

Trask says, "scotch, Champaign, and red wine…what exactly are you looking for?" He chuckles and heads toward the kitchen, "I could cook up something too if your hungry."

The Irish girl wrinkles her nose at the small selection, but follows a few steps after Norton as she replies with a simple, "Scotch. Ice, please, if you don't mind. I'm not hungry, but thanks." She removes her gloves, setting them aside. She shoves her hands into her back pockets then, fingering the little butterfly knife for its common comfort as she begins to look over the interior of the apartment with a note of curiosity. "So, what's new?"

Trask pours her a glass, adding Ice, "Sorry I don't drink all that much" He smiles and brings it to Isis, "Not a lot new, just getting by, yourself?

Isis turns from her examination of the home with a smile to greet the man's return. "And here I thought you'd have a house stocked with all the fixings for a lifetime of White Russians," she teases as she accepts the glass. "Sounds… fun," she quips, before shrugging as the same question is turned to herself. "Getting into this and that sort of trouble, of course. Reminding Ash that not all women are damsel's in distress." She grunts and waves her free hand before looking down into her glass, giving the tan liquid a quick glance before taking a dip sip.

Trask says, "You and Ash are doing ok then? I am glad..though…" He smiles, "Part of me regrets it, I can be happy that your happy at least."

"Okay?" Isis snorts, the sound echoing in her glass before she lowers the brim, cupping the bottom of the container in her opposite hand to draw lazy spirals in the condensation forming on the clear surface. "No, we're not. He's…" She looks up to the cieling and grunts, as if damning the Gods for not giving Ash the knowledge on just how to deal with the fiery little redhead. She leans over and gives Norton a nudge of her shoulder. "And, don't give me that 'happy for you crap'," she teases with a chuckle. "I'd rather you be honest than give me those sappy lines."

Trask leans in and gives Isis a soft tender kiss, if she seems to respond he adds more passion, if not he leaves it rather chaste, letting it linger only as long as she seems comfortable, not forcing himself on her. When it breaks he says softly, "Honest enough? Look I won't say I don't …like… you but I really am happy if you are happy….

Isis's dark eyes go wide in surprise, nearly crossing themselves in trying to focus on Norton's visage as he dips in and presses his lips to the soft, supple tiers of the redhead's own. Frozen for a long moment, the affection is left to linger as she carefully lifts her free hand and catches the underside of Norton's jaw, holding his face gently as she pivots at the hips to lean back and break the kiss. She blinks a bit as her vision adjusts and takes him in, both brows lofted as he offers his statement. "… Wow," she finally manages and looks away, dropping her hand from his face as she looks down into her glass. "That was unexpected." She clears her throat and shuffles a small boot at the floor. "Thanks? I think…" Give her a minute, her minds still trying to process the whole thing. Blink blink. Oh right, liquor! She takes another, deeper sip.

Trask leans back, making plenty of room between the two now, he blushes just a little, "sorry….didn't mean to…" He gets up to make himself another drink, offering to refresh hers. "Yeah…that was kinda stupid wasn't it?

Isis passes off her glass, not likely to turn down a refill under the circumstances. "Not stupid," she muses quietly, turning away as Norton slips off to fetch drinks. She flops down onto the sofa with a sigh, tucking a few errant curls behind her little ear. "Just… unexpected. Yeah, Ash and I aren't doing well… but, we haven't established we aren't seeing one another." Right? Her mind sets to wondering about just where he had wandered off to as they parted ways. "At least, I don't think. Can I ask you a question?"

Trask nods, "of course….anything you want, and I will answer honestly, I won't promise not to shoot you after, if it is classified, but I will answer you.

"They trust you with classified information?" she teases, though the comment seems to break Isis's train of thought as she shift on the couch to turn and look in Norton's direction. She chuckles and shakes her head, turning away again. "It's going to sound like the goofiest thing ever. I'm not digging for compliments, just too curious for my own good. Why? Why do you like me? It's cause you got to see me wrestling with Candy, isn't it." She grins.

Trask shakes his head, "The night in the hotel room did more then any roll in the hay would. I was attracted the first time I met you honestly. You are fun…and cute…and well…you let your guard down…and make me feel needed…" He shuts up by downing his whole glass of scotch.

Isis is suddenly silent, her refilled glass resting on her thigh, her feature failing to register any readable expression.

Trask says, "And that is why you fought with Ash isn't it? Because he wanted to protect you, to keep you safe?"

Isis breaks from her temporary freeze and looks sharply back to Norton. "… That obvious?" She asks a bit tentatively.

Trask smiles and settles back into the chair next to her, "Sorry…maybe it's just my keen investigative nature, cop thing you know."

Isis chuckles uneasily. "Come on, you've seen me in action… I'm a tough bitch, right?" She looks up from her glass, meeting Norton's gaze with an obvious weight in her query. Still, the nature of her doll-like features almost dare to make the question rather humorous.

Trask shakes his head, "Sorry…but you will never be a bitch in my eyes, and well, while you can take care of yourself…." He shrugs.

Isis nods slowly, her chest heaving with a deep sigh. She takes a last sip of her drink before setting it aside, rubbing her palms along the thighs of her jeans before pushing to her seat. "I should get going," she muses quietly, glancing towards the door.

Trask shakes his head, "Your not going home, I can tell…unless I am very much mistaken…so where are you going? To wander the streets? Or just to get away from me?

Isis chuckles softly and dips forward, bending down to wrap her arms around Norton in a quick hug. "I'm not trying to run away from you. I just need some time to think. Don't you get all Knight in Shining Armor on me, too. I'm headed home, whether Ash is there or not." She smiles and straightens back up, offering her friend a shy smile. "Have a good night, hun." She slips around the sofa, collecting her gloves, jacket, and gun, setting them back in order on her person before showing herself out. She'd go home, but she'd take the long way.

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