Screw The Rules, I Have Money


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Scene Title Screw The Rules, I Have Money
Synopsis Elle and Warren discuss improving themselves.
Date February 22 2011

St Luke's Hospital

When Elle wakes up on this particular noon, she'll find people fixing a large HDTV to the wall-mount after removing the smaller one, and some sort of food menu sitting next to her bed. Warren's watching the men work, and a nurse is bringing her a healthy but far above hospital quality lunch on her tray.

"Elle?" he asks as he looks back, smiling, still in a black suit. "Good morning."

Elle's been under a nice painkiller-induced sleep, getting her first real comfortable, peaceful rest in three weeks. She's been sleeping a lot since she got here, but it's definitely something that she needed. Definitely good for her.

As she awakens to the smell of good food and the sounds of things being moved and insalled, she takes a deep breath, her eyes fluttering open to view all the things Warren is doing for her. Her brows raise a bit in surprise. "Warren…morning."

"I didn't know what premiun channels you liked, so I just got them all. I made a modest donation to the hospital in exchange for making you more comfortable. I had my factory's chefs work with the hospital chefs to make a menu more to your tastes while you're here, and while you were sleeping I had your mattress replaced with memory foam." Warren walks over to her and pulls up a chair, placing his hands on to the rails of her bed. "You're looking better already."

Elle blinks a bit at the onslaught of things done for her, brows raising as she peers up at the man. "You did all this for me?" She asks this a bit weakly, still shaking away the remnants of sleep. "Y'didn't have to…" She yawns once, before peering over at the food with raised brows. "I don't deserve all of this special treatment…"

"Of course you do. You're Elle Bishop, the most important woman in the world." Warren states as a matter of fact, the television finally turned on before the remote is handed to him, and the men finally leave with the nurse. "I'm only leaving the hospital for meetings and very important things, I'll make sure I stay here until you're better."

"I'm not the most important woman in the world." Elle frowns. "I'm not." She turns her eyes up toward the ceiling. "I'm a selfish, insufferable bitch. I ask you to change yourself for me, to be a better person before I'll even think of giving you a second chance, and you…you're doing good, from what I hear." She frowns. "But I can't even make myself better when I try. I don't even know how to go about being a better person."

She frowns, turning her eyes down toward Warren. "And here I am, in an established relationship with Dax…yet I'm letting you stay here when you've openly expressed your intent to take me back." She closes her eyes. "I'm not worth it."

"I don't want you to change, Elle. I like who you are, everything about you. I haven't changed myself and tried to figure out who I am just so I could get some imaginary perfect version of you." Warren removes a glove so he can reach over with his human hand and gently touch her cheek. "Besides, if you were perfect, you wouldn't be as much fun. And I'm not going to question any lack of loyalty to Dax, you wouldn't do it to me, so I'm not worried."

"That's the thing, Warren. I need to change…I'm not a good person. And I want to be a better person. I want to be someone…someone who people can like." She sits up in bed, eyse turning toward the food, then back to Warren. "I'll never be perfect…but I want to be better." She sighs softly, shaking her head and closing her eyes.

"If you really want to better yourself, I can help you. We can take it one step at a time, change little things you think need to change here and there, it doesn't have to be an overnight transformation." Warren rests both hands on the rail, leaning over slightly. "What is it about yourself that you'd want to change? Admittedly… I'm a little biased, so I don't immediately see what there is to not like about you."

Elle frowns. "I don't even know what to change. I'm selfish and I'm an insufferable bitch. That's what everyone says." She closes her eyes. "Ugh, can't wait until I can get out of this hospital bed." She sighs softly, before looking back up to Warren thoughtfuly. Honestly…he's not the one she'd look to for assistance becoming a better person. Ex boyfriend or current interest or whatever he is right now, he's still crazy.

"Insufferable bitches don't usually try to be better people. By wanting to be a better person, you're already on your way there." Warren sighs lightly, shaking his head with a slight smile. "Everyone's selfish in some way, but you can't tell me you haven't done anything for anyone. If it wasn't for you I'd still be crazy, maybe dead, but now I have my own company. I know there were some drawbacks, and you might not have done it just for me, but you still did it. So, think about it, try to think of five good things you've done for someone else."

"Five good things?" She blinks owlishly up at the ceiling. "I stopped Humanis First from killing people…a couple of times…while I was in the Dome." Which is probably why they targeted her. "I helped you…um…" She frowns. "I let this swedish guy stay at my apartment until he could figure out his living situation." Until he pissed her off and she kicked him out.

"Most people wouldn't let a Swedish guy into their house at all." Warren grins widely, trying to cheer her up. The look he gives her as his chin rests on his arms is one of affection, the last person in the world who's going to accuse her of doing anything wrong. "You're a good person at heart, Elle. People are still judging you for your past, they often do the same with me. Just press on, make little changes, get therapy if you need it, baby steps."

Elle offers a faint smile down to Warren, nodding slowly. "Thanks, Warren. I…I guess I kinda needed to hear that." She does't quite believe him, as she is quite certain that he is horribly biased when it comes to matters involving her, so she'll ask Cardinal, whenever she gets the chance to. "People just keep telling me that I'm horrible…that I'm not a likable person."

"Well I'm not the murdering type anymore, but if you want me to beat a few people up, just write their names down." Warren says as playfully as possible, reaching over to lightly touch and take a look at her arm. "I'm told it usually takes around three months for your ability to switch back to normal. How long have you had this radiation ability?"

"Since…December." She tilts her head to one side, turning to peer at his hand on her shoulder. Her forearms are still covered in bandages. "No need to beat anyone up…I got it covered." She smiles faintly. Then, another wave of morphine hits her, and the woman promptly closing her eyes, taking a few deep breaths. "I'm just…gonna rest."

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