Scum of the Earth


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Scene Title Scum of the Earth
Synopsis The media? DHS? Both? Audrey Hanson and Maddie Hart find each other less than helpful.
Date April 7, 2010

Department of Homeland Security Offices

It's late morning. Maddie actually has the day off, not that she's taking any time off. She gave her information to another reporter who will be the lead writer on the roof collapse story, with her listed as a contributor. Fine with her — there are bigger fish to fry! She's already been up doing her research this morning and now stands in the Homeland Security office that Audrey Hanson, the name she heard one of the paramedics mention. She also figured that the paramedic was no ordinary paramedic, but a Petrelli. Not bad for 11 a.m. the morning after a traumatic experience with a minor head injury.

"Can you please tell Audrey Hanson that someone is here to speak with her regarding the, uh, serial killer case?" she asks. She knows better than to say she's from the newspaper just yet — that usually ends in agents sneaking out the back door for their doughnut break.

Brennan says, “There's a what?" Maddie can't hear the unhappy grumble into the phone waaaaay up on the 14th floor of the federal building that houses Audrey's office. "You have got to be kidding me Masters. Christ. I'm about to go on my lunch break. Just.. Get her name and bring her up" Last she knew, Samson at least didn't have shapeshifting. She's going through her list of volunteer's present at the facility, trying to seperate people from where they were found and where Naimarc was found so that she knew who to go sic people on to interview.”

The desk clerk asks her name and Maddie sighs. She can't lie to get interviews — though possibly she could lie to get in to see the agent, and then tell her who she really is once she's there. It still goes against her sweet and altruistic values. "My name's Maddie Hart," she says, hoping maybe if they know the name Madeleine they won't connect it to Maddie. Fat chance that. They're not working for DHS because they're stupid. The DMV is for the stupid people.

While it's not the DMV, she still will and does have to wait a few moments. Likely name checking to make sure she's not some bomber or equally as deadly. Just a reporter. Whether they know this or not, she's given the visitors badge, escorted up, up, up and out an elevator. Down a hall, down a couple halls and eventually to an office that has Audrey's name on a little brushed aluminum sign on the wall that could at any point be easily slid out and replaced with another persons name.

Inside the open door is Audrey, plunking away at her computer and the phone pressed between her ear and shoulder. "-ive that I talk with you. I don't know what shit you think you were pulling, walking all over my case without even giving me the decency to tell me that you had something. I expect to see you in my office and bringing the files with you. This is my case."

Even within the DHS, there are, it seems, territorial issues. Pinch faced, blunt haired brunette, she looks over at the doorway then gestures for the blonde to take a seat even as her escort slips a folded piece of paper onto the desk.

Maddie's eyes are a little wide. She knows from working with cops that it's best to get them in a good mood. Males like her better than females, and DHS and FBI are more difficult to charm than the PD. She offers a tentative smile. "Agent Hanson. My name's Maddie Hart. I work with the Times," she murmurs, deciding straight forward is the best approach. She sets a card down with her left hand while offering her right hand to shake.

Glare, glare, glare. The little folded piece of paper announces to Audrey precisely the same thing, only minus the whole 'times' thing. The phone is put down - not kindly - and the card is taken up to be glared at. Green eyes lift to the blonde, back down, back up, back down. "Didn't tell them at the desk what you were, did you"

What she really wants to say is get the hell out of my office before I find a meat hook and hang you up a flagpole for the carrion birds to eat. Reporters. Scum of the earth. Misquoting bastards who never get anything right, always skewed from left to right. Make her wear makeup cause she's too pale in pictures or on TV. This is why other people talk to them and not Audrey. Scowl. Scowl. Scowl.

The name though, matchs up with one that's on her list of people who were at the site, helping before the collapse. "You get five minutes"

What she was? Like she's a monster? Maddie blinks and smiles despite the animosity and venom coming from the woman across the desk from her. "I was wondering what you could tell me about the serial killer case. Apparently there was an attack at the shelter last night? Unfortunately I was stuck behind a pile of rubble and didn't get to witness it, but there were other witnesses I plan on talking to," she says, straight and to the point. "Was he in fact there, was he behind the roof collapse, and do you have any idea where he is now?"

"Ms Hart. At this time, the Department of Homeland has no comments available regarding the so called Serial Killer. As for the collapse of the shelter, it's not my purview, that is not my case and therefore I cannot comment on whether any suspect of any crime was present nor elucidate as to whether they were responsible for what to me, sounds like a case of too much snow on a broken school's roof that was used as emergency shelter" Audrey stares down Maddie, bored look on her face that's purposefully put there.

"But since I have you here, you better turn off any recorders you have right now" right now. Just in case she has one going.

"I'd assume that was the cause too, but some kid there was chatting up Peter Petrelli and seemed to think it was caused by the same person who attacked the volunteer. Adelaide, I believe her name was?" Yes, Maddie's been doing her homework. "And I have no recorders on. I would have asked first. You know as well as I that that's standard operating procedure. If something's not on the record, I can't use it." She reaches up to push a lock of hair out of her face, revealing the bandaid on her temple. "I'm not trying to get in your way on this, but if there's a sketch of a suspect, that would certainly be useful for the public to have — to protect them. Isn't that your job?"

There's a snort. More at the suggestion that it's her job to protect the public. "Listen. There's been a lot of snow, an unusual amount of snow, and on a school's roof that had been already been severely damaged by an attack by terrorists. It's not a surprise to me that the roof collapsed when the place was over capacity and the stress of damage and weather."

Audrey eases back in her chair, still glaring and scowling. "If there was an individual, going after another individual, bringing down a roof on five hundred other people wouldn't make sense. So no, I don't have anything to offer to you Ms. Hart. On the record or off. Same as every other reporter who makes their way to us and beg for a scrap to make their career. The Depatment of Homeland Security has no comment at this time about an ongoing investigation with regards to any potential Serial Killer"

Maddie nods. "That was my thought too — just that he happened to be there at the right time to capitalize on the disaster. Which means… he was at the shelter for shelter, or for victims? Any speculation on that?" she asks. "It can be off the record, if you can't officially speak on the record. I understand that the upper brass might be controlling what you can and can't say, Agent Hanson, and you have my sympathy and my cooperation in that regard." Bright smile. "Is Agent Ivanov on this case, perchance?"

"Ms. Hart, I can't give you any more information than I have currently spoken, off or on the record. You're going to be getting blood from a stone, so I suggest that you get up, leave my office and find someone else to try and weasel information out of" Audrey does not like reporters and it's not helping the mood that she's in. Her phone is picked up, an extension pressed and someone answers. "Ms Hart needs to be escorted off the premises now, I'm done with her" A pause and a nod, not that the other person can see it. "Thank you"

"Jesus, lady, I don't need a security escort," Maddie grumbles, getting up out of her seat and shouldering her bag with a bit of a flourish. No more sweet and bright eyed smile for Audrey Hanson! There's no reason to play nice, apparently, any longer. "I'm going. If you ever do need to talk with me, you have my card." Bitch. The epithet is left off, however and Maddie heads out of the office, leaving Audrey to stew in her foul mood.

"No, you do. That's what your badges reads. Escort only" Audrey gets up, sticking her head out of her desk and barking the name of someone in a cubicle and point to Maddie "See her out" Sharp, short, and satisfied when the lackey is up and speeding off after Maddie to escort her out, Audrey's back into her office, shutting the door more harshly than she needs to really. "Bitch" She'll say the word out loud. Oh yes she will, even as she's picking up the phone to start making calls.

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