Sealed Lips


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Scene Title Sealed Lips
Synopsis Phoebe and Abigail with a side order of Mosha in the church while Phoebe waits to have a conversation with Pastor Sumter.
Date July 14, 2009

Guiding Light Baptist Church

There is no mistaking this building as anything but a church, with its arching glass windows and concrete cross fixed to the edge of the pointed roof. Curving stone steps lead up from the pavement to a set of black double doors, often kept closed during the colder weather, but unlocked during the allocated hours written on a blue sign fix to the brick wall. In white, formal letting, it reads GUIDING LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH and lists its hours of worship.

Through the doors, you first step into an open, nondescript foyer, with access to an unobtrusive staircase headed upwards, and a second hallway leading off somewhere less public also. Mainly, this room opens straight out to the much more spacious worship hall, with immovable rows and rows of pews. A small church, it only seats an absolute maximum of around one hundred and fifty people at a time. It has a high ceiling and is warmly lit, simple and reverent in design, colours light and earthy. The stage before the pews is wide open, with seats off to the side for other pastors and guest speakers, and there is a podium placed off center. On the other side, there is a small organ with music sheets kept nearby.

Early afternoon, before people get off work and stop by the church to get some prayer in or advice from the pastor. Abigail's favourite time. The sun coming into the church, the quiet atmosphere. Well no, her real favourite time is in the morning, but she was struck by the need to come, this time, today. So the church proper is empty except for the lone blonde near the back, and to the center with an open tin of cookies beside her. Someone has been snacking in church.

It also makes for a convienant time to attempt beard Joseph in his den. Such being the case, the doors are drawn open by Mosha, Phoebe's stoic, rather unintentionally intimidating driver/bodyguard and the pair step quietly inside. While there is no menace in either of their gazes, it is still relatively clear that Phoebe is not as pleased as she could be and is definately a woman on a mission. Sadly, her mission will, at least for the moment, end in failure since it doesn't appear that the good Pastor is present.

People get attention, it's habit really. Who doesn't look when someone enters a near empty room. "Pastor Sumter's with someone if your looking for him, but if you wait, i'm sure he'll be done soon enough. Or I can go fetch Pastor Ashby if you like, see if he's around" Not the same drawl as Josephs, but she is most certainly from his neck of the woods or far more south.

Both Phoebe and Mosha turn their attention to Abigail when she speaks. For Phoebe's part, the statement and offer is met with a calm smile a faint shake of her head. For Mosha's, it is met with a noncommittal stare and a folding of his arms over his torso. It is Phoebe, however, who speaks. "That is fine, we really need to speak to Joseph." Joseph, not Pastor Joseph, mind you. "Do you mind?" The query is made as Phoebe dips her chin toward the bench Abby is sitting on.

Mosha has nothing on Deckard. Or one certain dead body jumper. Abby watches Mosha back, raised brows before she scoots over to make room for Phoebe. "Have a cookie. I think he buys them, I have yet to see Pastor Joseph ever bake, but he leaves them here for me when he comes in" There's an offer of her hand out to phoebe. "Abigail Beauchamp, call me Abby. welcome back to the Guiding Light. I hope Pastor Joseph isn't in too much trouble from the look on your face"

The hand is taken as Phoebe takes a seat, her smile remaining warm as she shakes and offers back, "Phoebe Thornton, a pleasure to meet you Abby." At the mention of Joseph being in trouble, Mosha snorts and Phoebe exhales a quietly warm laugh. "Not trouble per se, but we will be having a 'chat'." No doubt a chat that will be less then pleasant for the good Pastor.

"Mhhm. Chat" Abby's blue eyes flicker up to Mosha. "You don't loom enough. Lean forward just a bit and to the left and you'll be a bit more intimidating. And maybe get something that clips to your belt to just the side out of view that will stick out a bit beneath your jacket, makes people think you have a weapon" Someones in a good mood as a peanutbutter cookies is broken in half and offered. "Bad vision? Can't blame him for bad visions. Not his fault"

Mosha does have a weapon, to which he opens his jacket briefly to flash the desert eagle beneath his arm. A moment later his arms are refolded over his chest and his expression returns to stoically tolerant. It is in response to Abby's comment concerning visions that Phoebe exhales another quiet laugh, her hands folding in her lap. "No, no, nothing of the sort," she assures. "Nor is it really a matter of blame so much as one of asking before involving others in thier plans." Slender shoulders roll in a fluid shrug as she turns her head to offer Mosha a smile. "There is no need to Mosha to try to be intimidating, Abigail, he is quite skilled at his job with affectations."

"He does do a good job regardless." Flashing said body guard a smile when he flashes his piece. Brian had one. Desert eagle that is and it makes her think of him. "Ahh, he gets a little.. eager at times. He's just trying to do good. Help others do good too. Don't be too upset with him. I'm sure if you tell him, he'll realize the error of his ways. He'll probably profusely apologize." Little does she know the reason, if she did, she'd be the one apologizing.

"I don't see you around here. You've never come to service before"

Turning her attention back to Abby, Phoebe blinks once, a startled albeit quiet laugh escaping her lips in response to Abby's last. "Gracious no, I am Catholic, dear." Of course, that hardly explains why she is here, or why she has business with Joseph. "I support Joseph's charitable work whenever possible." Which, given her nigh obscene wealth, is the vast majority of the time. "And I have no doubt that the good Pastor will apologize profusely," she admits. "Even so, we will have to come to understanding concerning our recent faux pas. Fortunately, he has managed to elude me long enough for the worst of my pique to wear off." Not a horrible plan on Joseph's part, Phoebe has quite the Irish temper.

"Just because you're catholic doesn't mean you have to avoid other church's" Abigail oh so casually points out. But that's okay. There will be no judging from Abigail. Besides. "You believe in god. That's good enough for me. Besides, the church can use your help. It can use the help of a lot of people. Thank you, for helping support us. Doing good in your own way. St. Johns could use some help too. There's also…" Abby starts raking through her mind, listing off a handful of shelters that she knows of and the usual suspects, salvation army etc etc. The girl is a fount of information in that regard. "If you're looking to help more. St. Luke's childrens wing too" there's a pained look for the briefest of moments, gone once she's schooled her face and taken a bite of her cookie. "Sorry, I talk to much. Babble when I'm anxious or nervous or.. well no, I just babble"

"Obviously not," Phoebe points out in return. "Or I wouldn't be here, would I?" Flashing Abby a smile and a wink to she's teasing, Phoebe glances toward the front of the church, her expression remaining calm and relaxed. Until, of course, St. John's is mentioned, at which point Phoebe purses her lips. "Yes, I know, Pastor Sumter already got me involved with St. John's." Ah, the heart of her pique it seems. "Believe me, I have a file cabinet of charitable organizations I contribute to on a regular basis, Abigail." Falling silent a beat, she draws in a slow breath, holds it and releases it just as slowly.

Of during all that breath holding, Abigail falls silent with only the lazy thud of her heart and the sounds that every living person makes, coming from Phoebe beside her. Till eventually, she looks over, a contrite look on her face. "I apologize. I stick my foot in my mouth. A lo… Got you involved with St. Johns?" Phoebe is eye'd carefully now.

"Mmm." Phoebe answers with the tone of one not particularly pleased with the situation. "Not that I do not think that they need my assistance, but there are somethings I would have prefered being consulted on." A faint shake of her head banishes her budding pique the emotion replaced with a calmly serene smile. "You did not stick your foot in your mouth, Abigail," she assures. "You couldn't possibly know what charities I have chosen to offer financial support to. And really, it was very thoughtful of you to offer up a list of those you feel deserve assistance." Noting that she is being 'eyed' the billionairess quirks a brow her head canting faintly to oneside. "Is something wrong?"

"May I be so bold as to ask… why he brought you to St. johns.. that he's in trouble for" Her voice several decibels lower, waiting for the hammer to fall.

"You can ask anything you like, dear," Phoebe assures quietly. "However, I feel it would be impolite of me to discuss Pastor's Sumter's dealings with a stranger without his consent." Phoebe is, it seems, a cautious old bird. She does, however, cast Abigail a curious look, one brow ticking higher. "Surely you have no objections to his combining his charitable efforts with St. John's?"

Somehow, the blonde highly doubts that the dealing in St. Johns that Phoebe is piqued about don't have something to do with what she'd been trying to convince Joseph to participate in. "Nope. Not at all. I help at St. Johns too. A few of us turned him on to it" Hint.

Alas, Phoebe has been swimming with Financial sharks for most of her life, she does not rise to bait so easily as that. Oh, she gets the hint, mind you, she simply doesn't give any indication that she has. After all, she is not particularly thrilled about the Ferrymen having terrorist leanings. Not that that means she won't be willing to support thier efforts, just that she is not particularly thrilled about it. Or rather, she is less then thrilled about being recruited without being consulted in the matter before hand. "I am certain Pastor Sumter would be happy to discuss our visit with you then," she assures Abigail. As frustrating as it is, Phoebe is very good at keeping secrets. "They were very nice people," she assures. "I've no doubt we'll see great deal more of each other in the future."

"I'm sure he won't. But for what it's worth, you have my apologies regardless" Somehow, she feels bad and responsible. "I should go, I hafta look in on the bar and then I have class" She doens't look old enough for a bar of any kind mind you. "It was a pleasure to meet you Ms. Thornton. You as well Mr. Mosha. That's a very beautiful weapon you have there" She can appreciate it, oh yes she can. "I'll pop to the back and let someone tell the Pastor you're here." The little gold cross dangles precariously on it's chain as she leans over to pick up her bag. Tattoo's seen across her back. wings and cross.

"It was very nice meeting you, as well, Ms. Beauchamp," Phoebe offers warmly. "Have a lovely day." And, while she does feel bad about not being able to confirm the woman's suspicions, she is steadfast in her efforts to protect the secrets of others. "Perhaps we shall see you in the future." The tattoo goes unremarked upon.

As Abby stands, Mosha affords a stiffly polite bow, a faint, almost unseen smile just barely touching his lips. "A pleasure, Abigail," he offers in low tones.

"Maybe, maybe not. I just drive folks around, make meals. Fix their hurts" She dips her head to Mosha. "Guard her well. God bless, he both of you. I'll keep you in my prayers" and with that, the loose haired blonde is high tailing it towards the front of the church. She only pauses at the door that leads into the back to look at the pair. Cookies forgotten there beside the stately woman before she disappears from view. Ohhh joseph, you are in trouble.

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