Sealed With A Bite


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Scene Title Sealed With A Bite
Synopsis Eve's running. Warren's on a loop. Perfect understanding.
Date April 1, 2019

Yamagato Industries


Fannie's scream fills the air along with the sounds of the emergency services arriving and the people fleeing the gala. What a shitshow. Fannie clutches her deep green dress to herself as her clear heels click on the pavement. At some point her hand lost Warren's and now she's just a little bit ahead of him. Hightailing It Out of there. "Not ready, we aren't! We haven't even came together!! Somebody call the Moose!"

The buckle of her left heel flaps wildly it had become loosened in all the commotion, with a clatter it slips from her foot and the pale woman almost falls over but narrowly saves herself except for her mask is hanging half off.

Warren is quickly keeping pace, reaching down to scoop up the heel without really skipping a beat. When she stops, he stops as well, staring down at her. Robobo's dozens of servos can be heard moving as it tilts its head, observing intently. "There's a moose?" he wonders, reaching down to offer his natural hand. "Do I know you? Your voice is familiar. It reminds me of ducks for some reason."

"Quackkkkk." As Eve's mask falls completely off and there she stands in that deep forest green dress and one crystal clear heel, her doe brown eyes flicker and lighten until their the color of blood with a glow underneath. This is not the same Eve that Warren has known. Well. He did see her recently at Cat's Cradle but the shock is still clear. "No time WarrJackmorti! You heard it in our heads. Didn't you?! There's no time! We're late! Past due! Pieces, shattered raining down to the ground only with glitter dust it's the popocalypse. The end of Pop Culture as we know it. The meme lives!"

Eve continues to run away from the building but not before tossing her other shoe off of her foot back to Warren. "Ahhhh!!" And then she's turning into a nearby alley her feet splashing into puddles.

"You're not wearing shoes!" Warren catches her other shoe in his hat, then keeps them both there as he chases after her. "It's just a head voice, don't worry about it!" he tries to reassure, feeling around his waist. "I never have my harpoon when I need it…"

Robobo suddenly speaks up in its synthesized monotone, "Reminder: Harpoons cause mortal wounds and sometimes even death. Eve Mas is a friend."

"I know that harpoons are deadly, just… ughh okay I know when to admit I'm wrong." Either way, he tries to wave Eve down. "Wait! I have something!"

He reaches into his blazer with his free hand, pulling out a rubber ducky. "I have one of the ducks! I kept it in case we met again."

"It was not just a head voice don't diminish me WarrRayJackMort! There's an inter dimensional god here and it wants to tear this world asunder!!" All she can think about is how she's not ready even as the negation steadily wears off, her veins beginning to glow underneath her pale flesh as feet slap against the cold, wet ground. Eve stops though as Warren says something about one of her…

"My duck?" Coming to a halt in the middle of the alleyway Eve turns slowly and looks at the duck in Warren's hands. Her fingertips twitch and she almost reaches for it but instead she shakes her head, "Nooooo, nooooo. I cannot hold my precious ducks anymore. My babies." Rapping her hand against the side of a dumpster the woman stomps her foot before looking up to the sky, "Curse you! I'll tear your memetic flesh from your non existent body you horrible parent! Deadbeat dad! Trailer trash mother!"

All of Eve's anger has her glowing bright red but she's not completely out of the coil of that negation though her body is beginning to respond in kind to her emotion at the Entity, her situation, her fucking ducks.

Warren's eyes suddenly shift back to normal when he notices her glowing red, then he wipes them when she's still glowing red. "Oh, you're actually glowing, aren't you? I thought that was a hallucination." He stares down at the duck, sliding it back into his blazer, then his eyes slowly return to chromium as if being filled with a metallic liquid, then he starts to approach her a bit closer.

"I've seen things, I've been brain-scattered across time and space! Mega famous pop star, Eve Mas!" he remembers as his mind tries to make sense of her. The glow, the veins, all of it. Surely there's a pattern. Eve isn't a machine, but… what is that energy, is it something he knows? He can't be sure… "We can kill gods, surely! We can kill anything with enough effort and planning. We just have to find the right machine, find the right opportunity! But the world is always in danger, you can't let it drive you crazy! There's plenty of other things to drive you crazy."

"You have to calm down, your body is having some kind of reaction!" He looks up, though he can't see the monkey on his head. "Robobo, what's happening to her?!"

Robobo beeps and boops as it stares intently at Eve's glowing form. "Molecular instability detected. EVACUATE, EVACUATE!!!" it yells as its synthesized voice suddenly gets much louder.

"I went triple platinum!!" Eve rages to the sky in answer to Warren's claims but then she blinks, that's not something to be angry about. The woman touches her hair and looks coyly over to Warren through thick eyelashes. "Oh you're a fan are you?" Tossing her hair over her shoulder leaving a trail of red sparks in her wake. "I can sign an autograph for you sometime, our penmanship is the same!" Cackling Eve seems to have forgotten why she was so angry or why she ran off in the first place.

Oh right angry gods.

"Machines, I cannot trust them. Not always. Your gods are the ones of metal and science. Many wonders. Lots to be crazy about!" Eve snaps her fingers as she draws in close to Warren as his monkey gives off a warning, "Don't you worry Baloo, I'm always like this. Unstable." She likes it, it's true to her. She wears it well, instability. Ruby red lightning crackles between the spaces of her wrist and hip. She breathes though and leans in close.

Slowly raising a finger to poke at the robot on Warren's shoulder. "Is this going to help us kill a god?"

"I don't know if I was a fan, but I remember you, which means that I knew who you were, so that means I must have heard of you! But I'm a fan of you here in this universe, I like your ducks!" Warren leans down as Eve pokes at the monkey. "I don't know. Robobo, how do we kill a god?"

Robobo jerks back defensively, but at the question it sits up straight, beeps, and boops. "Reminder: Gods are mythological creatures. Answers to potential delusional interpretations: Arthur Petrelli is dead, Peter Petrelli is missing, Gabriel Grey is missing, Samson Grey's location is unknown, black and white conduit locations are currently unknown, The Entity's status is currently unknown. Please choose an option:"

Warren taps his chin, as he thinks very hard about the things Eve has said, and what Richard has said, trying his best to think clearly. Remembering, thinking, interpreting real world context from a delusion, it's tricky.

"The Entity!" he finally decides, putting the pieces together.

Robobo beeps and boops. "The Entity: Logged weaknesses: Unknown. Gender: Unknown. Ethnicity: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Name: Unknown. Suggestion: Gather more information. Do not build anything. Remain grounded."

"Let's build a god killing spear!" Warren decides.

Robobo repeats, "Suggestion: Do not build anything. Remain grounded. Take a deep breath, deactivate your ability for ten minutes."

"Gabriel is being Gabriel, Hamson is being Hamson. One of the black conduits is with Eileen Gray or Ruskin.. however you want to call it. Are you sure you're a superior intelligence?" Eve looks skeptical as the robot dishes out facts that just aren't facts.

The notion of creating a weapon that could destroy it. "Gods are real, they always have been. We have been the Gods. Zeus? Controlling the weather as a man of the storms would! Athena with unparalleled intellect. Anganjú surely was a man who could control magma and flame." Eve's hand waves in the air as she makes her claims. "All gods have a weakness." She aims to find the Entity's.

"I agree with Baloo on that WarMortJack. Don't build anything yet. Keep your nose to the ground for golden eyes."

"I don't like to stress out about saving the world, that's my brother's thing. But if you want me to find a way to kill it, I can do that! There's just no point in rushing if we don't know anything." Warren shrugs, then leans in closer, his eyes blue again after Robobo's suggestion.

He's taking a look at her skin, even though he's not thinking with his ability. "You have some kind of energy instability. Do you feel like you're about to explode? I think I have an idea for that! Though I'll have to ask Richard, it might be out of my budget range."

"Ha!" At the sound of brothers, "Yes I know your brother." Eve says with a grin, Warren offering his help. "To kill a God will not be so simple MortiJack." The former seer dances backwards and twists coming to face the wall which she beats firmly twice with a balled up fist. Eyes closed in pain as the lightning begins to snake up her left leg to her shoulder before wrapping around her neck and fizzling out. "I have changed." The pale woman growls as her back arches. It was dangerous to explode but she didn't want to not explode. Something she admits to herself in that moment. "Explode is my middle name! Human Duck!"

Shaking her head, "I will not lose it. I will tame-" Eve's eyes widen in that crimson glow and mist of the same color begins to rise off of her skin. "Taming, what do I do when someone tries?" She pushes more erratically against her bonds, she finds a way to not comply its in her nature. Looking down at her hands she begins to cackle and throws her head back the sound bouncing off the alleyway walls around them. "Will you change? Where is Jack? Where is Mortimer?"

A rumble in her stomach and she grins down at herself despite the pain, "You don't want to be controlled." Whispering Eve runs her hands along the shimmery fabric of her green dress, various holes peeking out from it now that her ability is coming back full force.

Warren steps back a little as she seems to grow more unstable. "Robobo, record on multiple light spectrums! We need the data to help fix her!"

He listens to Eve, nodding his head intently as she explains herself, but then he raises his hand when she addresses him directly. "We're all the same person! My brain… all of the work they did was undone! But I saw time and space, I became a stable brain loop! Something changed, I feel whole, not like what Linderman did to me!"

Spreading his arms to spin a few times, staring up into the sky. "I feel like I'm me! Who I'm supposed to be! One whole, real person, not a brain Frankenstein, or a doll, or a crazy murder assassin, I'm just me! They never let me be me, but it was fate! I always saw it, it was always going to happen! The tentacles, across time and space, I saw them! My mind was ahead of time, but I caught up to myself, and now the loop is complete. Backwards, sideways!!!"

"I changed too." he finally answers more directly. "All of these Warrens, Mortimers, Jacks, Alexes. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, who knows! Some real, some fractions, figments, mechanisms! But Warren Ray… Warren Ray is whole! We're the sum of our parts, and the sum of Warren Ray is lots of Warrens, Mortimers, Jacks and Alexes, just one whole person made out of many fractured people, and it's okay!"

He finally walks over to her, reaching out to grip the back of her neck with his normal hand, staring down at her. "I'm happy with who I am, who I ended up. Other people don't have to understand!"

Leaning in, he tries to rest his forehead against her's. "Changes happen, people evolve, it doesn't mean we broke, we're just different!"

"There is no fixing!!" Eve presses her forehead against Warren's with a hard grin and her hand goes to grip the back of his neck and squeeze. "We are so different. We are so many. Thrusts backwards and forwards you were on a loop and I've been in a coil. Wrap wrap wrap wrap." Her lips hover inches from his. Red lightning sparks him on the cheek, a tiny mark nothing more. The lightning crawls up her back and scatters over the wall behind them.

"Be happy Warren Ray. There's only so much time for that left." The woman doesn't kiss him. Just bites his bottom lip hard and pushes him off into the empty space as she laughs and skips down to the mouth of the alley the red mist coiling around her legs, "You know where to find me. Bring something to smoke Mortimer! Yooohoo- Ow!" Eve's cackles are interrupted by a large wave of pain crashing over her.

Her howls of pain echo through the night and she starts to laugh again, a maddening shrieking affair as her limbs glow and she explodes into a large cloud of crimson dust, the molecules inside twisting and shimmering as metal flakes. Eve doesn't stay long in fact she doesn't stay at all. Rising up and out of the alleyway and into the sky, hurtling towards the wall that separates Yamagato from the rest of the Safe Zone. Lightning crackles and pops off into various directions and the cloud shivers and zooms off in jerks and stops before powering forward off into the night.

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