Second Chance



Scene Title Second Chance
Synopsis Niles Wight of the present day heads off into the sunset.
Date July 2, 2009

A Ferrymen Safehouse

It's not everyone who has the experience of watching himself die. Less even, who asked for it to happen. Niles Wight has spent the last several days in a state of numb shock. He feels fractured, in a way that his ability never made him feel.

He's been living out of a duffel bag for the past few months, shuffled from place to place. It makes packing a simple matter. The young man has a great deal of self-reflection ahead of him, and work to do to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself. Things to do to ensure he doesn't become a monster.

He stands out front of the safehouse and then looks to the car that the Ferrymen arranged. Where he's going is a secret, in case some enthusiastic cop or Company agent decides to track him down. Those who ask will be told that he's been taken somewhere safe, to learn how to put a leash on his ability and to prevent further mental damage from power use.

Inside the safehouse, he's left an envelope, three copies of the same note to be delivered to the women who helped to save him.

To Cat, Elisabeth and Gillian,

Thank you for what you have done for me. I know the things I have done would be unforgivable to many. You risked your lives to give me a second chance, with no guarantees that I would become a better man. I will do all I can to be worthy of the gift you have given me.

Please let Flint Deckard know that I am grateful for his assistance. I know he didn't mean to heal me. But he did mean to help me, to hide me. He gave me a slap of reality I sorely needed. The Ferrymen could use more men like him, for all he may seem less than ideal on the outside.

If you see Aria or any of my old friends, please tell them that I am sorry.

Perhaps I will see you all again some day, and maybe one day I will be strong enough to fight with you.

Keep yourselves safe,

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