Second Opinions


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Scene Title Second Opinions
Synopsis Cassidy stops by to talk to Abigail about the vision from Joseph, Abby ends up telling Coren through Cassidy that she went to Staten and got shot. This sends Coren into a rage and Cassidy is caught in the middle.
Date July 06, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Abby's Apartment

An average middle class apartment, it's populated with decidedly not middle class furniture. A solitary red suede couch occupies the immediate living room, with a battered coffee table and side tables as it's companion. A decent sized TV sits on a cupboard with a stereo, DVD player. The kitchen sports a relic from the 70's, with matching chairs that still seem to be in decent condition. The two bedrooms off the hall are distinguishable from the other, one bearing a gold cross nailed above the door, the other not.

In the corner of the living room is an ornate cage on a bird stand, a blue budgie within it's depths. In another corner is a massive cat tree house, and often occupied by a black cat with a red suede collar. It looks barely lived in, like the owners are not yet investing their effort quite yet to move in.

Even though her and Coren had talked the whole thing over, Cassidy still flt th need to talk to someone who knew the pastor well. That ended up being Abigail. So after calling to make sure the woman was home, Cassidy took here lunch, she didn't even hide what she was doing from her partner… Seriously, she can't.

Arriving at the entrance of the apartment building the other woman lived in Cassidy eyes the various buttons before punchng at the right buzzer.

"Abigail Beauchamp" Comes tiredly through the intercom. Some people choose to use it, others use the people at the front desk instead, it's an individuals choice really.

Bending closer, she glances at the ceiling and unconscious gesture. "Hey Abigail. It's Cassidy. Coming over as I mentioned on the phone." Leaning away she waits patiently, hand moving to the door handle ready to open it and slip in quickly.

"Come up, door will be unlocked, come on in" Much to Coren probable disgust. He's lectured her about that before. Despite that she was standing in the doorway at the time. And it will be, when Cassidy makes her way to the third floor and to apartment 306. Door's not open but it is unlocked for Cassidy to come in if she wants.

Not a word, Old man. Cassidy teases as she makes her way up to the apartment. I don't need to be spouting your words, like I did with the pastor Ignoring any grumbles she might get from him, she completes her journy and slips into Abigail's apartment. As soon as sh shuts the door, without thinking she locks it behind her at an unconscious prompting from elsewhere. Realizing what she's done, sh rolls her eyes sky word as if asking for patience. Once that's done she turns to look for the occupant. "Thanks for seeing me on such short notice Abigail."

Occupant is at the kitchen table, having her lunch. With enough for two people since the detective had said she'd be coming over. "I don't have class on mondays. Shrink appointment's not till later. Lunch?" She looks less tired than she did days ago, fresh from the island. Be a few more days till she'll be even thinking of running Marathons. "This about the De-Registering? Any word yet?" Blonde hair is pulled back in a messy hasty bun and it's a tank top and PJ bottoms on. Someone just got out of bed not long ago.

"Actually… no. This is more of a personal visit." Cassidy gives her a half smile. "And lunch would be great, though I was planning on skipping." Approaching the table she motions to the chair.. only polite to ask before sitting. "And no.. No word as of yet." Eyes go to the tattoo's but the detecctive opts not to say anything. "I went to see Pastor Sumter several days ago. Trying to catch up on everything I had to put on hold. I… well… You know what h can do right?"

"Pastor Sumter can give you a glimpse of the path the lord has laid. One of them at least. They don't' always necessarily come true, nor in the literal fashion that you see them" There's a nod for Cassidy to take a seat, and a gesture to the pot sitting on a trivet. "Roommate made it. Beef. Lemme guess, you got a vision?" There's a bun plucked from a plate, put on another plate and slid over for the Detective.

Taking the plate, Cassidy nods slowly. "Yeah, actually. I did. And needless to say it completely freaked me out." As she serves herself some of the food she inhales. "Smells great. I can't cook with crap, so I don't do much of it." Makes her kinda miss staying with Coren. The thought is brushed away and she studies the other woman. The next thing she said, holds a different tone and even a touch of her partner's accent, not her normal Louisiana based one. "Getting up a little late, Abigail?" She doesn't notice it herself as she moves to take a bite of food.

"slept in. Apparently, people do that when they're sick. They do a lot of different stuff" The lilt is noticed but she refrains from saying anything about it, not her place. People have been known to pick them up from being immersed with others. Heck, a day with her parents and Teo could almost barely understand her. "You came to talk about the vision? I've gotten two of them from him. One somewhat literal, the other.. I haven't quite figured it out but I have the gist of it"

"Yeah. I figured I'd get your opinion on it and have you vouch for th Pastor maybe." Cassidy adds in her own tones again. "Let's see if I can remember it all." As she continues to eat she goes over the vision, Coren's accent does invade now and then as he helps her to remember everything in clarity. Looking pale by th end of it, she set's her fork down on her plate and leans back in her chair, taking a deep breath. When she lets it out again she says, " Now I've never really gone to church, mom stopped once dad died, but I was raised on the word of God. So I do believe in the Almighty. It made me realize just how big this thing that happed between me and Coren might be."

Through it all, abigail sits quietly, eating her soup, never slurping, pale brows furrowed now and then. "What do you think it means though? I mean, what you saw, what he helped you to see"

A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth and she chuckles. "First thing that stood out to me… Was the whole thing about making two souls one and all that. I felt like I was hearing something that made me think." She motions above them with a hand.. "You know who had married mine and Coren's souls… Now. I'm not so sure." She thinks on that and adds, "Well, beside the warning about my attempts to cut the link between us might do."

"Cassidy" Abby's using the womans first name. "Maybe, your worrying too much, and putting too much importance on what you saw, as opposed to what you're doing, right now. Here. Pastor Sumter's visions, they'll happen, or they won't. They're just.. hint, one of many paths. Even he says they might not ever come to fruition. If I spent all the time worrying about what I saw, I'd have been a basket case"

"Yeah.. well, it was enough to scar the crap out of me." The detective mutters and then shrugs. "Yeah, Corn pretty much said the same thing.. " And that accent comes back again. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." Leaning forward to pick up the fork again, she pushs a bit of beef around her plate. Speaking up again, it's all her again. "Either way, we're going to have to endure this thing, cause I'm not risking anything. It's too much much of a risk in my mind. It felt too real." Cassidy glances at Abilgail. "Not that I would even know how to break the link."

Abby has no heart to tell the woman that she might have no choice, what's meant to be is meant to be. "You'll see. Just.. be, exist, go about your life with this thing that's happened Detective. It might never even come to pass." She'll point that out. "If you're really worried, there's a bookstore out on roosevelt Island, and for ten bucks, Hokuto will read your Tarot."

"I… guess." Cassidy sets the fork down again and gives Abigail a genuine smile. "Thanks. I figured if anyone would understand this stuff it would be you, since you go to his church. And not just that ease my mind about the man himself." The mention of the tarot reader, makes her turn thoughtful. "I'll think on it.. visions from Pastor Sumter is one thing.. Tarot reader is something completely different."

"They're just cards. If I believed in what she read at the shop, I'd be cowering in my room cause it was pretty bleak and end with the pale rider card. Death" Abigail shrugs her shoulder weakly. "his first vision, that he gave me, was of a prison in the desert being blown up, flames rising from it. The second part of that was someone i know, getting away from me. The last half came true. A couple weeks ago though, he gave me another one. Was of a woman, in the ruins of midtown and she was growing a tree from the ground. And from that tree she picked an apple and brought it over, but there was a snake around the apple." Abby's bowl of stew is done and so she goes for more. "When someone took me to the women who was going to help get my gift back, it was that woman. From the vision. Like adam and eve eating from the apple from the tree of knowledge. There are things that you cannot unlearn, no matter how much you wish you could. I learned that I wasn't like everyone else. Cast out from the proverbial garden of eden, out of the evolved gene pool."

"I know. I know. Trust me I have less faith in tarot cards." Cassidy doesn't voice that she doesn't want to get faced with something similar from this reader. You never know with these things and she only just calmed down about the vision. "Your right. Probably, nothing will come from Pastor Sumter's vision." She's quiet for a moment as she considers something. "That whole thing with you and your ability, completely amazes me."

Now they're switching topics to her ability. Her former ability.

The stew is poured into her bowl and then pulled back to in front of her. "Most people were either amazed, or it confused and frightened them" Abigail shrugs again. "Nothing to be frightened of now, i'm mundane and normal"

"Maybe, but it's a good reminder of that old saying.. 'God giveth and God taketh away." Shrugging, she gives Abby a smile. "Shouldn't take things for granted I guess." She trails off and looks thoughtful. "This at times is like being married, but no privacy." Pressing her lips together briefly she adds. "Like right now.. he's in my head… not as loud as usual, more emotions right now.. but still.. I can't like do any girl talk without him knowing."

Abigail looks at Cassidy with raised brows before she leans over close. "Doctor Detective Coren Shelby. I got shot. On Staten Island. By John Logan" Just like that, she speaks the words and then leans back, watching Cassidy. "What's he doing now?"

At first Cassidy gives Abigail an odd look as the woman leans close. Her eyes unfocus as the emotions from here partner slam into her, making her gasp and close her eyes against them. "Son of a bitch, Abigail.. Why did you do that?" When she looks at her, there is rage, anger… and is that disappointment?

She surges to her feet and leans towards Abigail, her voice is angry and her words come out accented again like partners, but thicker this time. "The was a low blow Abigail. He's bloody well pissed." She snaps out, pressing her hands on the table to resist the urge to mimic her partner and throw something. "He's also disappointed and upset you didn't file anything about it.. that you even went over there at all." She closes her eyes against the emotions that are overwhelming her, trying to desperately stop the flow. This was nothing like what happened with Mortimer. The feeling of something at her nose make her stop fighting him. She reaches up to wipe at her nose and it comes away bloody. That's what happens when she tries to block it. "I have to go.. I have to go to him and calm him down before he does something stupid He's thinking about selling everything to put a bounty on John Logan's head."

"Because.. Because he'd want to know. I didn't file a thing, because it's on Staten Island and you and he know that nothing would come of it. Because for all I know, He's actually dead. My friend shot him. He's not on Staten Island anymore. The Brothel is burned too. So now, now Detective Shelby, Detective o'Shea, he's fair game since he's off the Island. Tell him i'm fine. The one who had my ability was with me. It wasn't the first time i'd gone over there. It's the fourth or fifth. I have to get over the fear. Tell him to come rage at me instead of raging through you" Abigial pushes herself up from the table and reaches over to grab a tea towel for Cassidy's nose.

"He's off The island, unless he's hiding in some hovel still on it, but I doubt it. Now.. now he can get him"

Giving her a thankful look Cassidy, presses the towel to here nose. "I tried to block him," she explains blandly, as her head starts to throb with the headache that goes with it. "And he's not raging through me… Even if he was in this room, I would still get the same…" She gives a little sniffle and grimaces at th taste of blood. "Can't do anything directly to each other.. it just happens. If he was here, it would probably be worse. Distance helps.. but there is a tug there.. like a.. rubber band stretched taunt."

"And he's way too pissed to hear anything." At least the accent seems to be fading again that's a good sign right?

"Detective O'Shea, he doesn't like that I live here, and go to school and see my shrink across town. I'm sure if he'd seen me before I came in to see you both for the test, that he would have had an issue with my blue hair and the tattoo's on my back. I'm a big girl, I've gone through a great deal. He can't protect me from mosquito's, or from the choices that I make. I made the choice to go on that Island. I was with people I was supposed to be safe with, that I would have been safe with. I'm alive, I'm just needing to remake some blood to replace what I lost. If you want, I can show you where I got hit if it'll calm him down"

"Somehow I don't think, you showing me where you got shot is going to help… It's only going to strengthen his resolve to kill the bastard." Cassidy closes her eyes, and drops back into a chair. "Do you have any motrin? Anything to kill this bloody headache." Wincing as she realized she gaining some of hs vocabulary, she gives Abigail a pained look. "I'm starting to believe that whole.. two souls into one." Her eyes unfocus a bit as she she's turned inward and sighs. "At this point he seems.. just disappointed that you went there." She gives Abigail a small smile. "And you know him… He doesn't look at things like your a big girl. He just wants to protect us and keep us from harm." Obviously she gets some of the same treatment." She goes quiet for the moment as she blots at her nose, relaxing a bit as the bleeding seems to have stop, then something occurs to here. "Wait… blue hair?"

"Don't ask, just that it's not blue anymore. It was the one thing the woman could fix" Abigail walks over to the cupboards in the kitchen, grabbing out a couple bottles of every OTC painkiller. "Here, something in there should work"

Cassidy ahhs softly, "Well, that must have been an experience." Taking the bottles and eying them, she picks a brand and offers the others back. Shaking out four… yes four of the pills, she knocks them back quickly. The detective climbs to her feet again and gives Abigail a small smile. "I need to get back to him. He's gonna need me and I'll make sure he gets all of what you said." Taking a few steps towards the door Cassidy, pauses and turns back to the other woman. "Just be careful, hmm? Anything happens to you.. I'm not sure I can handle the mental break down."

"Get him a bottle of whiskey. Or scotch, that always helps" Abigail offers. "Or there's this bakery across town, she bakes better than I do. Piece of Cake it's called. I think, I never remember. But nothing'll happen to me. Worst is that i'm gonna go home for a bit I think. Do what i've been trying to do since February" Abigail sits back down. "You can let yourself out if you want, I'll lock the door behind you later"

Arching a brow at Abigail, Cassidy's look says that she's being told things she already knows. "Yeah, I'm already planning a side trip to pick up another bottle.." Glancing at the door she chuckles. "Never use to drink this much." There is a shrug and she starts for the door. "As for Piece of Cake. I go there often to grab an eclair on my way home, plus the guys at the precinct like the goodies." Making her way to the door she calls out. "Be safe Abigail.. and… call him and talk to him." Opening the door, she turns the lock so that it locks behind her and let's herself out.

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