Second Vaccine Shipment Attacked
Date April 21, 2010
Relevant Logs Nil Admirari

NEW JERSEY — Just one day following the brutal attack on CDC vaccine shipments, a second attack on two H5N10 delivery transports bound for St.Luke's Hospital in Manhattan were targeted by a so far unknown group of Evolved assailants. Reports from the Department of Homeland Security indicates that the attack consisted of a similar MO to the April 15th attack on the CDC sweep team in Midtown Manhattan's ruins that resulted in several fatalities.

Sources with the Department of Homeland Security state that the terrorists struck two CDC delivery vehicles, making off with H5N10 vaccine and medical supplies. More disturbingly was the grisly discovery that the CDC delivery team and the private security assigned to them in the wake of yesterday's attack had been murdered execution style outside of their vehicles.

In the wake of the second day of violence, President Nathan Petrelli has scheduled a press conference for Thursday to discuss the topic and solutions for increasing the security of the American public in light of these attacks.

DHS Operations Director Matthew Parkman made a public statement this evening decrying the attacks and stating that, "There are leads we're actively following at this moment to bring these criminals to justice, but at the moment we cannot make any further comment."

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